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Hiya sistahs!ย  I have been reading all of your comments and am SOOOOOO thrilled that you love this release ALMOST as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚ย  ALMOST.. I need MORE enthusiasm, a couple of squeals, a leg in the air, a twirl and maybe a little song for you to be closer to my level of excitement about it ๐Ÿ™‚ย  GOT IT?ย  I expect VIDEOS with the display described above LOL.

Ok today’s release is anothah DOOZY.ย  So sit back… grab a cuppa java.. Oh I just got this little gadget that I am in LOVE WITH.. I use it every day to heat up my cream or milk for my coffeeย  the NESPRESSO milk frother!ย  you just pour your milk or cream, press the button and FOR REALS in a minute you have FROTH.ย  LOVE LOVE LOVE….ย  and this is my coffee maker… the AEROPRESS!ย  I know this is just coming out of thin air, so random lolย  but I love to read about other people’s favorite things so why not shove a little bit of personal info in here for you too and I was talking about cuppa java…

Ok enough random blabla.ย  FOCUS Emily.. FOCUS.ย  Maybe I need another coffee LOL

Stamping Bella January 2017 Release Peeks Day 4 - Click through for the full post!


We have anothah EDNA sistahs… this time she did manage to put down the chocolate.ย  She was NOT happy about it .. In fact, she gave me an EARFUL about it.. but I needed to set some rules.ย  Time to wash down all the chocolate with a little detox tea. LOL.. or Earl Grey..

Meet Edna’s cup of tea

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA

seriously this Edna is SO relaxed.. nothing phases her.ย  No panic of the 65 pounds of chocolate she inhaled a couple of days ago.. no guilt.. she’s just taking a sweet little nap in her teacup LOL.ย  Oh Edna.ย  I’m gonna have you drawn on a treadmill soon ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.. OMG I think we need edna in work out gear no??? (she just said no.. hmph.. but I’m not gonna listen to her)

This image will have a corresponding “CUT ITย  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA "CUT IT OUT DIE"

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA CUT IT OUT DIE and RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

and some inspiration to go with this image?

Let’s see what our baberoonis made shall we?

Here’s Paulabella’s card using Edna’s Cup of Tea

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA card by Paula Williamson

Here’s Fayeabella’s card using EDNA’s cuppa tea

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA card by Faye Wynn Jones

Here’s Sandiebella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA card by Sandie Dunne

And here’s Christine’s card using Edna’s cup of tea

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA card by Christine Levison

and Elaineabella’s card using Edna’s cup of tea

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Edna's CUP OF TEA card by Elaine Hughes


next up we have UPTOWN GALENTINE girls.. What’s a GALENTINE girl you ask?ย  Basically a Galentine girl spends time with her bestie single friends on Valentines day… they order take out and eat ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚ย  SEE?ย  It’s not always sad to be alone on Valentine’s day when you can be a GALENTINE girl and celebrate GALENTINE’S day!


Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls

This image will have a corresponding “CUT ITย  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls "CUT IT OUT" DIES

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls "CUT IT OUT" DIES+RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

and now for some inspiration!

Here’s Elaineabella’s card

 Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls card by Elaine Hughes

here’s FayeAbella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls card by FAYE WYNN JONES

and Stephabella’s card!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls card by Stephabella

here’s Paulabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- UPTOWN GALENTINE girls card by Paula Williamson

SUH-WEET no?ย  You may notice that on the left side of the Chinese takeout box there’s a line missing.ย  Ya well that was a booboo.. the image you receive will be correct with a closed line.ย  It’s one of those images that passed through a million hands and no one noticed LOL…

until Paulabella got her hands on it LOL. she texted me..

“UM EMM.. do you notice a line missing on the Chinese food take out box on Galentine girls?”

“WHAT THE HECK are you talking about Paula, I studied them.. I passed them to Elaineabella who coloured them.. then I looked at them again.. then my girls in the warehouse drooled over them…”ย  There is no way there’s a line missing.

