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you will find my new fave, sweetybellas.  I LOVEY THEM TO PIECES and just wanna take a bite out of the ice cream.  hmph.  How do the bellas eat that and still maintain their physique?  I need to find out.  PRONTO.

Thank you for the OVERWHELMING response to my previous blog entry..LOL.. somehow I knew I would either get the “ALL THREE” response or the “BELLA, OF COURSE” response.  So since I am celebrating the upcoming cruise (which I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT), and since you sistahs have been SOOOO GOOOD.  I will be launching ALL 3 today and a goody too!!


mwah to da sistahs!



A cruisin’ we will go!

So Sistahs.

 Dat’s da news.  Gina, Nichole and I have decided to book a holiday on a beautiful cruise for a week. COULD YOU IMAGINE?  Stamping classes, fun, goodies OMG.. We had fun on splitcoast last night.. some of you joined us….

So that’s the scoop.  I will be in my THONG for a week while stamping and blabbing with you.. Nichole and Gina will be there too but probably dressed more appropriately  *winks* cuz THEY are the GOOD girls



hee hee hee (sneaky bella)

Ok, I had to tantalizzzzeee… please read about my bella identifiah below.. but I have another NUGGET of info….

on mondddayyyyy my sistahs GINA K and NICHOLE HEADY and I (you know me already) will be revealing some LUSCIOUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS news….  Me thinks you will be happy :).. it’s so exciting I can HARDLY control it.  OMG.. I think I am gonna have to DUNK myself in baubles to cool down?  Or perhaps attach the Bella Identifah onto everything I own?  Or MAYBE just MAYBE buy another purse????  OMG.

Can’t tell what it is

nope can’t

stop asking ok?

I said NO.

Major MWAHS to the sistahs who will be SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY


have you EVAH?

Ok, so this is the “THING” that I wanted to intro today.  It has taken me literally 6 %*($)*%)($* months to get this to the way I likey it.   It’s called the BELLA IDENTIFIAH.  Basically it is a keychain or scrapbag (you know the one that sits on my floor full of pretty and the BEST tools? ya that one) key chain.. I put it on my purse as did everyone I know cuz it’s darn cute.  So this is my ideaR.  You listening?  I think when we go to an ‘event’ or a convention or a stamp show etc.. we should make sure we wear this to be seen… and then if you see someone having it , you KNOW that they are a sistah… Again it is kinda like ‘paying it forward’?  Like let’s see who we can meet from where in the world?  I thought it was such a cute idea but then again, aren’t I a little warped?


Let me know what you think!



p.s. did I tell you I have it on every single one of my bags?  I am not obssessive or anything


I couldn’t resist

I am TOTALLY OBSSESSED with the baubles.. honestly.. I know it isn’t obvious but I can SWEAR that I am… I have had sistahs write to me that they want to dip themselves in a bath of baubles.. every so often, I stick my hand in the bin of them and melt.. i love it.  SO I introduced 2 more colours.. pearl necklace (totally obssessed with) and goldilocks (a beautiful gold).. In love.. totally

I also introduced the quickie glue pen which is my FAVE when applying glitter and when gluing die cuts or teeny tiny things.. LOOOOOVE ITTTTTTT

 and I introduced my favorite stumps for coloring with Mineral Spirits and prismas.. they are made in Taiwan and spread so beautifully.. I got the 2 main sizes I use # 2 (teeny tiny to get into teeny tiny spaces) and a number 4 which is the standard one..

OH and I have another surprise product being launched tomorrow!  I am so excited about it.. (It’s not THAT exciting) but I have been working on it for sooooooo lonnnnng  til it was perfect… you know me 🙂


So enjoy sistahs

love you lots




OMG I am back and buried and happy but stressed!  Today I had my accountant here and I couldn’t even check my emails as she was PARKED at my computer all day!!!  How shaky do you think I was?? you have no idea.  Ok enough about today.

SISTAHHHHHHSSS I MIIIIIIIISSSSSEDDDDDDD YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU so much.. you have no idea.  I missed the banter, the bla bla, and just knowing you were “by my side” :).  Ok I am back and we cannot be apart like this EVAH AGAIN.  N’K?????

