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ok sistahs.. first.. why is my font so small?  hmmmm I dunno.  Someone emailed me stating that I have been  tagged.. I have no idea what that means.. I know it means you may read my blog and like it and now I have to tag a blog?  OMG.. somebody help me!!  BUT, if it means I have to picky, I no likey.. I can’t pick.. I love ’em alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

 again I ask… why is my font so SMALL?  even in CAPS it is SMALL….



the tale of the stuffed pickle

So on Saturday I was going to the show right?  There was a possibility I was going to meet some sistahs so I had to dress nicey nicey… I squeezed on a few outfits and finally decided to wear a pair of jeans a top and this gorgeously stunning olive colored suede blazer… do you see where I am going here?  I look at hub, he says beautiful darliiiink, i get in the car, get to the show and realize.. I look like a STUFFED PICKLE in that blazer!  Of course, instead of shutting my mouth and keeping pickle thoughts to myself, I get to Cherished Scrapbooks booth, immediately disturb Nicky in the midst of a demo and say “tell me the truth.. do I look like a stuffed pickle”.. she looks at me as usual with the “you are on crack” expression and I just settle down and try to forget about this pickle business…

I failed to mention that while I was so focused on my pickly outfit as I walked into the show, my peripheral vision caught sight of a booth of baskets.. woven baskets.. As you all know by now, I am OBSSESSED with baskets, boxes, bowls, cases, wheely totes etc.. anything that ‘houses’ something else.. but at that point, I could NOT stop at the basket booth.. I had to get to Nicky ASAP to discuss ‘pickledom’… Anyway, I hung around the booth for a little while, playing with stamps and colours and Odorless mineral spirits and I spot this cute blonde lady who looks at me and whispers ‘do you know who I am?”.. and I of course knew right away… it was ROBBY.. a doll, a crazy loony tune like all of us but most of all… such a TRUE ‘sistah’ in every sense of the word.  I lovey.  Of course, guess what almost the first thing I said to her was?  “I look like a stuffed pickle”.. LOL! We blabbed and walked around the show together.. I showed her an amazing demo that I love so much and can’t achieve with watercolor paper and tombow markers a technique done by Krista Schneider.. a wonderful artist and has AMAZING AMAZING stamps (check her out at www.sunshinedesigns.ca .  She is a true doll and wonderful artist and honestly, her technique is not to be beat…!I hope you likey her stuff cuz I sure do :).  Nothing like supporting a Canadian talented female entrpreneur!   So we watched that together walked up a coupla aisles etc.. I then ended up on my own.. and guess where the first place I went to was?  Of course the basket place… So not only did I fall in love with the basket

[photopress image=”basket_from_creative_fest.jpg”]

but I bought it… I feel like I did a good deed as I got the whole story as to how many people are employed to make these baskets etc…

I decide to schlep this basket all around the show with me.. I bought a Diet Coke and I put it in this GINORMOUS basket and watched it slide back and forth the whole time.. well at least until I filled it with goodies!.. I went to Nicky to show off and she says to me ‘you gonna schlep that basket all over the show?  why don’t you just leave it at the booth?  That was her kind way of telling me I looked like an EEJIT (idiot) walking around with that basket… TOO BAD.. I loved that basket.. and I went to buy some veggies after the show and I quickly called Nicky to tell her that 4 grocery bags fit in there and it only took me one trip with the food from the car… USUALLY TAKES 100 million trips and drives me NUTS… ok back to the show… After walking a little further, I met 3 wonderful cousins who I have known for a long time.. these 3 women are so special and love each other so much and share the same passion for the craft.. they go to all the shows together, they stamp together, take classes together and exude such a warmth about them that you just feel instantly attracted to them…  They are Maralyn, Karen and Esther.. They have supported me from the get go and I can’t thank them enough (plus I know they read this blog so more brownie points for meeeeeee- just kiddinK).. All three look at me and say “WE TOO are bare minerals women”.. I was so excited plus now I know their secret 🙂 *winks*

So I bought a few goodies (including a Swarovski Heat setter-JUST what I needed-NOT).. don’t ask.. but if I ever do anything with it, I will be SURE to post…

Anything else I have to share?  OH ya.. here are a coupla pics from the booth of Nicky alone and Nicky and Dianne (they are the two that made the awesome best kept secret DVD Inkitup

[photopress image=”dianne_and_nicky.jpg”][photopress image=”nickyalone.jpg”]

