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so I NEEDED to get out.

I mean really… my @$$ (I learned this ‘symbol’ from Amy Rysavy.. LOVE IT cuz you won’t think I have a potty mouth and you will think that I am so clever for writing it that way) is now the size of the chair that I park myself on, I stare at a beautiful computer screen 18 hours a day, I am now suffering from carpal tunnel (not really but sounds kinda cute) from packing and stuffing and typing my blogs and my eyes are crossing behind my funky Chanels.. So really, don’t you agree that I shoulda gone out?  So i did.  I called my partner in crime.. Nicky.. and told her come on, let’s go.  We always end up going to the same supplier but we have SO MUCH FUN THERE.. so we walk in.. I kinda make an entrance by yelping and squealing at the new goodies, they all look at eachother and say.. BELLA IS IN DA HOUSE… we hug, kiss and I get ushered into the warehouse to SHOP… I gotta tell you.. I found THE CUTEST BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN AND HAD TO BUY IT IMMEDIATELY… lemme find the link….ok found it!  I passed right by it and literally, I began to move backwards cuz I kinda saw something that attracted me.. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BAG OR ELSE I THINK I WOULDA PASSED OUT.. do you hear me?  How’s THAT for a technique? LOL.  So I grab the bag which has goodies inside and went on walking with my industrial sized cart… Once we got to the cash, I look at Nicky and I say, why are there wheels here?  If there are wheels, then that means that there has to be some sort of telescopic handle, no?  Then a little chickie poopoo in a tank top and braces looks at me and says YA, there is a handle.. and then upon further inspection, I see a zipper at the top of the bag which I proceed to unzip and out comes the handle.. OMG.. I WAS IN LOVE.. never mind the polkadots.. never mind the compartments inside and pockets.. but the HANDLE?  that drove me over the edge.. am I a nut or what? (please don’t answer) So I bought it, it is now in my room and I am staring at it and I be happy.. why am I happy when I spend money?  WHY?  I think it is just in my makeup (not my bare minerals.. that’s another topic.. I mean my genetic makeup…LOL). We then went to a small stamp shop and got a tutorial of the Wizard.. not sure how I feel about it but not having bought it immediately kinda tells you something *winks*.

Anyway, I have my STORAGE in hand.. waiting for some other components but may just surprise you.. Oh and have designed other goodies too.. I can’t stop!  I am the quintessential bellaholic!!

The funniest part of the day was when we were ushered into the warehouse, we asked our representative for a cart.. then Nicky and I spotted this kid’s wagon and I checked my purse DESPERATELY for my camera.. I just had this image of her or I being in that wagon with legs in the air being wheeled around.. OMG.. what a vision and to have posted on this blog, you sistahs WOULDA howled but.. I didn’t have my camera so you will just have to imagine (it may be better that way)… LOL

Last thing.. I read each and every one of your comments on my previous entry about my lack o’ cards/techniques and I realized I DO have more than 8 readers!!  What you wrote was so beautiful and heartwarming and DOES not go unnoticed.. and guess what?  I WILL NOT change a thing cuz this is me.. I mean really me… Actually a little too much of ME


love and kisses and hugs



  1. Jen says:

    That sounds like my kind of shopping trip. Your bag is “TO DIE FOR” cute!!!! I would have done the same thing. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your storage idea and all your other designs. I’ll be up for awhile if you want to post anything tonight. (Hint hint)

    Love ya!

  2. Please post a pic of your storage system! I can’t wait to see it. Another fella couldn’t hurt either. 😉

    Seriously, you are so good at keeping us in suspense!

  3. Janeabella says:

    You’re the best!!! I love it….I was ooogling that very same tote in my quest for info on the Paper Tagger—I should get, no?

  4. AmyR says:

    OMGosh I am *writhing* in jealousy over that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it – it IS the coolest thing EVER!! *pouting*

    And LOL I’m glad you likee the symbol ROFL!!

