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ann says:

oh my giddy aunt. they are amazing. my letter to santa is being written as we speak and these cuties are all on my list.

Timestamp: 2017-12-03 21:50:05 UTC


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Hiya sistahs! Welcome to DAY 2!

Are you ready for some more ZODIAC goodness? Each of these beauties come with a corresponding sentiment and the zodiac name.  These are amazing!  Markergeek aka Elaineabella has coloured all of the images you see with the watermarks 🙂

let’s start today off with LIBRA! December 2017 release. Rubber stamp: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL LIBRA


If you are or you know anyone who is a Libra, can you relate to the definition?

she also has a corresponding CUT IT OUT DIE December 2017 release. CUT IT OUT DIE: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL LIBRA

Here’s Jennydixabella’s card December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL LIBRA. Card by Jenny Dix

and the inside! December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL LIBRA. Card by Jenny Dix

next we have SCORPIO!  isn’t she elegant?  (and yes, her hair represents the scorpion 🙂 ) December 2017 release. Rubber stamp: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL SCORPIO

she also has a coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die December 2017 release. CUT IT OUT DIE: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Scorpio

Copic Colouring Video:

Watch Elaineabella colour our gorgeous Scorpio in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

here’s Paulabhella’s card.. the GLITTER  ! December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Scorpio. Card by Paula Williamson

and Sandiebella’s card December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Scorpio. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Jennybella’s card December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Scorpio. Card by Jenny Bordeaux

Next we have Sagittarius.. watch out.. she has GOOD AIM. LOL December 2017 release. Rubber stamp: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Sagittarius

she also has a coordinating CUT IT OUT DIE December 2017 release. CUT IT OUT DIE: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Sagittarius

Here’s Shelabella’s card December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Sagittarius. Card by Michele Boyer

next we have CAPRICORN! December 2017 release. Rubber stamp: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Capricorn

and she has a coordinating CUT IT OUT die December 2017 release. CUT IT OUT DIE: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Capricorn

and here’s Shelabella’s GORGEOUS card! December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Capricorn. Card by Michele Boyer

next we have AQUARIUS! December 2017 release. Rubber stamp: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Aquarius

and her coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die December 2017 release. CUT IT OUT DIE: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Aquarius

Check out Sandiebella’s card using Aquarius! December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL AQUARIUS. Card by Sandie Dunne

Last but not least, we have PISCES! December 2017 release. Rubber stamp: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Pisces

and her coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die December 2017 release. CUT IT OUT DIE: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Pisces

here’s Fayeabella’s stunning  card! December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL Pisces. Card by Faye Wynn Jones

and Ingebella’s card December 2017 release. Rubber Stamp used: UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL PISCES. Card by Inge Groot

how’s DAT for amazingness?

Leave a comment at the TOP of this post for a chance to win a 25$ gift certificate to our store

all winners will be announced on Sunday December 3rd 2017 at approx 9pm EST.  Release is scheduled for MONDAY December 4th!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE horoscopes





  1. ann says:

    oh my giddy aunt. they are amazing. my letter to santa is being written as we speak and these cuties are all on my list.

  2. Mirella Rogan says:

    These are truly awesome! Although I must say, miss Capricorn looks more like a Taurus to me 😉 still love them all, though! Many of them can be used as simply images for a nice scene, not only as zodiac signs… which is awesome

  3. Raquel says:

    There stamps are so unique!!! great for birthday cards, love them!

  4. Brandy L Newcomer says:

    Thr design team did a fantastic job as always! I cant wait to get this release!

  5. Raquel says:

    I have not seen this kind of stamps anywhere! wow!! they are going to be great for the birthday girls! can’t wait or them!

  6. sharon brand says:

    The Zodiac girls are AWESOME! Fantastic cards showcasing them!

  7. Dawn Beery says:

    Amazing new stamps!!!

  8. Helen Gullett says:

    Oh love love love them all! The Sagittarius Girl reminds me of Hunger Games girl 😀

  9. Jasmine Turandar says:

    O-M-G!!! That scorpio did NOT disappoint!! I’M IN LOVE!!! Super gorgeous!! It’s a must have!

  10. NatQuebec says:

    They are beautiful !!

  11. Jodi C says:

    LOVE these!!! My daughter and I are both Scorpio….it’s perfect, along with the rest. Every single one is fabulous.????

  12. Meg says:

    Love love love! The way you’ve captured these girls is awesome!

