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Hiya sistahs,

We all know how instrumental my Design team is to me and to my company.. OUR company.  They educate da sistahood, inspire da sistahood, and have fun WITHIN da sistahood.  I am SO grateful for them all.

While Elaineabella (aka MARKERGEEK) may not contribute weekly to our Bellarific Friday line up, she is also an integral part to our group.  She colours all of our images that you see online.. she designs and provides our FREE COLORMAPS for da sistahood.. and now she is contributing to our blog every Monday with different colouring techniques that we always wondered about but never quite knew how to do.  She’s sharing her SECRET SAUCE… mmhmmm.  Are we lucky or what?

In this Tutorial, Elaineabella used TINY TOWNIE SALLY and her SNAIL

So without further ADOOOO

Let’s see what she has planned for us today!


“With so many fun character images in the Stamping Bella range, I thought a post about skin tones would be a good start to the Marker Geek Monday post series! You can apply the skin tone combinations below to any of your character stamps.


I tend to lay down colour as follows: Light – Dark/shadow colour – Medium – Light. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, and sometimes it isn’t the best approach for a particular combination (with some darker blends it can help to work from Dark to Light). The best way to find out what works for you and any particular combination of markers is simply to practice and experiment!


Skin Combos:




Colouring Tips:?


  • Use a light hand and lay colour down gradually.  It is easier to add more colour than it is to take colour away, and you don’t want to over saturate the paper.
  • Colour in light feathered strokes/flicks rather than in a circular motion.  This will help you to avoid over saturating the paper and will make blending easier.  Practice your strokes on a piece of scrap paper and try to find a grip you are most comfortable with for holding the marker while doing this.
  • Choose a smooth uncoated paper.
  • Don’t give up too quickly! An image will go through stages of looking messy or a little weird.  Persevere and keep colouring, the image will start to take shape and come together.  Most mistakes can be fixed – this will be easiest if you use a light hand as mentioned above. In particular, don’t judge your skin tones until you have coloured the hair – your skin colouring may look too dark at first, but add dark hair colouring and it will look very different.
  • When assessing your colouring and evaluating areas that need more work, hold your colouring at arms length.  Don’t judge your image from very close up.
  • In small detail areas don’t be tempted to over-blend. Less layering will give a better result. e.g. when colouring the skinny arms and legs of Uptown Girls.
  • Varying the amount of layers or the order in which you use the colours will give different looks.


I hope this post inspires you to try out some new skin combos with your Stamping Bella images. We would love to hear from you, so join in and show off your own Stamping Bella colouring using these colours or your own favourite combos in the comments below. If you would like to share your own favourite skin combinations with Copics or other markers, go right ahead!


Join me next week for a look at some of my favourite Copic marker combinations for hair.”








  1. denise i says:

    thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  2. TinaS says:

    You were in my head…right? In the section with my secret dreams…right? Thank you for picking this particular dream to make it come true…:))

  3. barb2167 says:

    Anyway to get a tutorial using Spectrum Noir or at least getting colors that come close?

  4. Jane Crisci says:

    Thank you Elaine for this quick tutorial. I have always
    admired your coloring abilities and look forward to these
    posts on Mondays. My go to skin color for Copics is:


  5. Sandy says:

    I am excited.. About the coloring & the color mapping..
    Thank you!!

  6. Pops says:

    I love Elaine’s colouring and I’m so pleased these are up, I’m just getting back in to my markers and I am so rusty. So these are fab for me, hugs Pops xxx

  7. carol says:

    Even though I don’t have Copics (only chameleon pens..sighhh…they’re okay but…’nuff said), I do have several handfuls of Polychromos pencils that have colours ‘similar’ to what you’ve used here, so I’ll definitely be practicing alongside you. I also have intentions of ordering several Stamping Bella images – because they’re awesome and because they’re ideal for colouring – so this series is fantastic! Thank you for sparking ideas today!

    • Elaineabella says:

      Hey Carol! You should definitely get some Stamping Bella stamps, they are wonderful to play with!

      Watch this space, I am planning on doing some posts with both Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils in the not too distant future. 🙂

      • Carol says:

        Elaine, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response! I’m stoked that you’ll be sharing your artistry with pencils…Call me EXCITED! I used my polychomos recently on the Stuffies, Small Gang image (followed the colour scheme on the packaging) and I’m fairly pleased with my ‘first try’ effort. More practice and guidance required, so I’ll be watching for your posts! Off to see what you’ve dazzled us with today! Thank you!

  8. Carol S says:

    This is really helpful; thanks for posting.


  9. Oh thanks so much for sharing! I so love Elaineabella’s coloring! I have learned so much from everyone, but really love her coloring of these special images! I have been kind of stuck on the same colors for skin tones – E000, E01, E21, E11, BV000, and RV10. I have tried several other combinations, but keep coming back to these colors….I’m trying to spread my wings a little. LOL!

    • Elaineabella says:

      I definitely have a couple of favourite “go to” combos that I find myself reaching for more often than not! But it is fun to wander out of the comfort zone and try some different ones!

      Thank you for your lovely comments Nancee, so happy you enjoyed the post!

  10. Rebekka says:

    Great tutorial, thanks.

  11. Brenda says:

    Wow, thanks for the great tutorial!

  12. caroleann says:

    This is just wonderful – such a great idea and to share your fave recipe in coloring!!! Thank you so much.

  13. Linda Carson says:

    Yeah! Elaine does amazing coloring! Thanks for the tutorial esp of skin colors! Looking forward to Mondays now!

  14. Thank you Elaineabella 😉 I tend to use the same colours for my skin, never thought if using BV tones, will have to try this soon. Great tutorial, very helpful for us who are still learning to master copics 🙂 have a great wkend

  15. Lesliebella says:

    Elaineabella is a genius!! I love this new Marker Geek Monday!!!!!!

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