need a pompom?

you know there are days where you just don’t know how to get your sistah friends/family etc out of a slump?  Or no words can really help them snap out of it?  Well here is the perfect BELLISIMA to snap someone out of their blues.  She is perky and cute and in SHAPE (hmph.. double hmph..)… Can you tell my mood?  LOL.

OMG you can Liquid Applique her pompoms, you can glitter her.. you can swarovski crystallize her.. and the sentiments to go with her?  (MWAH with all my finger puckered to my mouth and blown outwards).. does that image even make sense?


I am a tiredabella

love to all

big fat juicy HONKIN’ mwah’s


what is 7″ long, fits nicely in your hand,

slips in your purse or tool bag inconspicuously, vibrates and sucks?  OMG what an image AND I am laughing my brains out right now… You have no idea what DA BELLA has found on her travels.. I am in love yet AGAIN.. The craft knife is back in stock.. my first batch sold out, thank you SISTAHS and I hope you love them!  BUT NOW… I have discovered another piece of the hot knife LADY collection… it’s a minivac.  Yes, a minivac.  It’s teeny tiny weeny winy cutesie wootsie AND it works!!!! I LOVE IT… I received the order today and off like a prom dress I went to Nicky’s for the ‘taste test’.  She fell in love too!  Let’s go through the pros and cons (no cons)..

(1) it’s green and pink

(2) it fits RIGHT in your toolbag pocket so you can travel with it (it’s in mine already, however mine never leaves the floor.. it looks like the best equipped tool bag tho 🙂 )

(3) it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know when you are sitting at your work table and you EAT (or am I the only one?) or you spill glitter or you have the little teeny pieces of paper around you?  this little thingamabob will suck those babies up…

 OK, I know I sound like a freak but I think you would LOVE these things!! And the price point is FAB.. and did I mention it is green and pink and matches the hot knife?  LOL


More to come!


[photopress image=”minivac_001.jpg”][photopress image=”minivac_003.jpg”]

expectafellabella is HEEEEEREEEEe

check out this fuzzy lopsided picture.  IS IT NOT PHENOM????????????  sheesh.. I gotta hone my scanning skills

[photopress image=”pregafellabella.jpg”]

the card is SO phenom in life that I should actually be EMBARASSED to post this quality.. i figure, ECHHHH , you all know me by now so who do I have to impress !

I hopey you likey da bella and fella

let me knowEY


you sistahs have been SO good and patient that you deserved a little sum’n sum’n




do you know the NUT man, the NU-UT man, the NU-UT man

sang in the tune of the “muffin man”.. and I can SO see you singing this song right now!  Oh, how I wish you were all here with me.. hmph.

Ok, so I have to tell you this story… Actually it started a loooooong time ago and I kept on ignoring it but I cannot any longer.  It’s about Nicky AND the nut man.  A few weeks ago it was a blistering hot day in Toronto and Nicky and I decided, of course, to go to one of my suppliers.. YET AGAIN.  We get there after a 1/2 hour car ride and she says… “what should I do with my nuts?” (LOL that just sounded so hilarious).. and I said WHAT? and she says, “MY NUTS”, i don’t want them to melt (chocolate covered almonds)!  The nutman came today and I don’t want to  waste the nuts and for them to spoil.  I told Nicky.. UMMMM you were just at the hairdresser’s (which reminds me = GREY HAIR CANNOT GO ON FOR MUCH LONGER).. who is that NUT MAN?  She says, with pride, that the nutman is a guy (LOL) who comes in to the hairdressers and sells fresh nuts including almonds, cashews, dried fruit, chocolate covered almonds etc.. and sells them by the bag.  I say’s’ to her.. “Nicky, you buy NUTS from a NUTMAN who comes to the hairdressers once a week?  does that make sense?  She says.. I have been going to the hairdressers for years and years.. he has been coming in for the same amount of years.. all the women know him.. have no clue what his name is and he is called the NUTman.   So that sweltering day, Nicky asked me what she should do.. and I said in a panic “just shove them in the car and forget about them”.. she says NO.. I have to bring them in to the place so that they don’t melt.  I gave her SEVERE eyemail not to embarass me and to leave the bloody NUTS in the car.. she didn’t respond and we both walk in… HER with her NUTS. OMG.  these nuts are better taken care of than me.  hmph.  so of course, Nicky and her pet nuts walked around the joint with the owners drooling.. I think she came home with one NUT left in the bag (OMG if I say NUT one more time…).  SO that is the nutman.

