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my bella booboo


I wasn’t going to mention this on my blog as I really just wanted to keep things “status quo” but honestly, I must speak.  Yesterday morning, I was sending a $15  prize to a sistah who won a challenge on Splitcoast Stampers.  She participated in one of our challenges and legitimately won.  Well, dearest Emmabella sent it and it ended up pressing the wrong button.  This wrong button led to over 5000 people receiving this gift voucher in their shopping carts.  I had two options when I saw this happen.  My first option was to send out a broadcast email to everyone telling them that there was a glitch and not to redeem the coupon.  My second option was the route I decided to go.  I decided that I would not take back what I accidentally gave.  How could I?  It isn’t my style.  So after much thought, I decided that the right thing to do would be to honour the voucher to all who received it in error.  This was a potential $50,000 loss but I was prepared to deal with it because I stand behind my errors and was prepared to deal with its repercussions .  Sistahs made decisions whether to redeem or not but I encouraged to redeem because it was already in their shopping baskets and sometimes we all need a little treat especially with the economy going the way it is going etc.. so sometimes there is a meaning for everything.  I firmly believe that.  I have been working since yesterday at 8:00 AM fielding questions, responding to each and every email, discussing matters with people etc.  It has been a lot of work.. honestly.  To make matters worse, there was another glitch with my shipping costs within Canada and overseas citing extremely high rates… This has been fixed (thank goodness) and Canadian rates may change again on Monday as we are trying to get a 55% discount from UPS to pass on to you.  Could matters get a little worse?  YES.  My glitch has been miscontrued by some (very few) as being some sort of “marketing ploy” or “scam” (insert shudder here).. if anyone knows me as I think most sistahs do after the past year and a half together, you know that I am not about that.  I am about honesty and integrity..  I am so hurt by the people who think this way.  I really hope they read my message here and understand what happened.  If i needed to increase sales, TRUST me, I would not give out $15 gift certificates to 5000+ people..

I just wanted to thank those who supported me through this mini crisis and I honestly hope that you at least take advantage of this little Gifty.. honestly.  As I have stated on the boards, this stuff happens (I am sorry but I will NEVAH press that button again..LOL.. I am scared of it).. it was my BOOBOO and I stand by it 100%.

Mwah to da “glitchless” sistahs



  1. Lorie says:

    Oh, Em…I’m so sorry that someone would take your error turned good deed and morph it into something yucky! Although I don’t know you personally I do know your reputation so I KNOW that you would not need to do a marketing ploy such as this! Hugs to you! :o)

  2. Monique says:


    Oh my I am so sorry about your “booboo” I’ve been there before! As a small business owner I did something similar my first year in business (trying to send out to 10 good clients and sent it to all 250 on my list at the time — a free delivery coupon on their next order) and “ate” the costs too. I was terrified to send anything else out for a LONG time! LOL!

    I jump on your site from time to time and I was like — WOW I’m so psyched to win something — I never win anything! I so love your stuff and so I want to take advantage of the great deal — but I am going to just add to some other stuff I’m gonna order. Thanks again for the gift – it made my day!!


  3. Sally C says:

    you are nothing if not incredibly generous and sincere. When i saw the coupon in my inbox…i assumed i must have entered some contest and totally forgot about it- because it would be waaay more likely that i made a screw-up than you. Then i thought to myself “well, i’m way overdue to do some bella shopping anyway- so this will start me off”….. Now that i know the whole story- I’m for sure going ahead with my bella shopping, but will ABSOLUTELY NOT use the coupon. I’m just glad that i got the kick in the butt i needed to buy some new bellas, and hope that others will follow suit.

  4. Addictabella Angela says:


    You are absosmurfly AMAZING!! And shame on those few that think it was a marketing ploy. They truly do not understand the true bella sistahood if they believe you would do such a thing. Bestest wishes as you get through this “glitch.”

    Mwah to da sistah with the “itchy trigger finger”

    Addictabella Angela

  5. Kate Baldwin says:

    Well I thought I had honestly won (since I actually did mail in something) and was super excited but when I found out that it was a glitch I made the decision not to use it. It doesn’t feel right. I know you say to use it, but knowing how much this could impact you, it’s just not right.

    I mean, big supermarkets make typos in their circulars every Sunday and they don’t honor those goofs…they’re exactly that – human error.

