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Oh boy sistahs.. this release was over the top awesome!  Thank you all for staying tuned and playing along with me.  I think this is one of our best releases yet! (I think I say that about every one).. make sure you check out our WHAT’S NEW section if you haven’t seen the new goodies.  ENJOY!

And now for Christine!

‘Bonnie was getting ready for a night out with the love of her life.  Now as Bonnie is a very modern girl – and believes in equality in all things – she’s decided to declare her love and give her heart to her man.  Of course, for this occasion she had to wear THE RIGHT dress to impress him…  and decided on her fabulous PINK party frock – finished off with the most wonderful bow in her hair – the pink would set off her complexion best!  Then she had to have her glittered petticoat underneath her dress.. she wouldn’t feel right without some gorgeous sparkle.  She decided to put a lush polka dot bow around her heart too. I hope her man appreciated all the effort she’d gone to when she told him of her undying love…..   ‘

Stamp Used: Stamping Bella Tiny Townie Bonnie loves Bows (coordinating cut it out die set also available).

Christine has a way of making our stamps come to life.. in more ways than one ;).. I also see them as all having their own personalities etc… do you?

and now for the completed card

how could ANYONE say “NO” to Bonnie?



  1. Laura P. says:

    Beautiful card, Christine! Of course your coloring is outstanding, but then all the little details like the glitter on the petticoat, and the way the white embossed hearts highlight the white scallops in the paper, and the beautiful seam binding ribbon….all bring your card over the top. Great job!

  2. denise i says:

    so pretty…. great card!

  3. It’s very cute, but I’m particularly interested in your bow with the double loop! Did you tie it onto the main ribbon or did you attach it after you made it?

    • Hi Candace…. I attached the bow after I made the card – and I made it on my bow-maker! I tie a little bit of thread around the ribbon on the card to gather it under the bow – making it look like the bow is made with the two ends. But I glue the bow on top of that – and peg it together till the glue sets. Hope that helps..

      Christine x

  4. Jane Crisci says:

    The design and coloring of this card is fantastic!!!

  5. Susan G says:

    I love this beautiful card. I DO add personalities to all of the Stamping Bella images…the expressions are SO perfect. Often it’s very obvious what the character is thinking. (Do they think? Certainly!!) I love your stamps and can’t wait to get my new order so I can plaaayyyy!!! Loves.

  6. Oh what a pretty card! I love this! I have to check and see if I have that stamp! LOL! 🙂

  7. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love how you used different shades of red and pink in your card and the background paper. It looks so pretty and so Valentinie. I know it’s not a work because spell check says it isn’t so I just made up my own word. I love how you attached the bow and I can tell how you did it. I love the Tiny Townies and i love this stamp. I have a lot of ribbon. An amazing store in MA that went out of business years ago had ribbon by the yards full. In fact, they had a room and a half of just ribbon and trim. They would mark the ribbon down by how long it had been there and by the time we got there, it would be like 25 cents a yard or something as ridicules as that. They marked it down every month. Sometimes they would sell the whole spool for 25 cents! When they went out of business, we scoured the whole store and saw that not only did they sell ribbon and trim, sewing supplies and knitting yarn and supplies, but they had stamps and stamping supplies and jewelry making stuff which we had never seen before. I went nuts buying ribbon and trim so I can do what you did on this card. Thank you for showing me how to do that! I am going to save your card so I can do that with my ribbon. When I do a card, even if it isn’t with a Stamping Bella stamp, I will let you see how I used the ribbon.

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