she’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Missed the sistahs SOO SOO MUCH *MWAH*!!  Cant write so much right now as I am falling asleep and just arrived but couldn’t wait to say hi…

Got lots of goodies.. will reveal soon and lots of gossip to share and fun that was had and pictures to show……

 so MWAH to the sistahs!

Love ,

the sistah bella who has swollen ankles, bags under her eyes, frizzy hair, but happy with lots of goodies to share



*sniff sniff*  gonna miss da sistahs.. I have never been away from you guys for this long…. hmph.  Please take care of each other and keep eachother company.  I will not be checking my emails til Tuesday… so please, don’t hesitate writing me and I will email you back as soon as I am back in town with lotsa stories and lotsa goodies 🙂  DIFFERENT goodies 🙂  Plomise (as my daughter would say)


Love you lots


I wanted to leave

you with a warm and fuzzy feeling before I left.. so I have introduced “knittabella” with the most awesome sentiments to go with!! let me know what you thinky!  I think she is adorabella… OH how cute is THAT word?

So I went to get my hair done today.. I instantly ask when it will be over.. they know me by now and say “soon”.. I say, how about now? and 3 minutes later again.. until they tell me to be quiet, sit still, learn how to relax and just DEAL.  I like that kinda hairdresser! LOL.  I dunno about you but I have absolutely no patience to sit there and that is why I am in DEEP SHOCK when I look in the mirror 4 months later and gasp when I see grey… A)  I no likey grey on my head and B) I think about sitting in that chair for HOURS.. i mean.. I could be cutting, packing, blabbing etc, no?  Thank Goodness I have my mobile phone where I respond to emails while I am sitting there asking if it was over yet.. LOL.. Mimmo (hairdresser) asks me if I ever stop working and I just shake my head cuz I know if I open my mouth I will ask him if it’s almost over 😉

So of course I fly out of the hairdresser’s once it is over (see previous post where scrunchies and hairpins are left behind cuz I left so fast) and I am halfway home and I reach for my phone.. .which wasn’t in my purse.. which means…. I LEFT IT THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  OMG.. had to turn back (cuz life would be incomplete without my children, husband AND PHONE).. they just shake their heads, no words were exchanged, they hand me my phone, I cross my eyes and do the cuckoo thing.. where I twirl my hand around the side of my head?  you know showing that I am cuckoo.. and I left again.

We were invited for a family get to know your child’s camp night and we all went.. sure enough, it started to rain.  Rain + Curly hair = DISASTER. need I say more?  I wanted to walk around the camp with a garbage bag around my head but I knew I would mortify both son and dear Hub and 2 YO daughter so I refrained and cringed every time a drop hit my head (am I a GOOD MOM OR WHAT?).  So that’s the story I am leaving you with.  I am off to LUG my HUGE suitcase full of clothes I will NEVER wear downstairs so I can crawl into my cab at 5:15AM.

night night sistahs

love to you



bella baby buggy bumper?

say that 5 times! LOL.  I posted a coupla baby things which I LOVE…(of course).. the diaper pin (packed in two sizes-one for background and one as focal point) and the baby carriage with the hearts..  I love these two cuz you can color them in any color and can be sent to both boys and girls.. so cute.  I made one with blue hearts on a scalloped circle.. yummy.  Didn’t have time to make a card but I am sure if you think glitter and swarovskis you will be all set! LOL.  I am also working on a surprise that I am sure you will love.. should be ready next week…. I hope!!!

Mwah to the sistahs.. gonna go get rid of some grey…. has it been 6 weeks yet? LOL.. I think it’s been 4 months 🙁


got “leid?”

did I just say that?  (insert big shriek).. ya I can be a piggy wiggy sometimes and I am hoping that you don’t get offended.. I am assuming that you sistahs are as sicko as I am.. LOL!