    You’re very kind to extend your offer and I know in NO way is it a ploy to drive business but there is NO WAY I’m using it.

  6. Robb_eeie says:

    My Dear, Sweet, Kind and Selfless Emily ……..

    Accidents happen throughout our lives, and hopefully we grow and learn from them. I’m sure this entire “Gift Voucher” BooBoo stressed you beyond words, but I’m ONE-THOUSAND PERCENT SURE that you would never ever take advantage of a client/customer/friend/family/etc. I would stake my life on it, and I don’t say that often nor lightly.

    Emily ALWAYS goes above and beyond to ensure her Sistah’s are happy ~ what more could you want in an individual that has incredible honesty and integrity, and carries this through into every aspect of her life.

    There is only one Emmabella Sistah’s, and if someone out in blog country thinks she would be dishonest to try and sell her products (ie. BooBoo vouchers), I truely feel sorry for you. Obviously, these small-minded individuals can’t grasp nor understand the *Heart* that beats within Emily, and have no clue what they are missing.

    Pickle, you are my hero 🙂

  7. P.S. Send the ones who think it’s a marketing ploy to me. MWAH again.

  8. Emm says:

    How could someone think this was a marketing ploy?! Your products are fabulous and they sell themselves. I appreciate your offer to keep the voucher, however I won’t be using it. I feel like to redeem it would be taking advantage of you and hitting the wrong button is a mistake any of us could have made. I have ordered in the past and I will continue to order because I love the bellas, and the tiddly inks, and the….

  9. llevans says:

    Em, “true sistahs” know you and what you stand for….I just wish you didn’t have to work so hard clearing this matter up! It warms my heart to see all the love and support the sistahs have for each other and the many that posted on SCS to say they would never take advantage of this situation.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I stumbled upon your blog here & the light bulb went off….. I got the $15 voucher in my inbox yesterday morning, I was trying to figure out WHAT I HAD ENTERED to win! I was thrilled with my gift 🙂 NOW… after reading this I’ve had an A-HA moment 🙂 I will NOT use the $15 gift. YIKES, a possible $50,000 loss — nu-uh, not gonna do it. I have a drawer full of bellas that I love to pieces and they bring me much pleasure & inky fingers — what more could a girl want! 🙂 You’re truly sweet and I hope others who are scratching there heads on why they *won* figure it out too. 🙂
    inky hugs to you..

  11. Nancy says:

    Hi Em, I’m so sorry this happened!! I just sent you an e-mail regarding this & I hope you might get a chance to read it. 🙂

  12. Rose Ann says:

    Hey Em!

    I just got this notification in my e-mail. Of course I knew I wasn’t in a contest, and came here to check this out. I am soooo sorry about what happened to you!!! I hope you are able to get this figured out soon, and that some honest people do not take advantage.

    Big Bella hugs, girl!!

  13. Rose Ann says:

    I meant to say that PEOPLE don’t take advantage. (Of course honest ones won’t…duh!)

  14. Inge says:

    I think it’s a shame that certain people imply such things. As we say overhere in the Netherlands “it says more about them than about you”

    You rock Em, every true sis knows that you work so hard, have awesome products and you really don’t need a “marketing ploy” to get your customers coming back.

    {{{Hugs}}} Inge.

  15. Delse says:


    Anyone who has dealt with you in the past knows that this was an honest mistake, not a marketing ploy. I was excited to receive your email because I have entered many different contests/challenges and not won a thing. But after visting Splitcoast and finding out the truth, I can’t honestly use what I didn’t earn. You have always been super helpful & more than generous with free shipping etc. I can’t take advantage of your company, especially when I want you to stay around for a long, long, long time. I’ll be back to buy bellas again when I have more dollars in my budget, but it will be on my $$$ not yours.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person on the cruise in October! Hugs!


  16. Fi Stevens says:

    Sending you big hugs from Malaysia for having such a bad day. I missed your free shipping offer and when I saw the $15 ‘prize’ I was surprised, but delighted, as I didn’t think I had entered anything!!! (LOL). But I have now loaded my basked with goodies, (but not yet pressed the final button, as I keep thinking I might order some more since it has to travel so far), to take advantage of your very generous and sincere offer.

