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How cute is witchy?  I had a piece of polished stone I made a while ago and I didn’t like the colours.. for some reason that little piece has been following me everywhere screaming “UUUUUSSSSEEE MEEE’.. so finally I did.  Here is witchybella on glossy.. you can see the 3 baubles on the left on the ribbon (adds so much texture in real life 🙂 )… I used capuccino and apricot jam… the sentiment is a karen foster snap stamp.. LOL.. but I MUST refer you to a peer in the stamping world who I met personally and is a wonderful lady!  Karen Lockhart!  She has THE CUTEST SENTIMENT EVAH for halloween.. starts with witchie witchie.. let me know what you think!!!

Mwah to the baubley boo sistahs



Ok, so da sistahs are gonna have a GREAT weekend… I am introducing BELLA’S BAUBLES.. I have 22 colours to post and each one is bettAH than the next.. OMG OMG OMG.. I am just looking at them and drooling.  I have used them in the past and love the dimension they add to a card.. you can use them as a brad, as a center of a flower, an outline, a stripe.. whatevah!!!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY them

So stay tuned throughout the day.. all the colours should be posted…. I am in love.  Again. With a bauble.




Oh the places you’ll go…

I have to tell you that I am not the best salesperson… LOL.. I should be pushing all my goodies but there are just some little inexpensive things that I feel like i have to push cuz I love them so much.  I am talking about my new sentiment “oh the places you’ll go by Doctor Seuss”.  I cannot explain how much this sentiment means to me.. I can’t explain how every time I say it, I get tears in my eyes.. weird stuff huh?  and NO I am not a pmsabella…*huge giggles*.  I guess I read this book to Tyler and there is so much hidden meaning that can be interpreted in so many ways and it addresses so many people.. Anyway enough of my mooshy gooshy wooshy looshy-ness.. LOL.  I just love it.. I think it can go with any of the careerabellas.. esp. diplomabella…

just thought I would share my thought-of-the-moment-without-a-filter



bzzzzzzzzz (sound of a machine buzzing)

to my dearest and wonderful and QUIET sistahs

Where oh where have you been?  you don’t write… you don’t call… ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?  come on.. cough it up… which blogs are you all visiting??? The same ones I have been visiting too probably..LOL!

So for the past 2 days I have been working SO DILIGENTLY on my packaging.  I have been thinking about it for a very long time.. my packaging needs “OOMPH”.. needs a little “PIZZAZZ” (you all know I love that word).. something that screams SISTAH or BELLA.. well I must tell you.. after alloting the time (which I don’t have) and bringing my Nickabella with me for the meetings, it has been created!  OMG.. I cannot wait for them to be printed cuz they are too cute for words.. actually they are edible (Oh did I mention 1 week on Weight watchers and did not lose an ounce?  I have been cheating for the last 2 days hoping to trick the scale.. that the MORE you eat, the MORE you lose.. think that’ll work? double HMPH).

So my ‘printing guy’ has moved his office which used to be at a retail location and is now at manufacturing site… needless to say, in this heat, we ventured over to their windowless, claustrophobic, basement office with no air conditioning… Yesterday’s meeting was brutal.  I thought nicky would pass out.. literally.  I figured she wouldn’t want to come with me today for the followup meeting but she did…. I was wondering.. if she was so hot yesterday, why on earth would she come again today?

We get to their office today and smell the presses and are stuck in a 2*2 room (what I do for my sistahs.. ) and are sweating and all of a sudden I hear  the whir of a machine go on.. something that sound like this “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” (say it out loud… I know you are aren’t you).. I look at Nicky and am 100% totally and UTTERLY mortified.  I mean THIS was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I wanted to actually be placed in one of those presses and never come out.  Nicky WHIPPED OUT this battery operated FAN out of her purse.. yes, you read me correctly.. a BATTERY OPERATED FAN in the middle of our meeting and just HELD it in front of her face.. COULD YOU BELIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE it?  I tried to ignore this.. I swear I did.. and I actually gave her SEVERE EYEMAIL to no avail and tried to forget about this.. and I kinda did.  About a half an hour later.. it dawned on me again.. I looked at her and said.. do you understand that you took out a mini fan from your purse turned it on (honestly, at that moment it sounded like the LOUDEST noise I have ever heard) and just held it to your face?? LOLOLOL.. she shrugged and said that she was hot and there was nothing wrong with it.. and that ALL YOU SISTAHS would agree with her 🙂  Do you think we have fun when we are together??????

So that’s my story for the day..

oh and did I mention that i posted booboobella (cuz you nurses out there wanted a non-baby nurse) and I posted babybellafella (TO DIE FOR).. thought I would make you read through the whole post before I rewarded you . 

Please don’t leave me like that again… i need comments.. SHOW DA LOVE sistahs

Big time missed you 🙂



you SOOOO punny sistahs

Just wanted to let you know that fun was had this weekend :).. lots of kiddie time and even an extra day to spend with them (long weekend over here)..!  Lots of stories but soooo tired right now.. Wanted to let you sistahs know that I have updated and added to the “you’re punny” section and put some more sentiments up!

Mwah mwah mwah! I miss you!! Haven’t heard from many of you for a while