“go check NOW”

so off I went and sure enough.. there it was.. the HUGGGE (cuz now it’s huge right?ย  before it was invisible and now it’s the most OBVIOUS ERROR EVER haha)

texted Paula back.. “UMMM PAULA.. you’re right..*gulp*ย  .. we all missed it” LOL

But not to worry.. all fixed. and my amazing DT made amazing cards despite the error we all didn’t notice! and now when we discuss it and look at it we’re like OMG how did we miss that.ย  Has that ever happened to you?

next on the list today is aaaaa……… SQUIDGYYYYYYYYYYYY…

meet KISSING BOOTH squidgy.. because EVERYONE should have a kissing booth!ย  Whenever you get upset about something just go behind the booth and pucker LOL.. that would cheer anybody up.ย ย  This kissing booth reminds me of Lucy from Charlie brown with her little booth with the sign “THE DOCTOR IS IN”.. remember that?

Meet Kissing Booth Squidgy (I don’t know why I was so boring when I named HER.. she coulda been pucker up squidgy.ย  HMPH) .ย  Isn’t it nice how I think out loud ?ย  Like you’re here with me in my living room!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Kissing Booth SQUIDGIES

There are no dies available for this image as I deemed it very easy to cut ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Check out Paula’s card below.. See I just saved you $$ so you can buy another stamp or die.ย  Welks ๐Ÿ™‚

and of course Available in 2 SIZES…ย  Why doesnt’ she have any tips?ย  I think she just dumped out a full jar and now she’s waiting for her next customer ๐Ÿ™‚

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Paulabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Kissing Booth SQUIDGIES card by Paula Williamson

andย  Here’s Sandiebella’s card using the LARGE stamp

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Kissing Booth SQUIDGIES card by Sandie Dunne

and Sandie used the smaller oneย  to make a little box ๐Ÿ™‚ย  See?ย  I told you you needed 2 sizes.ย  You’re welcome.. or as my kids sayย  “WELKS”

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Kissing Booth SQUIDGIES project by Sandie Dunne

and here’s Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Kissing Booth Squidgy card by Elaine Hughes

But WAIT…. there’s MORE!

Meet our next TINY TOWNIE GARDEN GIRL LILAC!ย  (yes my second most favorite smell :))

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL LILAC

Seriously.ย  I’m speechless every time I look at her.ย  Have you ever? LOL.. is she not soooooo ADORABLE?ย  CAN-NOT with the adorability (yes that IS a word)

This image will have a corresponding “CUT ITย  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL LILAC CUT IT OUT DIE

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL LILAC CUT IT OUT DIE + RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Sandiebella’s STUNNING card using Tiny Townie Lilac!ย  I just wanna take her everywhere with me ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Sandie AND Lilac ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL LILAC card by Sandie Dunne

Here’s Shelabella’s card using our little lilac.. love her signature white highlights! And the sentiment?ย  From our Garden Girl Sentiment set!ย  Love that set!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL LILAC card by Michele Boyer

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Garden Girl Lilac card by Elaine Hughes

and another Tiny Townie SAMMY IS SWEET :).. she really is.. not a MEAN bone in her body.. nope!ย  LOL

This image will have a corresponding “CUT ITย  OUT” die.


And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!


Sometimes is I see a cupcake it makes me SOOO Happy that I wanna hug it too ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Sigh.. I love sweets.

and now for some amazing inspiration!

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Jennybella’s card


and here’s Sandiebella’s card using Sammy


and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Sammy is SWEET card by Elaine Hughes

This card is so versatile for birthday, valentines, hello.. you name it.ย  LOVE!

last for today is a BUNNY WOBBLE!!!

Meet Happy Everything Bunny wobble.. ahhh the chicks.. and that sentiment.. LOVE!


This image will have a corresponding “CUT ITย  OUT” die.




Are they not the CUTEST?ย  and yes.. every day should be HAPPY EVERYTHING DAY.. I’m declaring it!

and of course some inspiration!

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Paulabella’s card


Here’s Jenny’s HAPPY EVERYTHING bunny wobble card.


and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Happy Everything BUNNY WOBBLE ELAINE




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See you tomorrow!