  13. Fjardil says:

    They are really cute

  14. Ayesha says:

    Ohhh gosh i been sitting in front of laptop all day waiting lol .. beautiful stamps as always xx

  15. Karen Sherlock says:

    What a fabulous collection!!! I love them all!!!

  16. Frances says:

    Love the Uptown Zodiac Girls!

  17. denise i says:

    the girls are beautiful….

  18. Denise Carter says:

    I love your stamps! The zodiac descriptions can be used alone or with the beautiful girls.

  19. Liz Robinson says:

    Ooo these are just fab!!

  20. georgia says:

    This line is so awesome, can’t wait to get these

  21. Cindy Flynn says:

    Another great group… love em all!!

  22. Debbie Rumpza says:

    These are so lovely!

  23. Karen Senior says:

    Again! Very beautiful. Love them!

  24. Michele B says:

    These are just as beautiful as yesterdays

  25. SarahC says:

    Wow!!! These have just knocked it out of the park. They are just gorgeous. Want all of them but I’ll have to stick to ones I can use for family. Thanks so much for yours and the design teams artistry.

  26. Angie Brown says:

    These are simply amazing, I want them all!

  27. Marilyn S says:

    I know I said it yesterday but it bears repeating… these are fabulous! I love them, the size and the corresponding sentiments. Brilliant idea to create Zodiac stamps, so many beautiful cards to be made. Love the Aquarius (me) but I almost wish I was a Scorpio so I could send a card to myself!
    Gorgeous makes by the design team… those girls really smoked these Zodiac signs!

  28. Sara Wright says:

    I love the coloring schemes used! I can’t wait till I’ve figured out shading… looking forward to tomorrow’s batch!

  29. Shari says:

    Loving these new images!!

  30. Casey Thrush says:

    All of the important ones for my family are in this sneak peak!!! Love them!!!!!

  31. Rachel D. says:

    All are awesome. I just love Scorpio with her beautiful clothes and her hair is so creative! The artistry on all the girls are amazing! Love Aquarius too.

  32. Allison Bell says:

    Gorgeous ladies. Just gorgeous.

  33. Anita says:

    They are so beautiful

  34. Susan says:

    First the Zodiac…can’t wait to see what’s next! ?

  35. pamr says:

    These are just too cute for words! Love them all!

  36. Karen Warner says:

    Brilliant ! The colouring is wonderfully done. The designs are stellar – as always. I am so very happy you haven’t decided to go to a photopolymer. In my humble opinion choosing blue rubber was a ingenious decision. Love StampingBella.

  37. Cynthia Cole says:

    So many wonderful cards using these new Zodiac girls!

  38. Katherine says:

    OMG day 2! Can’t wait to get the whole set!

  39. Claudia says:

    Wow! These zodiac girls are causing what a stir! So clever!

  40. Linda M says:

    These are so unique and beautiful! Love them!

  41. Louise W says:

    Love the Pisces mermaid! How cute would she be with the beach background!

  42. Heather Clay says:

    I can’t get over how lovely these ladies are.

  43. Sue Hastead says:

    absolute gorgeousness and I am probably going to need all of them!…xxx
    love from Sue…xxx

  44. Tina Goodwin says:

    Eeeekkk!!! So in love with these!!

  45. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    WOW! What a great release!

  46. Joie says:

    These are just gorgeous! …loving scorpio… SEXY !!!

  47. Susan G says:

    These are just too awesome. So clever and creative. Your designer’s card examples were absolutely amazing. Such glorious cards. Really lovely. Thanks so much.

  48. Kay says:

    Absolutely am loving this whole horoscope line! Fabulous!

  49. Deborah says:

    I love them all. Definitely going to get Capricorn! Such a great idea for personalized birthday cards.

  50. Amy Young says:

    I am so in love with these girls, Scorpio is perfect!

  51. Chris says:

    Love these…so difficult to choose…may need all!

  52. Heidi says:

    Wow, the scorpio and the fishes are adorable, great release!

  53. Claudine Gendron says:

    Ooooh, scorpio is one sexy lady lol. Buf my favorite is still cancer LOL

  54. Lynda J says:

    Gorgeous, as always!

  55. Denimo says:

    Simply FABulous!

  56. Marlyn Rojas says:

    Love these zodiac girls!

  57. Tanya says:

    These are all fab!

