where’s bella?

This should be said like “where’s waldo” a famous children’s book where there are pages of mumbojumbo characters populating a page and the point of this is to find “waldo” a jovial little character dressed in a red and white striped shirt, a tuque and a pair of pants amidst this chaos of people.. sounds like fun, no? Well my son takes his little “fingie” (what we call fingers in this household) and immediately points to Waldo.  While I.. completely myopic, am squinting and staring at a pirate thinking that HE is waldo.. hmph.. not so good at this game.. but what I AM good at is telling you about Bellas travels!  Where has bella been so far you ask?  Well, she is in the Netherlands, in Norway, in China, all over the U.S., in Canada, in Belgium, in England, in Australia, in the Phillipines.. Let me think of where else?  I think that’s it for now.. Oh there are some soaking up the rays in Hawaii….

I think I wanna be a bella.  Beachabella por favor.  I wanna wear a ‘kini and carry a cute tote (at least I can do HALF of that equation–I’ll let you guess which one).

 Isn’t it so much fun watching her travel?? And KNOWING that the sistahs have helped them in their travels?  I LOVE IT.

Can’t wait to see where they are off to next.  All I can tell you is THIS Bella is taking off to Niagara falls.. not so exotic but good enough for me!!

Love to the sistahs



I know you wanna

I know you ladies would like to meet my artist.. she is PHENOM and an amazing asset to Stamping Bella.. she has the hands and brain, and I have the creative mind and together we make the bellas.. I will call her and say.. “the hands have to be here, she has to be holding.. her hair… her outfit etc” and together we banter and come up with the bellas… the bella evolution is amazing.. if you saw the first bellas created and now to see what they have become is incredible.. Unfortunately my artist is anonymous on the website and just to let you know, I do some drawing as well!  All I can tell you is that she is beautiful, a wonderful person, phenomenal to deal with, understanding (I mean she HAS to deal with me, right?) and patient (again, I repeat.. she has to deal with me!)… And On top of everything else, like I said, she LOOKS LIKE A FREAKIN’ BELLA.. hmph.. double hmph.. triple hmph



ya wanna LAFF? (luv that spelling)

Ok, I am back.. the attack is over.. feeling groovy.. worked all day… got lots accomplished.. just a *GOOD* day overall.. I booked Sunday off and Ryan and I are off to Niagara falls for a little break.. recoup.. etc.. we try to do that every coupla months.. SO SO SO SO SO excited!!! Luv to gamble, Luv to eat, Luv to shop.. I think I will be able to cross over the border and go craft shopping too!!  Anyone have any goodies they would like to share with me that I need to have that is available at Target, Michaels, Joann’s or ACMOORE? (was that the longest run on sentence you have ever read???-I am still trying to catch my breath from WRITING that- HUMONGOUS giggles  over here) .. You ladies have 1 day.. count ’em 1 DAY to give me the scoop of what I *NEED*  n’k? n’k.

Ok, so here’s the scoop.. I have been reading the posts on SCS and I have to say that I love everything everyone is talking about.. just the recommendations, dream bellas etc.  I also saw a thread talking about having plus sizabellas, hotflashabellas etc.. LOLOL.  This is the story.. Being a little “plussy” (that’s PLUS size in a cute way) myself, I was getting irritated that all my artist was coming up with were skinny minis… so I  told her to draw ME.  Anyway, she cannot, for the life of her draw an overweightabella.. either she looks like a potato sack or pregnant… if you would see her, you would understand why.. the girl has no idea what being overweight means.. *giggles*.. She is a sticklet, picklet bella.  So.. it is in the works.. need to sit down and model for her..LOL and maybe we will have a cute frizzybellachubbabella… Oh but I am TALL which compensates for the plussiness..LOLOL..

