wanna see a new fella?

hmmmmmmmm ok, let’s make a game out of it

wanna see






sistahs… you choose… NOW DON”T SAY ALL n’k?

write back and I will tally up the votes when I think it is OVAHHH!

MWAH to all (and perhaps my new fella *winks*)



ummm did anyone notice

that I have had a ‘search’ button built into my site?  Located at top right… I AM LOVING IT… wanna know how that got to be born?  Well, a very bella-ignorant hubby was shopping on line for his wife (how Fella-ish of him, no?).. I was so impressed.  In any event, he emailed me in utter frustration recommending I have a search button cuz he couldn’t find anything his wife wanted..LOL. He managed to buy her her prezzies and all ended well but I thought it was so cute.. so for all you hubbyfellas out there, you can now use the search button to find everything on your wives’ lists.. HOW NICE AM I?  LOL.  I am so happy that that frustrated husband emailed me or else I wouldn’t even have thought of it!  Well maybe eventually I would.  but you know what I mean.  I so happy with my search button.

You have to try it out! LOL.

I am SUCH a loser.

mwah again



you gonna be SOOO HAPPY

So sistahs,

I decided to reveal two new bellas, bubble bella and craveabella.. OY I AM IN LOVE!!! I think you will likey!!  I LOOOOVEYYYY.  I am going back to work but just wanted to touch base and let you know that some fellas will be making their appearance soon too!!! So keep on checkin please..

Let me know what you think



I posted some scalloped frames!

They are in the funky frames section!  I LOVE these circles cuz they are not so perfect..LOL.  That’s how I am… I don’t like things that are so matchy matchy and perfect (obvious, no?) The large one does fit in the mega punch and the three of them together are so cute for a background!

I hope you always enjoy my ‘imperfections’

Mwah on a bleary (now is THAT a word?) Sunday morning


I just designed this invite!

Phew.. took no time and now I have to produce 30 of them.. this is for my little daughter Jayden’s birthday party in May.. I may delegate one of my friends to do this as I don’t have time!  I have been working day in and day out.. there is still a bit of a delay (7 business days) but I will survive and get your orders out!  I am moving into a studio this week as well and have hired some elves to help me out.. so if you bear  (not the animal) with me, I promise I will come through!!  I am also sourcing out a new way to ship your goods as it seems to be taking a while.. the only downfall is… (drumroll) the price.. will be higher.. I will not force you to use this service however but I will offer it as an option. What else?  Went to an all you can eat sushi place for supper.. OMG.. it was so YUM! 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be going to the Creativ Festival on Saturday.. I believe I will be there probably around 11:00 until 3 ish.. I will be hanging around the Cherished Scrapbooks booth and wandering around buying stuff I don’t need (for a change) So… if anyone wants to come and visit (PLEASE???).. I think maybe something bellaish should distinguish you from the rest.. maybe a bella badge? (loserish?) or a flowah or something… or you can just spot me and give me a GINORMOUS hug and say you are a SISTAH..  so who’s coming?? WHO??? TELL ME???


Oh, of course got caught on a tangent.. here’s the invite

[photopress image=”jaydeninvite.gif”]

New Sentiments

I just about went absolutely MENTAL when I got the ok to use this font… MENTAL is not the word.. I think I almost DIED and immediately started manufacturing… My little daughter Jayden’s 2nd birthday party is in May and of course on top of everything I have to do, I MUST MAKE INVITATIONS.. hmph… double hmph.. I am SO TEMPTED to buy them but I don’t think I can.. so I needed a “please come to my birthday party” and in this new font? OMG OMG OMG.. you just wanna insert into mouth and DEVOUR.  So I created it for DA SISTAHS too.. then I needed a ” DATE TIME PLACE RSVP” stamp.. and again , in this font… not only to devour, but NEVER swallow cuz it tastes SO GOOD… I also left more room between the “place” and the “rsvp” cuz I find there is never enough room on any other stamp to write address, directions, love notes, etc.. so thaSS what I did!  There is also the CUTEST sentiment inspired by (actually recited by) Lisa Strahl.. you should find it in the sentiments.. LOVE IT.. and would put it with Grumpabella.. start searching in sentiments and you will find.. Let me know what you think!?   Thank goodness I ate my sentiments cuz they were so delish.. no snacks for me!

there will be another reveal in the next coupla days.. I am so not into the regimented 1st of the month so let’s drop that n’k?

