Could you just *DIE*, I mean honestly..

[photopress image=”primas_001.jpg”][photopress image=”primas_003.jpg”]

OK, I bought these on Saturday and I haven’t stopped thinking about them.  So I decided to peel off the price (just habit..LOLOL). and I threw it in my son’s room wherever I found a spot and took a pic.  So please forgive the (a) glare, (b) backdrop (c) remnant dirt from the price sticker.. but you GET THE PIC.

 Are these not specfabulous?  just came out with that word while talking to Nicky today and I think I like it.. altho it does sound like I am in grade one but don’t all my posts??? I swear I am educated.. HONEST.  Ask my parents for the bill.. I think they have it laminated on one of their walls.. the bill that is, not my diploma.

Ok, so I can’t wait to try these babies.. the gingham one is TDF (to die for–now you are all rolling your eyes saying AS IF we didn’t know THAT term).

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I love them and wanted to share.. i figured it was better than showing all my makeup (oh, and P.S. my friend Natanya and I dropped our kids off at a birthday party yesterday at 1:35.. had to be back to fetch them at (never use the word fetch but liked it for that moment) 3:15.. WHERE DO YOU THINK WE WENT for that hour and 20 minutes?? hmmm??? whaddya think?  she saw my “bare mineraled’ skin and we went BACK TO SEPHORA for her to buy the stuff.. (and I bought more..)  I am done now.. I swear.. I have EVERYTHING..

including the most STUNNING PRIMA flowers.



i woke up this morning

and I was SOOOO in the mood for a contest.  This contest will help me and of course in turn, will help the sistahs.. so here goes.  I dunno what the prize is gonna be.. I am gonna go shopping and pick out some gooooooodiiiiiiieeeeeees.  Trust me, if you likey the bellas, you will likey the prize.

So here goes… I want to know what your DREAM sentiments are.  What have you been struggling with using your snap stamps and alphabet letters to create?  Why not make your job easier and just let me make the dream sentiment stamp/s.  So gimme all ya got.  Write me the stamps you would like to see (try to keep it in bella style) and then the winner/s (don’t know how many) will either get a prize or the actual stamp once made… is this motivation enough?? 

Oh Bellas, write me write me write me!!!

Contest is over next Monday the 19th.


Chief Sista Sentimentabella

It’s saturday night 10:49pm and I AM DAMN PRETTY

And I feel like talking about nothing…LOL!  I went out on date night with hub-o-rama.  I wanted to go to the mall SO badly to buy makeup.  MAKEUP… I already had my fill of stamping supplies today (bought the most STUNNING paper(new basic grey-PHOEBE)… got my favorite scissors, mini paper clips-see sample below (did I mention how HAPPY those made me?), a fresh black memories ink pad (i am sick in the head for THAT making me happy), the newest and COOLEST prima flowers with polkadots, GINGHAM (yes GINGHAM) and solids.. umm how many brackets am I using here??? not sure if I closed them all off or if I left you hanging without a last bracket (OMG I AM PEEING IN MY PANTS RIGHT NOW thinking about these brackets and my grammar (do you spell it that way?  OMG ANOTHER BRACKET).. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) there.. everything should be closed off and finished.

Ok, back to makeup cuz that’s what I feel like talking about OK? I am sure no one is interested.. I won’t go into gory details I promise.  but I bought SO MUCH.. found this new Bare Minerals collection.  I am SO IN LOVE with it.. foundation, setter, eyeshadow, bronzer and YES a special *CASE* for the foundation for your purse.. yes, ANOTHER CASE.. LOLOL.  this lovely gentleman at Sephora saw DOLLAR signs and DESPERATION in my eyes when I walked in.. *giggles* and he showed me everything he could possibly show me in 15 minutes and I TOOK EVERY SINGLE THING (even bought brushes and brush ‘shampoo’).  Ryan went to Sunglass Hut ( like you care) and left me and as I was gathering my treasures and was at the cash I was praying that he wouldn’t come in… as she rings up the last item and the total is BLARING on the register, I feel a tap on my shoulder… I jump.  It’s him.  HIM.  He saw the total.. then he saw the perfect GLOW of my face.. the SHEER happiness in my smile and he looked at me and said “you look beautiful”.  And I gave my VISA, and I paid for my goodies in a shiny black Sephora bag.. and I left the store proudly (and ‘brokely’.. is that a word?) and I was SOOOOO HAPPY.

