BELLAGALLACLASS FULL! we are now booking for April 12th

if anyone is interested just email me!  thank you so much for your support.

We are buried here at DA BELLAS place in orders and snow.. a LETHAL combo.. LOL.  Please understand that we are trying our best to get your goodies out as soon as possible!  We also have a big surprise.. wanna know what it is?  we have been working very diligently with UPS for the last little while and finally signed a contract where we will pass our great discount on to you!  We know how frustrating it is (I am a SHOPPER REMEMBER?? LOL) to order and have the parcel take it’s time in getting there (Canada Post).. so we will be implementing UPS as of next week where you will have COMPLETE trackability, guaranteed services, and short transit times.. HOW GREAT IS DAT??? I am so excited about it.  Can you believe that this excites me? LOL… it’s been a looooooong day sistahs. a looooooong day!

love to all

big MWAH’s


april 5th- galabella card class at the Bella’s digs!

Once upon a time there was a a consultant who worked for a Customs Brokerage firm.  She was COMPLETELY un-crafty, was all thumbs, purchased a KAJILLION craft projects which she nevAH finished (know who I am talking about yet?).  She always loved to color and actually purchased her first Mary Engelbright stamp when she was all of eight years of age.  She used to stamp it in purple.  She used to SLAM it into the purple inkpad.  She always wondered why the image was always blurry.  Hmph.  Well, with her unfinished baby rughooking project meant for a child who had just turned nine, off she went to the local store, Cherished Scrapbooks cuz she DECIDED that she didn’t wanna BUY mothers day cards (lack o money and attention-sorry my dear MIL) she wanted to MAKE mother’s day cards (BIIIIIIG MISSSSTAKKKKKEEEEEE).  So she marched in and looked at stamps and picked up a four flower Hero Arts quad stamp and decided that THIS would be the perfect focal point for ALL of my (ahem, I mean HER) cards… She spoke to Dianne the manager there (MWAH! DIANNE) and Dianne referred her to Nicky Manel, a reknowned teacher/mentor in NORTH AMERICA.. Ok, so now I must speak in the first person.. yes, the main character in this tale is ME.. I know you are shocked.  RE-HEALLY shocked.  SO I says to Dianne WHO IS THIS PERSON, AND I NEED A CLASS IMMEDIATELY…. well sistahs, the rest is history.  honestly.

I took my first beginner’s class the following week (was SOOO angry that I had to wait that long… if you know me, you will realize that i have NO patience at all.. but boy was the wait worth it)  I went to the class and the first thing I noticed was how I was an instant MAGNET to Nicky…. I knew right away that she was from Montreal (where I am from), that we knew common people, and that she would be a part of my life FOREVAH.  The class was PHENOM and the rest is history.. The key to Nicky’s class is that the work is done for you.  Her philosophy is that you work/run around all day, her class should be SHEER pleasure and enjoyment.. and actually full of information that will remain with you forevah!  I don’t mean to go on and on and NIcky will probably KILL me for this post but I have to tell you a little bit about Nicky.. the woman who has been with me 100% of the way from the beginning when she would approve drawings, to when I would bring my rubbah to Cherished to cut, to designing cards, to keep me grounded, to teach me everything she knows, to be kind to me, to keep me company etc etc…

Nicky will Reheally kill me when she reads the next part (sorry Nickabella but I think da sistahs should know..LOL!)

Nicky has achieved many accomplishments.  She has been stamping for 9 years and teaching for 8.  She has been published in magazines such as Somerset Studio, Stamper’s Sampler, Take 10, Stamp it, Papercrafts, papercraft essentials in the UK etc.  She has an international selling DVD, “Ink It UP” that she made with Dianne (remember her from above? LOL).  Nicky teaches at Toronto’s largest craft convention “Creativ Festival (no it ISN”T spelled wrong) where her classes are sold out before the tickets are for sale..LOL.  She has made TV appearances showing the art of the craft.  The greatest part about Nicky’s cardmaking in my humble opinion is her “clean and elegant” style.  Nicky’s favorite “embellishments” are glittah (of course), baubles, swarovskis, beautiful ribbon etc.. 

Nicky has two great kids, Wendy and Robbie.  Wendy is a TOTAL sistah.. TOTAL and comes up with the most FABBY ideas too!, a wonderful hubs JOE, and a little teeny tiny Maya (her granddaughter) and another grandbaby on the way!  SOOOO exciting!

oops, the point of this blog entry…LOL.. (i DO have a “digression” problem, don’t I?), is that we have finally booked our 1st class for da sistahs.. it will be called the “Galabella” class where Nicky will teach different layouts, how she comes up with them, colouring techniques and how to use our FABBY embellishments.  We decided that we will keep it very personal where the class will have 6 people.. We will be offering the class twice on Saturday April 5th  (10-12 and 2-4)… spaces are very limited as you see.. I want people to get to know eachother, to be able to talk and essentially it will feel like a ‘ONE ON ONE’.. Nicky of course will be teaching.. I will be hanging out pretending to know what I am talking about.. LOL and just make it a fun place to be!

