sorry i have been M.I.A.

but I have been in my own world lately.  Today is a very sad day for me sistahs.  This is one  thing I don’t like when I am in the ‘public eye’.  I am a very ‘to myself’ person when it comes to dealing with personal issues (even though it may not seem it at times) .. but I think one of the benefits of being in the ‘public eye’ is that it helps me cope with certain things.  We picked up bella over the weekend and she was just scrumptious.  TRULY scrumptious.  My daughter, Jayden, started having reactions to her.. in terms of her health.. although she is deemed to be completely hypoallergenic, I could not risk the health of my little one.. so after falling in love HARD.  and I mean REALLY HARD, Ryan and I made the decision to send her back to her mommy and daddy where she will be happier.  We are truly devastated about this.  My children don’t know yet but I just could not risk anything and the longer I would have kept her, the more traumatized we all would have felt.  Does this even make sense?  I feel like a rotten person.. I feel horrible.  I am very sad today.  I promise in the next coupla days, I will hopefully feel better about all of this (I am not thinking so) but I just had to share since all my sistahs have been emailing me about what the outcome of Bella was. 

In comemoration (sp?) of Bella, I would like to devote this stamp to her!


Enjoy sistahs

mwah! from a very sad sistah


so these are the plans

tomorrow morning, waking up supah early and hub and i are driving 4 FREAKIN’ hours to pick up Bella.  Yes, she is finally ready to come home (my darling new little oochy coochy teeny weeny loo loo laa laa Havanese puppy).  Actually we are going to stay the night and on Saturday will be picking her up and driving her back home to the kidlets who will drive her absolutely mental.  No no I would NEVAH allow that.  Bella who will grow to be 10 pounds max will be my mascot at the store.. ya know, a guard dog..LOL.  I can’t wait to show you pictures!!

So that will be the next coupla days.. will keep da sistahs posted. please wish me luck, oh and wish Ryan luck as HE will be the one doing NIGHT DOOTIE (lol-duty.. just wanted to spell it that way,k?)

Mwah to da sistahs who may or may not be cleaning up poopies and peepees


today is a goodie day. a LOVEY day. a greatY day.

I decided to treat my patient sistahs to llllloooootttssaaa eye candy.  Decided to post lotsa stuff cuz you have been sooo kind and soooo patient and soooo nice to MOI.  So here goes.

You got yer saycheesabella

you got yer partygirlabella with her FUNKORAMA sentiments that I am in love with

you got yer bellababybubblebath

you got yer bella baby twin bundle

you got yer bella baby pacifiah

and my fave saying for the day that goes with my dare to be different flower is “dare to be different”  I love the font and the meaning.. I so identify with it!

Mwah to da sistahs who even DARRRE to be different!

Mwah mwah mwah!

I lovey you all



It is now 6:34pm.  I am sitting in my office.  I am looking at my 18 walls.  I am looking at the boxes on my floor.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am looking at a LIVE computer screen THAT WORKS!!! SISTAHHHHHSSSSS MWAHHHHHHH, I LOOOVEEEY YOUUUUU AND MISSSSSY YOU……..   OH how I have wanted to say that for the past week.

Phew! I feel so much better now.

So a little bit about this past week.  IT WAS HELL.  I worked so hard as did Ryan and everyone around me.  I have moved boxes, unpacked, put up racking etc.. but  I am INNN.  I thank you so much for everyone who wrote me and supported me through this.  It’s a great thing, don’t get me wrong.. but really was not prepared for the intensity of the work involved.

So this is why I couldn’t BLOG.  I am so embarassed to admit this but hey.. there is never a “filter” here so why should I start now? LOL.  First of all, I got a new laptop that for some reason, blew my router and didn’t have internet at home for eons.  THEN I had to order another one and it blew again.  Then I wanted to blog so badly BUT… I didn’t have my password to get in! ( how embarassing).. I only had it as a bookmark on THIS computer in my office and I didn’t HAVE internet at my office.. BLECH.  The internet providers promised to come on Tuesday and never showed up.. I got my computer guys to do some handiwork and get things going. SOOOO here I am… BACK IN CYBERFLESH.  and LOOOOVING IT.

Ok, I am too excited to type.  Gotta go tap dance on my new hardwood (fake) floor.
Mwah to da patient sistahs who I missed so


SO I have been getting

“slack”.. or is it “FLACK”.. UCHHH let’s just call it SLACK/FLACK, for not being ‘around’ and writing to you… I have heard that people enjoy reading my blog on their coffee breaks.. so here goes.. a synopsis of my life at this particluar point in time



No just kiddinK.. much more has been happening .. like ……work!  DId I mention I have been wooorrrkkiinnggg?  hmph.

It’s been a CAR-AZZY week.. THe Creativ (not spelled wrong) Festival is on in Toronto this weekend.. I will never forget when I was at Cherished Scrapbook’s booth doing demos a year and a half ago and they launched my stamps to the public.. well I sat there and demo’d prismacolor and odorless mineral spirits and lots and lots of GLITTAH.. I had GLITTAH fights going on at my table.. I used to come home and I would tell Ryan about my exciting day and I would SPIT glittah as I spoke excitedly.. am I not SOOOO lady like?  uh-huh.. I am.  I also mentioned in my SCS forum about how even if I SAT on the cupcake that cuppacakeabella is sitting on, I would STILL eat it.. now how is DAT for being a lady… (NICKY would just shake her head reading this… telling me to just TRY to filter my thoughts.)  I can’t Nick, cuz I AM ON A ROLL.  I am overtired, and just feel like blabbling and venting.. S’aright with you?