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    • Elaineabella says:

      Ohhh you absolutely NEED to try the Aeropress. We recently switched to one from a French press and the difference is quite noticeable – so much smoother. I agree though stamps are definitely higher priority. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Wow! They just keep getting better. Another great release. My shopping cart is overflowing. The tea cup, so cute. WOW!

  108. Sherry Ross says:

    Bunny Wobble and his chick friends is my favorite today, followed up by Tiny Townies and Edna, and the rest of the peeks today! What can I say, I love them all as usual!

  109. Love these! In my mind, Edna can do no wrong and I love every single one of her images!

  110. Donna H says:

    If I was behind the kissing booth I’m sure my jar would be empty too.
    Smiles – too cute

  111. Lisa says:

    I love love these stamps! Brings me a smile just looking at them!
    Just when I told myself I have enough stamps…um, I will be getting more
    How can you not with these

  112. Lilibet says:

    Wowzer … I squealed and jumped around… and maybe let a little wee out!!! (That enough excitement for you??) Today’s releases are my favs so far… I NEED the tea cup and the uptown girls Defo for a starters… ?

  113. Trisha says:

    OMG, these are just too wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ The galentine girls are a hoot ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the bunny, adorable!!! My bank account has tears, it’s going to loose some of its filling ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Deb Kaste says:

    Oh my gosh, Em this collection of stamps and dies are amazing. I especially LOVE – Kissing Booth Squidgy as she looks just like my grand daughter! Too cute. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  115. Niki Jorgensen says:

    Everyday there’s MORE to LOVE! I don’t know how you do it! Love the lilac townie, and the bunny, and the rest…oh my…Absolutely amazing cards created by your design team…

  116. Peggy G says:

    I absolutely love them all, I am looking forward to the 16th.
    One of my favorites is the kissing booth. It will make a cute
    Valentines day card. Thank you

  117. Georgia Hruska says:

    So stinking cute!!!!! My list is getting longer!!

  118. Lucy Woods says:

    So much gorgeousness! I don’t think my heart can take much more lol!! Your releases are the only ones I get so excited About! And I’m making a list of must haves!! Haha

  119. Super, amazing, fabulous, so beautiful ,love them , I’m doing a little dance as well these are the best yet so gorgeous and pretty is that better ? Love and hugs Carole x

  120. Susan B says:

    I’m really loving the Tiny Townie flower girls…so adorable. The bunny & chicks…what can I say except LOVE THEM!!!

  121. Patti O says:

    Eeeeeek! I may have to un-retire and get a job because I want EVERYTHING! But then I wouldn’t have all the wonderful free time I have now to play with all these new goodies. See what a dilemma you have caused?

  122. Carol Dee says:

    They are all so sweet, the Happy Everything image is beyond ADORABLE ! And Garden Girl Lilac is at the top of my new wish list. (I am loving all the garden girls.)

  123. Louise Wagner says:

    Edna is such a babe-a-roni! (Like rice-a-roni only more babe-a-licious!) Em, your posts make my day! If you lived in Des Moines we’d def be besties! ? NO! We’d be GALentines gals! (I crack myself up!) Love all the newbies, my fav so far are Edna, the Galentines, Sammy and Bunny Wobbles. Cuteness and budget overload!!! (I’ll just have to get another job to support my habit. Heeheeeeee!) Thanks for the awesomeness!

  124. Joan Ferner says:

    You have outdone yourselves. I just can’t decide what I love the most! The bunny and chicks are so adorable though….

  125. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love that little bunny. Wore out from
    delivering all those eggs.
    The little girl with her kissing booth
    and sleeping in the tea cap is darling.
    She’s so cute.
    Great release. I’d do a leg flip but
    my legs would really complain.
    thanks for sharing.

  126. Abby says:

    SO cute! I love the bunny and the chicks!

  127. D.Ann C says:

    Too much cuteness!! Edna’s cup of tea is darling and I love Garden Girl Lilac! But I have to tell you , Kissing Booth Squidgie instantly brought back happy memories – when I was a kid I made a kissing booth for my parents and dressed up as Snoopy (remember… Hug a Warm Puppy 5 cents!). Thanks for starting my day with a warm, fuzzy smile!

  128. Love the lilac girl – She is adorable – When I get the set (and I know I will) I thought of punching out some flowers and giving her a 3-D affect.