    AND – see I TOLD you that you had lots of readers – we’re all addicted ya know – you just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and we’ll keep comin back for more 😉

  5. Julie Masse says:

    Em, out with it already!!! My bellas need a home! I love reading of your exploits – I feel like I’m living vicariously through you . . . I never get out! 😉

  6. Mary Lou says:

    I’m reading…love the bag. It is very chic. I so could use one hmmmmm Mother’s Day is coming up. You’s a fun gal keep’em storrries comin! By the way Montreal is great! I live right on Lake Champlain near Plattsburgh. I will recruit a bunch of Bella lovahs and we’ll hit the town and STAMP it red, or pink, or teal….TTFN
    -Mary Lou

  7. Jessica says:

    Em.. you are killing me… not only did i almost pee my pants with your story but the visual… ok so seriously.. I NEED MORE BELLAS… i want to see what FELLA is next before i finalize my order!

  8. Robyn says:

    Miss Em ~~I NEED YOUR HELP ! ASAP ! I absolutely adore your new poka-dot bag, and will fantasize about having one myself, but of course, upon looking at your link, it is for “Retailers” only ! WAAAAAAA ! Emily, how could you do that to me 🙁 I viewed their link for Ontario stores, but I don’t know any of them. Hoping you might get a moment of time (ya I know, I have a huge imagination ! haaa) and figure out where I might find one. I think it is beyond cute and doesn’t look like the old roll & totes that I have two of ~ which is why I LOVE it all that much more. Please help me :)))
    Can’t wait to see your storage system you keep teasing us with …. my Dr. told me last week that my blood pressure is up and I have to increase my medication ~ I told him it was due to *Bellas* 🙂 heheheheee See what you’re doing to us Em ??!!!!!! :)))

  9. Kimmiebella! says:

    ….sniff, sniff… bellas are homeless!!! The poor little things have only their little plastic sleeping bags to live in!! They are so sad and pitiful, all huddled together to keep warm…..don’t you feel bad for them Em?? Give the gals a HOME!!!!! *giggle*

  10. CMCAnne says:

    Em, I didn’t comment on the “card/tutorial” post, but I hafta tell you that I would come here hourly if that’s how often you posted, if only just to pick up lingo like “chickie poopoo”! ROFLMAO I *LOVE* your fun-loving spirit which comes across so beautifully in your blog. Don’t stop tellin’ us the small stuff!

  11. Shannon G says:

    I am fine with no tutorials .. I love coming to read the ins and outs of life of the bella queen. The bag is really cute ….. I can’t wait to see the storage … my bella are all in one of the plastic shipping bags inside their individual baggies … they are dying to get out and get some leg room ….

  12. Michele says:

    CRUD….I LOVE that bag….I think I need one. Well….DH will understand when I blame it on you – ROFL!!!

    Hugs…thanks for all the laughter!!!

  13. I adore reading your blog! I come for the laughs anyways! 🙂 Don’t change a thing! Me loves ya! 🙂

  14. Erica says:

    What a superfantastic bag Em, I can see why you were “drawn” to it :p 😉 Glad the shopping trip helped, hope you are feeling okay again now 😀


  15. Jana Weaver says:

    I checked out the bag, and that was for sure a Gotta Have item!! No questions about it, it’s adorable!!! Glad you got to enjoy some time out!


    PS I need to send you an email about this wonderful stuff for curly hair – I gotta find some control SOMEWHERE in my life!! LOL

  16. Kathabella says:

    You are such a hoot! LOL! I can’t wait to see the storage, or the other Fellas you have in mind. Who needs cards or tuts? We can read of your exploits!….keep it comin’….

  17. Leah says:

    Em – I love it! You sound sooooo much like me – it’s like reading a page out of Shopaholic – bwaahahahahaha!
    The bag is very cute!! I love new bags!!
    And I have to admit *please don’t hit me* Shamefully, this is the first time I’ve read your blog. *here’s me ducking*
    But I’ll be back! 🙂

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