So, it’s not that I am a barbie lover.. TRUST me, I SO am not.. but since I knew that was not my artist’s forte, I decided to settle for the skinny beauties but I couldn’t make them dumb.. at least make them GORGEOUS, SKINNY, and BRILLIANT.. shoot.. a really perfect woman.. maybe I should create one with a mole, no?



shipments delayed a little

hello sistahs!  I hope you will forgive the bella.  Due to being sick yesterday and blizzard today, I am behind on the orders.. just a little.. but working my tushy (small-yaright) off to get it all out to you.. right now I am saying 5-7 days from placing the order but not more than that nor will it ever be.  Please bear with me and I PROMISE you will get updated by email!  If you have any pending orders which are really urgent, just pop me an email!

 Thanks for understanding


I hope I feelabella

Hellloooooo sistahs!

I know you have been anxiously awaiting the new bella.  Well here she is!  I decided to feature her as I have been sick for the last 2 days.  Not that I want to give you the gory details..LOL…but I have had this pain since I was 17 years old.. I have finally been diagnosed with Diverticulosis… it is so debilitating and so painful I can’t even begin to tell you.. Having said that, yesterday I was in bed all day but ended up working half the night doubled over in pain (poor poor me).. ANYHOO.. enough about me.  Please meet FEELABELLA.. I wish I looked like her yesterday.. even SHE looks good sick!! hmph.  She comes with 2 sentiments and she is awesome.. notice the comforter and the kleenex box!

 Hope you likey and I hope I didn’t burden you all with my illness!!



and the WINNERS ARE….

ok, after *MUCH* deliberation, I had to come up with 2 winners… I am probably going to make a lot more of these sentiments within the next coupla months but I had to start somewhere right?  I really printed out all the comments and went through them all so please understand that this contest was judged with  A LOT of thought!

Winner #1- Crystalbella- although everyone put tremendous effort in helping me out, I feel that Crystal and sis went through a lot of effort typing, thinking, contributing.. so she will win a stamp of her choice AND a cute goody.

Winner #2-Helenabella… First the fact that she was so excited that she misspelled her name in her first post *LOTSA GIGGLES* I thought was deliciously cute.. AND the meaning behind her sentiment ” you are just a mouseclick away” and some computer lingo to go with it (guess the bella to match will have to be made soon.. hint hint hint).  I picked this one because I feel a connection to ALL of you via the computer.. you really are a mouseclick away!  Unfortunately, we don’t all live near eachother (imagine if we did??? HOLY KABOLY would we be in trouble).. so I really liked that one because it means so much and it really connects all the sistahs.. without the ‘mouseclick’ where would we all be??? Prize- a stamp of your choice and a goody too!

So that’s my thought for the hour.  Winners, will you please contact me? 

Thanks again for everyone who participated!  IT means SO much and I love you all



I *SO* have to share this!

Results will be here tomorrow morning.. promise!

But that’s not what this post is about… I overheard something exit from my 19 month old’s mouth today.. and I KNOW it is annoying sometimes to hear someone constantly bla bla bla about their kids but I think you’ll get a kick outta this..

I am watching her from my office.. she walks into my laundry room (ahem, er my ‘studio) and points to the slat wall with all the bellas hanging there and with that little “fingie” what I call her finger, she points and yelps “BALLAH”.. OMG, I nearly inserted her in my mouth whole and CHOMPED her up..

 Is that C-U-T-E or WHAH?



I just *had* to take a break and make this card

 [photopress image=”cheerio_flowers_002.jpg”]


I *LOVEEEEEEEE* these cheerio flowers (think I was hungry when I named it?–YIKES it’s MONDAY again.. hmph).. I hope you like them too.. they are so much fun to color!!! I used Provocraft paper and bazill (of course).. and prismacolor pencils and bella spirits.. Oh ya, just found these amazing swarovskis.. I call them “swarovskis in a bagel”..LOL.  they are set in a silver ring (hence the bagel.. uchh food AGAIN).  Bought them at Michaels.. and glittah in the middle of the cheerios!  Unfortunately, you can’t see one iota of bling from this picture but TRUST me.. it’s there!

Will write more tomorrow.. off to pack the sistahs stuff