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mamabella has arrived

Hiya sistahs

just to let you know, I will be trying to post more images over the next coupla days.. I know I have said that for a while but I PROMISE this time!! So please check back!!  I just posted “MAMABELLA” on my homepage.. I hope you love her as much as I do!

love, hugs and kisses



  1. veronica says:

    OH yeah more bellas….but I can’t find Mamabella and I really couldn’t find veronabella? hummmmmmmmmmmm lead the way there em show me the bellas….

  2. veronica says:

    hahahaha found her…….. but still can’t find veronabella? hummmmmmm what’s up with that? just kidding em. Will you be posting more bellas within the next week or so? If so I will wait until then to order more of my little gals if not let me know off to shop for somemore bellas.
    hugs veronabella

  3. I thought she was new! I love her!

  4. Michelle W says:

    I love all your bella stamps! The new mamabella is too cute! I love her. Have you ever thought of doing a beauty bella with a crown, a sash, and maybe some flowers? I would buy that one in a heartbeat. I was also wondering if you would be adding more bellas soon. I already have a wish list that includes all the bellas I don’t already have. I am an official addictabella! I’ll be waiting for the tax return money so I can buy some more!

  5. GrammaStamper says:

    I love Mammabella, too. She is so sweet. My DD’s birthday is coming up and if she had been around 2 weeks ago, DD would have got a card with her, but she’ll have to settle for Cosmobella for now. Next year, maybe. All DD’s (I have 2) and DIL (also 2) will be getting Bella cards and all their birthdays are in February.

  6. LinzyD says:

    Oh, such a sweet new Bella!

  7. Janeabella says:


    You are killing me!!!! I have to have the Mommabella like yesterday!

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