so my dear dear hubby, who is AMMMMAZING.. surprised me!! He is whisking me off (maybe a few more years of weight watchers, he may be really able to ‘whisk’ me).. to NEW YORK CITY!!  It is my favorite place on earth and since next week is our 10 year anniversary (CAN YOU BELIEVE????), he decided to surprise me.. is it DIAMONDS for ten year or TRAVEL?  Either way me be sooooooooo happy!!!  So I am leaving tomorrow morning.. early early and going till late sunday night… I mean how AMAZING IS HE?? soon carpool starts and programs and pre nursery and dinners and lunches and and and.. in other words.. I AM SO EXCITED!! but of course will miss my sistahs and shhhhhh am bringing my laptop with so I will still be ‘connected’ to you..

 MWAH MWAH MWAH to my sistahs who will miss me based on my COMMENTS from the last post :).. that made me soooo happy.. so many more than my original posts where I addressed all ‘5 of you’.

love ya tootsies.. or yellow cabbies, or hot dogs from the street or cologne from the street or purses etc.. you get the pic


you are SUCH a hoot!

ok, here is mr. wise ole owl.. Actually “HE” is a “SHE” I really think she is adorable.  I actually called her  “baboo’s owl” because my mother in law LOOOVES and collects owls and my kids call her baboo.. don’t ask…

This is the card I made last night.. I coloured in with Copics, tied a little brown ribbon on the corner.. used Capuccino baubles and hot lips baubles and use Basic Grey’s infuse paper (lovey it) “you’re such a hoot”.. I also have “you’re so wise” to go with mr. owl.  Apparently owls are really HOT in scrapbooking?  could this be true???


[photopress image=”EMS_OWL_CARD.jpg”]





ok sistah tappers

I think I am gonna tell you about my pinched nerve… most people just MENTION that they had a pinched nerve and move on but NOOOOOO can’t  I just let that one go? 

So I buy this STUNNING purse off of ebay.. I have to take a pic to show you.. it is AWESOME.. it is HUMUNGOUS, made by Betsey Johnson (not sure if you know who she is.. I wasn’t so familiar with her before this jaunt– I bought 2 of her purses and a cute carryon.. HAVE to show you).. I honestly feel like I am talking to all of my closest friends..LOL.  Ok, so this purse arrives, it is a type of messenget bag that you sling crosswise over your shoulder and across your body, right?  It is about 2 feet deep, has BRIGHT pink (2 shades) hearts all over it, with bling and a pair of lip smacking lime green lips on the bottom corner.. AWESOME.. best part of this purse is that it HIDES the butt.. depending on how you sling it.  WELL, obviously, I shoulda slung it a different way because it is BETSEY”S fault that this nerve in my neck went BAZONKA… we went to sleep the first night of our trip (which was phenomenal.. I actually had time to spend with my children and hub.. shhh.. anyone who received an email from me cannot tell hub as I SNUCK around with my little hand held computer).. Anyway… I digress for a moment of course… so I wake up the next morning and I CANNOT move my neck.. I knew that it was the purses fault but I could not admit it.. at one point, ryan is removing a light bulb in the kitchen of the condo and he kept on telling me some story and laughing.. and I was like.. why the hell is he laughing?  And i start laughing like a fool cuz he was laughing.. anyway I quickly learned that he was totally making fun of the way I was moving.. I was like a crab creeping sideways.. LOL  I could not for the life of me move my head… ARGH… my kids were petrified of me cuz I was moving at a turtles pace with a beautiful purse that was hurting the heck outta my neck but I was NOT going to give up…eventually after plenty of pain killers, my neck is back to normal and my purse has never been more beautiful..LOL!

Ok, back to bidniss…. I have posted most of my christmas stamps… check out my Christmas section.. we have AMAZING cutesy ornaments, a Christmatini, string o lights border (which is SO ADORABLE and matches the string o lights on my snowy house). I am in love with those string o lights and it can be used not only for christmas (not sure if that sentence was grammatically correct…LOL).  So check them out ASAP. Nicky is busy at work making beautiful samples to share and I am working on a great new feature on my website but cannot leak the details.. LOL

My bindah index dividers have been posted ( great to separate bellas from flowahs from borders etc.. and you can use a sharpie to write on the glossy pink tabs.. YUM) AND my new sentiment pockets… so cute!