    I feel sorry for these people who obviously only think the worst of others – they need to look for the good in everyone and every situations.

    Mwah Mwah

  17. Michelle says:

    How awful that there are people that think like that. I too thought I had won something and started to do some bella shopping, then I thought I might just check the blog to see if my name was mentioned. I read the post on your little boo boo and had a little chuckle. We all do this at some stage in our lives…. if only the banks were as generous as you. I had some money accidently put in my bank account once, of course they took it back 🙂 I think most people will understand if you tell them about the accident. I won’t be using my voucher either, but will definately be doing some bella shopping soon!

  18. Linda says:

    I was surprised to recieve the coupon since I never enter contests. But I would never take advantage of a simple mistake. I love the bellas and think you are very creative. Many stamp companies just copy other ideas. Think penguins or monkeys. But your stamps are stylish and unique. I will be back for more shopping but I can afford to buy your stamps on my own, don’t get discouraged by mean people. More people are nice but they go about life quietly,mean people can’t wait to make noise.

  19. shelley says:

    good morning, I thought it must be an error because I didn’t enter anything. I’m not using the coupon but will be placing an order. I’m glad I trusted my gut instinct and let the coupon go.
    shelley in sunny florida
    – hey, where’s my biker babe? mwah

  20. Christy S. says:

    Em, you are the bestest thing ever. So just listen to the Sistahs that know what a gem you are and forget about the meanie-heads out there…like Inge said, it’s more about them than you. So just let ’em go be bitter if they want to, we all know the real deal!

    While I appreciate your oh-so-sweet and incredibly generous offer, I will not be using my coupon. I’m going to wait until I get my tax return and then come back to have myself a little Bella party on Uncle Sam’s dime 🙂

    Big fat MWAHs to you Em, and to all the Sistahs who love you to itty bitty teeny tiny Bella pieces. ‘Cause we do.

  21. Jamie Morris says:

    Big Hugs EM!! You are one of the most fantastic people I have come to know. You are so sweet and honest and always willing to help. I am sorry this has happened, and hope you will listen only to the positive and not to those who don’t really know you.

    Big MWAH!!! You are amazing, thanks for everything you do.

  22. Em, I came here to find out what challenge I had won (since I didn’t enter a challenge, I had to assume it was a mistake). I won’t be using any gift, but because you’re so generous, I think I’ll just stay and shop. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten any Bellas and I know there are some cute ones that I just have to have!!

    Marketing ploy? A small company spending $50,000 on a marketing ploy? An awfully expensive ploy to hide. Don’t give that a second thought. I think it’s wonderful that you would honor all of the accidental gift certificates.

  23. Dawn Burnworth says:

    Hey Em,
    I too have ordered from you in the past and love your product. I cannot believe that anyone would take this as a marketing ploy. I just got my email this a.m. I was like wow. But now that I read your blog I am astounded. You are a lady of class and honor. Obviously those that think otherwise have not followed your awesome creativity from the beginning. I can guarantee they will be the first to use your coupon. I hope you have a fantastic day. Come on everyone lets go buy from em without the coupon. I LOVE your Bellas.
    Dawn B.

  24. carmen says:

    First of all Em, I won’t redeem either!

    If the email said ‘Dear Sistah Carmen, happy to tell you that I decided to give you a voucher worth 15 dollars….bla bla’ and ended with one of your BIG Mwah’s I would be very honored. But this wasn’t meant for me me so, sorry…I can not accept it!

    I totally agree with Michelle. People saying those things are out of their minds. They are jalous! Em you are the nicest person. I can not believe somebody would say this. Aweful! Bad! Nasty!

    Beside that…UPS (so glad you have this option now) delivered a box full of all new goodies for me today (OMG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW STAMPS!!!!)

    Take care little BooBooBella (hmmm, I like that name)

  25. Amanda says:

    Hi Em,
    ditto on the rest of the girls who decided not to use the coupon. While it’s nice to get “free” things everynow and then, I didn’t earn it and it would “cost” you too much. You can take my name off your big boo boo list and I’ll buy some stuff at your workshop on the 5th.

