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Release DAY TOMORROW (oh and a coupla more NUGGETS)


WHO’S EXCITED for MANANA??? I AM!!!! Not sure when I will fit the release in between finishing off my make and takes for scrapfest (which are YUMMY) this friday.. but don’t you WORRY… it’ll happen!  Tomorrow is the HUGE release! and of course a little surprise :).. me thinks you will be happy!

Here’s a couple more cards made by our wonderfulest DT!

Danabella used TABITHA TEACUP

Jeaniebella made a card using our new LULU’s CHERRY BLOSSOM tree image

Karen MOTZABELLA used our NEW ROLLABELLA.. isn’t she GROOVY?

Lindabella used LULU’S FANCY PREZZIES in her beeeyootiful card

DRIVER BEWARE!  If you happen to see this license plate, you KNOW you GOTS TA MOVE.. ok?  Just get outta DA way and I promise no one will be hurt LOL… I have a bit of a lead foot ya know!

Also, REMEMBER the origin of the “NOT TODAY, MAYBE TOMORROW” punchline from a joke by Ty’s best friend Adam and I said that the size differential between the two was crazy? LOL and that Tyler was like HUH CHESTER HUH CHESTER HUH HUH HUH??? (bugs bunny).. you can find the original post here

Well, here’s a picture of Tyler and ADAM.. we went to the HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS over the weekend.. remember them?? I just lovvvvved them way back when and these kids just loved them as much as I did! so here is “huh” and here is “chester”.. LOL.. “HUH” (my Tyler) is the little one in the front..LOL

In my previous life, I was a consultant and trained people on Canada Customs policies etc.. I was always on the road and always made new friends with my clients.. Well I am UBER thankful for one of my clients recommending THE BEST coffee in Toronto in my humble opinion.  This is a little place you can miss if you blink.  It’s called JET FUEL and it is sooo wonderful.  I used to sneak there when I was pregnant (SHHHH).  The place has an eclectic clientele to say the least..LOL.. fun to people watch and they make the most wonderful, inexpensive Lattes.. YUM.. The first time I was there, I was prego and I said to them.. “do you have DECAF?”.. the BaristO said “WE DON”T DO DECAF”.. (LOL).. ok so I said the regular please.. then I asked if they had sweetner… and the BARISTO said “WE DON”T DO SWEETNER”.. LOL .. they just had natural sugar.. so Off I went with my soy latte, extra CAF, BRIMMING with SUGAH.. and had the best coffee evah.  I decided to take MY BFF and the kidlets there after the “Trotters” as the kids would say and the kids had a blast with this coffee “experience”… Of course I told my BFF not to ask for DECAF or SWEETNER..LOL (although they do have sweetner now).. and off we went back home all CAFFEINATED and happy :).  Here’s a picture of HUH and Chester again at the little table sharing some thoughts..


Mwah to da CHESTERS out there



  1. Leslie W. says:

    Love the new licence plate! One more sleep! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow!

  2. Sheena B says:

    So I excited for tomorrow! I have the day off and will be stalking bella land!

    And love your share of the boys….Yes, I remember that cartoon!

  3. Dana White says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the license plate; surprised you didn’t have one already!! Can’t wait for the release

  4. Vicki Burns says:

    You JUST got that plate? I figured that was a done deal a LONG time ago! Guess you thought about it but said, “Not today, maybe tomorrow” for 3 or 4 years! LOL

  5. Shanna says:

    Fantastic license plate – love it! So much more fun than my hubby’s which says “SFEDRVR” – we own a driving school. Can’t wait for the release!

    Shanna 🙂

  6. Dia says:

    I LOVE the license plate – that is awesome. I can’t wait for tomorrow – i will be stalking the blog all day waiting to place my online order to hide from the hubby 😉

  7. piradee says:

    love the plate…. and wish i could join the scrapfest, i’m sure its gonna be tons of fun!

  8. Tanya says:

    Oh love the sneak peeks! I am so excited for the new bella’s! Love your license plate…even my hubs smiled when I showed him=)

  9. paula says:

    um, got rid of the other car and Tyler has NO hair!!!! OMG, what other surprises are in store for me?? I had to blow the second picture up to be sure it was him. {but I did notice in the first, that it was gone!} LOVIN’ this release!!! oh, my vanity plate is in my room from a previous car…it says ANGEL66. {ya know, cause I am an angel.} see ya SOON!!!!!

  10. Karen Motz says:

    LOVE the new license plate!!!! Watch out drivers on the 401 tomorrow!!!!!! Woo hoo…it’s release day!!!!!

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