If you are interested in calling for pricing and reserving a spot, please let us know!  give us a call at 905.763.2355  or email at emily@stampingbella.com and we will give you all the deets!

Mwah to da sistahs who aren’t annoying bragging about OTHAH people 🙂



whaddya think that means?  This is what will kick off our LONG weekend of festivities!  This is your free shipping code for orders over $35.00 for the weekend including Monday as I deem it to be a long weekend 🙂

I will be updating my website throughout the day.. will let you know as they go up!  I Will be including everything new in my what’s new section!

Happy LOOOOOONG weekend sistahs!!!

Here are some samples of what is to come!  Wedding dress by Nickabella, Umbrella by Nickabella, ooh la la by Emmabella and Easter Chichi by Emmabella


[photopress image=”eastercard1.jpg”]

[photopress image=”whussupgirlcard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickyweddingdresscirclecard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickyumbrellacirclecard.jpg”]

**** added at 1.29PM*** (lol at the :29).. just added 2 fairies and Alexis’ bad hair day.. plus the poly dotty ribbon (more ribbon to come and the embellishments came on time!!).. gots to leave some surprises for tonight!!! P.S. please make sure that you click on the magnifying glass to see the matching sentiments!!

there is DEFINITELY a hop and a skip

in my JUMP.. (or however the statement goes..LOL).  We are bIzZy at the Bella “enterprise”.. a.k.a. the little office we all work out of… a.k.a. all 3.5 of us :).  I have  sent many a plate to get made for this Friday’s celebration.. it’s gonna be like a long weekend celebration that is DESPERATELY needed right about NOW (if anyone is suffering from the winter blahs).  So… in celebration of the BELLA LONG WEEKEND, we will have a pseudo little get together on friday night just to see what da SISTAHS thinky about the new artist and addition to the tiddly line.. yes.. I did mention that A wonderful European artist with lots of FLAIR has joined the bella team.. she is FANTABULOSO and you will be impressed- fo’ sho’.  And Christy from Tiddly.. NEED I SAY MORE?  Do people wanna meet more characters to our Tiddly line?  OK, you WILL!

Our get together will happen on my Splitcoast forum located here.  I will bring the stamps and you can bring the cyber food :).. I think I have a spare tablecloth lying around somewhere 🙂

I am expecting a shipment of LUSCIOUS embellishments that I found at CHA from a verrry discreet vendor :).. AMAZING if I do say so myself.. soooo as long as I receive them tomorrow or Friday, I should be featuring them online on Friday!!  YOU EXCITED?  CUZ I AM!!!   There will be another “long bella weekend” surprise so stay tOoOoned.

You just tell your employers/or kids whichever the case may be that you MUST take monday off to recuperate from the goodies presented.  You tell them that DA BELLA said so n’k?

mwah to da sistahs who are NOWHERE as excited as I am



an exciting week ahead :)

Hiya sistahs!!

Things have been crazy at the bella office this past little while.. with me being away and now back trying to catch up etc… well lots of things have been happening and we have yet another artist join our team.. she is FANTAB..  I just love all of my artists so much for contributing to my line and making it more spectacular than I ever expected!!  So on Friday, I will be launching a few new ones and some new ones in Christy’s section (Tiddly Inks).. they are AMAZZING!!  So buckle up your seatbelts cuz Friday is gonna be one crazy day!

Today is “family day” in Ontario.. can you believe it ???  It is basically a new statutory holiday to allow families to spend time together and not work (what is that??).. so we are relaxing at home while I post and check emails (LOL.. so much for family day)..

I should be receiving some goodies this week from CHA and as I mentioned I am developing a new product overseas which makes me tingle all over and get soooo excited… basically the only hint I can give is that it is a new type of embellishment 🙂


can you feel it?



Mwah to da sistahs who are as excited as I am


roll out the red carpet….

We are finalllly home.  WE woke up sooo early yesterday morning (4:45 AM) and we took a cabby to the airport and we upgraded out tickets to ECONOMY PLUS.. now do Nicky and I travel in style OR WHAT?  Anyway.. what do we know about economy plus.. we stood in line for first class ticket holders.. (lol).. we get through.. then we get to the gate and whaddya know?  they are calling the first class passengers to the “red carpet” to preboard the plane.. and then once they board, there is a whole “hoopla” about closing off the ‘red carpet section’.  Would you like to know what this red carpet was?  It was a car mat.  maybe 5*7 in size, it was red and they wouldn’t let ANYONE step on it unless you were first class… well DA BELLA just wanted to stomp, jump up and down on it and scream “HAHA”.. lol.. am I sick or what?