My time at home was great.. the drive was LONNNNG but we stayed with my sister in law so the kids were in heaven.. they have a lovely dog named ELVIS and her is adorable and happy to entertain my kids..LOL.  It was an eating frenzy (what else is new) and got to spend time with everyone although I think I angered a few along the way cuz we didn’t spend ENOUGH time.. that’s the hard part.. you feel like you are pulled in 6 CAJILLION different directions.  Oh well.. we are back now.  oh, I forgot to say.. you know when you have tons of stress in your life and you just have to add more?????  Well, my Dear Darling Love of MY LIFE Ryan decided that we needed a pet..LOL.  I had a cat for 18 years and I love animals but the loss was so hard on me and I vowed never to own an animal again.. but then my kids were excited (like they really have a say in this) and Ryan really wanted one so most of the week I did some researching.  Sure enough we went 2 HOURS away to a lovely breeder and ended up buying “BELLA”.. a cute little havanese pup.. she is GORGEOUS… Ruby (you remember her, my right hand bella at home? she be not so happy).  But I vowed that Little BELLA (ryan’s responsibility remember?) will come to work with me.. LOL. 

[photopress image=”bellapuppy.jpg”]

I think she is the one sniffing the other one’s ear.. how bad a mom am I that I am not sure which one is my girl?? Anyway.. cute no?  

I would love to hear what da sistahs have been up to

 Oh, and did I mention I had a new fellabella?

hmmmmm  it’s called sockafellabella



mwah to my sistahs



on my way to MONTREALLLLL

 So it HAS been a while hasn’t it…?  where has life gone?  It’s been crazy BIZZY sistahs.. I worked on the weekend trying to clean stuff up before I leave.  Tomorrow is the Jewish New Year and I am taking the hub and the kidoodles to Montreal to spend time with family.  It’s crazy.  I have been living in Toronto for the past 11 years.  My close family (mom, dad, grandmother, cousins, friends etc) are still living there.  It’s crazy when you think about it.  11 YEARS.  My grandmother aged 11 years, I have, my mom, dad.. life goes by so quickly and we are not together.  It really is difficult.  I have felt it the most when I had my children.  You know, when you go out for a nice sunday brekkie, you see all the kids running to their grandparents and hugging and kissing and reuniting after a few days of not seeing eachother.. and my family is so far apart.  When I start thinking about it, I get sooooo sad. 

Anyhoo.. the good news is, that we are going tomorrow for the 6 hour drive (I have about 35 DVDs and lots of snack foods) and we will spend lots of time with everyone.  We usually stay for a couple of days but this time we are staying until Sunday.. So I need to keep you sistahs up to date with a couple of things

(1) orders will not be processed until Monday Sept 17th

(2) if you have an order still in “pending” status and it has a “clickabella” on it, it will be shipped Monday or Tuesday of next week..  Thank you for your patience.

(3) OF COUUUUUUUUURSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  I am always around so you can email me any time.. I may be 6 hours away but have a cute little mobile that I carry everywhere with me (oh and it has a cute case too :P)

Ok now that business is out of the way.. let’s discuss Belllllasss (is that business?)

I just introduced a newwwwwwww oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  She’s pretty specific but I find it so hard to find a card for a momma and poppa who just had TWINS!  So I have created dubbatrubbabella (looks weird but say it out loud)…. let me know what you thinky!!

I was gonna stop there.. but these little cutie patooties have been burning a hole in my pile of RUBBAH.  They need to come out.  They need to be revealed.  Being a mom, I find it SO difficult to find cute kiddie stamps that arent’ just animals etc.. so we have created miniwagonfella and miniwagonbella… do you LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE THEM? 

Another thing to mention that made today SUCH A happy day… I came home from work and saw a bouquet of flowers waiting for me… nope, not from hubby but darling darling amazing JOVIAL JUDI… She is a true sistah..just sent it for no reason!  I am so not worthy of what she sent but sniffed them to death and can’t stop staring at them..

Thank you SOOO much Judi!!  MWAH!

Mwah to all my true sistahs!!


group hug anyone?

How cute are these snowmen??? they remind me of da SISTAHS hugging in the snow.. I LOOOOVEY THEM!!!  The card is quite simple but just wanted to get the point across.. cocktail shaker baubles (look a little like pearls I find).. just do the trick.. nothing fancy shmancy.. just like me 🙂

[photopress image=”group_hug_001.jpg”]


This stamp actually has a story.  Our very own dirty girl Julia Stainton and I were talking last year right when Bella went live on the net.. she told me she doodled (or I approached her I think) and she drew up some images for me.. this was one of them!  Why didn’t I release it last year you ask?  Well, first it was too late and second, the group huggers ran away from home!! I COULDN”T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!! Sure enough I was going through my files and found them and HOW HAPPY WAS I?  I didn’t want them to ‘get away’ again so I made sure to make them into rubber ASAP.  So that’s the story of the group hugs.