  58. Heather Carney says:

    The girls are amazing. Love them

  59. Vicky Claypoole says:

    I love Scorpio!! What a beauty!

  60. Cindy G. says:

    This set is going to be amazing! I love every one of them!

  61. Avra Williams says:

    They are lovely! Not so sure about the Capricorn though…

  62. Judy says:

    These stamps are fabulous! Can’t wait to get them! Thank you!

  63. SuzanD says:

    Fantastic release. The zodiac girls are awesome.

  64. Becky Purcell says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow! I love them. I really like the stamp that explains the sign. Oh Santa……..

  65. FD91354 says:

    So wonderful! Beautiful images. Love the sign definition. Love the images are versatile too.

  66. Gilda (McStamper) says:

    Love the beautiful zodiac girls.

  67. Flo Pangelinan says:

    I’m an Aquarius, but certainly past the shy phase.
    Love her and Pisce. ?

  68. Denise Bryant says:

    These are awesome! Beautiful samples! Love Pisces!

  69. jean marmo says:

    Such fun! Very creaTIVE

  70. Suzi says:

    What a new way to see the zodiac, adorable.

  71. Laura P. says:

    Hi Em! Whoa you really hit the nail on the head with these fabulous girls!! You definitely met your goal to have them remind us of someone…your Pisces totally describes my daughter! It is uncanny! All of the images are gorgeous and of course your DT wows with their amazing coloring, as always! Love the idea from someone who commented ahead of me about using these for birthdays…genius! What a wonderful release!

  72. Nikki S says:

    I think all these Zodiac signs have captured the essence of what each sign is about. I kind of wish I wasn’t a fish though hehehe

  73. kerry myers says:

    WoW! Paula. I love the glitter on your stamp. I want to watch your process and find out what you are using. I loved another stamp sample you did with glitter,,, still remember the impact that had on me. Just gorgeous!

  74. Jude Unnone says:

    Omg I am in love with all of these!!!! I want them all!

  75. Christine Jannetto says:

    They are ALL SOOOOOOOOOO Gorgeous!

  76. kathy Tanner says:

    This whole set is wonderful but I especially love the sagittarius stamp. She is so cool and worth buying even though there are no sagittarians in my family 🙂

  77. Vanessa Suntjens says:

    I must needs to have the Sagittarius one for myself. lol

  78. Willie Carter says:

    Oh I love my sign Scorpio. Wish I had a Pisces in the family. Love her too. Can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of these.

  79. Meghan Kennihan says:

    They are all sooooo gorgeous!!

  80. Linda C says:

    Aquarius fits me to a t!! Beautiful artwork by your design team!

  81. Fran Sabad says:

    Such a wonderful collection! I want them all ?

  82. Nicole W. says:

    These are awesome! Love it 🙂

  83. Theresa says:

    These are truly amazing. I cant wait. Elaineabella did such an unbelievable job on the Scorpio on she actually made me wish that was my sign. LOVE IT ALL!!!

  84. Nancy R. says:

    Fantastic! Such a great idea, and your design team created wonderful inspiration for us.

  85. Michelle Hill says:

    Today is my birthday and I must treat myself…hurry up release date!

  86. Jenny says:

    These are so cute!

  87. Helen Van Daalen says:

    Beautiful images and I love the cards everyone made

  88. Lorraine says:

    These are fantastic! I don’t know how it could get better. I can’t wait.

  89. dixie says:

    What an elegant group of ladies! We really needed this set of Zodiac Gals. Scorpio’s dress is so gorgeous I’d wear it if I could carry it off like she does…LOL

  90. Theressa says:

    They are all quite lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  91. Heather McDougall says:

    Great design ideas for creating the Zodiac Girls. I love how Paulabhella’s dress has the glitter.

  92. Catey says:

    Of course, the images are to-die-for! But, those descriptions!? The best!

  93. Tracey Magner says:

    Love,Love, them all. I have to have the whole set!!!

  94. Susan B says:

    Love them all but my favorites are Scorpio and Pisces. Those two are lovely and can be used with other sentiments, not just the zodiac traits.

  95. Janet D. says:

    These would make great birthday cards, so personal!

  96. Sue LD says:

    More fabulous Zodiac girls!

  97. Francine says:

    Ok I know Capricorn is a goat, but I bummed she has horns. Nevertheless, she shall be mine and I will make her work. lol Great job on this set!

  98. Abby says:

    Very elegant zodiacs!

