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January 2023 Release Peeks Day 1 – Gnome Fun!

EDIT: STAMPS ARE ALL NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER in the WHAT’S NEW section on the Stamping Bella store.

Hey folks, Elaineabella here. Over the past couple of months, we have had the task of finalising the release that Emily was preparing in November. I’m happy to say, that even though it has been tough, we have pulled together and brought the new release to life exactly as Emily would have done. I know that she would be absolutely thrilled with the amazing work the Babes have done creating cards to share the new stamps with you all.

With that said, I will crack on and show you the first set of sneak peeks! If you’re already a Gnome fan you will be very happy. If you have yet to fall for everything gnome, then today might just be the day! Grab a snack and your beverage of choice, there’s a lot to see, and you won’t want to miss any of it.

The GNOMES have all found themselves in different roles for this release. From the everyday hero to the fantastical, there is SO MUCH fun to be had creating with these stamps. The Babes and a couple of special guest designers have created some incredible cards to inspire you. I’m delighted to finally be able to share them all with you. PLEASE do drop a comment here on the blog and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work, we all love to hear from you.

Our special guest designers for this release are the amazing SANDRA PETERSEN and SUE HASTEAD. A big thank you to them for joining us with some absolutely stunning work.

The new release will be available to order on the website on TUESDAY 31st JANUARY 2023 – not long to wait!

We also have a new WORK LIFE SENTIMENT SET to go with some of them. Of course we also have an existing range of SENTIMENT SETS to help you create cards for every occasion, as well as BACKDROP STAMPS to set the scene if that’s your thing!

You will see the WORK LIFE SENTIMENT SET on many of the cards below!


Card Samples


Card Samples


Card Samples

Amy also used our GNOME HOME STAMP SET to create this incredible scene!



Card Samples

Debra also used a sentiment from our CELEBRATE & CONGRATULATE SENTIMENT SET.


Card Samples

Amy also used our COWBOY BACKDROP stamp.



Stamping Bella Gnome Diver & Mermaid Scene Video

Watch Elaine colour this stamp in the video below. If you enjoy watching please do like the video and subscribe over on her YouTube channel.

Card Samples

Steph also used our UNDER THE SEA SENTIMENT SET.

Sandie paired our adorable Gnome Diver with the Gnome Mermaid you will see further down this post, and our UNDER THE SEA BACKDROP stamp.

Debra also used our UNDER THE SEA SENTIMENT SET.



Card Samples

Tamara also used the sentiment that comes in our STUFFY STUFFIE stamp set.


Card Samples

Jenny also used a sentiment from our ODDBALL GNOME FAMILY SENTIMENT SET.



Card Samples

Sue also used a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.



Card Samples

Our guest designer Sandra Petersen created this amazing card! Along with the new Gnome Hippie she also used our CHOCOLATE SENTIMENT SET.


Debra also used a sentiment from our GOOD VIBES SENTIMENT SET.

Steph also used a sentiment from our GOOD VIBES SENTIMENT SET.


Card Samples

Christine also used a sentiment from our UNDER THE SEA SENTIMENT SET.

Debra also used part of a sentiment from our UNDER THE SEA SENTIMENT SET.

Tamara also used a sentiment from our UNDER THE SEA SENTIMENT SET.


Card Samples

Sandie also used our CAVE KIDS BACKDROP which is just perfect for this guy!


Card Samples


Card Samples

Ginger also used a sentiment from our I MISS YOUR FACE SENTIMENT SET.



Card Samples

Jenny also used a sentiment from our MOCHI GIRLS SENTIMENTS SET.

Debra also used a sentiment from our ODDBALL GNOME FAMILY SENTIMENT SET.

How’s that for inspiration? I’m itching to get colouring myself now!

Join us TOMORROW for another post overflowing with crafty inspiration and awesome new stamps!




  1. Mel Hampton says:

    Wow!!! What a release – I love all the images & the cards are all just awesome xxx

  2. Terri Vertalino says:

    Wow ! I can see these joining my gnome collection!!

  3. Debbie Throckmorton says:

    Gnomebody does gnomes like Stampingbella!! So cute!!

  4. Trish Cordell says:

    The gnomes…so many gnomazing gnomes. ????????

  5. KathyS. says:

    Wow that’s a lot of Gnomies! The coloring is fabulous (as usual ??) and the card backgrounds are all so wonderfully coordinated. So much inspiration!

  6. Sharon Brand says:

    These are terrific! Just love, love all the gnomies!

  7. Andrea Megan Hastilow says:

    This will be an awesome release just with the gnome collection, so many of these are my friends & myself in gnome form.Living this xxx

  8. Wendy Peterson says:

    Fabulous release… I am site Emily would be very happy with how it turned out. She will be sadly missed

  9. Jill says:

    OH MY GNOME?????? Loving this release so far. What super fun images.

  10. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    The gnomes are adorable. I love the cowboy!!!

  11. Rachel Duong says:

    Wow! These gnomes are spectacular and super adorable. I love the farmer, diver and artist so much! They are all amazing.

