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shipments delayed a little

hello sistahs!  I hope you will forgive the bella.  Due to being sick yesterday and blizzard today, I am behind on the orders.. just a little.. but working my tushy (small-yaright) off to get it all out to you.. right now I am saying 5-7 days from placing the order but not more than that nor will it ever be.  Please bear with me and I PROMISE you will get updated by email!  If you have any pending orders which are really urgent, just pop me an email!

 Thanks for understanding



  1. Melissa - stampedbym says:

    I think, even though we love getting our Bellas, everyone will understand the set back. You’ll get there. Are you feelng better?

  2. thanks for letting us know. get to feeling better and stay warm.
    OMG!!!!!!!! jammybella is my new fave. dh just put the gavel down on no more spending for a while (insert sad face). but, put one aside for me, cause this is on my must have list!
    keep up all the awesome bella-ness!!!

  3. Angela says:

    Hope you feel better soon…love the new bella too.

  4. Chris says:

    Had to tell you what my DH said!!!
    I said “it’s so cold I froze my butt off”

    DH ” I don’t think it can get that cold”

  5. Em, take care and try not to worry about your sistahs! We would rather have you well than working and staying sick longer. Go take a nap.

  6. MeShellaBella says:

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling WonderfulaBella! I hope you get back to full strength soon! I’ve got 4 more Bellas in my basket, but I’m just waiting until you come up with a few more for us Bellas! I know it seems silly to ask for more when there are 59 and I only have 22, but it’s funny how there are still SO many that could be made! Actually, I think I have more than 4 in my cart! I hope you’re feeling bettah soon and can get back to designing and shipping! Any word on whether you’re going to release that cute font you use on your site?

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