I am so fed up with

DH Ryan asking me “how many of this do you have?”, “did I see another one of THESE somewhere?”, umm “what’s this?”, ” i think we should throw this out, no?”, “there’s a price tag on this, ARE YOU ON CRACK?” LOLOL. “ANOTHER FLOWER EMILY?  come ON!”.. ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit but we are under demolition today and tomorrow and confined in between 4 tight walls.. you do the math.  Ryan offered to take a coupla days off work to help organize this ahem, office.. which-looks-like-a-cow-made-a-poo-poo-in-it (LOL at the POO POO.. never say that).  It is a DISASTER and I am trying to fill orders but feel so guilty hearing him grunt…LOL!  He is an amazing hub and so cute to boot.. a little anal (total opposite of this walking disaster), and VERY ORGANIZED.  hmph. Yes, I am officially jealous.

Anyhow, I have a few things to say.  First and foremost, a big gigunguh ((((HUG))))) to all my sistahs out there.. you are amazing and your thoughts are all read.. your comments are all read with a fine toothed comb and appreciated.  Ok, mushy mush outta the way.. I wanted to  thank the lurkers for stopping by and saying hello!  I am so thankful and THIRD (yucky part).. because of this demolition there has been a delay on orders.. I am still at the 5-7 day business day mark but I want to finish them now!  So I will be burning the midnight oil.. if anyone wants to come visit, I will be here! LOL.  Also, if you have a rush order (max 1 person-LOL), please let me know and I will try my best to fulfill it.. (YA I SAID 1).

love to all



so what do you think I did today aside from WORK?

Ya.. you got it.  I ran to Michaels like a lunatic.. (Now why is Home Depot open 24 hours but Michaels isn’t?? HMMMMM??????)  Until I found those doll pins, it was 1/2 hour.  I had to ask 36 different staff members with blank faces.. dontcha just love that look?  The raccoon in headlights look?  like  they are thinking (I HAVE NEVER EVER HEARD OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND YOU JUST WOKE ME UP FROM MY NAP).  Anyhow, I bough about 600 of them (ok, maybe 150).. Ok if there are any racoons in headlights reading, read my organization contest and comments.. someone spoke about the doll pins).  I bought the bases for them too so they can stand up.. OMG.. I LOVE THEM.. I bought short stick pins to pin the tail (not on the donkey).. Oh I bought the CUTEST plate holders.. you know, the stand that opens into a v to sit a plate in it?  I decided to invest in one so I can perch my card and take a photo and no more lopsided cards!  p.s.. this plate stand is the mini-est, cutest little thing you have ever seen.. so ya, I bought 3. Then I ran to Staples and based on everyone’s recommendation bought a label printer (Brother P Touch).  hmph.  i am done.  I cant believe it.  I am not complaining cuz I am SOOOO HAPPY!  So if anyone else has any other favorites to share.. please do!!  LOVE this post.

I am going back to worky worky



I am really fed up

with my card images being lopsided..LOL.  I think I need to take a photography class.. OR, just invest in a plate stand ($1.00) where I can lodge my card and take a picture of it straight.  Whaddya think?  I am thinking it is a great idea.  So again I apologize for the crookedness of this photo but I just have to share this new flower.  I call it the icing flower.. it is so yummy looking you could eat it (how many days til NEXT MONDAY?-*giggles*).. it’s kind of looks like fluffy cotton candy with icing.  YUM.

[photopress image=”prima_chiffon_flower_002.jpg”]

So my fat outline daisy matches this prima flower EXACTLY (new prima flowers.. I went bozonko when I saw it.. it comes with 2 shaped flowers and rhinestone middle pieces in different shapes.). …. how cool is that?  Also used a new punch I got from Joann’s.. it’s the new Fiskars double handled squeezy thingy.. LOL.. does anyone know what I am talking about?  They have 2 handles that you just squeeze together and out pops the punched shape.. it is SO easy to use.. so I bought 3.. shocked? LOL.  I also used my FAVE versacolor pixie dust.. LOVE that color.  It’s a very simple slouchy, crooked card.. LOL but I *LOVE* it and will have to take a straighter picture of it.  People are asking me what I bought in Niagara.. let me think.. I so write how my thought process goes.. Do I need to really write “let me think??”. Do I need to write about me writing about that? you get the pic.. should I have just deleted the last two sentences?  YES (OMG I am peeing in my pants here).. Ok, I bought I KANDEE pearlescent chalks.. 2 boxes cuz they were on sale for $8.88. I got some sakura stardust markers.. OH and bought these.. THESE ARE MY HAPPY PILLS.. I saw them and went Bazonka again.. seems like a lot of bazonkaness, no? 

[photopress image=”robins_nest_001.jpg”]

 these are flatbacked teeny tiny marbles that you can use on ties (tie pins), centers of flowers, or just as an embellishment.. OMG I am staring at them now and they are amazing.  They are called the “Robin’s Nest” but I don’t have a link of where to get them?!  Not sure who makes them.. UH OH… Anyway.. that’s my happy shpiel.  I also got some new mags and a book on embellishing with ribbon and buttons.  I guess I did buy a lot of stuff. AGAIN.  Oh and then I went to the dollar store today.. OMG.. that’s another post in itself.. I did GOOD.

I am happy again cuz I am staring at my marbles.  my flat backed marbles.  my happy color marbles.

mwah mwah mwah to all!

