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Ok so yesterday , our “ANYTHING GOES TUESDAY” has been “skipped”.. lol.. I mean, how can you start a weekly ‘thang and not have a NAMMMMMMMMMMMMME for it??? which brings me to the next part of this email.

I LOOOVED everyone’s suggestions.. they were alll SOOOOO VERRRY GOOOD and clevah and brilliant.. just like a true SISTAH!

So we decided to go with TOTALLY TERRIFIC TOOSDAYS.  Dee!! you won!  please email me your information at  and we will send out the embossing plates for you!

And now for another story….

Something VEhEhEhErrry strange has been happening at bella headquarters.. VEHHHERRY Strange.

Wanna hear my story???  Well, even if you don’t you have no choice.  LOL.. I haven’t had a story in a while.  (note to self.. add more boring stories to entertain da sistahs)

So we get the mail a couple of days ago and I receive this card.. this is the beginning of the story… This was an original of course as I wet my finger and rubbed on the colored pencil and black ink and a little came off.. signed by the wonderful illustrator CHRISTY CROLL (aka TIDDLYINKS).. I was so excited for this birthday card cuz A) this is how she sees me B) I be skinny in this image C) i be veryyyy sexy.  I was thinking to myself.. “self, this is a gorgeous image but I no have  a stamp for this…WEIRD”..

The next day, I get these… hmmmmm.. first one from PAULA..  and I am thinking.. SHE LOOKS LIKE ME (from the waist up).. and I say WHAT IS GOING ON??????  and then I open another envie.. from

and this envie contained KARENABELLA’s card… HMMMMM I say

the next day I got another envelope..LOL.. HMMMMM squared from KIMMIEBELLA

Now I am convinced something is going on…LOL (I know I am a smidge (love that word) slow).. I call Nickabella and ask what is going on?? I am getting these gorgeous card with a STUNNING character (if i do say so myself..LOL) and I don’t even have this stamp?!?!?!  So nickabella laughed at me and said that Christy was up to something..LOL.. she had planned with Nicky and Shannan a little surprise by providing these images and to send them to me in a card..OMG.. I had to email  Christy and ask her if she was NUTS?!  And she just said she loooooved me.  And I SOOOO LOVE HER!! Thank you all so much for making this such a surpRIZE…!!

So then I get MORE MAIL…

AMYRYSAVYbella made a stunning card! notice MY crown..LOL

and then THIS from LINDABELLA

and this from my PINKY DINKY DOOOOOOO including a piece ‘o’ cake without calories that we can share 🙂

so whaddya think about my surprise?? OMG.. I was SHOCKED!!

What a great EVE of da birFday

Mwah to da sistahs who can’t wait til tomorrrrrow!!

Tomorrow is da DAY.. DA DAY!! DA RELEASE DAY!!!

AND DON”T FORGET DA BELLA BLOGHOP TOMORROW!!  Starting HERE and then you will go to NICKABELLA’s BLOG and then you can find the list of all participants HERE if you get lost 🙂



  1. The cat’s out of the bag! (I’m sure it’s much happier now that it can breathe..) Mine’s on it’s way to you, but now I’m thinking I need to re-do it because these are soooo fabulous!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday eve, and don’t be mad at me for the picture I’m going to show on my blog tomorrow… {insert evil giggle — hee hee!}

  2. LOL I love that it took you getting four cards with the same image before wondering what was up. HAHAHA! I wish I had been there to see your face. Love it!
    Oh, and we’re gonna be needing these images as stamps, btw. Just so ya know. 😉

    P.S. Mine is on its way too!

  3. Pinky says:

    giggle, giggle, giggle – that is what I have been doing since I knew of the surprise. giggle, giggle, giggle; I am so happy that this makes you happy ’cause we lovey you soooooo mucho grande!
    I know that you will probably be carrrraaazzzyy buzzzy tomorrow – so – I will now wish you the best birfffday evah!! Let the celebration begin Queen Mama – take in all da’ lovin’ and make it fill you from top to toezies.
    37 mwahs to you darlin’,
    your Pinky Dinky Do

  4. Oh, what a great surprise! Happy Birthday Eve and please make these images into stamps ASAP. 😉

  5. paula says:

    OMG!!! I was just talking to LindaBella today, wondering why this has not appeared yet! The cards, they should have started rolling in…. I cannot tell you how excited I was to print this out and color it up the day I got it! I can NOT wait to see them all when I get up there!! hehehehe I been dyin’ down here! Just a suggestion, you better get a HUGE frame! See ya in a few days, LOVE ya, angelbella

  6. Meahni says:

    These cards are all stunning, and I LOVE that image! It is just too amazing to even try and describe. Emily, I’ve seen only a few photos of you, but it looks 100% just like you!!!

