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my dear little Ty TY

had the sniffles yesterday so I decided to make a card.. i have been DYING to use this apple.  I know an apple isn’t so exciting, honestly, but THIS ONE?  the coloring possibilities?  This apple alone is a therapy session worth $300/hour..LOLOL  I LOOOOOVEY it!!  The card is a little bIzZy but it just makes me so happy!  I used my brand spankin new polky apple.. did I mention I love it?  and the most AMAZING, most VERSATILE , most PHENOMENAL, not so bored border (notice the polky dots in the border match the apple.. huh?  whaddya think of DAT one?).. I may sound so vain that I looove my stuff but honestly sistahs.. I sooo love these images.. honest.  i swear.  i really mean it… I was up til 2:00 AM playing and working last night.. I will post another card in a coupla hours with yet another new and SPECFABULOSO stamp..  Oh, I mustn’t forget my HOT LIPS baubles to add a splash of colour on the card.. the other exciting thing about this card is that I have been DETERMINED to use my prismacolours STRAIGHT.. not on the rocks with a little gamsol and after HARD practicing.. I think I have succeeded in the blending thang.. LOVING IT!!!  My next card will show you the true BLENDAGE (is that a word?).

I have also created some sentiments with the help of my Nicky and my Donna M.  apple of my eye, and an apple a day..

 Please humor me and tell me you LOOOOVEY this apple?  please?

Hmph.  I am in love.

with a polkadotted apple.



[photopress image=”polkyapplecard.jpg”]


  1. michelle hoover (chella bella) says:

    it is indeed very cute!

    just in time to make some teacher cards!

    you are such a ding dong!

    it YOU don’t like the stuff… what makes you think WE will?

    we obviously have similar tastes or we wouldn’t be belladingdongs!

    hugs to THE ding dong! michelle

  2. Mary says:

    As always love this stamp! Apple of my eye sentiment with the apple…ohhh…….my boys would love that…of coarse using lots of blue and greens/ not pinks…=( So, going to be adding it to my next order.
    I can’t wait to see the next items!
    I still have to orders some baubles….I wish you had a varity pack to try first….only becuase I want soooooooo many of the colors. =)

    I have been making Bella cards like crazy lately….and everyone is lovin’ them! They are lovn’ your work!

  3. Chris says:

    Very sweet and cute apple……

  4. Erica says:

    I can honestly say I do…lovey this apple too :D!

  5. Suzy says:

    I *love* it!

    Ugh my wishlist is growing…I am already in trouble with -the man-

  6. Carmen says:

    Yummie! What a great apple Em. Oooh and there are so many sentiments to be used with this apple. Too bad their in dutch…
    Doei doei!

  7. Shannan says:

    Yes!! Yes!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Stamping Bella says:


  9. Dawn says:

    An apple a day keeps the BELLA at play!!!

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