  26. Hi Em,
    I too, was excited when I saw the email, but knew I
    didn’t enter a contest, so I first checked your site and
    didn’t see anything , so I headed over to Scs and saw the post.
    Don’t feel like you have to honor this coupon.I work for a big
    hardware company and our flyers somtimes have made mistakes, but we post a retraction and most customers understand.
    I won’t be using the coupon and I have my basket
    filled for more Bellas, jus t haven’t hit the button as yet, cause everytime I order something , something new comes out,lol.
    My B/d is this mth and Dh asked what I wanted and needless to say I wanted new stamps,etc. So happy Dh supports my habit.
    HUgs to you!!

  27. Ann says:

    I got the coupon too and after an email to Em I got the story and I thought it was very nice of you to honor it but that like the other ladies have been saying I didn’t earn it so I let it go too. Love your site and can’t believe that your generosity has been turned around this way.

  28. Michelle says:

    Em, I wasn’t one of the blessed ones to receive the gift voucher by mistake, but if I had been I would NOT have used it. I understand about standing behind one’s mistake, but in good conscience I could not have used it.

    Thanks so much for being one to stand for honesty and integrity. In today’s business practices that is most often NOT the case. We live in a world of “what’s in it for me” attitudes. That would be the attitude of those who feel you led a marketing ploy….we now know how far their personal integrity level rises (or drops!!!)

    Keep doing what you’re doing Em…..

  29. Peggy Brown says:

    I sent you an email saying that I placed an order but would like for you to cancel it. I don’t want to take advantage of your booboo. I will still buy Bellas because I love them, but I don’t want to take advantage. I hope you haven’t processed the order. I honestly thought I had entered a contest I had forgotten about (I’ve done it before).

  30. veronica says:

    em honey I just sent you a very in depth heart felt email. I really want you to read this. Please
    I know you and have been with you since almost day one. I know you would never ever ever ever ever do anything wrong you are the most honest person I have ever met in the business world.
    Sistahs I also received the email and even wrote back saying are you serious wow thanks just goes to show how dumb I am I thought it was the number thing we have to add to post messages.
    I told em to cancel my order cause this woman is the most amazing woman I have ever known and so honest.
    I am like the above poster and in good conscience also would not want to use it. Em we all love you and it was such an honest mistake I am sure many of our sistahs will understand.
    We love you em and always will.
    Never ever forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from your oyveyabella

  31. AmyR says:

    Em I too won’t be using the coupon – for a brief second I thought it was a prezzie out of the blue but when I actually READ it I KNEW it wasn’t for me – so I can’t in good conscience redeem it! (((HUGS)))

  32. Casey says:

    Em I too received the voucher and there is no way I will be redeeming it. I was driving myself crazy trying to remember what contests I have entered and now I know that I don’t need to be in a rubber room! LOL! This honest mistake should not cost you $$$$. It happens to the best of us. You have so much BELLA love out here it’s amazing! You are such a wonderful person and I think that all your BELLA SISTAHS will stand behind you 100 percent!

  33. Renée says:

    I received the voucher as well and I was amazed to find out that it had been an accident and yet you were honouring it still for everyone. That is incredibly kind and generous. I cannot believe some people would still begrudge it and have the nerve to say it was a ploy on your part. I do have to say that I’m waiting for the postage rates to be adjusted, they are a little high. But, thanks for the voucher!

  34. Monika/Buzsy says:

    I was surprised to get that e-mail and almost e-mailed back trying to find out what kind of contest I won… since I don’t remember entering… but decided to check the blog out first for more info… glad I did… and as much as I would love to use that $15… and I kind of understand and appreciate you honoring your mistake… I can’t use it… I would feel terrible… even though I LOVE Bellas… can we have another contest? Maybe I will win square and fair. :o)

  35. abi says:

    Hi Em. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been around for almost a year and half. Everything that I have seen from you has reflected tremendous honesty and integrety. Keep up the amazing work and don’t let a few nay-sayers get you down. Many MWAHs to you!

  36. Jessie says:

    Hi Em, Just note as nice as it is to honor the mistake I would never take something that was not ment for me. And those that said not nice things have not been around or read your blog or anything else! I have been reading and following you for over a year now and you are nothing but a caring and wonderful woman who cares for her customers. That said YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for great stamps and wonderful blog reading!! Have a great day! Jess:)

  37. Jen says:


    You are the bestest Bella around!!! 🙂 I also got the email but I KNEW I had not entered any challenges so I KNEW I did not REALLY win anything. I waited a day to see if anything was posted. I saw a ton of posts on message boards about people winning (Another sign something was just not right) So I emailed letting Em know I also got this email and I didn’t think I should have. I had NO idea 5000 others also got it!!!