  129. Sue Crofts says:

    Please, please, please can we have a yogi Edna, maybe doing downward dog? Loooove this release.

  130. Heidi Parent says:

    love love GARDEN GIRL LILAC also like the Bunny a TON, dying to make a whole garden card with all of the new flower girls!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the previews and chance to WIN!

  131. Cindy Flynn says:

    Too cute!!!

  132. Jaimie Sander says:

    OMG,the Lilac Tiny Townie is just perfect! I really have to get that one!

  133. Emily, another delightful day of releases. It will be very hard to choose which stamps I want! Love them, love them, love them.

  134. Jean Lamb says:

    These stamps are so delightful. What a beautiful way to put a smile on someone’s face. Loved the “You’re my cup of tea.”

  135. Deb R says:

    these are so very cute, but you won me over with the Edna stamp set. I adore her cute images and sayings, and the bunny is super cute too

  136. Wow! How do I choose! Love them all.

  137. barb ridley says:

    I love the lilac townie, I have lilac’s on the north and south sides of my house, they are incredible when in bloom. Love all the rest on this on this days preview also. I can’t, hardly wait for jan 16. Thank you for all your many gorgeous stamps.

  138. Susan G says:

    Another fabs bunch of happyness. I WAS jumping and bouncing around, kicking…well no, not that…not limber enough…but, be thankful there are no vids of that little performance. I’m so in love with all of the new goodies. Just send everything and get it over with. REALLY wish I could. Loves. Thanks for the yumminess.

  139. They keep getting cuter. Thanks

  140. Brandy says:

    The only problem with these is that I LOVE them ALL, but I don’t have an unlimited budget!

  141. Lynda J says:

    ? What is there to say??? ? You are all fantastic! ? ? ?

    Lilac is adorable as are the Uptown Girls..but ? ? ?then Edna is always the perfect cup of tea! ? ? ? If you don’t stop, I’m going to have to go back to work ๐Ÿ™
    ? ? ?

  142. Carmel says:

    My shopping list growing again! Love it all.

  143. Vivian Nguyen says:

    There’s not a card that i don’t love! i want them all! and I’ve always love every single one of your stamps, they are so much fun to color and make cards out of. just can’t get enough. i still have so many that i haven’t use and so many more that i want to get from old releases. But this time i want to get them all even when we are broke! yeah, love what you did with all those cards. I even want the cards for myself. lol. just can’t stop the love! love, love, love, love them all! Can’t wait for them to come out so i can get my hands on them. thank you!

  144. Janet D. says:

    Well I didn’t think this release could get any cuter, but it DID!! Wow…I just love all of it!!

  145. caroleann says:

    Okay, just too much overload for me of awesome images to want to color. I just retired and may have to go back to work – not!!! I love having my java with you and see all your great inspirations and yes I get so excited I am not sitting still in my chair!!!! I love Squidgy – just love all of them but she is my fave!!! Thanks!!! Big Hugs

  146. Denise Bryant says:

    Every day, I think you can’t outdo the day before… and then you DO! Awesome creations today! Love Tiny Townie Lilac!

  147. Jennifer says:

    Oh, my word! My list is getting longer! Such great stamps!!

  148. I just love love love these stamps. I have to tell you, you had me going on the “line missing on the take out box” I thought is was a word missing, and I thought- it is to small to see, so why does it matter that there are words missing. Then I went back and saw where the line should be. Then “WOW” it jumped out at me. HEE HEE. But all in all I do love all your ideas and all the DT cards. They are great. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us crafters. Hugs to you.

  149. Lori A Carter says:

    There goes my money love everything lol!

  150. Barb Mc says:

    what a darling release! Love it all especially the “everything bunny”! but each set is adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  151. Deborah says:

    I love tiny town lilac. I’m so getting her! And galentine gals they will be coming home with me on release day.

  152. What wonderful new stamps. I am a big Uptown fan so I love the Galentine girls! The Tiny Townies have also joined my house so they both are adorable too. I love Edna’s Cup of Tea. I am sure we have all had days just like that. Great job by the DT ladies. I can’t wait for the ordering day.

