Marker Geek Monday: Creative Funks & New Journeys

Since the release I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk, due in no small part to the heatwave here in the UK. Let’s just say, I’m dreaming of Autumn!

Instead of fighting my funk, I’m using this as an opportunity to slow down and do a little creative exploration. I can highly recommend it.

I’ve long been drawn to watercolour as a medium, but it doesn’t sit in my comfort zone. As someone who can be a little impatient, and somewhat of a control freak, watercolour is a bit scary! So, I collect and hoard the supplies, then make excuses like “no time”, “too busy”, “can’t do it”. I’m sure this will be a familiar story to many of you, whatever the medium.

The thing is…we don’t grow unless we stretch ourselves, and sitting in a comfortable little box won’t help with that.

So here goes! I’ve started playing by familiarising myself with my existing supplies, while checking out YouTube videos and some books that I already owned. Thankfully I also have some perfect stamping supplies to help the process, and I’ve been enjoying using those to start my exploration of watercolour.

The Danielle’s Swatch Kit collection is perfect for cataloging and experimenting with supplies. I’ve been stamping the Paint Chips stamps on off-cuts of watercolour paper, which is a great way to use up all those scraps. I’ll be sticking them in my notebooks/journals. It has been so relaxing to just stamp the swatches, fill them in, and then trim the pieces down. I’m taking it slow, keeping it low pressure, and enjoying the process.

Over To You!

What would YOU like to learn, but haven’t yet found the time or courage for? Have you already started a new creative journey? Let me know in the comments below!

Share your personal favourite Stamping Bella creations with us. We LOVE to see what you’ve been creating with Stamping Bella stamps. Share a link to your latest Stamping Bella card in the comments below, or an old favourite you made a while ago. Tell us what your favourite stamps are. Are there any additions you would like to see to the range? Let us know!

Another way to connect is by joining us in the Stamping Bella Sistahood Facebook Group and share your pictures.

If you are posting your images online, we would love to see them on Instagram and all the platforms mentioned above. To make it easier for us to find you just use #markergeekmonday and/or #stampingbella as a hashtag. Even better tag me @markergeek and @stampingbella . We love it when you connect, so don’t be shy!

Until next time, HAPPY STAMPING!




  1. Hazel parr says:

    Today I attempted my second ever face sketch. This second attempt was much better than my first so it shows that what they say is true practice makes perfect.

  2. Paula B says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE , LOVE to see more matching dies for the older “Stuffies” stamps…. especially for Bunny Pile, Stuffie stuffie, Honeybears, and I’ll always have your back. Would get them all (hint, hint) ha!

  3. Andrea Hastilow says:

    Snap ! Watercolours, I so want to be able to use them well but am scared to take the lid off. I too have surrounded myself with lots of supplies several different makes but I’ve still used every excuse I can muster so not to use them. Alcohol markers are another one. My ocd of having to be mega neat & always perfect is seriously hampering both these mediums. So your not on your own & with 19 days into our mini heatwave I’ve not got many excuses left to not pick them up in this quieter period. Will enjoy following your updates, pop in anytime x

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