    Thank you for your offer to honor the coupon Em, but I just could not do that to you! There are computer glitches all the time and I am sooooo sorry this happened to you. {{{Em}}}

  38. aileen says:

    Hi Emmabella…I got into stamping because it makes me happy and it’s so much fun. I can’t believe people would muddy my fun hobby with marketing scams and ploys. Above all, you are open and honest everyday on your blog and clearly adore your customers. If people are going to make such accusations, they don’t deserve to have the wonderful bellas and products you provide. One more thing…as much as I would love to use the coupon, it wouldn’t feel right….bad juju and all 🙂 :)! MWAH

  39. Mary Duffek says:


    I had no idea that the coupon was a $50,000 glitch! I am with the other sistahs and I will NOT be redeeming the coupon. Like others, when I received it, I waited to see if another e-mail would be sent out.

    And to those of you who think it is a Marketing Ploy….Poohie on you!

    Thanks Em for wanting to do the right thing and honoring your glitch.

    Lovey you!

  40. Heather says:

    Poor Em!! I am glad I checked your blog before I finished my order!! I almost typed in the code b/c I was sooooo excited. It is very sweet of you to honor your boo boo, but any sistah who knows what happened would never want to take advantage. I lovey you tooooo much to use my code but thank you anyway!

  41. Gay Ferland says:

    So sorry you are having a bad day! I would not take advantage of your mistake and hope others will not too. When a mistake has been made, people need to let the other person explain and not take advantage of a mishap!!! Shame on those who take the freebie!!

  42. Bonnie says:

    Wow!! That WAS a booboo! But we all do it (well, maybe not to that expense!)
    I kinda figured it was some sort of misunderstanding and that I wasn’t going to redeem a coupon that I didn’t earn. I haven’t entered any challenges so ………..not that I am a goody goody… just wouldn’t have been right….

  43. Miesje says:

    Oh Em,
    No way would I use the voucher. It was exciting to think about for a moment though! 🙂 I have already deleted the e-mail and made a vow to myself to enter something once in a while! I will be placing another order just as soon as I get the last order.

    Do not spend another minute worrying – I bet that everyone who loves your craft will not take advantage – keep those Bella’s coming!

  44. llevans says:

    Em, can you feel the love???

  45. Joanne B says:

    Oh MAN! Everyone has an “oopsie” now and again. Here’s hoping that everyone comes to read the blogabella and realizes what’sup.

    Now, I’m going hunting in the store.



  46. Alice says:

    Em, I was just getting to read my emails when I saw something that said “challenge winner” WHAT? I didn’t enter any challenge, so I immediatly came to your blog. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Right now, I think I have about 20 items in my cart, and I am going to see what else there is for me to get. You are truly a WONDERFUL person, and that you really care about your customers. I thank you, and this is why I keep returning to buy Bella’s. MWAH to you!!!!!!

  47. Marty says:

    Em, I think it’s great you are going to honor the voucher, but like so many others, I will not be redeeming mine- not fair for you to lose so much $ over a computer glitch. But- I have ordered from you before and will again!

  48. Em —

    Need me to kick a little butt for The Bella? Because you know I’ll do it! Just sic me & Shannan on those who question your integrity and we’ll fix their wagons but good! I wish I were closer so I could bring over a bottle of wine or three and we could drink these troubles away. This will pass soon, and you’ll have an even better idea who your friends are. We’re here for you and we love ya!


  49. Kerri says:

    You are quite the dill aren’t you. Never mind I am sure this will be great for your business. Hopefully everyone who orders will spend hundreds. I would say that they will your stamps are soooo adorable.
    I was one of the 5000 and I did take a look but knew that this had to be in error as I had never entered a challenge.
    Good luck with all the great sales you are going to have

  50. Cindy says:

    Well, no wonder that ‘prize’ was a surprise to me! I’m sorry this has happened, but don’t worry. I won’t take advantage of your error. I’m so glad you explained!

  51. Jen Guarino says:

    As I said at SCS I will not be using this GC but just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a woman of your word. It is so honorable to stand by the error but the Sistah-hood in me will not have any part in taking advantage of that!

