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I just about went absolutely MENTAL when I got the ok to use this font… MENTAL is not the word.. I think I almost DIED and immediately started manufacturing… My little daughter Jayden’s 2nd birthday party is in May and of course on top of everything I have to do, I MUST MAKE INVITATIONS.. hmph… double hmph.. I am SO TEMPTED to buy them but I don’t think I can.. so I needed a “please come to my birthday party” and in this new font? OMG OMG OMG.. you just wanna insert into mouth and DEVOUR.  So I created it for DA SISTAHS too.. then I needed a ” DATE TIME PLACE RSVP” stamp.. and again , in this font… not only to devour, but NEVER swallow cuz it tastes SO GOOD… I also left more room between the “place” and the “rsvp” cuz I find there is never enough room on any other stamp to write address, directions, love notes, etc.. so thaSS what I did!  There is also the CUTEST sentiment inspired by (actually recited by) Lisa Strahl.. you should find it in the sentiments.. LOVE IT.. and would put it with Grumpabella.. start searching in sentiments and you will find.. Let me know what you think!?   Thank goodness I ate my sentiments cuz they were so delish.. no snacks for me!

there will be another reveal in the next coupla days.. I am so not into the regimented 1st of the month so let’s drop that n’k?

Some of the storage is IN.. the only problem is that I have to figure out the least expensive way to ship.. so bear with me a little.. k?

Ummm.. had another shopping day.. had to drop something off at Cherished Scrapbooks (my LSS) and had to buy the Quickutz Revolution.. I already have the handle and I AM BEYOND EXCITED.. Does anyone have Quickutz?  I mean I have ’em all.. hmph.  I am a sick sick puppy. (but a happy one)..





  1. mcbetty says:

    Tthe new font has chilled out so much that it is WAY-cool!
    I hope I guessed the new font.

  2. Christy S. says:

    I *heart* that Bette Davis quote! What a great idea for a stamp (but I don’t think you ever have any bad ones!!) That will be going on my next order…along with half the site…since I already ordered the other half 😉 Gotta wait for DH to go out of town so I can order while he ain’t lookin’! MWAH to Em, you’re the bestest! And you’re up to like 136 so you’re bookin’ it on up the most popular stamp sites list!

  3. Suzy Pearson says:

    I have to have the Bette Davis quote. It’s soooo true and my buddies will LOVE it. You’re killing me with all the new good stuff. Waiting on more fellas for my next order. I’m hoping for a cleanafella so I’ll have more stamping time for my bellas!

    Fella stamper

  4. Kim Nielsen says:


    Love the invitation and party sentiments. My daughter Allison’s 2nd birthday is in May also (20th). I have started planning her invites and these will be perfect. I love all of your products and spread the word of your site to everyone I can. Can’t wait for the fellas.
    I am going to be so broke I won’t be able to pay attention.

  5. Julie Masse says:

    Everything is adorable as usual! Love the new fonts and all the new sentiments with it! Fella is toooooo cute! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  6. Jen says:

    OH MY…love the new font it goes perfect with the Bellas – TOO CUTE! The Bette Davis quote ROCKS!!! I am so not getting a pay check this month. 🙂 And hints of another new reveal in just a few days…I don’t know if I can take this. If my head didn’t already hurt I would think it was going to explode with excitment!!!

    You are the BESTEST Em!!!!


  7. Thanh says:

    We already had this discussion over email once, I think… and I loveeeeeee QK. It was between the revolution and the CB for me and I chose CB because it could take QK dies.

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