Today, a few weeks after the incident, Nicky walks in to the ‘digs’ with a bag in her hand.. guess what day it is?  Yup.  nutty-plastic bag-don’t leave it in the car or else it will melt-nut man day.

 Hope you are all having the BEST nutman day ever



I was told

that I am not allowed to go M.I.A. on my blog EVAH again.. ok so it was said by one of my best friends who I speak to 4.6 billion times a day.  I ask her WHY do you need to read my blog?  I mean, you KNOW everything going on and some extra bonus footage AND I TELL you what I think I am gonna blog so tell me WHY?  She answers saying she can’t explain it but she just needs to read my blog every morning.. what’s up wit dat? LOL.  (p.s. I am so thrilled that she reads it, I was just playing dumbabella).

Ok, I was also reminded by Anjabella, fella sista that I had 2 tales to tell.  One was the shoe story and one was the ‘nut man’.  I decided to go with the shoe story OF COURSE..

So this is the scoopage.. please don’t laugh at me.. (as I laugh at myself-) but I am one helluva sick sick puppy and I don’t understand why I don’t have ANY SHAME at all on this blog.. I mean, I let it all hang for everyone to see??? Sheesh.  Ok, so enough about my shameless guilt.

Before Tyler’s birthday, I was perusing our newspaper and my eyes LOCK with a pair of shoes.  Not your typical Emily shoes but actually yes, they were.. they were CLUNKY… but here is the CLINCHER.  Apparently, these are orthopedic shoes (yes you heard me correctly) that forces your body to stand in such a way and walk in such a way (properly) where you are working out your leg muscles and strengthining your back, tummy etc.. kinda like Pilates.  So I rip out this add and SHOVE it in my purse.. I don’t want to show it to anyone.  This is my little secret.. shhh.. and PLUS, I absolutely needed a pair of shoes for CHA.. yes I am GOINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .  HOW ^*()$*% exciting is DAT?  Nicky told me I will be walking for HOURS on end.. so you see where I am going.  I start with the justification of the purchase.

SO I am at Tyler’s BDAY and my friend comes over and I am holding my purse with my little secret inside it.. so guess what i did?  “OMG JULIE, you HAVE TO SEE THESE SHOES!” and I whip out the ripped little write up and show it to her.  I swear, at times, there really is no filter.  She looks at me and shakes her head (why do people always do that when I am presenting an idea? LOL).. She says to me ONLY YOU , emily would look divine in a pair of those shoes.. you see sistahs, that is my philosophy.. to always try to go for the ‘undiscovered’, test it out, make it AMAZING and share… and usually, I happen to be ‘bang on’.. perhaps a little early for a new ‘rage’ but certainly onto something.  So within 48 hours I am in the store.  Honestly, I am STARING and the MOST HORRENDOUSLY HORRIFIC shoes I have ever seen.. LOL! BUT DO THEY LOOK COMFY WOMFY? OMG.  So I swallow hard and I ask to try on a pair of these shoes.  The sales guy says, have you ever tried these before? I say “no”.. so he brings out these sandals (actually the best looking of the bunch) and I put them on.. I IMMEDIATELY start to fall and the sales guy grabs my arm.. I ask him if I am doing something wrong and he says no just try to walk!  So I try to walk and I stumble and almost land on my @$$ on the floor once again.. i yank the shoe off and stare at it and this is the clincher of the tale of the shoe… they have a type of ‘rocker’ bottom where the middle of the sole of the shoe is grounded BUT the top (where toes are) and the back (where heel is) are elevated.. so you basically have to walk heel to toe and you feel it really working your muscles.  NEED YOU ASK what the next step was?  Yes, I bought them for 8 kabillion dollars but you know what?  THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COMFY and I am gonna lose weight from them, no? **LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF NOW).  I am obssessed with losing weight and eating 2 poptarts before bed.. how’s THAT for a diet.. hmph.

anyway, I brought the shoes home.. have been wearing them to get them broken in for the CHA.. I betcha I bring other shoes.. hmph.  So that’s my MBT shoe story.. well worth the cost and it BETTER make me lose weight! LOLOL (i know that is not the truth but it is nice to believe, no?).. I walked home in them and really haven’t taken them off since.  My friend Julie came over this morning with a cutout from a magazine with a pair of flipflops called “FITflops” and pamela anderson is wearing them and they do the same thing the MBT’s do for you.. SEEE?? the moral of the story sistahs IS…you must TRUST da BELLA cuz she knows what she is talking about and always tests things out before bla bla bla- ING.