Hope you likey


they say

that even negative publicity is good publicity.  First of all, let’s discuss this “they” business.  My late grandmother (may she rest in peace) used to buy me clothes and say, EMILY, THIS is what THEY are wearing.  Now tell me bellas, who the *(() are “they”?  LOLOL  I have always asked this question as inquiring minds wanna know.

I digress.  There is a very interesting thread going on at SCS.. A thread where people are stating their ‘opinions’ about DA BELLAS.. can you believe..LOL?  I have such a tummy ache thinking about it (reverting back to kindergarten days..LOL-what a professional I am)… I dunno, Of course I love my bellas and other stamps.. really.. obviously I do and want to protect them.  I also own 4 rubbermaid ginormous tubs of other companies stamps which I *LOVE* to pieces.. I would NEVER start a thread telling everyone that I don’t like a certain company.. ya know? What would provoke me to write that?  I don’t like the person?  I don’t like the goods?  Even if I didn’t like the goods, who cares?  Would I discuss it with everyone?  NO!  Not cuz it’s me.. (well, ya cuz it’s me).. I know I can’t take it so personally! I am a sensitive-wanna-please-everyone-a-bella. and NO, I am not PMS’ing..lol.  I am assuming that people are getting annoyed seeing all the posts and all the fun the bella gang is having 🙂 

The good news is that people checked out my site because of this SCS thread and put in orders and love the bellas and may even join the bellaholics.. so that is the good news which brings me back to my original statement regarding publicity.

Ok, I feel better now.



P.S. I know I still owe you some shopping and casino details..LOL.  Will get to it by tomorrow


Oh well

since I am back

I feel like running yet another contest.. Here’s the challenge.  I was inspired by Cindy Keery’s blog the other day regarding people’s organizational tips… So this is the scoop. Since I am absolutely and utterly OBSSESSED with any type of container or box or pillow case or ziploc or garbage bag, I think it would be fun to talk about how we organize our goodies.  I am asking this for a selfish reason.  My DH Ryan told me that he is willing to take a coupla days off this week to reorganize my whole OFFICE/STUDIO/CRAFTROOM (please don’t be confused with the laundry room as that will be the next fiasco to tackle).. Sooooooooo… If anyone has anything that is JUICY and CUTE and PRACTICAL (as if we can all reinvent the wheel).. it would be great to hear!!!  I want LOTSA comments.  I am a little upset cuz I know I have lots of lurkers on my blog and I wanna “MEET” everyone.. so really, if you never said HI, please do so… I know I am not talking to my famous 8 people only!!(I love all 8).. So will ya?  HUH? HUH? HUH?  Maybe this will be the first step to a potential Yahoo group? 

Prize?  No clue yet but they are usually really good (at least I think so..LOL).

So come on.. you have a few days to reinvent the wheel and give some groovy ideas.. I would love to HEAR!!!!!

Don’t be shy.. you know you are with fella-bellas.. so TALK, will ya?  Even if you don’t have a tip, say hi and make up a tip..



P.S. thanks to all for the good wishes re. my trip.. my next entry will be about that


I just wanted to remind again (hopefully some people will be reading) that I will be gone until Monday night.  I will, however have my mobile with me and will try my best to respond to all emails in a timely fashion…. If not, I sincerely apologize and PROMISE I will get back to you tomorrow night or Tuesday morning at the latest.

To all the sistahs, Have a great evening and Monday and will speak to you soon




where’s bella?

This should be said like “where’s waldo” a famous children’s book where there are pages of mumbojumbo characters populating a page and the point of this is to find “waldo” a jovial little character dressed in a red and white striped shirt, a tuque and a pair of pants amidst this chaos of people.. sounds like fun, no? Well my son takes his little “fingie” (what we call fingers in this household) and immediately points to Waldo.  While I.. completely myopic, am squinting and staring at a pirate thinking that HE is waldo.. hmph.. not so good at this game.. but what I AM good at is telling you about Bellas travels!  Where has bella been so far you ask?  Well, she is in the Netherlands, in Norway, in China, all over the U.S., in Canada, in Belgium, in England, in Australia, in the Phillipines.. Let me think of where else?  I think that’s it for now.. Oh there are some soaking up the rays in Hawaii….

I think I wanna be a bella.  Beachabella por favor.  I wanna wear a ‘kini and carry a cute tote (at least I can do HALF of that equation–I’ll let you guess which one).

 Isn’t it so much fun watching her travel?? And KNOWING that the sistahs have helped them in their travels?  I LOVE IT.

Can’t wait to see where they are off to next.  All I can tell you is THIS Bella is taking off to Niagara falls.. not so exotic but good enough for me!!

Love to the sistahs



I know you wanna

I know you ladies would like to meet my artist.. she is PHENOM and an amazing asset to Stamping Bella.. she has the hands and brain, and I have the creative mind and together we make the bellas.. I will call her and say.. “the hands have to be here, she has to be holding.. her hair… her outfit etc” and together we banter and come up with the bellas… the bella evolution is amazing.. if you saw the first bellas created and now to see what they have become is incredible.. Unfortunately my artist is anonymous on the website and just to let you know, I do some drawing as well!  All I can tell you is that she is beautiful, a wonderful person, phenomenal to deal with, understanding (I mean she HAS to deal with me, right?) and patient (again, I repeat.. she has to deal with me!)… And On top of everything else, like I said, she LOOKS LIKE A FREAKIN’ BELLA.. hmph.. double hmph.. triple hmph