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Gasp. Pencil!? What? Yes, this is a Sandy-Allnock-Guest-Post, but this time for Cakeabella, I got out my Prismacolor pencils!
Sandy Allnock Magic Colored Pencil Technique You might find some stamps in your collection that have tiny areas to color. And if you’re struggling with getting a paint brush or marker nib in those tiny areas, give your pencils a try. Maybe even in combination with other mediums – let the pencils do the tiny work! I made mine do it all. Coz that’s how I roll! 🙂 Watch my video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

In the video I mentioned the pencil sharpener I use – click HERE to see that one. I’ll be back next Wednesday with the last guest video – see you then!
SandySig PS In case we didn’t meet last week – I’m a crazy colorist and I post a couple videos a week, so if you’re a visual learner, come on over and visit on my blog and YouTube channel and we can have some fun. Oh and be sure to visit on Instagram too…since I’ll be sharing more Stamping Bella fun there all month, too!


  1. Staci Earl says:

    I love to watch your videos. I learn so much from you. I am kind of new at colored pencil so I like to use baby oil. It gives a more refined look, less amateurish.

  2. Lynn D says:

    I am fairly new to the colored pencil craze – I’m loving the adult coloring books. Your videos are providing me with great tips and techniques and of course awesome inspiration. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. MonicaB says:

    I haven’t used colored pencils before. I loved seeing the video and plan to look into used them.

  4. DebraC says:


    I discovered Stampingbella through this series and fell in love with Cakeabella but I haven’t purchased her because I’m not that great with coloring. I’ve tried using pencils and they were always an epic fail. And now I know why! Watching your video I see I’ve been using them all wrong. I’ve been using them like watercolors, blending out each color separately then going in with more color. Now I see all colors need to be layered together before blending. Doh! My mind is blown. I was using gamsol but will try the baby oil, its easier to purchase in my area. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  5. RobiW says:

    Great video, Sandy! Love the coloring. I love to blend my colored pencils (when I’m not using watercolor pencils!) And gotta love this Bella!

  6. Toni S says:

    Absolutely beautiful….you make it look so easy….I will have to get my pencils out and try this!

  7. Rabbit says:

    I’m a regular colored pencil user. Sometimes I’ve used the blender pencils, but I prefer to just layer the colors until they blend visually. I still have some of the colored pencils I bought almost 40 years ago, and I’ve always kept them in the boxes or tins they came in but I love that wallet, so I’m going to get that one. Thanks for the hints!

  8. Donna W says:

    I love colored pencils and use them alot. I also use the gamsol but
    it depends on the project at the time. Love them both as they are so

  9. Gretchen says:

    I’ve used gamasol for my pencils but that’s only because I hadn’t heard of using baby oil. I’ll definitely be trying that out!! Thanks, I always enjoy your videos.

  10. Judy Keener says:

    I just started using my colored pencils with Gamisol, and I really like it. I tried baby oil some years ago and also liked the results. I have both in my craft room. Great video, by the way. I love the sweet little Bella’s. I love stamping and coloring people. It’s like playing with paper dolls all over again. By the way my paper dolls, were the Lennon Sisters from Lawrence Welk, given to me by my sweet grandmother who loved Lawrence Welk.

  11. Teresa Doyle says:

    You have done a fantastic job on “Cakeabella”. And Yes, chocolate is best!

  12. Michele says:

    Love it Sandy – thanks; awesome inspiration!!

  13. Judy B says:

    Sandy, your coloring is amazing whether you’re using pencils, copics or markers. I hope someday to be as good as you. Thanks for sharing all your tricks with us.

  14. SarahC says:

    Lovely coloring. Used gamsol but will have to try baby oil in the future I agree with you that chocolate cake is the best TFS

  15. Laurie Page says:

    Super card and coloring. Always learn something from you. thanks so much

  16. Patricia Ladd says:

    Fun coloring. Have never used either gamsol or baby oil, so thank you for that information.

  17. Cathy Homan says:

    New images are wonderful.Thank you Sandy for sharing the Magic Pencil tutorial.

  18. Anna Sigga says:

    These Bella stamps are sooo flippin cute and I love the coloring!

  19. Geri S. says:

    I thought only wax based colored pencils will work. Haven’t tried baby oil but tried Gamsol and experimented with glycerine. Also found Artist’s Loft Colored Pencil Blender. So try out blender pens to see if they work with various brands of colored pencils. Would be interesting to see a comparison.

  20. Great video! I had used baby oil in the past and got grease spots so now I understand why and how to not get them anymore! Thank you!

  21. Marianne says:

    Yay for coloured pencils! I always enjoy watching Sandy work her magic using any medium.

  22. I use colored pencils the most in card making and have tried Gamsol but I seem to always make a mess of it. Practise, practise.

  23. Jennifer Hovermale says:

    Chocolate cake with chocolate icing is definitely the best!!! Dark chocolate is even better! Anyway, I have never used the MCPT before. A friend told me about using gamsol, but I don’t get out much and haven’t been out to get any. Plus, I had never seen it used and had no idea how. Also I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would really make. Now, WOW!!!!! I believe that I will try to order some very soon!! (Red velvet cake is another one of my favorite cake flavors!)

  24. KT Fit Kitty says:

    Gorgeous colouring! I colour with Prismacolor pencils and I have used the MCPT – I think I prefer it as it blends so smoothly. I like how you coloured this lovely lady!

  25. Janet Sisk says:

    I love using colored pencils. I have used Gamsol and I also have a lovely little blending tool that I got years ago. I don’t know who made it and sadly it is about to give out on me. I think I will give the baby oil a try. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win. 😀

  26. Kathy Thisted says:

    I like to blend my colored pencil with a dedicated Colorless Copic Marker or leave it basic.
    I may try Baby oil, but I would need to get some stumps to try that out.

  27. Debbie says:

    I love colored pencils… I use Gamsol… I’d like to see the difference between that and baby oil… Will have to try!

  28. Linda K says:

    Colored pencils are my first choice that I reach for and usually use gamsol with them unless I use watercolor pencils. Thanks for the giveaway and ya gotta love that cakeabella 🙂

  29. Paula says:

    Love your work. Just regular pencil so far.

  30. stamping sue says:

    Sandy, I would like to know what colors you actually used for coloring your woman. I tried with Prisma color pencils but mine looks so phoney. thanks, stamping sue

  31. Thanks so much for sharing! I so love to watch other people use other mediums. Beautiful! 🙂

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