    Can’t wait to get some real funds together to come back and shop! Give my $$ and support to such a wonderful businesswoman!

    MWAH, MWAH and more MWAH!

  52. Sonya Doss says:

    EM…please, please, please DO NOT take 15 dollars off of my order that I just placed….I didnt know this email had gone out to everyone. I cant keep up with what challenges I join from which groups, or what blogs I go to that have games with prizes…I know, thats bad.

    So please do not take the 15 off of my order.


  53. wow – no wonder I didn’t remember submitting a contest entry!
    Well, THANK YOU for your generousity and I plan on putting in a sizable order this weekend! How anyone could think anything but positive thoughts about you is beyond me. You come across to me as 100% sincere and just as sweet! Don’t let the meanies get you down!

  54. Nicole says:

    Em, (((hugs))) – I already emailed you and as many posters above wont be using it either. Mistakes happen and the fact that you are willing to be woman of your word despite the potential loss for you speaks volumes about you and your business…and to think someone thinks it’s a marketing ploy, well they dont know you at all. We all keep coming back here for the Bellas!

    MWAH! 🙂

  55. Debby says:

    Dear Em,
    As I already PM ed you I did win Bellas in a card contest at the Jewish and I thought this was the prize ,but then there were the postal issues Baruch hashem ,lol and I checked out the winnings again and realized this wasn’t it.Please delete the gift certificate from my account ,you can give it to “Tzdaka”..I would never take an advantage and use it .I was so happy to read here how many people think alike.glad to know there are still some honest people in this world.

  56. Oh my, I am so sorry this happened. I am not surprised that you would stand by it though. I am a relatively new ‘sistah’ and I know that you are an honorable, kind person. I am shocked that anyone would think otherwise. …pull that key off of your keyboard and keep your chin up. I think that the majority of people get what you are about. Take care 🙂

  57. ChichiBoulie says:

    Oh I’m so sorry for you! Yet it’s been lovely reading the responses to your dilemma. You’ve done an incredibly generous thing from your blunder. I hope that all your fans will be equally generous in return!

  58. Colleen says:

    Wow…I didn’t know it was THAT bad. I was one who emailed you when I got it saying…I think it went to the wrong person! And I was surprised to get the personal email back…saying it was a mistake but use it.

    I immediately went to SCS and found a thread about someone getting the GC…I posted right away that I would NOT use the GC…it just isn’t right. And I am thrilled that so many others are following suit…what a wonderful sisterhood we belong to!

    As to those who think it is a marketing ploy…what???? They obviously can’t do the math…because no matter how many orders you get it can’t cover an almost $50,000 loss…I can’t believe anyone would have the nerve to even suggest you would do something like that…I can only imagine that they are dishonest people themselves and can’t see the good in others…

    I for one think you are the best! And admire your ethics. You Go Girl!

  59. Juanita B says:

    If there were an Oscar for INTEGRITY you would get the best of the best!! HUGE CYBER HUGS.

  60. Susan says:

    So sorry to hear about your glitch. I will not be using the $15, but I will be ordering again soon. No ones misfortune should be another’s gain. Every one of us has “pushed the wrong button” so to speak and I hope the wonderful people I see chatting on your blog remember a time they wished they didn’t “push the wrong button”. Blessings to you!


  61. Theresa says:

    I just learned of the glitch and canceled my order. I didn’t even think to delve deeper. Sorry! : (

  62. Hi Em-
    I got the email but knew I didn’t enter anything, so didnt plan on redeeming it anyway-but thank you for being willing honoring it anway.

    LOVE the new stuff!!!!

  63. CinderellaBella says:! People thought you were scamming them with a marketing ploy? Bad, bad people! That’s just sad 🙁

  64. Mary Lou says:

    I knew you had a big heart! I will NOT be taking advantage of the coupon but thank you anyways. You are a great gal. Don’t worry about the glitch that was yesterday, the past. Today you are appreciated!

