Scenic Saturday with Amybella: Yeti Sneaks a Cookie Scene

Hello bellas!  

Amy here and ’tis the season so of course I have another Christmas themed Scenic Saturday card to share with you. Something about this naughty Yeti Sneaks a Cookie captured my imagination and I just had to give him a home up at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus has made her special batch of chocolate chip cookies to reward all of the little elves for another successful year of toy making. When it came time for the treat all the elves found in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen is a plate covered in crumbs! Unfortunately for Yeti, he’s too big and too covered in more cookie crumbs to go unnoticed as the culprit.  

Because the image stamps the elves and plate out in front of the Yeti I decided to color a tablecloth beneath the plate while creating a wood floor to cover the rest of the space at the bottom of the card. This trick is a simple way to force the perspective and give the characters a bit more separation from each other. Now it looks like the elves are much closer to us, the viewer, than Yeti standing in the doorway. Speaking of that dark doorway, because I knew that the walls would be light colored just like Yeti’s fur, adding the door is a nice way to frame him and have him ‘pop’ within the scene. He is the star of the show after all. 😉

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  1. Judy says:

    Where did you get the sentiment stamp? I looked through the Stampingbella stamp sets and couldn’t find it.

    Great card!!

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