peeking in from under my pile

hellllo sistahs!

I was just nodding off at my computer.. LOL (I have NEVER said ‘nodding off’ before, have YOU?) when I decided that I must give you an update regarding my sistah sale last week… Nicky threatened to take a picture of me at my desk.. I warned her not to so that you wouldn’t be scared of what you saw!

This is the scoopage… I am backlogged.. VEWY backlogged.  I am trying my hardest to process ordaHs but please bear with me… I blame the backlog NOT on the sale but on that one day I decided to spend with my family! LOL.  just kidding.  SOOO you know I am always here to answer questions.. and I am working this weekend to try to catch up  and I have been working at least 12 hour days.. so PLEASE forgive me if you feel it is taking too long.. I am really trying my bestest!  If any of my sistahs need their order in a true blue rush, please email me and I will try my best to ship ASAP

I have already seen a couple of new sistahs, have you?  If so, quickly get a blanket, throw it over their heads and bring them over to our yahoo group n’k?

Splitcoast forums is gonna be DA BOMB’.. i mean, only if YOU make it da bomb.. we can totally blab, talk about new product, ourselves etc.. I would love to start a thread about all of us.. wouldn’t that be FAB-O?  Our ages (i am 35 with a 6 year old mentality), our aspirations, marriage/no marriage, kidlets, etc… I am so excited!  We can talk FREELY on this forum.. and there will be a link to albums etc… I trust you sistahs will make it a PHENOM place to be.. bellaholics has exceeded all of my expectations.. it is such a nice place to be.. everyone loves eachother (at least on DA board.. not sure what PM”ing is going on..LOL) very welcoming and just, well, nice. So let’s make this splitcoast ‘thang as great a place to be!  Let’s get our symbolic ‘blankies’ and throw them over potential sistah’s heads and kidnap them into our forum.. sound like a plan? 

my move.  DON”T ASK.  Ryan has been involved with the renovations of my new place.. OMG.. contractors don’t show up… things aren’t moved.. it is a disaster and I have to move in 1.5 weeks.. I am PETRIFIED and STRESSED out.. how am I going to survive??  Oh well, thank goodness I LOVE my job and ADORE my sistahs and there is always SOMETHING that is making me go on and making me love every single step of this journey.. even the contractors that don’t show up 🙂

 Did I mention I have a new little teeny tiny line coming up?  It may even be launched next week if I am lucky… TDF… I mean honestly,  the images.. OMG.. I wish I could tell but I can’tttttt

Mwah to da sistahs who don’t have contractors


and the winnerS are….

Ok I wanted to give out to everyone as each and every story was hilarious/ amazing.  So I have decided to give to EVERYONE who participated in the contest.. I am in a CHEERY kinda mood and love my sistahs.  Actually let’s give to EVERYONE who posted on this thread

Please email me personally all of your email addresses ASAP… in the subject line, please put WINNER IN CONTEST.


sistahs’ you are all WINNAHS to me.

I shmuv shmoo (that’s what I say to my kids and my friend Liz in Montreal)



a cute lil’ story

we had our friends in from Montreal all weekend.  They brought their 2 little ones and we had a PHENOM time… so they left yesterday.. and RUBY (you know my right hand woman/hero?) Ya, well she promised to take Tyler and Jayden on a subway ride.  Let me tell you HOW EXCITED my children were so when Ruby called on Sunday night I had a feeling…. Yes it was true, her poor DD Robyn was sick so she wouldn’t be able to make it..

Ryan and i talked about it and YES, we decided to do it.  To have an adventure.  So we took the kidlets on a subway.. went to a mall downtown to eat lunch, then we went outside and listened to music being played outside by spanish musicians (tyler gave them money and Jayden put on a little show herself dancing).. another couple was dancing in the middle of this huge area; ballroom dancing.  Ryan said to me “what would possess people to just get up and dance in the middle of a crowd”… you know what?  A while ago, I would have agreed with him.. how embarassing! but now?  you know what?  I found it beautiful!  This couple did not CARE what other people thought.. they felt so liberated and moved by the music that they let go of their inhibitions and just danced and danced.. it was SO BEAUTIFUL to watch.. and I have PLENTY of inhibitions and I am trying to push my children to not be caught up by that, to let go, to dance when they want to dance and sing when they want to sing… it was really beautiful..

So THEN, we saw a double decker bus tour.. LOL and we took the kids on that, touring the city (LOL.. the tourguide asked where we were from and we told him NORTH OF THE CITY).. he was killing himself laughing.. and then we went on a boat ride on harbour front.. it was really nice… I knew I had to take yesterday to soak up the kids and the hub cuz the next few weeks I will be MIA due to work.. 

