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Princess POOPY made a POOPY on the TOIDY!!! How happy are you?  (lol.. not sure but I know that I am)!  Having said that, I must say that I was INSPIRED to launch some new goodies… (everyone thanks you JAYDEN!!)

So check out my “what’s new section”.. OMG  we gots a  seal balancing a ball on her nose with the most PHENOM sentiment (sometimes life is a balancing act).. not only a PRETTY FACE here…(LOL), we gots some of the most amazing stellas EVAH (thank you Jan!!)..  stellas with cupcakes, with coffee, on the phone… hmmmm we gots some groovy VW’s… girly and boyish ones.. great for Father’s day and matches perfectly with the “feeling groovy” sentiment!  Thanks to Tiddly, we have an amazing wedding couple called Togethah Forevah… and last but not least….chichi’s ruby ribbonlace! love the movement in that image and her expression.. and I love causes!

Enjoy!  Happy long weekend!

mwah to da sistahs who will sit back, relax and enjoy



  1. pinky says:

    I Looooooove me some STELLLLLLAAAAAAH!!!!

    Em, you totally made my crazy week worthwhile – I feel some web shoppin’ comin’ on. You know, I will be Stella when I am old and gray…..well perhaps not gray, perhaps I’ll get me some blue hair to go with those swollen tootsies.

    Love all things StampingBella

    Happy weekend everyone. Us Canucks get a long weekend…..hey, we deserve it after such a brutal winter….eh???

    Love to my Sistahs!

  2. Kerry says:

    You are a LEGEND Em!!!!! Keep ’em comin’


  3. Karyn says:

    Lovey all the new stuff Em!! Thanks so much!
    I hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your family. I will be enjoying mine…cleaning the yard, garage and doing some gardening..not quite enjoying..but relaxing all the same…LOL!!

  4. kayla says:

    love, love, love ALL the new stuff!

  5. Rosybella says:

    Awesome The Seal is so cute.
    pretty please.
    and i’ll love you more than yesterday or today. lol 😀

  6. christine says:

    *waves madley at Emily, Dena, Ryan and Nicky (ty4 da chocolates them was yummyyyyyyyyyy)….cant waitto comeback VW’s 🙂 Oh right ur open 2moro i may sneak in…hehehehe if not have an awsomeeeeee wkend and i will see u all next wk 🙂

  7. Sue says:

    You sure are a bad influence on a girl’s credit card!!! will be placing an order soon, love them all!!!

  8. Too cute, Em! I ‘specially likes da Togetha Foreva stamp, they’re precious!

  9. carmen says:

    Sit back and relax with all these new goodies???? You must be kidding! Thank for making me jump up and down Em. I love the circus senties. They are all so true.

  10. Lovey all the newbies!!!!

  11. Queen Mary says:

    Love the new stuff, filling up my cart! 🙂

  12. natanya says:

    You makes me so confuzzed with all this gorgeous stuff…….Wheres do I begin?????????????????????????????????????????

  13. Sarah says:

    Love all the new releases!!

  14. Gaylabella Ferland says:

    Hello all!!! Got back from graduation! Saw all the new stuff and woo hoo, awesome stuff!!!!!!! Thanks Em for imagination!!

  15. SaraFrawley says:

    Congrats on the POOPY! Horray for Jayden (and Emily… it’s such a relief isn’t it?)
    by the way, I LOVE the new releases! they’re GOJUS darling!

  16. Amera says:

    Super super cute stamps! I love them all but now my checking account will hate me!!

  17. Jess Willison says:

    These are AMAZING Em! My cart is getting full!

  18. Pootle says:

    oh my goodness – how hard was that to keep my order to the limit that the nasty customs man will let me have?!! I just had had had to have the VWs – me and the OH own like 2 VW campers so it would have been rude not to 😉 We also have 2 beetles so if you feel like adding to the VW range anytime soon …….. hint hint 😉
    I may have to come back for the stella hugging the cupcake stamp soon – that so needs a ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ sentiment to go with it (remember the seagulls in Finding Nemo? 🙂 )

  19. VIcki Burns says:

    Congrats on the milestone! Hope Princess Poopy is continuing her donations to the toidy!

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