I think the stuffed pickle is done for tonight.. hmmmm

I think I am gonna post another bellafella..or fellabella.. not sure which way it goes yet *winks*

MWAH! MWAH ! MWAH!  And if you came to the show to see me, I am SOO SOO SOOO sorry I missed you 🙁


just a heads up

You will be getting a ‘doozy’ of an entry coming up about the Creativ Festival I went to yesterday so stay posted.. I just have to get some time to gather my thoughts (OMG a scary thought) and then I will post some pics (of course NOT of me–when’s MONDAY AGAIN?)..

just wanted to let you know and what are people thinking about that lovely post on SCS?  OMG I was mortified when someone called my bella a maniac? having a maniacal smile?  SHEESH.. I thank all the sistahs for coming to my ‘rescue’ and still loving this community we have all started together.. let’s continue forever k? 

Oh, you know the invitation I created in the middle of the night for my DD’s birthday party?  I think I will colour copy and send out as flyers.  whaddya think?



it is SO beautiful out

So I decided to post some flowers! They are called Bella’s garden and they are so much fun to colour!  I actually used Tombow markers direct to paper and the knots in this card is driving me bonkers cuz I love them  so… get ready, every single solitary card I will make for the next little while will have those knots..LOL!

I hope you likey and it makes you feel springy!

[photopress image=”flowah_card_002.jpg”]


Ok, so I want to let you sistahs know what’s going on over here… Orders are behind so if your status is pending, please please please don’t fret and forgive me :).. Being a consumer myself, I SO understand that you want it and you want it now.. but I can’t keep up! LOL.  I never ever sell out.. I always have stock and if I don’t I ensure I get the next day.. so it is not a matter of that.. it is a matter of manpower.   I am not complaining at all and PLEASE keep ordering but it just will take a little longer.. I am at the 7 business day mark but will be working all weekend to make progress so you will get updates most of the weekend!  I found a little office I told you about, actually 2 offices connected by a french door (when you come visit, just call and we will put up the coffee get lots of good food and stamp our HEADS off  n’k?  I promise).. DH arranged to take tomorrow off so that he can wait for Ikea to deliver this monstrosity of a piece of furniture.. quite nice and handy but GIGUNGOUS.  So he is having a truck sent here to move stuff from here to there.. but I have nothing prepared!  I told him in between packing over the next coupla weeks, I will try to bring more and more stuff there.. he was less than impressed.

Did I tell you that my hub is a NEAT FREAK?  I am like pigpen in PEANUTS where there is always a cloud of dust following him? (Mine is not dust, just rubber and ink **LOL**)..So I hear him carrying something up the stairs, knocking the walls, banging the stairs and out emerges Ryan with an antique pine table that was in our storage in the basement and out comes “I think this would look AMAZING in your new digs”… with a big goofy smile THRILLED that the stuff will be OUTTA the house.. so I said fine, it could go.. then out comes 4 leather chairs for the work table (yes it will be all set up for you)… Where the hell is he pulling this stuff from????? Anyway if it makes him happy getting rid of stuff then so be it.. at least I have a new place! 

I am also a bit of a control freak where I need to be in charge of everything at all times including rubber (finally gave that up to a very trustworthy Ruby).. I have been screamed at by many and have finally hired some part time help to get me through and allow me to feed you even more stuff!! (Is that possible??)

OMG.. haven’t you been happy with my 3 line entries over the last coupla weeks?  Now you got another dose of Em.


you can always email me.. I am hereeeeee…


wanna see a new fella?

hmmmmmmmm ok, let’s make a game out of it

wanna see






sistahs… you choose… NOW DON”T SAY ALL n’k?

write back and I will tally up the votes when I think it is OVAHHH!

MWAH to all (and perhaps my new fella *winks*)



ummm did anyone notice

that I have had a ‘search’ button built into my site?  Located at top right… I AM LOVING IT… wanna know how that got to be born?  Well, a very bella-ignorant hubby was shopping on line for his wife (how Fella-ish of him, no?).. I was so impressed.  In any event, he emailed me in utter frustration recommending I have a search button cuz he couldn’t find anything his wife wanted..LOL. He managed to buy her her prezzies and all ended well but I thought it was so cute.. so for all you hubbyfellas out there, you can now use the search button to find everything on your wives’ lists.. HOW NICE AM I?  LOL.  I am so happy that that frustrated husband emailed me or else I wouldn’t even have thought of it!  Well maybe eventually I would.  but you know what I mean.  I so happy with my search button.

You have to try it out! LOL.

I am SUCH a loser.

mwah again