So i have been ASKED AND ASKED AND ASKED “When the heck (never use that word) are ya gonna have a “sistah’s gallery”?  So sistahs.. WE GOTS ONE… it will be a  bit of a work in progress but in order to be PUBLISHED, I need to get some.. I LOVE getting cards 🙂  So if you want to send me a card, email me for my addy and if you can give your info (whatever you would like published on the blog) and I will update!  SOOO EXCITED!!  There are a couple up already!

I also put up some new goodies in the what’s new section.. some prismacolour cool grey 10% markers.. THEY ARE THE BEST COLOUR for adding a “line” or shading around your image.. gives that little ZING! and 3D’ishness (LOL-don’t laugh at my words, n’k?).  I also added Pallette NOIR (great with Copics) and Pallette watermark pad…

Sistahs have been asking me about the splender blender.. it is used once you colour with coloured pencils, and want to “blend” them more, you just colour over top with the splender blender to smmmmooooooooooooth things out.. s’aright? you capichie now?  I will try to do a tutorial on it to show…

Lots more on the way… maybe an image or two?  PERHAPS a BELLA?




i only have a minit! (love the spelling)

I snuck out to work while Ryan took the chicklets to a birthday party.. I posted some new goodies.. COPIC spica glitter pens (the whole set in limited quantities), tombow multi glue (LOOOVE IT for embellishments), BLACK memories ink pads (great for EVERYTHING but Copic..LOL!  It was the first brand of inkpad I started with and I am STICKIN to it!) and I haven’t mentioned my Zip N DRY glue in a while!  I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT.. I don’t use tape anymore.. can you believe?  it is honestly PHENOM.

Ok my sneaky weaky peaky time is oVaH.. gots TA go..

Mwah to da sistahs who love my new GLOO (love that spelling too).. It’s really sick that I am responsible for teaching my kidlets how to spell and how spelling was my favorite subject in school… Let’s just call my slang, Bella’s Linguisitic Terminology (fancy no?)



I am in LOVE.

with a vase… This is crazyness I know but like I always said, I like to be surrounded by pretty things.. inspiring things.. things that make me smile… On my venture at IKEA with da hubs, I came across these vases..I bought them in white, green and pink.. and have now lined a shelf near my desk with them… OMG…  the embossed whimsy daisies are TDF.. Hubs doesn’t even ask questions anymore.. just buys.. how good is DAT?

do you lovey my new $2.99 vases?

[photopress image=”ikeavases.jpg”]

Mwah to da SISTAHS who, like me, NEED to be surrounded by pretty pretty things


new TOOLZ on da SITE

Sistahs… oh SISTAHS???? YOU THERE???????

I have gotten some goodies and I posted them!  There is MO’ coming tomorrow! All in the WHAT’S NEW section (again, WHY DIDN”T YOU TELL ME TO DO THAT SOONER???)

we gots lots of colouring to do!  I got the CUTEST set of paints that I saw on Sherrie’s blog.. she has a WONDERFUL tutorial on Copics as well!  you should take a look at her great work.  You should SEE what Sherrie did with these watercolour paints too! YIKES she is GOOOOOOD!

I made up a little kit of 12 of my favorite colours of Lyra watercolour crayons.. smoooothhh and creammmy and last a lifetime.. all you need is a paintbrush, some water and you lift the colour from the tip or the back of the crayon and paint away.. BEAUTIFUL! if you click on the hourglass icon, you will see more info on the product in terms of da COLOURS. (right now I only have 5 sets in stock.. I will be getting a lot more in about 3 weeks when they come in from Germany.. I wanted to see if you sistahs would be interested)

There is also this thing that I am in LOVE with.. yes, yet another thing.  It is called a “static bag”… this is my favoriteST most inexpensivEST thing EVAH!  I use it all the time and this little baby, if you don’t lose it first, will last you forevAH!  you know when you emboss or if you sprinkle loose glittAH on your card, there are always those “strays” that remain on the card and you can’t get rid of them?  WELLLL if someone has ever seen me demo at a show, they will laugh as I belt out “all you have to do is POUFFFFF and SHMEARRRR”.. LOL.. Basically you do a little “pouff” or hit your cardstock with the static bag so it releases the powder and then you “SHMEARRR” the powder all over your paper.. after you have “primed” your card you can emboss or use glue and glittah.. when you shake off the excess, you will notice a CLEAN card.. YEPEROONI.. a CLLEAN CARD!  Love that thing!

 There are some other goodies too so take a lookey in the “what’s new section” (LOVE IT).. more of my favorite things to follow!

Mwah to da sistahs who will pouff and shmear! (sounds perverse, I know)


ya know when..

You are looking for that perfect offwhite/eggshell/NOT YELLOWY paper?  Well Nickabella and I have ALWAYS been on that quest.. we walk into a stationery store and just always find IVORY to be YELLOW.. ever get that type of thought? LOL.. I am so DEEP.  ANNNYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  I have found DA perfect eggshell/ivory/not yellow at all/ PAYPAH!!  It is 80# in weight (wish i was.hmph) and takes spirits and prisma and copic BEAUTIFULLLLY!!  in my “what’s new” section (LOL.. HOW DID YOU ALL LET ME LIVE SO LONG WITHOUT IT???????).. Also have a new little member of my bella family.  His name is YERTLE.  He is my FAVE and his sentiment is cutesy too, NO?  I did post a card so you will be able to see what i mean, bean.

Have a few more goodies/tools to add to DA WEBSITE in the next day or so… STAY TUNED!

Mwah! to da sistahs who have no idea what I am talking about when I contemplate eggshell/ivory paper versus yellow


you ASKED for it….you GOT it.

I have now placed a “WHAT”S NEW” category!  It’s only taken a year for me to listen to my sistahs!  But you were so right.. ’twas the RIGHT thing to do!  So, when I announce or sneakily slip in new products.. that is where it’s gonna be..

brilliant, no?

Mwah to da brilliant sistahs who were brilliant WAY before moi (not to be confused with “mwah”)



yet another one… a MANLY one

I love this sportster.. it makes me smile.. and PLUS.. I never have anything to give to a man..LOL.. although this car in PINK is PHENOM.  I have crystal lacquered it, I have “baubled” the eyes.. YUMMALISH.. did it on watercolour paper and then used my groovy dots border (shhhhh, I cut it again.. lotsa stamps for $9.99!) and I made my own border going across the card.. very simple!

here are the stamp ingredients.. LOL

I like it.  I like it aLot.


OOPSIE, here is the card

[photopress image=”sportster.jpg”]


I have been keeping these and STARING at these and I couldn’t hold back.  THESE ARE MY FAVORITE FLOWERS EVER.. they were inspired by a picture I saw in a magazine and HAD to make it into RUBBAH.. The background (called FLUFFIES-LOL) is phenom!!!  I actually cut them up into little elements and make my own bordAH.. shhhh.. don’t tell… you can line them all up on a block or in a scattered pattern.. in this card I just cut one size and randomly stamped it around the card.. sounds a bit VIOLENT to cut it but I apologized beforehand and fluffy understood…  my NEXT bordah I did the same thing.. you will see!!



[photopress image=”bloominpotcard_1.jpg”]

I am in love

with a pot.