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So I made a card this morning

Let me know what you think!  I think it is a little BizZy.. but that is how my brain has been working lately.. I also wanted to show an example that there IS life beyond the bellas …LOL (altho I want you to know that the Bellas are my life..*giggles**) but I have a lot of OTHER funky stamps too that I am trying to load but a little short on time…  Anyhow.. here’s the card

[photopress image=”wine_bucket_002.gif”]

A little crooked (that’s how my brain has been working lately too..) but you get the idea.. who wants to know the ‘studio’ for this card pic?  My daughter, Jayden’s bookcase..  I need to set me up a proper place.. OHHH maybe I can use my laundry room for that too! (LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF)

Anyway, I used brand spanking new “ice bucket” stamp.. I put it in the celebration section cuz people were complaining that it was EMP-TY.. ya happy now?  there is one happy ice bucket in there..LOL.  I also used my medium lily pad (LOVE THEM LILYPADS) and my 3 line funky celebrate.. I love my 3 liners.. I have them in different themes and there is SO MUCH you can do with them.. Nicky is preparing a tutorial on what you can do with these stamps (RIGHT NICK?).  Also used the new American Crafts paper.. LOVE that paper.. and of course.. of COURSE my swarovski crystals!

hope you have a great day and there is MORE to come!



So… enjoy the c


  1. natanya says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this card and especially that I have seen it in the flesh and blood, don’t be jealous sistahs, but I did get a preview. IT IS TO DIE FOR(wonder if there are Bellas in heaven?) Keep them coming!!!

  2. Mary Anderson says:

    I think your card is awesome! I love the ice bucket and the paper tha you used matches great.


  3. Carmen says:

    It’s really cool;) Emily!

  4. Lisa Zappa says:


  5. Lisa Zappa says:


  6. Julie Masse says:

    Very cute Emily! I got my medium lilypad today and used it already . . . I sent you the picture 🙂 I’ve been sending people to you for lilypads! Yea!! Can’t wait to see what else you have coming!!!!

  7. melissa g says:

    i love it!!!!!!!! Go em go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LisaBella says:

    I never knew you had “other” stamps! Whodathunkit? Cute card too boot! Ya think the ice bucket is housing a bottle of bubbly? Must keep the Bella’s outtadalushhouse!! LOL

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