  99. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, all of the cards are stunning, especially the one that has my favorite color in the whole wide world, yellow. Those flowers are making me long for spring. We’ve had a dusting of snow already and it’s been cold so seeing flowers are very cool. Thanks for showing us your beautiful art work. You are all artists! Are there more stamps to come? One can only hope!

  100. Sheila R Fisher says:

    Very creative, fun for birthday cards!

  101. Tracy says:

    These are fabulous!

  102. Marjorie Dumontier says:

    Oh my goodness !! Scorpio and Pisces are soooo wonderful !

  103. Starqueen says:

    I am loving each and every Zodiac girl…they are lovely and their descriptions capture their essence beautifully. I am looking forward to getting them ALL!

  104. Susanne Gustafsson says:

    I have always loved the uptown-girl stamps! Love these too! 🙂

  105. stephanie serrano says:

    These are so elegant!

  106. Jane the Craft Bucket says:

    Simply stunning I am a Pisces gal and she is just fabulous. Love Jane x

  107. Kristie says:

    Great additions to the Uptown Girls collection. The design team is knocking it out of the park with the sample cards.

  108. Jen Ramos says:

    I was anticipating today’s release, my zodiac falls within this release and I was excited to see what they had in store for my birth month. They are all wonderfully unique

  109. Leanne says:

    Really love these new stamps.

  110. Julianne Sandley says:

    Here I thought I was going to love the Libra, but of course I LOVE THEM ALL!! OMG they are all so pretty, beautiful job.

  111. Sue says:

    Hooray! All six of my girls are covered now! This group is every bit as bee-yoo-tee-full as yesterday’s peeks!

  112. Rita DeCook says:

    I love … love … love the little gnomes. The Zodiac girls are precious.

  113. Carla Hundley says:

    More beauties today!
    So fun and the cards
    are lovely.
    Carla from Utah

  114. Tamara Lewis says:

    Interesting design idea…horiscope…

  115. Annette says:

    These are lovely. I’m Libran and it’s soooo me! 🙂

  116. Paula Desmarais says:

    The Scorpio girl is magnificent I just love her!!!!

  117. Ashley Douglas says:

    I saved the date in my calendar on my phone……this just got real……I’m definitely buying these stamps. I wish yall had a monthly box seriously.

  118. Birgit says:

    These are So so fun!

  119. Deborah Kaye says:

    Absolutely gorgeous images! I especially like the Sagittarius and the Pisces (which reminds me of my daughter). Fab cards!

  120. Judi Ferris says:

    Just gorgeous love the new releases, will be making additions to my wish list ??

  121. Nancee Purdum says:

    I have to have Scorpio! LOL! Could it be because I am one????? LOL! Love them all! 🙂

  122. Helen F says:

    Stunning stamp set. So different and yet still so elegant!

  123. Cecelia castro says:

    These zodiak girls could be really fun!

  124. Erika Zacchello says:

    So beautiful! Aquarius will be mine!

  125. Janet Ingraham says:

    So much fun. It always amazes me how the signs can actually be pretty close to true. Mom is Libra and her sign is spot on. Lovely ladies. Great release.

  126. CraftyNatalie says:

    Loving the zodiac release. Picses is my sign so i love that image. Beautiful cards by the DT.

  127. Maryann N says:

    Beautiful colouring on the zodiac girls. Gorgeous stamps

  128. D.Ann C says:

    I love the elegant and chic look to these gals… and that scorpion pony tail is genius!!

  129. Terry says:

    Gotta have these gorgeous stamps!

  130. Lynda C says:

    Totally AMAZEBALLS!!! I NEED to have them ALL!!!

  131. Nancy Vondra says:

    These are so delightful! Love the glittery dress on Paulabellas Scorpio and Jennybellas as well! Every dress and lady are fantastic! TYFS!!!

  132. Nora says:

    What cool stamps!! I LOVE every single ONE!!!

  133. Mary Campbell says:

    Such cute horoscope sets.

  134. Angela Marion says:

    These are super cute

  135. Annette says:

    Wow, fabulous new images and amazing colouring by the team.

  136. Wendy Peterson says:

    I just love these they are way too cute.

  137. Lori L Ritchie says:

    Great cards and horoscope set! Another great release from SB!

  138. Tami McDaniel says:

    I love the Libra and Pisces girls. They are all adorable

  139. tina z. (treebug) says:

    wow, such beautiful inspirations!

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