  12. Myra says:

    Love the collection! Always a gnome fan but this collection is outstanding! Great job girls, and so sorry for our collective loss.

  13. Jeanette Donahoe says:

    WOW! so creative and inspirational. I love stamps and dies that can be used in so many different ways!

  14. Laura Evans says:

    I love gnomes! They are all so adorable!

  15. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness, what an impressive amount of cute gnomes ?

  16. Kathy Andrews says:

    These cards are really cute; I have to say that I’m not really a Gnome fan, BUT, these cards could definitely send me over the line. LOL
    I absolutely love the little Chef/Cook because I love to cook and bake, and being from Texas, the Cowboy if wonderful. And of course, we can never have too many Service Gnomes – Fireman, Police Officer, Forrest Ranger, to remind us all of the risks they take to keep us all safe. And if you’re anywhere near my age, who could forget the Hippie stage… and these Flower-Power Gnomes capture that feel so lovingly. LOL. Last but not least, being the mommy of two fabulous, wonderful, lovely pooches, we can never ever forget the Gnome Vets. So thank you Babes and everybody… these cards are really fantastic.

  17. Susan G says:

    Very cute. I see “there’s a gnome for that!”

  18. Joie says:

    Loving the gnomes! Adorable! Can’t wait to see more!!

  19. Judy A says:

    Soooo cute! Everyone of them is an adorable must have!!!

  20. Lisa M Trickett says:

    Thank you Stampingbella team. Fantastic Release! Em would be so happy to see her legacy supported. I love gnomes, my imagination is going wild.

  21. Nancee Purdum says:

    I see that I am going to have to make more room in my Stamping Bella area for my stamps! I LOVE gnomes and there are some pretty awesome ones here! Hopefully my budget can handle these! Love the cards, all of them! What great inspiration showing different ways to use the stamps even if you don’t know someone in that “line of work”. Awesome, just awesome!

  22. Shelly J. says:

    Loooove them all. My favorite…so far…is Hippie Gnome.

  23. SarahC says:

    Oh Gnome!!! These are fantastic. So many service people and the sentiments are right on.

  24. Pamela Martin says:

    Wowzzer! Awesome stamps – can’t wait until I can buy. Glad gnomes are still coming out they are my favorite.

  25. Cathy P says:

    What a fun release!! It is such a lovely tribute for Emily to see her creative gnomes in the hands of so many talented people. Fabulous ideas and inspiration!! The love and care everyone gave to their creations jumps off of the page. 🙂

  26. Ann LaPerre says:

    I am a big gnome fan and these are just great…how can one choose a favorite, all so cute!

  27. T in AZ says:

    FARMER, COWBOY, CHEF, ARTIST are my Fav’s!! WOW, every single card is spectacular and FUN FUN FUN : ) what a terrific release and definitely need a few of these. T in AZ

  28. Theresa Grdina says:

    One cardi is cuter than the other….Cute release!!!

  29. Susan B says:

    I love every one of these gnomes. They made me smile and some even made me lol

  30. BunnieH says:

    Wow! I am not typically a gnome fan but these selections are FABULOUS!! My sister adores them so I will absolutely HAVE to get some for her. The cards are honestly so spectacular and they show off so many ways to use the stamps! Well done!

  31. Joie B says:

    Love the gnomes ! Adorable ! Can’t wait to see what next!

  32. Lynda J says:

    I’m sure Emily is proud of each and every one of you for all your beautiful work and such a fantastic release on her behalf. Love and hugs to all.

  33. Shari Green says:

    Oh wow love all the new Gnomes and the design team did amazing as always!

  34. Martha Lowry says:

    Every one of these gnomes are amazing! I love them all and they put a big smile on my face.

  35. Aileen Ryan says:

    What a fabulous first day release, so many amazing gnomes of course shown off to perfection by the Design Team xx Aileen

  36. Kerri Tareta says:

    Oh my goodness! These gnomes are adorable! The cards are all amazing!

  37. Connie B says:

    Love the gnomes!

  38. Donna ellis says:

    Im in trouble this will hurt my wallet

  39. Georgia B. says:

    I wasn’t really a fan of gnomes, but this release is changing my mind . . .
    the cards are adorable!

  40. Kathy Lane says:

    These have to be the most charming gnomes ever! Brilliant tongue-in-cheek humor for REAL WORKING gnomes that do other things than what ordinary, regular gnomes do, other than just look full-bearded, hair-braided and cutesy!

  41. Louise says:

    I love these gnomes! The design “Team-a-Bellas” hit it out of the park!

  42. ~Steph~ says:

    Sucha fun group of new gnome images, the samples are fabulous!

  43. Bobbi Miller says:

    Outstanding! Every single gnome is amazing! The color and design are top notch. I’m in trouble… where’s my credit card???

  44. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, so many gnomes, and so little time! LOL I really love them all but there are some I probably wouldn’t use so much so I wouldn’t get them. I love the artistic gnome & the cooking/baking gnome, the mermaid & the Hippie gnome. I might have to get a few of these. This is going to be one heck of a release & Emily would be so proud of what you have all done. Let’s hope she is watching from Heaven & watching this & smiling down at all of us.

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