Today was a GOOD day my sistahs


 P.S. is this not THE BEST cardmaker’s blog you’ve EVER VISITED?

ya wanna see a JUMBO

lilypad in action?  Please refrain from laughing at my constant change of my watermark.. IF YOU WANNA CALL IT THAT.. I am having ISSUES… *giggles*

 [photopress image=”nickyjumbolilypad.jpg”]

 I love this card and it fits da bellas in it too.. it’s such a great shadow.. I LOOOOOVE IT (in all three sizes… oh and the golf bag and sentiment are mine too in case you were wondering…..)  I will try to post a sample of the medium lilypad too.


Let me know if you ladies like them.. I really do!  (ya, AS IF you will write a comment “Em, Nicky, this card SUCKS”).. can you IMAGINE???? OMG…… 

Please refrain from all comments

yours truly



something smells fishy… hmmmmmm


 I am just sitting here and desperately wanting a break while I pack my orders!  I am sitting here watching wife swap (my dh has bought me a little flat screen tv for my office and I haven’t seen him in about 3 weeks.. LOL)… it is actually quite interesting tonight.. a continuation from last week… ok ok .. I digress..

 I have a coupla things to tell you.  Number one… I thank you all for the great wishes for my family’s recovery.. WE ARE HEALED (said in a gospelly voice)..  we feel much better.. so no more excuses.. it’s crunch time.  Ok, number 2.  I LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE all the comments.. they drive me crazy with happiness! the more I read the more excited I get and I betcha this’ll evolve in a chatabella room (may be working on this..add to list).  SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue/start writing cuz it makes the bella happy.. n’k? n’k.

Now back to bidniss.  I have posted something new.  NOW DON”T YOU GO AND LAUGH AT ME.. ya hear me?  This stamp is dedicated to Stacy Croninger, editor in chief of PaperCrafts magazine.  She came to visit my favorite hangout, Cherished Scrapbooks back in November.  I was unable to meet with her (***ANGRY BELLA***GRRR) but the next best thing happened.  NICKY met her.. she taught some classes on the Joy of Cardmaking and Nicky told me all about her and I just thought she sounded AWESOME (oh and she likes the bellas.. can it get BETTAH?).  So Nicky found out a few things about Stacy.  She likes to fish.  TO FISH? you ask?  Yes.. and I betcha lots of women fish.. so THERE.  I made Stacyfishabella.. She is DEEELISH (just like her namesake) and the sentiments that go with?? TDF (to die for–love that sentiment). There is worm wishes, knew you could “tackle” it.. Congrats! and “fishing for compliments?… is that not amazing??? (listen to me… as if I have any right to judge.. it’s YOU who has to judge!)

 Here is another thing I have been working on and I will be working on it further this weekend… If you have noticed, there is a teeny tiny cute magnifying glass (yes I know you will want this in a stamp *giggles*).. if you click on that you will see the stamp AND what I recommend to go with it!!! Is that the COOLEST thing ever?  (I used to be very impressed with Louis Vuitton, a magnifying glass now intrigues me… oh how things change…).You will also see what other sistahs have bought along with the stamps you chose to look at


I have to go back to packing now. happy hmph.

MWAH to all!


P.S. I really do have a beautiful sample of fishabella which Nicky made but I can’t FIGURE OUT how to watermark it on microsoft photo editor.  I have to take a pic and do it on illustrator and then post it.. OMG can I tell you more about my boring life??? boring hmph.


the lilypad

Where do you think I come up with these names?  no clue.. but I likey and I have tons of fun making them up.  So this is the beginning of a shadow collection.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!! I have made them up in 3 sizes.. These lilypads are gonna fly off the shelves!! (listen to me… I just love them and then assume everybody else has to..don’t listen to me..LOL)

You can find the lilypad collection here.  The jumbo is a perfect shadow for DA BELLAS.. the medium is PERFECTOMUNDO for a sentiment or a base.. like grass, floor etc.. and the small one is perfect for a background… they stamp beautifully but do need a little cushion.. I think all shadows in general need cushion.  I stamped them on a foam mat base.. just put the foam mat (from dollar store) then cardstock and then stamped on that.. applied pressure and VOILA! lilypadabella! 


I hope you love them… I will try to make a sample later to show you