  65. MayritaBonita says:

    OMG Em!! I’m so glad I logged on to your blog today!! I saw an email yesterday about a prize, but I figured since I’ve been a customer for over a year now, it was a kind of anniversary gift 😉
    To those who think it was a marketing ploy, I ask you, how many marketing ploys do you think took Stampingbella to be the #5 Stamping site?? how many marketing ploys it took to have a strong sistahood?? or how many marketing ploys do you think were needed to have over 60 responses to show support for an honest mistake? How many marketing ploys do you think it took to have all tha sistahs give up the $15 in free merchandise that Em herself said “use it and enjoy it”? I’m sorry to say, this is no marketing ploy of any kind, this is what we call a TRUE SISTAHOOD… MWAH TO ALL!!!

  66. Dawn says:

    I don’t know you!! But, I know enough about you from orders, email questions and this blog to know, that in no way shape or form do you seem like the type of women that would do what these other beasts suggested. In all honety it hurt me to think of it. I am sorry you had to feel that same hurt. I for one did get the email, I loved your reponse when I told you it must be a mistake. I will NOT redeem the gift. I thank you for that offer !!

  67. Roz says:

    We are a sisterhood…and I do not want to see your business fail because of an error ($50,000) is not a piddly amount. I cannot imagine that, after your explanation, most of us who received the message would redeem it. Your offer to make things right is good enough of an offer, but puleez….honest mistakes happen. Your prices are reasonable already and you offer free shipping lots of times! I will definitely not be redeeming my voucher…because I do not believe that sistahs should take advantage of your error. HUGS!!!

  68. Mel says:


    You should win some sort of prize (perhaps the Nobella Peace prize *wink, wink*) for your bighearted offer.

    A wise woman once told me that it’s not about the mistakes that we make because everyone makes mistakes, its about how we recover from the mistakes that we make.

    My hope for you is that all of the very decent people who received this email in error NOT use it, but will reward you for running a stand up and honorable business.

    Way to set an example!! You are the best!

  69. Suzanne says:

    It seems like most of us all have the same feeling. I was wondering how I had won it and not known I had entered. I, too, will not use the coupon. I really wish you would take it away given I don’t want to see this accident be a deteriment to your business. I realize how hard it is to make any $ in stamping. MWAH!

  70. I was FURIOUS when I read that on a blog by some people! I stuck up for ya though – I got your bellaback!

  71. Gay Ferland says:

    I am so pleased to hear the majority of gals are not using the voucher! You and Nick are wonderful people and are very blessed!!! I am so grateful to witness others who don’t take advantage of you both!! Have a great day!!!

  72. Awww Em
    I emailed you after receiving this to say there must have been an error and you said yes there was but to spend it. For a fleeting moment I considered it but then decided against it and wondered to myself “how many other people got this” and how on earth could Em cover this huge mistake!

    Very very kind of you to say that, but NO WAY LADY! I wont be spending it. I’ll come and have a voucher free spend up one day, when there are more new bellas to tempt me 🙂 – flowerfieldabella please!


  73. Kim Forsyth says:

    I received the e-mail and thought to myself “WHAT?”, I didn’t remember entering any contest. I called a friend to see if she had gotten it and she said no… Total confusion but decided to investigate by cruising the blog – which didn’t help at the time. I’m soooo glad I waited cuz I would never want to take advantage of a mistake. Kudos to you Em for your grace during this debacle… I’ll be placing an order but will PASS on the gift cert.

  74. QC says:

    Although I know it was an error, and that you “encouraged” people to use it…..I could not in good conscience do so……so that message hit the round file ASAP! *wink*

    I will shop with you again, as I have before, because I want to, and love the product…….

    And those who would think it a “ploy” … eeek. Good grief. “And that’s all I have to say about THAT!”

  75. kim says:

    stooopid peeps booohooooo to those who had the cheek to think that….

    BTW Any chance of some more Fellas for our Bellas??? :)))))

  76. Tonya says:

    Em, I DID NOT get this email but DID order some Bellas this week…hopefully I’ll help offset some of your loss!! I commend your integrity and think you and the bellas absolutely ROCK!!! Before I bought a Bella, I had NEVER bought anything except SU! (That’s been since late 2003…) Recently I “discovered” Bellas on SCS (been taking a break so I missed out on the phenomenon) and bought a stash…now back for more. Did I say you ROCK? Yes, you do! You will always have my biznez my dear sistah based solely on your INTEGRITY!

    From one chubbah rubbah sistah to anotha…

    P.S. I’m happy to see all the sistahs who passed on the GC…I would have too.

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