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I just love these elves and when Christine showed them to me I almost fainted.  They are SQUISHY and CUDDLY and MOOOOSHY.  Just what an elf should be.


Leave a comment.. tell me you love them and you have a chance to win! LOL



Seriously.  These elves are EDIBLE.




  1. Carole says:

    OMG!!! They are adorable!

  2. Susan Feren says:

    I love them!! Must have!

  3. Donna Kebel says:

    I love these cute cuddly elves!

  4. Tara McCreery says:

    Ditto – Just love these elves…lots of personality!

  5. heather says:

    LOVE them!!!!

  6. Mirella says:

    Really cute, that’s for sure! 🙂

  7. Diana L says:

    Very cute! I would like to squeeze them to death!

  8. Tracy says:

    They are so cute!! They remind me of the Christmas shows they play each year, like Santa Claus is coming to Town and Rudolph, just to name a few. I can just imagine what their little elf voices would sound like….

  9. Bev H says:


  10. TracieB says:

    These two Holiday Gentlemen are so lovable.

  11. Fran says:

    Best elves ever! Seriously!!!

  12. Tracy C. says:

    Too cute!!

  13. Shannon Horch says:

    These guys are adorable they just need some fresh baked cookies and warm winter wishes

  14. SharonP says:

    oh they are ADORBS! Squishy and Mushy and definitely edible!

  15. Mary C says:

    So adorable and all ready for the holidays. Too cute!!!

  16. E. Nadler says:

    Who knew they can be so cute. Welcome to the holiday season!!

  17. Elizabeth says:


  18. Cazzy says:

    I love them, and I love that they have hot chocolate! So cute!

    Cazzy x

  19. Violet says:

    Love these guys. They are a must have.

  20. F Bond says:


  21. Jen Hogge says:

    OMG they are adorbs!!!

  22. Sylvana Collins says:

    Oh goodness how could you possibly not love these little fellas! They are adorable and I would love to add them to my collection! Thanks for the chance.

  23. Calypso says:

    OMG…Well who doesn’t LOVE elves…these two have some serious CUTE factor and to mention, they look like my two butterballs at home!!

  24. Ana Picolo says:

    I loved these cute cuddly elves!

  25. Elise Cralli says:

    So stinking cute!!!

  26. These are sooo adorable!! I posted on Facebook already that I would love to take a drink from them!! And I would!!

  27. Denise I says:

    OMG they r too stinkin cute!!!! Love them!!

  28. Shari says:

    They are soooo stinking cute!!!!!

  29. Love. Love. Love them! Seeing them makes me want to sit down and have a cup of peppermint hot chocolate. <3

  30. Janis Reid says:

    Love the turned in toes and no necks. Cutest elves of the season.

  31. Lisa Geraty says:

    They are adorable!!!

  32. Cheri Burry says:

    OMG! They are so adorable!

  33. Barb Fenn says:

    Way to cute and adorable!

  34. Cass says:

    so cute.Just love them!

  35. CinderellaBella says:

    Haha, they REALLY ARE They are SQUISHY and CUDDLY and MOOOOSHY! So.very.cute 🙂

    Thanks again for the chance to win!

  36. Linda Carson says:

    Adorable, absolutely adorable!

  37. Melody says:

    Way too cute! I want them!

  38. Susan in AK says:

    These adorable little elves must come live with me!!

  39. Shanna says:

    Oooh are they everrrr cute!

  40. Lia S. says:

    did u say edible….. oh I REALLY love’em now!

  41. Fay says:

    These wee fellows look like they are having a cup of hot chocolate and are ready to help me wish all my friends and family a very merry Christmas. I could definitely use their help!

  42. Cindy Close says:

    I hope these are going to be for sale soon.

  43. Kimberly Bears says:

    OMG! Your stamps are just “bellarific!” Love them! So excited for the new release!!! Thanks for the chance to win! It would make my year!!!!

  44. Leslie G says:

    You already know I LOVE these two!!! ????

  45. Lynne Ward Wallace says:

    Too darn cute. They are just adorable!

  46. Kim Swenson says:

    There’re so cute I just want to squish their little cheeks! Love them!

  47. Jennyfer l says:

    How can we NOT love them? They’re way too too cute!

  48. Lori G in PA says:

    Can’t get any cuter!!

  49. Cheryl Bux says:

    These guys are adorable – love the names!

  50. Chris W says:

    They are adorable and very festive!

  51. Kelly says:

    Christine Grove…one of my faves! Love them!

  52. Beverly Soo Hoo says:

    These elves are so adorable in their onies…just so cute!

  53. Kat says:

    They are too cute, just want to pinch their cheeks! Looking forward to seeing all the great releases

  54. Darci Powers says:

    OMG, they are so stink in cute! Need them, must put ink on them. And the little reindeer footies – who thinks up this level of adorable!!! Cannot wait ’til release time! Thank you for sharing ahead!!!

  55. Wendy Bond says:

    They are adorable! Reminds me of the Minions from Despicable Me for some reason.

  56. Kathy Piere says:

    Seriously these two are totally adorable. Thanks for the chance.

  57. Margo S. says:

    Super adorable- they look like all my Junior Kindergarten kids dressed to play in the snow!????

  58. Laura M. says:

    OMG! They are adorable!

  59. Christal says:

    I thought Ramona was my first love but having met Buddy and Jolly I have found my true love (p.s. i work with Lesliebella). excellent job on the shading and colour choices…cant wait to see if they will be my new stocking stuffer hint hint Lesliebella :o)

  60. Deborah B. says:

    These two little elves are so cute! Can’t wait to get stamping with them!

  61. Maria Villasenor says:

    Even in 90 degree weather in Texas they make me think of a wonderful Christmas, they are so cute.

  62. Their names are perfect for them, they are so adorable.

  63. Cathy Barbera says:

    They are so stinking cute it made me squeal…lol

  64. Snazzy JJ says:

    I love Them!!!!!!

  65. Vivi Casale says:

    love this.. it is adorable!!!

  66. Pauline says:

    oMG these guys are so adorable, a must have for sure!

  67. Helen Van Daalen says:

    I LOVE these elves. They are so cute tans the colouring makes them look even better. I would really really love to win this stamp set.

  68. Karen says:

    OK. This is my Christmas card. Gotta have them.

  69. Shaunery says:

    OH MY GOODNESS… these fella’s are on my MUST HAVE list. Can’t wait until they’re available so I can start making my cards for this year! By the way, luv how you make us ADD to protect us from spam…LOL

  70. Olga V. says:

    OMG! Em, I almost fainted too!!! Love them dearly! I’m happy to have dropped by, as it seems like ages since I checked Blogabella, let alone crafted… Looking forward to the release!! Mwah!

  71. Amy says:


  72. Kathy Camps says:

    absolutely adorable!!

  73. Denise Bryant says:

    I love them, I adore them, and I want them! Darlings!

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