So that is my funny story of the day.. OHHHH also wanted to let you know that I have a LOT more up my sleeve.. am testing out another product that you will LOVE and few other goodies.. mmmmmm

night night everyone

MWAH to da SISTAZ..!!!

Love Em

feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Sistahs.. OMG OMG OMG.  I just came back from Nicky’s house.  Hannah was there too.  I went there with a PURPOSE.  WHAT you ask?  Well, let me tell you!  I have discovered the MOST incredible tool.  OK, maybe this isn’t new to you but OMG.. it is SO new to me.  I tested it on my kitchen counter with Hub standing by my side and I literally FREAKED out.  I then shoved it in a bag and flew out of the house… you know how when a witch leaves quickly in a cartoon, you see her hair pins flying all over the place?  Well that was me.. but with a scrunchie (sp?) and clips.  I went to Nicky’s to see if I was not completely off my rocker and if she agreed with this new phenomenon.  Oh she did sistahs, SHE DID.  Hannah freaked too… Please don’t bust my bubble right now.. if you have heard of it, please just nod your heads..k? LOL (I just envisioned my fabulous 8 readers all nodding their heads). 

First, I would like to say that I LOVE using my stamps without a cushion and I always use it with Tack N Peel… but I have kept ‘in touch’ and realized that a lot of you like to stamp with cushion and are just much more comfy cozy wozy that way and I totally understand.  One of the reasons I was SO PUT OFF by EZ mount was the ‘guck’ factor.  YOu know what I am talking about?  I am talking about the fact that once your scissors touch that sticky stuff, they will never be the same… NOT ANYMORE my sistahs.  I have discovered a ‘hot knife’.  Forget the function of the hot knife for a second.  I would like to tell you that I ordered 1 to test out and if it fails in my kitchen, it ain’t goin’ anywhere.  I took the package and saw that the handle was a beautiful sage green… should I say more?  OK.  The packaging stated that ‘it was specially designed for a woman’s hand’.. WELL IT GOT ME RIGHT THERE in case you didn’t know my by now *giggles*.  First is the function factor, of course.. (but I really didn’t get there at that point).. this knife passed the first 2 tests.. ‘look’ and ‘feel’, and how it would look in my tool bag (of which I have many and NEVER take them outta my house but ANYWAY….).  Ok, so this little gizmo passed those tests with flying colours.  I plugged this baby in and it heats up to 950 degrees?!  Is that possible?  YUP. This method works perfectly with da bella line cuz it works with closely cut stamps.. .  You lay your ezmount down, put your closely cut unmounted on top of it and then with this sage coloured-formed-for-women-looks-good-in-a-tool-box-thingamajig, I proceeded to cut around the stamp(which was on top of the ez mount) with the hot knife.  SISTAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this thing melted through the foam like BUTTAH.  I am so bad with exacto knives but you didn’t have to do a thing with this.. just ‘trace’ around the stamp with the knife and in 3 seconds flat your stamp is mounted on easy foam.. no gook.. no shnook.. the knife does not have melted gook on it as it is hot and must burn it off.. OMG.. HEAVEN.  I mounted 4 stamps in about 1 minute and 3 seconds.. the sheet of EZ mount can take you a lonnnng way too…. I mean, not that I am a convert but I must say that it was SO MUCH FUN doing this! the knife has plenty of other functions as well!.. 

Totally has the Bella stamp of approval.. located in the Bella’s favorites section.. it is honestly fantab and if you do mount your stamps on EZ mount, this is the thing to get!  I am now selling it and EZ mount and extra blades..

Hope this helps you?  Hope this has piqued your interest?  OMG I am in love.. NOT WITH A WOMAN (bella) but with a knife.  HOW SICK AM I???



Oh I feel so much better now

Just to show you that I haven’t lost my touch.. LOL… meet giddyupabella.. check out her buckle.. and could you ever imagine a bella horse to be as gorgeous as this horsy is?? OMG. 

Let me know what you think!  I love them!

 Ok Sistahs.. now we will be going back to Emmy stories once again… have lots to tell…!




sistahs sistahs sistahs

Have I E-VAH let you down?  I am reading all the comments about puppybella and kinibella and you have NOTHING to worry about.  I am recreating these for a reason.  There is a method to my MADNESS.. LOL.  so just trust me, will ya?  I have TONS of things and the list gets bigger so these 2 that I ‘reintroduced’ will never take away from anything else.  You have my WORDABELLA.  So no panicking! Bella’s orders.

Lots more will come your way soon.. and to PROVE that I haven’t lost my touch, I thinky I will introduce a new bella tonight.  So THERE.  I SHOWED YOU NOW didn’t I?