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And last week was a WHOPPING 0.4 pounds lost.  I’ll take it but wasn’t so happy LOL.. and this week has been a write off as I have been feeling so sick :(… I have had a horrible “headache” that emanated from my neck and distributed evenly through my head.. it got SO BAD that I had to go to emergency yesterday for 5 hours to get an emergency CT scan.. I don’t do hospitals sistahs but after a week of this pain, I had to go.  Thank goodness CT scan was clear and the pain is muscular.. so I put heat on it and am constantly taking Advils.  This isn’t fun.  Add the ARENA and hockey tournaments to the mix, I am sure the scale is NOT going to be my friend.  AND I can’t go weigh in on Friday as Tyler has YET ANOTHER hockey tournament.  LOL.  hmph.

Ok I am over my rant.

Let’s discuss recipes shall we?  new ones…

Last week I made this amazing Chicken Soup in my crock pot… IT WAS FREAKING amazing  so if anyone is in the mood for some good Jewish Penycillin (sp?).. I highly recommend this recipe.

courtesy of LALOOSH


and you can find the recipe HERE

my friend also made these AMAZING 1 point desserts.. OMG TO DIE FOR

courtesy of JUST 2 SISTERS


you can find the recipe HERE

Cool whip is my BESTEST friend.. sorry Mel LOL

So??? did you try anything new and DELISH?  New and HORRIBLE? LOL

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  1. pinky uk says:

    Oh dear Em, sounds like you had a tough week. Thank goodness the scan showed up clear and hopefully the heat will help the muscular pain. Love the look of the soup and of course the sweetness, must check out those recipes. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now.

  2. Sheena B says:

    My sympathies for the rough week! I was what we call a “turtle” at my weekly weigh-in – I stayed the same. But I’ll take it! After three weeks of battling a cold that just won’t go away (so – very little exercise), a turtle week is fine by me. If I had your 0.4 loss I would have been jumping for joy. Maybe we need a “senior”-ita doing just that – jumping for joy on her weigh-in scales!

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