  153. Deborah says:

    I just love them all but my favorite is tiny town lilac!!

  154. Linda Carson says:

    Oh boy my wish list is growing!! These images are just too fun! They just make me happy!

  155. Patti says:

    OMG – the releases are not evn close to being ovr and so much to drool over! Uptown Galentine: she’s holding a Chinese Take out n ice cream – how could life be better. This post certainly mde my day!!!!!

  156. Christine Jannetto says:

    Ok, And I thought the new stamps couldn’t get any cuter than the last 3 days… I admit it, I was wrong. These are so AMAZING-A-BELLA! I love them all so much. Lilacs are my most favorite smell and love the new flowered themed girls. I can’t wait to see more and more and more. My birthday is in March, so I’ll be asking for StampingBella!

  157. Debra Jacox says:

    STOP it already! (Not really) You’re killing my pocket book! Couldn’t think of a better place for it to go. Always look forward to sneak peeks and first Tuesday of the month. Like most of us sistahs, I want it ALL! Thank you for all the adorables!

  158. Judy K says:

    Another day of pure JOY! Seeing all of these cute as can be, adorable in every way images! The DT brings then to life with their amazing coloring and designs!
    Loving little Squidgy and Edna’s cup of tea, and lilacs are my very fave flower…
    Can’t wait to play with some of these little darlings!!
    Judy K

  159. Caron Bailey says:

    All I can say is wow! These are all gorgeous…Edna and Squidgies and Townies…oh my! Self-control where art thou???

  160. Oh my! I absolutely LOVE Edna napping in her cup, which previously contained some Tazo tea of sorts. Love, love, love!
    And Squidgy? Ahh, kisses abound–she’s adorable! I would fill that jar up with jewels to show how valuable each of her kisses are!
    The Galentine girls are so ka-ute; love this idea, and their stylish and loving stance.
    And the excitement doesn’t stop! Woo hoo!

  161. Helen Van Daalen says:

    I love how the design team brings each image to life. They are so talented. I had a similar situation at work just a couple of weeks ago. A very obvious error by passed many people. I really love the new Tiny Townie garden girls. Can’t wait for my lilac bush to start blooming this spring.

  162. Alyce says:

    Fun ~ Fun ~ Fun!!!! The samples are inspiring!

  163. Francine says:

    squealing and twirling with dee-light!!! No video here though. hehehe Absolutely loving the pucker up squidgie and the wobble bunny/chickees! Need to go count my penny jar now. I think I’m in big trouble with this release. lol

  164. These are all fab, I’m lovin this new release ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. They are all fabulous. Definitely can’t wait until Monday so I can buy them all!

  166. Annette says:

    Emily, I’m not sure that I can take much more teasing of these images. ARGH!

  167. Kim says:

    Love the new uptown girls! Can’t watch t to add them to my collection

  168. Trina Flynn says:

    Oh Heaven, Frothy cream or milk with my Java is delicious! Pass me a cup and letโ€™s go color these Amazing Cuties!

  169. Cindy G. says:

    Love the kissing booth! All of these are so cute and unique. Way to go!!

  170. Diana ogrady says:

    Love all of them! Cannot wait.. watched all the videos and the bundles are perfect.. great new releases for 2017 already!

  171. I cannot wait to buy many of them.
    Monday is a long ways away, haha.
    So happy you have the dies now too, makes life so much easier.
    Also, can I thank you for the coloring ideas, and shading. So nice to learn something new, daily.
    Keep it up Norma

  172. Jude says:

    Love these. So adorable!!!!

  173. Faye Tronsgard says:

    I love my nespresso milk frother too! Those galentine girls are exquisite!

  174. Carole says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. These are the cutest. Love that you have dies now – less fussy cutting. Edna and the bunny are my favorite but love them all. And I could sit and watch Elaine Hughes color all day. Umm, I may have actually done that from time to time.

  175. OMG!! My mother in law would just flip and be tinkled pink over your Ednaโ€™s cup of tea and the Kissing Booth Squidgy , the Tiny Townie SAMMY IS SWEET, and the Happy Everything Bunny wobble just makes me so giddy with delight!! I can’t wait to get my hands on them so I can color them all up for all my family and friends!!!

