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Hiya sistahs!

I hope you had a great weekend!  We, of course were SWAMPED andd I promise I won’t bore you with the deets.. but I WILL share another picture of my house guests this weekend..LOLOL..Doesn’t Paulabella look thrilled?  I don’t think she expected this..LOL.  Jimafella came for lunch and little did he know he would be stuck packaging..LOL.. I think I see a little drool.  And Susan has become our houseguest too as she has devoted her last week to helping da Bella when she coulda been LOUNGING…LOL.  And We had Shelleybella and Lisabella and Sylviabella coming as well.. so  BIG heartful thank you to them and everyone who has felt badly for us..LOL!


Bellaland's back table.. hmph

Other than working on saturday, Paulabella and I did art.  MADE art.  TALKED about art.  DREAMED (or is it dreamt??) about ART… And I really need to share what has been inspiring me lately.

As a business owner, I have always PROMISED myself I would lead my company with INTEGRITY, RESPECT and a lot of KARMA..  I vowed to help any other company I believe in.  So with that I would like you to meet CHRISTY TOMLINSON and her SHE ART CLASS which REopens in APRIL.

I would recommend RUNNING to sign up.  She is an absolute AMAZING woman and teaches a PHENOM class.  She has this amazing aura about her and has inspired me to no end..  Here are some samples of what I have concocted (lol) from her class!  have I mentioned that i LOVE her? LOL

I have incorporated my stamps into there.. on the house canvas you should see MY LAUGHTER definition block… which leads me to my next little HINT….  I am not sure why all of my images are coming out so TEENY TINY… but you will see SOMEWHERE on this page a few new stamps…. they are ECLECTIC stamps.. they are AMAZING stamps…

you will DIE with this  new MIXED MEDIA collection created by someone very close to me which makes them mean EVEN more.. Someone who understands MIXED MEDIA to it’s fullest and her stamps will be AMAZING!!! Not only will her collection be featured at SCRAPFEST but they will also be included amongst PHENOMENAL NEW IMAGES….  YOU will FAINT when you see what is coming… FIRST WEEK OF APRIL sistahs.. you will see it all!!!

If you sign up for Christy’s class.. just mention that you heard it from me 🙂  FROM ONE SISTAH to ANOTHAH!

Dont forget to post a comment on our BELLARIFIC friday post… you could win $10 in bella bucks! And APRIL 2nd, Bellarific Friday challenge is POLKYDOTS!!

mwah to MY sistahs

from Anothah 😉



  1. OK, I want to live closer to Bellaland so I can help with rubbah, too! LOVIN’ the look on Paula’s face in the first picture! 🙂

  2. BellaG says:

    i can’t wait to see the new eclectic stamps! I too have taken the SheArt workshop with Christy and i totally recommend it, you will love it!

  3. paula says:

    Goood LORD, get me off there or I post the photo of you at your table. I quit.

  4. lindaH says:

    already signed up for the april she art class, but sadly I mentioned Paula!….even though she kept this a secret from me when she was ‘experimenting’ in the class! OMG…cannot wait to see all the new stamps!

  5. Lisa Galbraith says:

    Em you are my hero and a huge creative inspiration! I just signed up for the She Art class…thank you so much! Love you xo

  6. Michelle C. says:

    Hard to see, but are they canvasses? I have been meaning to finish up my canvasses. Loving coming here for inspiriation 🙂

  7. Olga says:

    Oh, the new stamps are fantastic! Love them! Thank you for the “hint” 🙂 and the canvasses are to die for! Love the colours and the feel of them!

  8. Cathy P in AZ says:

    I too wish I lived closer to Bella Land so I could help with your crazy busy-ness! 🙂 LOVE all of the creative inspiration going on here!

  9. Rhian Lowe says:

    Signed up for She Art also! Can’t wait for the new stamps and all the other goodies I will to get to make beautiful canvases also (hopefully!).

  10. CraftyCath says:

    The look on Paula’s face is classic…Nice to see a Fella in Bellaland too. AND do I possibly see my order lined up on the floor? So looking forward to getting new Cosmo Cricket paper and Sassafrass and Crate paper….oh I love getting a Bella package. Hmmm, I just might have to drive to Scrapfest to see the new stamps and get them in my beady little hands. I love new releases!

  11. Maria H says:

    Oh another crafty craft! I haven’t perfected my cards yet! And now inspiration for art, stamps, paper on canvas! I love it, but where will this new crafty craft occupy in my home?!

  12. Gail McMillan says:

    I just found Stamping Bella last night. Loving the site, the blog and everything about it. Can hardly wait for my order to come in to start coloring the cute stamps I just bought.
    Gail McMillan

  13. Ummmmmmmm whooooo’s COACH BAG is that on the floor next to the back table?!?!?! HA HA LOOKS familiiiiiiarrrrrrr!!!! LOVE IT!

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