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Since my muse is back, I decided to play a little…

I went to Starbucks this morning and as I loaded (lol) myself back into the car, I got this VISION.  I don’t know how it came to me but I had to play around and make this card.. I got to the store and I had to go immediately to our back table (do NOT pass go, do NOT collect $200).. and I had to “get this out”…LOL.  Honestly, have you ever driven somewhere and you were so focused on something that you don’t know how you got there?  Well that was me today…

Since having begun art journaling, I have become much “braver”.. braver in colour choices, braver in composition.. braver in expectations etc.  and honestly, it has been liberating.  and no matter how much you are shaking your heads (LOL).. I am going to somehow convince you that you must join this journal journey with me.  Stay tuned for Monday’s post which will explain to you HOW you will be joining this journey with me….(you really have no choice sistahs)

Ok back to my playing.  I decided I wanted to make myself a “pallette”.. so I took my bella’s bestest paper  and I took some removable tape or artist tape and i made myself a rectangle with the tape on the paper.  Once that was done I took a few stamps in front of me and decided which ones inspired me at the moment… and the winners were… ECLECTIC #8 TICKET FULL BACKGROUNDJULIE’S SPRING BUTTERFLIES, and I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE.  Initially I wanted to use my  I AM SCRIPT stamp as the background but it was sold out.. and I am so happy it was, because I was able to really play with the ECLECTIC #8 stamp.. I am IN LOVE with this stamp.. it is the perfect perfect background.  Not offensive, not in your face.. just PERFECT.. I cannot wait for the I AM script to come back in so I can play with that!!

I love looking at a stamp for it’s different attributes.  Is there a stem that I love?  a basket?  A petal?  Is there a beautiful face, gorgeous hair I would like to highlight?  How about just a shingled roof, or a pair of shoes?  Once you open your mind and look at this  house stamp (as an example)  and see it as “MORE” than just a house.. a whole new world will open up to you.  The house can be just a beautiful front door, a funky lopsided roof, a window etc…  You will see what I mean in a second :)..  When you stamp on a piece of paper smaller than an image you will be surprised at what new elements you see!

So having said that (aside from the yucky iphone shot), I want you to see what I came up with.  I had a BLAST making it.. no worries at all.. just pure, blissful  stamping.

I also wanted it to be a kind of vintage-y feel in terms of colors.. (kinda like the 70’s avocado and brown) colors that I grew up in :). so I WHIPPED out my PRISMACOLOR pencils and mineral spirits and blended away :).. and the RED that I layered the pumpkiny colour with?  I would have NEVER mixed those colours together in the past.. but I became BRAVE.  and I LOVEY da results!

I love seeing the front of the bicycle with the basket only.. I love the portion of the butterfly.. and of course I love the GOLD dots and RED POPPY dots I used on the bicycle tire and the body of the butterfly

So that’s the SCOOP.  The evolution of my COLLAGE-Y (is that a word?) card. 

Hope you love it.  Hope you are inspired.

Now go take out a stamp.. and look at it in a different way… and show me the results.. I am RIGHT HERE!  see me?  Waiting.





  1. Karen says:

    This is fantastic! Isn’t it fun to just sit and play and see where it goes? What is so magical about the way colour and paper go together? I don’t know, but I love it.

  2. Regan says:

    holy poop..its amazing Em

  3. Love it Em! I really wanna join in on the journalling….but when it comes to being creative I STINK! lol:)

  4. Emily says:

    Michelle, you are veherry creative.. This is about the journey…not the destination. I promise this could change your life!!

  5. Maria H says:

    i love the total whimsical feel of this piece….although i too don’t feel i am creative…except when i am cooking!

  6. Lynn says:

    I am sooo impressed. I too believe I am not creative (but I copy really well). I have been reading so many blogs about journalling – specifically art journals and I want to get brave and do this – so much so that I saw an ad for art journals on sale 50% off (the universe is on my side) so I am picking one up tomorrow. Can’t wait for Monday’s post!

  7. Kandi says:

    So so cute!!!
    Love your inspiration

  8. Susan P says:

    I really like it. Now I know what Christine was talking about.

  9. OMG Em – I have JUST started playing around with collage stamping and I LOVE it. You totally rocked this. I’m looking forward to Monday’s post about art journaling, I’m still one of the scaredy-cats who hasn’t tried it yet, but I drooooool when I see yours and others!!! xo

  10. Linda S. says:

    Could you ask your muse if it saw mine when yours went missing….part of me says what are you afraid of…it’s only colour and paper….the other part says I just don’t know where to start….you truly are an inspiration.

  11. Emily your card turned out amazing. You are so right, it is about the journey! So many times I just create in this little box of ideas I have and don’t challenge myself. Your card has totally made me want to come out of my box and come along for the journey. I would never in a million years have used those colours….but WOW you have made it work perfectly!

  12. Stamping Bella says:

    Christine, I INSIST you come on this journey with us.. we will have fun

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