  176. Great stamps for this sneak peek too! I must say that Sandiebella, with all the gorgeous flowers really outdid herself! How can you not want the stamps after seeing her gorgeous cards/projects!!! Love how you snuck some chicks into the image of Bunny Wobble! Great to be able to have an excuse to add a little yellow to my images! Also, maybe since it is still so snowy here in Montana…I can sure see Tiny Townie Sammy done in Christmas colors for a great card! Can’t wait to see more…

  177. linda s says:

    such a great new release; being partial to bunnies, the new one is adorable!

  178. Inma Bf says:

    So cute!!! I love the imagen of bunny.

  179. Maryann N says:

    More cuteness everyday. Love them all. Going to have trouble choosing EM. You enabler you.

  180. Tracy says:

    You have to stop with the cuteness! This release is so awesome, love Lilac girl, Ok, who am I kidding, love all of it. Kissing booth, bunny wobble…., and totally laughed and smiled at your blog post today, would love to be able to sit with you in your living room, you would be the best friend to have!!

  181. Sue TH says:

    Beautiful stamps and great creations from the DT! Love it!

  182. Waaaaw, this stamps are supeer cute! I love all of them!

  183. OK – so I am squealing, I have been the last few days…. maybe it you can’t hear me as I am all the way down in New Zealand? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Another wonderful group of stamps, true cute wonderfulness right there! Love the bunny, but again, the tiny townies have my heart <3
    Thanks for the gorgeous release and I can't wait to order some new stamps.

  184. OK, cuteness overload here! I just can’t stand all the
    excitement. lol LOVE that garden girl lilac!!!

  185. I love the new stamps. I am always looking for fun stamps that can be used for seniors in nursing homes and for children that are hospitalized. Keep up the great art.

  186. Jeanne K says:

    LOVE the new stamps. Edna in that tea cup is so precious. Can’t wait until Monday!

  187. Cheryl says:

    Oh my goodness! I need them all! I am really loving every one…they are all my favorite. Thank you for inspiring me to make something wonderful! God bless

  188. Eileen Barth says:

    The hits just keep coming! Love Galentine girls soooooooo cute. Head over heals for the bunny and his pals the cute chicks. The lilacs gal reminds me of my childhood home our driveway was lined with lilacs I think I can smell them now. Thanks for the memories.

  189. kathy Tanner says:

    Yet more wonderful stamps!!!
    I’m not sure how I could choose a favourite.
    They are all FAB!

  190. These are SOOOOOOOO cute!!

  191. Amy King says:

    Oh man. How many sneak peek days are there? I’m in big trouble. I want them all. You should do a bundle.

  192. Sheri says:

    WOWsers…another AMAZING reveal and the Design Team just rawked with their projects…how is a gal suppose to choose with all this yumminess??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Sharon H says:

    Every day gets better and better – these are all wonderful images and dies!

  194. Rabbit says:

    Oh the lilac tiny townie and the galentines MUST come home to me!

  195. Leeann Hilton says:

    Again the squidgy is my favorite!!! So cute!!!

  196. Loving them all. Creating some space for new stop order.

  197. Loving them all. Creating some space for these wonderful pieces.

  198. Patty Q says:

    The Garden Girls are great and now you have added Lilac.

  199. *SQUEAL** Lovin’ the new releases. Uptown girls are my FAVORITE!!
    Stampinbella is AWESOME!!!

  200. Brenda H says:

    OMG! I seriously am going to have to get a full time job to buy all these new cute stamps – and definitely don’t need anything full time so that I can make all the cute cards! I’m so conflicted!

  201. These are all fantastic!

  202. Kimberly Wildeman says:

    I love the new releases but that bunny is the cutest bunny I have ever seen….thanks for great tutorial videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. angela urell says:

    I am loving these stamp with dies so perfect!!


  204. Kim M says:

    These are all too cute. Love them all.

  205. Casey Thrush says:

    Could this release get any CUTER???? OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Julie F. says:

    I love love love all your new creations, Edna and Tiny Townies are just adorable as are the little bunnies, chicks, etc.

