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so I says to myself again

Self?  What do I need to do to keep my sistahs from thinking that I am neglecting them?  I respond  to myself and say’s’ self?  Me thinks a bella is in order….. This inspiration for the bella came from the very very first post by Skye’s mom AKA Sarabella.  In order to thank her for creating bella monsters out of everyone, I would like to thank her by offering her PMSABELLA.. check her out ladies.. I am loving her and feel like her almost every day (in terms of the position and food cravings..LOL).. she would be good for a pregnant announcement, or someone who loves to eat!  I have some warped (LOL) sayings to go with her which I will cross post so just click on the magnifying glass!

No funny stories for today.. just busy and processing is still up to 7 business days..  Storage is in but needs some adjustment so won’t be posted until next week and there is one fella coming up and will post some time ‘soon’.. dontcha just love me?

 MWAH and enjoy PMSABELLA.. let me know if you likey!



  1. Sarah Spencer aka Skyesmom says:

    Oh mylanta Im so flipping excited, your the best em really you are. Thanks so much for PMSabella, I absolutely love her!!! Mwah back at yeah babe!!!

  2. I love her! She is perfect for us lazy Bellas out there, thanks Em!

  3. Jen says:

    PMSabella is perfect!!!! She is soooooooo going into my cart. Em you are too awesome!!! My DH thinks I am even more nuts then before. Poor thing has been working on the boat all day (Installing Out riggers, and deck lights) and I go running out like a mad women yelling…THERE IS ANOTHER NEW BELLA!!!! He has gotten really good at the eye roll. LOL Thanks for the fun surprises today Em!


  4. Caz says:

    Love the new Bella 🙂 Keep em’ coming

  5. Wendykins says:

    Love her Em!!! and the sayings-perfect!!! I don’t know if i can wait for the storage before placing another order!

  6. AmyR says:

    LOVE PMSabella – just LOVE her!!! And ya that was ME when I was prego all the way baby!!!! ROFLOL!!!

  7. Beth M says:

    Love her! Is she just the cutest thing ever?! I can see this stamp as great for many occasions like a simple “RELAX” card for a mother of 3 small kids! Now I’d better go check out her sayings.

  8. Shelly says:

    Love PMSabella, another great addition! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  9. Julie Masse says:

    Love her Em!! Perfect, perfect . . . so I couldn’t wait any longer and had to order her and Cruisabella – the next will be the storage (this way it breaks up the order and doesn’t look like as much! 🙂 And a fella?? I cannot wait!!! Keep up the great work!

  10. Jen says:

    Em…could you do: “Go head, you’re eating for two” as a sentiment for the prego announcement idea. I love it!!!

  11. Erica says:

    OMG I love her!!!!!! She epitomises (yeah, I know $10 words too ;)) the very sistahood…at least some of the time 😉

  12. Donna says:

    I likey very much!!!! She’s in the cart (munching away!). Thanks, Em!

  13. Connie says:

    Yummy! She’s going in the “cart”! I’m seeing sleep over, girls night ‘in’, movie night invites! Yeah Em!

  14. Chris says:

    You are amaaazing. Love you and all your Bellas and all your harad work!!! Must have a great bella fella and little bella!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    TOOO CUUUTE!!!! I love her ‘chunkier’ look (well DUH, look at what she’s eatin’!) Even chunky, she’s adorable.

    I’ve been craving popcorn like MAD this week — I giggled when I saw her big bowl.

    Thanks for a new bella 🙂

  16. Melissa - stampedbym says:

    OMGosh!! She is soooo in my cart!! She’s soooo cute!!! Love her, love her, love her!!

  17. Debbie says:

    How cute!! You keep me broke 🙂

  18. Rachel says:

    She is perfect! Exactly how I feel sometimes! 😀

  19. Suzy Pearson says:

    Love the new Bella. Happy to see something sized more to us slightly older, slightly larger Bella’s. We need some GranBella stamps that don’t make us look like we are 90 years old with bad everything!! We are just slightly larger with slightly shorter hair than most Bella’s!! Can’t wait to see the fella!! My Bella’s (when they get here) will need a fella to take care of their every need!! (Isn’t that what fella’s are for?) tee hee


  20. Tanya says:

    PMSabella is adorable! I let out a big squeal when I saw her. My hubby said we need a few of them in this house (my daughter’s girlfriend lives with us…military, parents moved to Guam and we let her stay to finish out her senior year) Anyhow, I got to Jen’s comment and died laughing…her running out there while her hubby’s working on the boat. I said, oh that is so me and yah, he agreed, lol. PMSabella is too cute! She’ll be on my next order!

  21. Jenn says:

    I LOVE the new PMSabella-how great?! What an awesome idea…now I have another bella to add to the wishlist! 🙂

  22. veronica says:

    Em, I didn’t think you could out do yourself but you DID.
    I love Pmsabella she is now my favorite bella. I love love love her thank you so much

  23. elana says:

    I love it! Ahhh – another one I have to get. I totally see myself using it for a slumber party or movie night invite.

  24. Carmen says:

    The new Bella is just so ‘me’! Got to have this. I cant waith fot tha fella! After he is up I will place an order.

  25. Chris Mott says:

    OMG Em! You have outdone yourself on this one..At the rate the Bellas are coming I will have to get a 2nd job…LOL

    glad another sistah good motivate this one. We can ALL IDENTIFY with her!!! Way to go PMSabella

  26. Melisa says:

    OK, the idea of a PMSabella is what finally made me look at this site. I was trying hard to resist the Bellas. PMSabella is darling! One request, please make a Nursabella that isn’t holding a baby!
    (a PMSing nurseabella wannabee!)

  27. Jana Weaver says:

    TOOO cute! You keep adding new stamps making it hard for me to build a wishlist up to something reasonable to order and ship all the way to Germany!! LOVE her!!

    Thanks Em for making us so many fun ladies to play with!


  28. Jessica says:

    OMG Em.. i love PMSBella.. I have added her to my cart! SHe is just TOO perfect!!!!!!

  29. Deb says:

    She’s PERFECT! She’d be great to use on an invite to a lady’s movie night or sleep over.

  30. Pootle says:

    oh my goodness she is fab! perfect for all my female friends lol.

  31. Mary Lou says:

    I so can relate with this Bella! You have captured our PMS spirits. Love her and can’t wait to bond with her.
    Chocolate ice cream sounds so good right now….hmmmm…..
    -Mary Lou
    a new Bellalovah!

  32. Wow! I love the new bellas, but I’m trying to hold off on my next order until the first fella hits the scene… It’s so hard to wait!!

  33. ashley says:

    pms bella. how perfect! *adds to bella wishlist*

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