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plaids and argyles and stripes, OH MY!

Ok, I have received MANY requests for a golfing bella.  I kinda wanted to name her GOLFABELLA.. clever isn’t it?  Well, I decided against it.  So her name is TEEOFFABELLA.  she is right on the homepage!

I hope you *LOVE* her.. cuz I do.. makes ya wanna golf!  Oh, have I told you my golfing story?  NO, YOU SAY?  Well, ok, if you insist, I will give you an abridged version.  SO I go into this store with Ryan.. he used to enjoy golf before kids (hee hee.. I NEVER stopped him from playing, I swear!).. and I spot this FUN-KY golf bag.. black and white and red checks.. SO CUTE.. and these cute clubs that were ‘special for ladies’.. well that’s all I had to hear before I bought them *LOTSA GIGGLES*– you guys probably think I am really nuts!-  they were a fortune and Ryan said they would be for my birthday.. SO.. I get the gear and the coloured pink golf balls to go with it (LOLOL) and off I went to a class.  Well, let me tell you.. I was so BAD at this sport (not that I am good at any sports–is stamping considered a sport? ).. I basically dug a hole in front of me with the club.. NEVER hit the ball.. the instructor had to explain to me that this was NOT bowling..LOL.. So that was the end of it.. but I still have the bag.. and the clubs.. and the pink balls in the pocket (they never went very far) and husband who shakes his head EVERY SINGLE TIME he sees that bag wondering what is next! 

Hope you enjoyed my little story and that you LOVE teeoffabella!  let me know!

 addictabella extraordinaire


  1. GrammaStamper says:

    “Teeoffabella” and see what happens! I like that name because it can be consider a double-entendre. Very cute little stamp, I must say. Em, I’m going to have my CPP pension cheque deposited into YOUR bank account and my purchases could be considered ‘withdrawals’. Oh, and please don’t charge me bank fees.

  2. Lisa C. says:

    Wow, oh wow, I love the new bellas, just one small request…STOP making so many darn cute ones! Everytime I think I get my order set you put out ANOTHER cute gotta! Love how you listen to your readers and addictabellas and make the stamps we want!

  3. Thanh says:

    Oh my word. She is adorable! Hmmm… though I dont know very many of my friends who are golfers, besides males… *think hard, Thanh* OH!!! My lovely bf’s sister is a golfer! Yes, her birthday is coming up in uhhh…. May…. no June!! Yes, I must buy this bella. LMAO I *need* it….

  4. AmyR says:

    What – you don’t think you could use the bag to haul around stampin stuff??? I bet you would be ROCKIN’ if you did!!! ROFL!!!

  5. LinzyD says:

    LOVE the new Bella! She is SOO cute! I agree with GrammaStamper…we all need to set up Bella Bank Accounts and just have part of our paychecks sent directly to YOU! Hee hee… Such a cute golfing story-gotta love a girl with all the right accessories!

  6. Grannystamper said:“Teeoffabella” and see what happens!
    LOL! That is too funny!

  7. Jen (scs: genie1314) says:

    fun story. i, too, have been golfing once. not a pretty picture! lol! love teeoffabella!!!! i love them all. one day i will have them all, so cross your fingers i win the lottery tonight…haha!!

  8. Julie Sokolowski says:

    Your story is too funny! I once tried to take up golf because of a cute pair of golf shoes. They were white with navy and green galore 🙂 accents and looked like a darling pair of tennis shoes (not the dorky traditional kind). I got the clubs and the outfit too and took one golf lesson. I could never stand to play more than 9 holes and I told my DH that I got to swing as many times playing 9 holes as most people do playing 18. I am really rotten and haven’t even tried in more than 5 years. I have absolutely no desire to ever play again 🙂

  9. stacey kay says:

    I remeber that VIVIDLY. Didn’t we try a couple of lessons together?

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