  207. frances c says:

    I just retired, I thought I was going to get to play more, but with all the absolutely adorable stamps, I am going to have to get a job, just so I can buy MORE!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. Maxine says:

    Oh my word, I can hardly stand it! The best sneak peek ever!

  209. carol says:

    ….Gasp! I’m both speechless and breathless (because I was doing some high-step jigging and jazzing, and gleeful-little-girl-style applauding – standing at the kitchen counter, so plenty of room to cavort about) while scrolling through your post at the images showcased today by a DT that is out-of-this-world stellar in their creativity…as are you, in designing such incredible products! Standing ovation! Wild applause! In awe! And yes: inspiration overload x a zillion!

  210. I love the townies so much! And I have to say I just want to squeeze those new little girls each time I see one!

  211. Oh Cheese & Crackers, I don’t have enough Christmas stocking money for everything I want!!! StampingBella is a stamper’s DisneyWorld! It’s my happiest place on earth! Thank you bunches, all you talented little “Tinkerbells” for providing us with so much inspiration and the tools to make it happen!!!!


  212. Lynda C says:

    C’est vraiment magnifique ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. Oh My stinkin cute..Winter Blues, so this brings Spring, Easter, Bunnies, Flowers to ones soul. Too cute..

  214. Angelique Vela says:

    I love them all! That bunny is just adorable!

  215. Oh my some really cute ones coming out.
    I cannot wait to own some of them. ?

  216. Eileen R says:

    Where do I begin?! Love it all, the Cup of Tea, Lilacs, Galentines!!! Just too much love!

  217. Pam Hoppers says:

    How could you guess? My favorite flower and our family mascot! A bunny hoppers!

  218. Charlsie says:

    I look forward to your stories. The card samples are beautiful. Well the happy everything is the best. And how can you resist a squidgy. Thank you. Okay i make my frappes with a mr coffee frappe machine. Sooooo good?

  219. Gilda McCain says:

    Wow!! Best day yet. Love everything. Edna and her cup of tea are adorable. The Bunny wobble is so sweet . The card ideas are beautiful. Thanks for a great day of inspiration.

  220. So many wonderful new stamps to choose from…. They are all great, Especially love the Squidgy.

  221. Bex2d2 says:

    My colleague thinks I’m nuts to get so excited over stamps each day. Loving that there are matching framelits!

  222. Katrina says:

    I like the garden girl series!

  223. Janet Ingraham says:

    Have to say I love Ednas tea cup as I love everything tea, and lilac for the same reason.

  224. Jes says:

    Super cute!

  225. Every now and then I get a little mixed up between what are my wants and what are my needs. However, not this time. I absolutely, without a doubt NEED the kissing booth stamp in both sizes!

    They are all so darned adorable as are all of your stamp sets! I would give about anything to have one of each of all the stamps you have ever created, I do have a spare kidney…lol.

  226. Beautiful as usual. Loving the tiny townie lavender girl xx

  227. Julieann says:

    Love all of these and cannot wait to buy them. They are amazing.

  228. Olivia, says:

    All of these new ones are amazing. The DT did a fabulous job.

  229. Pam says:

    I love the materials that stampingbell make available, so many different stamps that make card-making so much fun. I am so excited about the new ones and really look forward to ordering them. Thanks for these great designs.

  230. So many fun images and gabby projects by the team- love them!!!

  231. Tea or not, a gal needs her chocolate. lol. Can’t wait to get my hands on these new stamp set, they are too stinking cute.

  232. Carisa Z. says:

    just when i think it can’t get any cuter, it DOES!!!

  233. Susan Nelson says:

    Oh! 3 squeals and a little jig, cyber-style, coming at ya! My fave is Lilac – think it is the sentiment that sealed the deal. Lovely all.

  234. Alexandra says:

    I can’t even! These are all so cute, can’t wait to get my hands on them. That lilac girl, it’s my favorite scent it the sping.

  235. gloria west says:

    Just love Lilac girl, cup of tea and Sammy

  236. Everything is awesome !!! Love,love,love !! I’m so glad you brought back the girls with flowers !! Tiny Townie Lilac is beautiful. Great job with this new release !!!

