shipments delayed a little

hello sistahs!  I hope you will forgive the bella.  Due to being sick yesterday and blizzard today, I am behind on the orders.. just a little.. but working my tushy (small-yaright) off to get it all out to you.. right now I am saying 5-7 days from placing the order but not more than that nor will it ever be.  Please bear with me and I PROMISE you will get updated by email!  If you have any pending orders which are really urgent, just pop me an email!

 Thanks for understanding


I hope I feelabella

Hellloooooo sistahs!

I know you have been anxiously awaiting the new bella.  Well here she is!  I decided to feature her as I have been sick for the last 2 days.  Not that I want to give you the gory details..LOL…but I have had this pain since I was 17 years old.. I have finally been diagnosed with Diverticulosis… it is so debilitating and so painful I can’t even begin to tell you.. Having said that, yesterday I was in bed all day but ended up working half the night doubled over in pain (poor poor me).. ANYHOO.. enough about me.  Please meet FEELABELLA.. I wish I looked like her yesterday.. even SHE looks good sick!! hmph.  She comes with 2 sentiments and she is awesome.. notice the comforter and the kleenex box!

 Hope you likey and I hope I didn’t burden you all with my illness!!



and the WINNERS ARE….

ok, after *MUCH* deliberation, I had to come up with 2 winners… I am probably going to make a lot more of these sentiments within the next coupla months but I had to start somewhere right?  I really printed out all the comments and went through them all so please understand that this contest was judged with  A LOT of thought!

Winner #1- Crystalbella- although everyone put tremendous effort in helping me out, I feel that Crystal and sis went through a lot of effort typing, thinking, contributing.. so she will win a stamp of her choice AND a cute goody.

Winner #2-Helenabella… First the fact that she was so excited that she misspelled her name in her first post *LOTSA GIGGLES* I thought was deliciously cute.. AND the meaning behind her sentiment ” you are just a mouseclick away” and some computer lingo to go with it (guess the bella to match will have to be made soon.. hint hint hint).  I picked this one because I feel a connection to ALL of you via the computer.. you really are a mouseclick away!  Unfortunately, we don’t all live near eachother (imagine if we did??? HOLY KABOLY would we be in trouble).. so I really liked that one because it means so much and it really connects all the sistahs.. without the ‘mouseclick’ where would we all be??? Prize- a stamp of your choice and a goody too!

So that’s my thought for the hour.  Winners, will you please contact me? 

Thanks again for everyone who participated!  IT means SO much and I love you all



I *SO* have to share this!

Results will be here tomorrow morning.. promise!

But that’s not what this post is about… I overheard something exit from my 19 month old’s mouth today.. and I KNOW it is annoying sometimes to hear someone constantly bla bla bla about their kids but I think you’ll get a kick outta this..

I am watching her from my office.. she walks into my laundry room (ahem, er my ‘studio) and points to the slat wall with all the bellas hanging there and with that little “fingie” what I call her finger, she points and yelps “BALLAH”.. OMG, I nearly inserted her in my mouth whole and CHOMPED her up..

 Is that C-U-T-E or WHAH?



I just *had* to take a break and make this card

 [photopress image=”cheerio_flowers_002.jpg”]


I *LOVEEEEEEEE* these cheerio flowers (think I was hungry when I named it?–YIKES it’s MONDAY again.. hmph).. I hope you like them too.. they are so much fun to color!!! I used Provocraft paper and bazill (of course).. and prismacolor pencils and bella spirits.. Oh ya, just found these amazing swarovskis.. I call them “swarovskis in a bagel”..LOL.  they are set in a silver ring (hence the bagel.. uchh food AGAIN).  Bought them at Michaels.. and glittah in the middle of the cheerios!  Unfortunately, you can’t see one iota of bling from this picture but TRUST me.. it’s there!

Will write more tomorrow.. off to pack the sistahs stuff



I am so sorry, I just couldn’t wait a moment longer

I AM READY TO BUST!  I have so many juicies coming that I had to show you this one (yes, there WILL be another on the first, OK??).. her name is… jammybella and she is adorable.. I think she is one of my faves.. DID YOU TAKE A LOOK AT HER SLIPPERS?? lol.  I want a pair of those.. oh ya and the PJ’S?  OH ya.. and her HAIRDO?  oh ya.. mustn’t forget her hot bod under those pj’s?  hmph.  Actually, when I try to straighten my hair and then go out in the rain, my hair looks like hers ( I am literally laughing my head off and anyone else who has curls feels the same way)… HOWEVER… On Jammybella, it looks PHENOM.. on Emmabella, not-so-attractive..LOLOL

Anyway, thinking of some words to go with her.. any help would be awesome.. right now I think I have a few “life is a pajama party” on hand.. if not, will make some more.


I am a happy bella today.. it was date night last night.. have to talk about that later.

Enjoy jammybella tootsierolls



Good Morning my Sistahs!

I just wanted to let you know that processing time for your orders will be approximately 3-5 business days.. I am trying my hardest to keep it at a minimum and am working my tushy off to get your orders out to you ASAP!  So, no worries if your order is still in ‘pending’ status.. if it does go beyond that time frame, please email me and it will be dealt with immediately!  Thank you for understanding and if you have any questions, requests, issues to contend with, or just wanna chat, never never never hesitate to email me as I am always here!

Love to all




there is NO NEED to put me on your blogs etc… you have misunderstood me! You are all doing a wonderful job in promoting and LOVING the bellas.. which is the most important thing! Please don’t misunderstand me!  You have gotten to know me over the last little while and I don’t want you to misunderstand my previous post!! All I wanted to say was that I spotted cards using the bellas without even mentioning that they were bellas! LOL. That’s all!! really!! you don’t need to put me in your siggy or on your blog.. just *LOVE* me and my girls.. that all I ask for