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scrapfest.. bapfest.. mapquest… SCRAPFEST and the sale continues…

Sistahs high and low and far and wide and up and down and side to side I wanted to thank you all for coming to visit da BOOF at Scrapfest.  It was an amazing event all in all.. It was great to see my customers/supporters/fans/friends all come and say hello.  Many of you came up to me and asked if I was the one who wrote this blog.. I kinda stuttered and wasn’t sure if I should answer cuz my lingo, my nutsiness, my idiosyncracies kinda like to stay anonymous.LOL . ME??? ANONYMOUS?? not so much.. NOT TODAY.. MAYBE TOMORROW..LOL

A few new bella fans asked if I worked at the booF and I said yes.. didn’t wanna divulge who the real owner was..LOL

Helenabella and DENABELLA and RUBYBELLA and Shelley S. and Penny P and Ann K helped us so much throughout the show and I want to TRULY thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It meant the world to me. Really also would like to thank Diane R. and Agnes for HOLDING the fort with DENA on Saturday!

I also want to really thank LINDABELLA, PAULABELLA, and PAULINEABELLA (Pauline, GET THAT BLOG GOING SISTAH!!!) for travelling so far just to be with me (or at least I can pretend.. I know they wanted to get some shopping done).. they worked sooo hard with their demos and were really truly a treat.  Our bellarific babe journey has really gotten us so close and to say that we are truly close friends and that I can depend on them for anything.. really. so THANK YOU!!!

Marjorea and Elaine, Thank you for making us your first stop once the “floodgates” opened.  Meant the world to me.  I hope you know that.

Regan, Deanna– NEED I SAY MORE? LOL

Andrea and KIMMIE From KRAFTIN KIMMIE rubbah came to visit

Ok now done with the thanking.. I am hoping there are new bella fans who will tune in to my trials and tribulations..LOL and of course enjoy the RUBBAH!

Now for an announcement: our very own DENABELLA has started her own blog!  She is an AMAZING talent and inspiration.. we have begun an art journal journey together and have enjoying it ever since.. her layouts are to die for and now she can share them publically by having her own PLACE to post.  OF course she is part of the BELLARIFIC SCRAPPING BABES so she is linked on my sidebar.  Please go over to her blog and post a comment welcoming her to da 20th century!!  it’s called A LITTLE SCRAP OF TIME and you must RUN there and comment! k.. PROMISE?!

tomorrow is bellarific FRIDAY on a MONDAY.. LOL and the theme for next week is MOTHER’S DAY! so start submitting!



  1. Leslie W. says:

    So sad that I couldn’t make it to Scrapfest! Sounds like you had a blast. I however, also got to have some fun with Dena at Bellaland on Friday and had a sneaky peeky at her blog. It looks amazing!

  2. paula says:

    I think i have finally recovered from all the talking, chatting and laughing yesterday! LOL it’s a quiet, mouse like quiet here with Jim today…Don’t tell him. So much fun and I am ready to return in May…it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away. I gotta get Dena linked up so I can watch her layouts. I love her accent and since I have it in my mind, I can hear her reading as she is writing. Thanks to all the patient Bella sistah’s who waited to color with us and hope all those newbies try it out further. Yeah…where were the twins????

  3. Regan says:

    lol…you crack me was so awesome to see you…your booth was awesome..

    i personally love your liongo and I’m off to Dena’s blog..

    its about freakin time…sheeeesh!

  4. Deanna says:

    Ah Emily, you are so funny! Your make n takes rocked and it was great to see you and the ladies again!

    I will email you about the beginning of July! 😉

  5. Susan P says:

    Glad you had a great time at Scrapfest. I couldn’t even get into the booth, it was so busy. I did get a chance to speak to Paula when she was walking around and also saw a few other Stamping Bella regulars. It was a great show.

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