We then ended the evening with a cable car ride and the subway again.. Ryan and I have never been on the cable car before.. so it was sooo much fun.

So Sistahs, the moral of this story is to DANCE when you want to DANCE and SING when you want to SINGGG.. life is too short to have inhibitions.. we should let loose and just enjoy life.  That’s my new motto.  I mean it.

Mwah to da Singing and Dancing Sistahs..


old sistahs new sistahs great sistahs blue sistahs

actually just wanted it to rhyme .. it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (my title, that is).. Well, I must tell you that this sale of mine.. just a little RAK I wanted to give everyone has had an absolutely overwhelming response.. I mean totally international (as far as MALAYSIA and SOUTH AFRICA!!).. needless to say, without getting into much detail, I expect all of you who ordered to MARCH YOURSELVES into my office and PICK your own orders.. s’aright?  I will supply the coffee and the pizza.. extra cheese. Thanks.

Please be patient with me.. I mean RE-HEALLY patient.. It is a long weekend here in Canada and I was in work all day today trying to get organized for Tuesday (tomorrow we promised our kids that we would take them on a choo choo train.. aka SUBWAY for a nice long ride.. aren’t we EXCITING?)… So that’s the scoop.  Thank you again for all of your support.. Thank you to da NEW sistahs who have resisted and decided to give Stamping Bella a chance.. I really appreciate it!

Mwah to DA sistahs who I LOVEY soooo much


guess what?????

So, I was out of town all day with the fam and I had time to think.. I says to myself.. what would make my sistahs the MOST happy?  And I decided to extend the FREE SHIPPING for one more day… why not make World Card Making day a complete EVENT of the CENTURY (LOL)…. SO that’s right sistahs… one more day of free shipping… (crazy, aren’t I?)

NEW CODE for OCT 7th  0c10d0  (case sensitive and all ZEROS.. not the letter ‘o’)

Love to my free shipping sistahs


***me hopes that we get more “sistahs” out of this sale.. potential sistahs that wanted to buy some bellas but didn’t?  I hope you are forewarned that we sistahs will snag you, adopt you, love you, and most importantly, be your friend forevah!****



why don’t you perk me up, buttercup (totally singing out loud with the wrong words)

Here is my card with the new perk me up daisy outline

[photopress image=”perkmeupoutlineddaisy.jpg”]

 This is what I was talking in the previous post about the BLENDAGE… is it not superb? LOL.. Am loving my prismas again.. I am SOOOO FICKLE.  But definitely love to shake things up as you must know by now.  I am always saying “fantabulous” so I decided to make this stamp too.. nice and clean…   Since I couldn’t find my larger scallop circle to layer (if you only saw my home office..oy yoy yoy), I decided to BLEND my prismas around the scallop to create a “faux” layer.. (do I not sound parisian?).

Here is my perk me up SOLID daisy stamp.. so beautiful when you colour direct with tombows (what i did in this card) or, ink in a shadow ink, or watercolor crayons direct on the RUBBAH).. YUM.. and of course, mustn’t forget the baubleypoos.

[photopress image=”perkmeupsolid.jpg”]

 You likey?

They can also be used as two steppers which I will try my best to show a sample…

Lemme know what you tinky

Mwah to the tinky sistahs



my dear little Ty TY

had the sniffles yesterday so I decided to make a card.. i have been DYING to use this apple.  I know an apple isn’t so exciting, honestly, but THIS ONE?  the coloring possibilities?  This apple alone is a therapy session worth $300/hour..LOLOL  I LOOOOOVEY it!!  The card is a little bIzZy but it just makes me so happy!  I used my brand spankin new polky apple.. did I mention I love it?  and the most AMAZING, most VERSATILE , most PHENOMENAL, not so bored border (notice the polky dots in the border match the apple.. huh?  whaddya think of DAT one?).. I may sound so vain that I looove my stuff but honestly sistahs.. I sooo love these images.. honest.  i swear.  i really mean it… I was up til 2:00 AM playing and working last night.. I will post another card in a coupla hours with yet another new and SPECFABULOSO stamp..  Oh, I mustn’t forget my HOT LIPS baubles to add a splash of colour on the card.. the other exciting thing about this card is that I have been DETERMINED to use my prismacolours STRAIGHT.. not on the rocks with a little gamsol and after HARD practicing.. I think I have succeeded in the blending thang.. LOVING IT!!!  My next card will show you the true BLENDAGE (is that a word?).

I have also created some sentiments with the help of my Nicky and my Donna M.  apple of my eye, and an apple a day..

 Please humor me and tell me you LOOOOVEY this apple?  please?