 I also gave a hint to my ribbon..  This is the scoop.. You know me.. I am all about “the finer things”.. my husband “ADORES” that trait in me.. LOL (not).. anyway, I apply this motto to everything in my life.. I go for the gusto.. I guess it is in my spirit…LOL.  So between the swarovskis (only the sparkliest and the best), fine paper, the best coloring tools, I knew something was missing from all this.   SILK ribbon… lol!  I own every color grosgrain and stitched ribbon and the colors are all beautiful but I wanted something different.. something floppy and romantic and just so soft and delicate.. so YES, I decided to choose some special colors and GO FOR THE GUSTO.. I will have 7 colors to introduce in 2 widths… I can’t post it yet.. YA KNOW WHY??? come on… ask me.. Actually, let’s see some of the guesses… LOL…. let’s play a little.

K, I am falling asleep.. I think my neck ache has now given me an eye infection.  I AM A MESS


love love love love love

mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

to all my sistahs, my friends.


I keep on hearing this really WEIRD sound

on my ceiling… sounds a bit like TAPPPPPINNNNNG???? could that be????? Sheesh a bella can’t recuperate around here..LOL!  So I stopped EVERYTHING I was doing to please the ‘tapping sistahs’ and here’s what I came up with

[photopress image=”LAMP_CARD_002.jpg”]


DO YOU &*(%&$(*&%(*$&(&(%& LLLLOVEY this card?? this stamp?  This 100% silk hand dyed ribbon?? (hint hint).. did I say HAND DIED?  DID I SAY 100% luxurious silk?  hmmmm

This is another addition to my christmas collection.. I will try not to tease and load as many as I can.. Oh and maybe I will try to post about my weekend and my pinched nerve… remind me.

This is my ornamenty lamp and my sentiment to go with it… let me know what you think…

more to comeeeeee

 Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah (one for each day I was gone)


sniff sniff

Im gonna miss my sistahs!! I am leaving in about one hour (wish me luck).. we are going to some sort of fun resorty place with the kids and our close friends and their kids.. should be fun, no?  I will be back on Monday afternoon.. back to work on tuesday morning. Physically that is.  Shhh don’t tell anyone but I am sneaking my laptop with me.. can’t be out of touch, ya know

Any sistah who has an outstanding order, don’t worry, it will be tackled on Tuesday and you will receive an immediate update as to it’s status…

Next week is gonna be a great week!

mwah mwah mwah to the sistahs who don’t have to put on a bathing suit (which I am not) this weekend and splash in a waterpark 🙂



I mean REALLY ready????

K I posted the surprise.. and this is just the first of many to come (next week when I am back.. probably tuesday)…

do you likey?  I am SO in love with this stamp you have no idea.. and wait til you see the rest!! I have seen many christmas trees but this?  with the gift? and the funky ornaments that look like CHERRIES?????  I love that they swing in every direction.. what about the polkadotty gifty???.. I actually coloured mine in already with my copics.. and sparkled her up.. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

Thanks alot

now, I am in love with a tree.





 Ok, I really need to know what you thinky

don’t get excited STILL

just posting about some GLUE.. this is the one I was talking about.. It’s called zip n dry and it’s DA BOMB.. I tried it several times and fell in love! It’s amazing for paypah.. you don’t see any wrinkling, buckling etc.. COULD YOU BELIEVE?????  i dunno, maybe it’s just a me ‘thang’ but I fell in love with it.. I actually did a project gluing paper to wood.. I looked at Nicky and we both freaked.. it’s amazing!!

 ARGHHH.. now I am in love with a glue.

So have a lookey, see if you likey and I will be talkying to you latery.

Uchh I am so annoying.



now don’t get all excited

just had to share this picture.  it is my new ‘pet’.  I keep it next to me at all times  so that it can keep the creative juices flowing… do you not LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THIS??????

OMG, I am in love.  with a BOX of baubles

mwah to da sistahood!


[photopress image=”boxofbaubles.jpg”]