  237. Lisa Geraty says:

    I doubt I would have ever noticed the missing line on the Galentine’s stamp (which I MUST HAVE!)…or I would have just drawn it in~lol. Another great release day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. Maria says:

    I love all your stamps, but your designing team is amazing, the cards are lovely!

  239. OMG, How much room do I have to make for so many new stamps?? I want all of them.

  240. Lori Morency says:

    I can’t even!!! Squid guy is just too adorable for words… who wouldn’t line up for one of her kisses!!! And I think a cup of tea is just what the doctor ordered for Edna! And Edna stamps are just what the doctor ordered for ME!!!!! And then there’s my favorite Tiny Townie Lilac… brilliant! And I just love all the sentiments to choose from for our flower girls. CAnt wait to own them all!!!

  241. Lavonne says:

    Oh my word!!! These are all adorable!!

  242. Jennifer Morley says:

    LOVE the SAMMY IS SWEET and Happy Everything Bunny wobble stamps!

  243. Claudine G. says:

    Sammy is Sweet is just so CUTE!!!

  244. These are all fabulous esp that lilac and the cupcake! ! Love them!

  245. Deborah Kaye says:

    Fabulous new release! I totally love the Tiny Townie Lilac Girlie and the Happy Everything Bunny Wobble! Sweet!

  246. Cara T says:

    There are so many adorable stamps in this post, I don’t even know where to begin lol. These projects are all so amazing!

  247. Looooooove Thise stamps. You design the Best and cutest stamp EVER!! Hope to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. Claudia G says:

    How can u choose? These are all adorable! Can’t wait to place my order!

  249. Georgia says:

    Edna is so precious. Can’t wait to purchase “You’re my cup of tea.” I’m a pushover for all things tea! So far, this is a great sneak-peek!

  250. So how many more days of this torture do we have to endure before you take every dollar we have in our wallets????? Such cuteness you have achieved! ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Michele S. says:

    All I can say is WOW…WOW….WOW…..!!!!!

  252. Beneta says:

    I fell in love with Edna. She made me want a cup of tea. Lol. All of the other stamps are too cute too.

  253. Very cute can’t wait for the release

  254. WOW, This one had so much I could barely keep up. I LOVED them ALL. SQUIDGY is my favorite I think, not sure because I just really for once think I loved them all so so much. Those Galentines, I mean, how cool were they??? Love,Love… them. I just really can’t wait for this release to be able to be purchased, I got to start coloring these.

  255. Jessica says:

    I loved them all! My wallet is going to crying though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  256. Cindy Major says:

    Aww… More awesome stuff! I think the Galentines one is my favorite!! So fun!

  257. Keely Jones says:

    Okay, the squidgy line is so cut. Love the kissing booth!

  258. You’re my cup of tea….OMG. It’s just perfect. Love them all. Great inspiration from all the ladies. Thanks for sharing.

  259. Flo says:

    Sammy is so sweet and adorable too.

  260. Vero Atienza says:

    Love new stamps!! Beautiful! Cannot wait more to have them in my hands! Stunning! Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. Anne says:

    My goodness they all look Wonderful! Thanks for the chance.

  262. Angela says:

    This is another wonderful day of products! All of the stamps are so sweet, it’s impossible to pick a favorite! Sleepy Edna with her tea cup is definitely close to the top of the list, though, for sure!!

  263. Barb Mc says:

    Wow! What a release! so many sweet images – I love them all!

  264. Mar Navarro says:

    i love up town girls and tiny townies, so this release is AMAZING !!!

  265. Angie says:

    I just love these, especially the GALENTINE Gals!

  266. MARY Froehlich says:

    okay now you’ve done it! Love the Tiny Townie Sweets- a little background that if you actually read this you will love. In my mom’s group we have Cupcake Club (yep it’s a real thing) we meet once a month and share cupcakes…secret’s, pass around the baby’s (they are the only kids allowed) and even play Mom’s Against Humanities (one of the girls made our own version) This stamp will be perfect to give one of the ladies when they need it or even the host who allows us into her converted barn house every month ๐Ÿ™‚

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