  7. lindaH says:

    hehehehehehhhhheeeee!!!!!!!!!! so excited! i colored it up the day i got it and stayed up till 11! yes 11! wanting to get it finished. i’ve been sitting on pins ever since i put it in the mail! aren’t surprises fun! see ya saturday…only 3 more sleeps! get those arms of yours in shape cause there is gonna be lots of hugging!

  8. Jessica says:

    What a cool surprise and lovely presents from you ladies!

  9. Gabriela says:

    OMG!!! LOVE THEM. They are so you.

  10. Kimmie says:

    Teeheehee!!! I was so excited when Shannan asked me to be a part of such a super fun secret!! I printed her out and the whole time I was colouring her, I was giggling, thinking of your face when the cards started roooooooollin’ in!! Glad you like them!! Big hugs and birthday smooches, darlin’!!!

  11. Angela says:

    OMG!!! How cute is that?? I love it! I agree with Shannan – it would be a great stamp. Happy early Birthday !!!

  12. How cute are those cards! It would make a great stamp! Happy Early Birthday!!!! Have a great, happy day tomorrow!

  13. Jess Willison says:

    How adorable! These are awesome! It would definitely make a great stamp!

  14. Jamie says:

    HEHE I love this surprise. They have been amazing so far, mine is on its way. And I SOOO want these in a stamp. Happy Birthday EVE!! We LUV you!!

  15. Robb_eeie says:

    ~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY ~~~ !!!

    Hey Birffffday Girl—
    That is such a fantastic original idea that Christi and fellow Bellas pulled on you 🙂 Must have been difficult not to spill the beans about your surprise!!

    And I gotta say, this new TiddlyInk’s “EMILY” image is adorable, so I hope we’ll all be able to get our paws on the real rubbah image soon 🙂

    Have a wonderful, great, loving, brilliant, and euphoric birthday Miss Pickle 😉
    •.¸(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ M W A H ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)¸.•

  16. What a great surprise you had. I couldn’t imagine opening all those envelopes with you’re wonderful image in them. I can just see your confused face, and Nickabella giggling beside you. Happy Birthday Em. Can’t wait for the release.

  17. nicky manel says:

    Hope you have the bestest Birthday ever!!!!
    I can hardly wait to see Carol’s blog and see the picture she is going to post. LOL.

    Luv you

  18. Tanya says:

    Oh my goodness…what a wonderful surprise! Happy Birthday Em!

  19. katie Cotton says:

    HOW FUN!!!!! I love all the cards! What a fantastic bday! Happy birthday to ya girl!

  20. Steph says:

    Fab image and cards! Happpeeeeee Birfday Em!!!! x

  21. Jennifer Bradley says:

    What an AWESOME surprise – wow someone really knew what would make your day and those images would make cute stamps!!!!!

  22. Maria says:

    Happy Birthday Em! Great way to start off your birthday celebration with beautiful cards with images expressing your style. Enjoy your day and a year full of more wonderful surprises. Hugs, Maria

  23. Laurie P. says:

    Hope you have an awesome B-day, Em, filled with all your favourite things. I love all the cards everyone has sent. You are totally loved by all, girl! Enjoy yourself.

  24. Makeesha Byl says:

    OH how totally amazing!!! All those cards are GORGEOUS and well so YOU~ 🙂
    What a wonderful suprise from all your wonderful friends!
    Keesh x

  25. Joanne B says:

    So glad the envies have started to arrive! I hope you LOVE them as much as WE all love YOU sistah! Happy Happy Stinkin Birthday!

  26. Laurie VF says:

    way cool!!!!! that was so sweet of them all 2 do!!!! they are sharin the luv with ya!!~!\\
    happy bday………………..and must say luv the new stamp….luv it all…………..c ya soon….school is almost over…………1 more week…………………….LaurieVF

  27. Eleanor Gona says:

    I love her, I want her and I need her because she reminds me of ME! LOL
    These cards are super cute. Will we be able to purchase this stamp any time soon?

  28. Me thinks that image NEEDS to be made into a stamp! It’s just gorgeous! Hope your b-day was as special and wonderful as you are!

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