Some of the storage is IN.. the only problem is that I have to figure out the least expensive way to ship.. so bear with me a little.. k?

Ummm.. had another shopping day.. had to drop something off at Cherished Scrapbooks (my LSS) and had to buy the Quickutz Revolution.. I already have the handle and I AM BEYOND EXCITED.. Does anyone have Quickutz?  I mean I have ’em all.. hmph.  I am a sick sick puppy. (but a happy one)..




so I NEEDED to get out.

I mean really… my @$$ (I learned this ‘symbol’ from Amy Rysavy.. LOVE IT cuz you won’t think I have a potty mouth and you will think that I am so clever for writing it that way) is now the size of the chair that I park myself on, I stare at a beautiful computer screen 18 hours a day, I am now suffering from carpal tunnel (not really but sounds kinda cute) from packing and stuffing and typing my blogs and my eyes are crossing behind my funky Chanels.. So really, don’t you agree that I shoulda gone out?  So i did.  I called my partner in crime.. Nicky.. and told her come on, let’s go.  We always end up going to the same supplier but we have SO MUCH FUN THERE.. so we walk in.. I kinda make an entrance by yelping and squealing at the new goodies, they all look at eachother and say.. BELLA IS IN DA HOUSE… we hug, kiss and I get ushered into the warehouse to SHOP… I gotta tell you.. I found THE CUTEST BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN AND HAD TO BUY IT IMMEDIATELY… lemme find the link….ok found it!  I passed right by it and literally, I began to move backwards cuz I kinda saw something that attracted me.. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BAG OR ELSE I THINK I WOULDA PASSED OUT.. do you hear me?  How’s THAT for a technique? LOL.  So I grab the bag which has goodies inside and went on walking with my industrial sized cart… Once we got to the cash, I look at Nicky and I say, why are there wheels here?  If there are wheels, then that means that there has to be some sort of telescopic handle, no?  Then a little chickie poopoo in a tank top and braces looks at me and says YA, there is a handle.. and then upon further inspection, I see a zipper at the top of the bag which I proceed to unzip and out comes the handle.. OMG.. I WAS IN LOVE.. never mind the polkadots.. never mind the compartments inside and pockets.. but the HANDLE?  that drove me over the edge.. am I a nut or what? (please don’t answer) So I bought it, it is now in my room and I am staring at it and I be happy.. why am I happy when I spend money?  WHY?  I think it is just in my makeup (not my bare minerals.. that’s another topic.. I mean my genetic makeup…LOL). We then went to a small stamp shop and got a tutorial of the Wizard.. not sure how I feel about it but not having bought it immediately kinda tells you something *winks*.

Anyway, I have my STORAGE in hand.. waiting for some other components but may just surprise you.. Oh and have designed other goodies too.. I can’t stop!  I am the quintessential bellaholic!!

The funniest part of the day was when we were ushered into the warehouse, we asked our representative for a cart.. then Nicky and I spotted this kid’s wagon and I checked my purse DESPERATELY for my camera.. I just had this image of her or I being in that wagon with legs in the air being wheeled around.. OMG.. what a vision and to have posted on this blog, you sistahs WOULDA howled but.. I didn’t have my camera so you will just have to imagine (it may be better that way)… LOL

Last thing.. I read each and every one of your comments on my previous entry about my lack o’ cards/techniques and I realized I DO have more than 8 readers!!  What you wrote was so beautiful and heartwarming and DOES not go unnoticed.. and guess what?  I WILL NOT change a thing cuz this is me.. I mean really me… Actually a little too much of ME


love and kisses and hugs