Hmph.  I am in love.

with a polkadotted apple.



[photopress image=”polkyapplecard.jpg”]

wanna roomie?

My dearest most wonderful “tapping and knocking” sistahs. 

 I have missed you like CRAZY and have wanted to blab but haven’t had a chance.. I have been swamped.. creating new FABULOSIOUS (just spelled that a little crazy but it means the MOST FAB) creations.. you will FREAKY right out!  am in love and will post a little som’n som’n very soon.. PLOMISE (as my young little Jayden says).  So what do I feel like talking about tonight?  I don’t have much of a muse I tell ya. 

First things first

I have had quite a few requests for room mates for the cruise.. lots of sistahs who want to share rooms with otha sistahs so I thought I would do a little bit of matchmaking..

So if you are interested in the cruise and would like to meet a sistah and share a room (where you will NEVAH BE I promise) then email me or post a comment if you wish and I can try to hook you up!  I don’t think anyone should miss out on this EVENT with Gina, Nichole and I.  Whatever, me, you could do without, no? LOL

So that’s the scoop.. I am STOKED about this cruise thing.. you have no idea.. and having united with Miss Gina and Miss Nichole has been SUCH an honour.. I mean lil’ ole’ me?  really… craziness!

 Oh.. I wanted to tell you also that i met SUCH a sistah last week!! Her name is Kristie L.. and she owns a store in Campbell River BC.. she is DA BOMB baby.. a TRUE BELLA.. We have been speaking on the phone for a while now and we just instantly bonded and to actually MEET her??? YIKES.. it was AWESOME.  We had dinner together with her hubby and Nicky (my date).. and had a BLAST while sporting our Bella Identifiahs.. we looked HOT I tell ya :).. I think she took a pic (I HATE TAKING PICS) and I am just waiting for her to post it SOMEWHERE..LOL!  Yes, yo’ ORDAH LEFT TODAY KRISTIE, I SWEAR!

What else can we talk about… hmmmm… renovations at the store are coming along and I realized I have no windows so I advised my ladieZZZ Dena, Nicky and Hannah that I will have to buy them matching pink mining hats with the light in the front when they work… HOW FUNNY IS DAT?  We were on the floor just imagining ourselves feeling our way through the dark… but it should be fine.. gonna put me some funky fixtures in there.. have lots of visions but to get them done, well that is a different story…

I feel like giving something away.. hmm…  Let’s have a contest…  something interesting… something where we can learn a little bit about each other and our ‘relationship with our stamps’ (of course you must remember that this is a STAMPERS blog..LOL)….  SO, put a comment in regarding a funny experience in this craft and we will pull a winner and advise by monday next week!

you thinky this is a good idea????

 Me thinky so.

love to DA SISTAHS!


yet another little tidbit

about my life.. as if you already don’t know enough??? LOL

Well, I’ve been thinking.  And thinking.  And THINKING.  Remember back in April, I got me some new DIGS?  I had about 5 days of *$()(#*$ moving into my new place?  Well.. guess what?  Yup.  I’m not kidding.  Nope, not kidding at all.  My landlord asked me about a month ago how I would feel about moving within the building as he basically rented out my space to another company who was renting lots of space (I am in an office building right now) and I say to him.. what do I care?  if I get a bigger place, you fix it up as I like it ( i am a bit particular, ya know) and you MOVE ME , then why not?  I have no problem with that.. thinking it would never happen, right?

WELLLLL, last week I got the news and was shown different areas of the building which did not appeal to me in the least.. SOOOO, your sistah, you know, the picky one that needs everything perfect etc?? SHE decided to YANK her husband out of work and find another place. YOU READY?  A place that IS NOT in an office building.  A PLACE THAT may entail some RETAIL activity…  SISTAHS, I am moving.  Again.  To a store. A place where I don’t have to go up an elevator.. a store that has parking IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!! Can you believe it?  A store, which may have a pink, black and white (and of course lime green) decor… A new place called home.  Now ideally, my dream would be to hold Bella Classes in there, sell some goodies and create a really nice atmosphere..  This is a work in progress for the next little while. Obviously retail hours would probably not be set at first but that is the ultimate goal.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  A little store with curtains?  A store with a FRONT DOOR?  Ya know, you tend to take things for granted sometimes.  I have SO MANY HILARIOUS stories about this new place and I can’t even begin to tell you the work that is involved in this venture… OMG… I will try to take pics of the progress but I don’t want to think about MOVING ALL MY STUFF… hmph. 

So when is everyone coming to visit???? hmmmm?

 Mwah to da Sistahs who DON”T HAVE TO MOVE.