[photopress image=”alohabella2.jpg”]

 introducing HULABELLA . A lot of da sistahs have been begging for her… I just wanna swish with her.. hang out under a palm tree and chill.. I can see that happening, oh, in about NEVER! LOL… maybe when kiddies are older… LOL.  I pulled this card together in about 3 minutes and shoved it on my stove under the lights (AGAIN).. so please forgive… but you get the ideaR.. She is a little bigger than the bellas.. can’t explain why.. I am thinking the palm tree.. YA let’s blame it on the tree :).

 So all you HULA girls out there.. ENJOY!  I also wanted to take a poll and see how you liked the ‘font’ ALOHA.. I am thinking it is specfabulous..I have other words that are in that style so before I start producing, I wanted to get a sistahs’ thumbs up.

MWAH to the girls who wanna get ‘L-E-I-D’ (*winks*)


so i says to myself

SELF?  what would make da sistahs happy since I will be gone for a few days (CHA.. oh did I mention I was going? LOL)  and won’t be able to ‘blab’.  I figured a coupla bellas would be nice, no?  I will post tomorrow before I leave so they could keep you company whilst (LOL–I always wanted to use that word.. probably in the wrong context but was fun to write) I am gone……

 dramatic “whilst” MWAHHHHHHH to da sistahs…


good MONDAY morning, sistahs!

[photopress image=”topiarycard_002.jpg”]

 so the theory about taking pics on my stovetop is not being handled quite well by the operator of the camera.  I immediately called HUB to come to my office to set up the studio in a box and he will!  So bear with my pics please!

Here is the bella topiary!  It’s actually an older design I had and resurrected.. WHY did I wait so long?  I think it is great for a simple invitation, happy birthday.. anything!  It comes in two sizes and fits in the scallops (of course..LOL)… LOVE IT!  I also used my new bella dizzy background (can you see the new collection coming to life?).. It’s a honkin’ piece of rubbah and fits half a card which is great!  You can line it up and punch out, sparkle, blingify (is that a word… NOW IT IS) it…. I hope you can see it on the card!  The dizzy part matches many of my stamps.. the swirls are on my oval and hourglass flowers, in bouquets (sposabella) etc…

Lemme know what you thinky?!

Mwah to a I-hope-it-will-be-a-great-monday DAY!


cruisabella card

OK, here is another sample of the bella daisy background where you repeat it on the cardfront and color in (with Copic markers).. cute no?  And the teeny tiny swarovskis?  YUMMMMMM.

you likey/lovey?



p.s check out the quality of the picture.. huh? huh?  how good is that?  I learned from SCS that someone put their cards on top of their stove (burners OFF) and put on the hood light and lay the card on top of 2 sheets of white card stock. I like it!

p.p.s. of course I have that ‘studio in a box thingamabob’ that I have no idea how to use but HAD TO HAVE..LOL



[photopress image=”cruisabellacard_001.jpg”]


Ok, so I am working on a borders line.. LOL.. yes, another thing on my list of things to do 🙂  They are coming to fruition though.. faster than I thought and I LOVEY them.  They can be used for SO MANY things!  My pics SUCK the big petootie (whatever that means) and I have made a decision that after CHA I am gonna finally SIT down, ignore all your orders (LOL) and fix my gallery… I have such great cards to show you (Nicky’s and mine) and I will try to include a sistah gallery!  How cute would that be!  But like I said, I can’t do anything until then so PLEASE bear with me (as if you would ever think otherwise, RIGHT?)…

ok so I used my new bella daisy border on this card.. there is a little gap between the lines where I put a ribbon.. OF COURSE used my new favorite color swarovskis called “volcano” which shows ever color under the sun depending on how you look at them.. from purples, to orchids to greens.. SPECCCCC FABULOUS!!  I also got the teeny tiny weeny winy swarovskis that I put at the waist of Jayden’s dress.. OMG.. sparkly warkly. (do I sound like I have a mental deficiency today? I am writing like a 2 month old! ROFLMAO).  The nice thing about this border is that it lines up beautifully, you can colour intermittent daisies in, you can sparkle the center, you can keep them in a shadow ink, rainbow ink etc! Lots more coming with samples!



[photopress image=”jaydiedress_002.jpg”]