Anyway.. so we upgrade to economy plus cuz we were SHOVED like sardines on the way there.. this option gave us a whole 5 inches of leg room.. we were SO EXCITED.  so we get on the plane and sit in our seats.. the good news is… that we had TONS of legroom.. the bad news is, the BOTTOMSIDE of the anatomy had to SQUISH it’s way into the seat.. how devastating!  oh well.. at least I could stretch my legs 🙂

Went to work today to see how Ryan and Dena managed so nicely without me 🙂  ’twas nice. When I was in Anaheim, I forgot to mention that I had to buy a REEBOK 30″ dufflebag to bring all of my catalogs back… Ryan almost freaked out when he saw me rolling that baby into the office.. so much fun reviewing what was purchased and got excited all over again!!

We have lots of plans and ideas.. you have no idea what will hit you!! I will be releasing a new line next week.. it is AMAZING!  there will also be more images in the Tiddly Inks collection..

Lots of exciting things!! can’t wait to share with da sistahs!


now i lost my credit card.

Can you BELIEVE IT?  from my glasses to my Visa card???  Well I was told  by Nicky that it MUST be in my purse cuz I tend to “dump” things in and sure enough.. it WASN”T THERE.  I retraced my steps and finally found it at a restaurant we went to 2 nights ago.  Why did it take me that long to realize that it wasn’t there???  Cuz I am SOOOOOO tired.

 Sistahs, we had the bestest time!  Aside from missing my family, all was great.. ate well (WW starts tomorrow AGAIN), shopped our hearts out, and met the most wonderful sistahs.. will post about them when I get back but can I tell you that there were so many talented and amazing sistahs in one room?

Ok, nuff about DAT.  CAn I tell you how many goodies I have ordered?  I designed my own embellishments as well.. I hope you love them.. so things will be coming in over the next 3-4 weeks and I will introduce them as they come in.. so stay tooooooooNED.

 leaving in the morning and miss you lots.


mwah to da sistahs who don’t have to FLY for a MILLION hours.


my feet hurt already and I have a blister


Sistahs!  The show hasn’t even started and I am soooo tired and blistery.  We are having a blast, met tons of people  while I limp (lol), and I already have an adventure to tell.

Yesterday our friend Natalie, the owner of Scrapbook Centrale in Montreal (DA best store evah) picked us up from the convention center to go for lunch and a little shopping… so here I am looking all glitzy and sparkly with my bare escentuals makeup (another story I may share later) and my sparkly sunglasses.. we go into the restaurant and we are sitting down and I am searching for my glasses.  My regular glasses, you know?  so I am searching.. dump my purse and searching.  NO GLASSES.  I proceed to panic.  Natalie runs to the car to check there.  Nicky is consoling me that for the rest of the show it is OK to wear SUNGLASSES….LOL.. and at NIGHT PARTIES.. it will be OK to wear sunglasses.. what would people thinky???? Either that I am a addicted to some substance and hiding behind my sunglasses ORRRRRRRR that I think I am a superstar (LOL) and need to wear sunglasses in public not to get recognized (just laughed my HEAD off here)… so we are talking, blabbing, gossiping (with my sunglasses on) and all I was thinking about were my little Chanel’s all alone somewhere…

After lunch we returned to the convention center and I proceeded to go to the information desk, who pointed to the coat check (lost and found) about 67 miles from that desk… once I got to coat check, they told me to go to the show office.. I said “OK thank you!” all excited that I would find my glasses…went to show office who proceeded to send me to registration (LOL) another 85 miles to get there… I go to registration they look at me like “WHY would someone send you HERE?”.. then I speak to a security services officer who sends me outside to NOTHING.. then I speak to a security guard outside who sends me to the SECURITY OFFICE… which I couldn’t find (at this point I know you are are so annoyed with this story but TOO BAD).. I then called from there “RECEPTION” and they say to me “WHAT KIND OF GLASSES ARE THEY?” i said CHANEL’s.. and they say to me BUT WHY ARE THEY IN A BULGARI CASE?  and I Said WHO CARES.. DO YOU HAVE MY GLASSES? and she said yes.. so I walked another 67 miles escorted by a lovely security officer where I found my “eyesight”.. at least i got my exercise for the year, no?

We are hanging out with DA coolest people.. the list is too long to even mention

OK sistahs, gots TA GO.. will get you lots of goodies

miss you 🙂

mwah to da sistahs who don’t have blistahs