So in terms of the free shipping HUMP.. I believe that is over and am now tackling the 10th of October .. I figured out that no matter how long I work, my pile doesn’t seem to be slimming down (hmmm sounds familiar in another topic.. but don’t even get me started on SLIMMING DOWN.. hmph).  A cute little story happened this morning (yet another tangent I know)….  I went to my gas station at the corner where I buy my extra jumbo hazelnut coffee every morning.. the owner knows me and actually would pour my cream in my coffee (I know I Should have non fat but…)  ANYWAY… so he says to me .. “what do you eat everyday”?  and of course any “juicy” bella would be mortified and think right away “OMG HE THINKSSSS I AM FATTTT”.. so I pretended not to hear him.. (LOL) and he says to me  again ” what do you eat everyday”.. so of course I LIE and say ” a salad”.. (lol again..I am so glad I can make myself LAFF.. otherwise I swear I would cry)… so I say “WHY do you ask?”-petrified of the answer- and he says “because I want to know what makes you so beautiful every day”.. OMG I quickly almost leaped over the counter to give him the BIGGEST hug but controlled myself and simply asked him if I could fold him up very nicely and SHOVE him in my pocket so that every time I needed a boost, I could take him out and press a button (LOL)… HOW NICE WAS THAT?  I tell ya, he totally made my morning.

Then, reality set in.

I got to my office and looked around me and almost threw up.  The sick thing is that I am moving on SATURDAY.  YES SATURDAY as in 2 days from now???? and it looks as if I am moving in my office cuz it is a DISASTER but I haven’t packed a thing!! I am trying to fill orders to the last second before pulling the plug on Friday night… after friday it may not be until Tuesday til I can ship again.. OMG.. I am FREAKING OUT.  I Don’t want anyone to be unhappy 🙁 but this is for the best to run a more efficient place where I can have people actually take classes, buy, shmooze, hang out.. so I gotta close my eyes, grin, and bear it.  I promise to those who I haven’t shipped to, I will try my best to compensate any which way I can.. I promise.  Bella’s honor. 

So the floors are going in tomorrow.. it is almost completely painted, I need some furniture but I am telling ya sistahs, this is going to be worth a trip to T.O.  I bought a coffeemaker and a kettle.. have some ink pads, blocks,stamps,baubles and paypah and we are READY TO BOOOOOOOGIE.  SO that is my light at the end of the tunnel.  Please bear with me.. I beg you.!  I have had my 3 elves with me all the time working.. I have become somewhat of a slavedriver 🙁 sorry Dena, Hannah and NIcky…

That’s my update right now.

I hear a little snoring boy in the room next to me.. I swear that TOO keeps me going.

Mwah to da patient sistahs who DON”T/DO have to listen to little snoring boys



Oh and please visit NIcky and Cherished Scrapbooks booth at the Creativ Festival.. code word to identify yourselves should be “sistah?”.. she’ll know EGGGsactly who you are 🙂  I will try to be there at some point on Sunday if I don’t die in the moving process 🙂



cuz cuppacakeabella is UP.. I AM IN LOOOOVE WITH HER!  whaddya thinky?  If I sat on a cupcake.. well.. I don’t think I would want to discuss it at this particular point in time..

[photopress image=”enjoylife_001.jpg”]


Mwah to da sistahs who along-with-me, would smooooosh the cupcake and Mwah also to those who wouldn’t  *winks*


ya happy now

bella baby has been born.. I know that bella has been preg for about 2 weeks ANDDDD she snapped back to her FAB-O figure.. Ya, that’s a bella for ya.. can you just KILL HER??? LOL  Anyway, she has given birth to THE CUTEST BABIES out there (OF COURSE, look at fella and his bella??).. They are SMOOSHY and GOOSHY and FATTTSY and WATTSY.. I lovey them so much.. fun to colour fun to post.. Baby cards are DA BOMB.. and I was always out there looking for JUICY ones.. here they are!  you can find them here –> baby.  You can also look in the new card gallery to see samples!


and YES, there is a bella coming … LOL.. just wanted you to meet baby… YOU LOVEY MY NEW BABY??  Don’t you LOOOVE nicky’s card?

[photopress image=”nickypeacard.jpg”]

 Mwah to da sistah who loves chalking blush on da baby

Love to da sistahs


liz’s birthday has come and gone….

and NOW it is time to talk bidniss.  Sistahs.. oh sistahs.. I have a new collection coming out.. YOU WILL FAINT!! Coming out on friday.. at least a portion of it will… OMG.. I LOOOOVE IT.. and of course I will launch a bella too 🙂  I am still buried under orders from the free shipping bonanza so please forgive me… again you know I am ALWAYS here for you so if there is something rush, please email me and I will take care of it!

Have any of you seen our ‘home’ on Splitcoast?? we are having such a BLAST… please come and join and introduce yourselves.. it’s so important to me.. I mean we are a sistahood, no?  so if you go to www.splitcoaststampers.com

and then under forums, you will see “member companies”.. I am a MEMBAH.. so you will see 7 wonderful companies there with their proper forums.. A GREAT place to be.. so will you come?  please?  pretty please with a “mwah” on top?


Love to da sistahs who will be “moving in” to my ‘other’ living room