It’s Stamping Bella’s SUMMER RELEASE SNEAK PEEK day 2! and a chance to win!

HELLLOOOOO my sistahs!! Today we have lots of GNOMIES and a Tiny Townie and an ODDBALL!.. SO excited!

let’s begin shall we?

First let’s start with our THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE.. I love the tenderness of this image.. she is soothing her friend through her sadness or it could also be a moment of pause.  I just love it.

CARD SAMPLES rubber stamp used: THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE. card by Amy Young rubber stamp used: THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE. card by Christine Levison rubber stamp used: THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE. card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE. card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used: THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE. card by Paula Williamson rubber stamp used: THERE THERE TINY TOWNIE. card by Stephanie Hill


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: ODDBALL with a SWEET TOOTH. card by Debra James rubber stamp used: ODDBALL with a SWEET TOOTH. card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: ODDBALL with a SWEET TOOTH. card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used: ODDBALL with a SWEET TOOTH. card by Sandie Dunne


next come our GNOMES!


Copic Colouring Video

Watch Elaineabella colour this stamp in the video below. If you enjoy watching please do like the video and subscribe over on her YouTube channel.

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: GNOME IN. A TREE card by Amy Young rubber stamp used: GNOME IN. A TREE card by Christine Levison rubber stamp used: GNOME IN. A TREE card by Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used: GNOME IN. A TREE card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: GNOME IN. A TREE card by Tamara Potocnik

Next we have our BEER GNOMES



CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: BEER GNOMES card by Amy Young rubber stamp used: BEER GNOMES card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: BEER GNOMES card by Christine Levison rubber stamp used: BEER GNOMES card by Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used: BEER GNOMES card by Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used: BEER GNOMES card by Tamara Potocnik


CARD SAMPLES rubber stamp used: two gnomes and a keg card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: two gnomes and a keg card by faye wynn jones rubber stamp used: two gnomes and a keg card by SAndie Dunne rubber stamp used: two gnomes and a keg card by Stephanie Hill

the GNOME and the BIRDIE:


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: the gnome and the Birdie CARD BY CHRISTINE LEVISON rubber stamp used: the gnome and the Birdie CARD BY Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: the gnome and the Birdie CARD BY Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used: the gnome and the Birdie CARD BY Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used: the gnome and the Birdie CARD BY Tamara Potocnik



CARD SAMPLES rubber stamp used: FLYING GNOME. Card by Amy Young rubber stamp used: FLYING GNOME. Card by Debra James rubber stamp used: FLYING GNOME. Card by Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used: FLYING GNOME. Card by Jenny Dix rubber stamp used: FLYING GNOME. Card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used: FLYING GNOME. Card by Sandie Dunne


The GNOME and the HAMMOCK:
 rubber stamp used: the gnome in the HAMMOCK card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: the gnome in the HAMMOCK card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: the gnome in the HAMMOCK card by Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used: the gnome in the HAMMOCK card by Stephanie hill rubber stamp used: the gnome in the HAMMOCK card by Tamara Potocnik

the GNOME and the SQUIRREL:



CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: the gnome and the squirrel. card by Christine LEvison rubber stamp used: the gnome and the squirrel. card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: the gnome and the squirrel. card by Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used: the gnome and the squirrel. card by Stephanie Hill


I hope you enjoyed today’s sneak peeks!

Please place a comment at the top of this post for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to our shop!

Winners will be drawn on Sunday night.  Release is on Monday June 15th!





  1. Chanda Mullen says:

    This release is so wonderful! I love Oddball With a Sweet Tooth!

  2. EnigmaArtist says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m already searching under my sofa cushions and car seats to find extra hidden change because I NEED this entire release! I have too many friends and family members that will totally GET this. Thanks for a fabulous release yet again.

  3. Susan G says:

    Love all the great new stamps… soooo versatile. Really fun. Great sentiments.

  4. Diana says:

    The Gnomes crack me up. I know what’s going on my shopping list!

  5. Ann says:

    There are lots of things that make me smile, but today your stamps and samples have made me smile much more. Thank you.

    • Pat says:

      You have the cutest gnome stamps! Cuter than any other company. Love the “You’re a special type of nut.” ?

  6. Marie says:

    Everything is so cute and irresistible!
    The gnome and the hammock…?

  7. Sara H. says:

    Love all the oddballs and gnomes…my wishlist just got longer.

  8. Shari M says:

    Love all of them!!! Gnomes are my favorite and the Oddballs I adore!!

  9. Maiko says:

    These are all so cute!!

  10. Yvonne Boucher says:

    What a great release! The Tiny Townie is too precious and I love the Oddball with the chocolate….she’s definitely going on my shopping list!!!

  11. Tina says:

    Oh my goodness, the Tiny Townie ?? adore it! And the Flying gnome is too much fun ?

  12. Charlene says:

    The new release is fabulous, I love all of the Gnomes and the Oddball Sweet Tooth.

    • Cathy D. says:

      The new stamps are all terrific…but the sentiments on the originals are especially creative and fabulous. Well done you!

  13. Laura P. says:

    Wowsa!! The scene cards are even more amazing than usual! My favorite of the Day 2 release is the Oddball with a Sweet Tooth…I can so relate and have a big dark chocolate bar to prove it haha! Love the mix of stamps!

  14. Lisa Wiley says:

    Love the new Oddball, and gnomes are always a favorite. This release may be dangerous for my wallet =)

  15. Donna Noland says:

    I’m going to be broke again….Oddballs are my favs!

  16. Terri says:

    Omg..the new Gnomes are adorable!! May need them all!

  17. Kathy says:

    Oh so stinkin’ cute…”It will be okay” and the Chocolate Oddball have my heart today.

  18. Mel H says:

    I so need the There There set and the gnomes are so cute.

  19. Judith Arri says:

    Love it all. Especially love the Oddball Sweet Tooth and the sentiment about eating all the chocolate. How many times have I just finished off the chocolate or a dessert so that I won’t have to worry about those calories tomorrow………

  20. Judy A says:

    They are all so darn cute! This is going to be tough to choose! I want them all…

  21. SarahC says:

    Lovely and they make me smile. Gnomes are adorable! Looking for ward to this release.

  22. Rachel Duong says:

    The gnome in the hammock and the therapy bird are my absolute favorites! Of course all are over the top and amazing! The samples are beautiful and I am excited!

  23. Julie Cochran says:

    Are you kidding me? Gnomes AND Oddballs? How can I choose???? Love Love Love!

  24. Gabriella Bell says:

    I love the squirrel. That is so sweet

  25. Tara M. says:

    So love the gnomes and oddballs just make me laugh!

  26. Kim Swenson says:

    Oddballs!!!!? I adore the squirrel and gnome too! Great release so far!!!!!

  27. Michele says:

    I have been coloring gnomies this week already, love them. And, well, chocolate….. cant wait for Monday?

  28. Andre M. says:

    Fantastic ideas from the designers for using these sweet images. My fave is the There There Tiny Townie.

  29. Lanie says:

    So excited! Amazing so far!!

  30. Janet Durbin says:

    Oh my gosh….Oddball with a Sweet Tooth is fabulous! Loving the new Gnomes too! Wonderful inspiration today!!

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  37. Carol R says:

    The Gnomes are my favorites but I love the Oddball image with the comment on Chocolate! So true!

  38. Lisa Trickett says:

    I am a huge fan of the gnomes. I’m so happy you came out with a whole new release of these fun characters.

  39. Denise Irving says:

    The gnomes are oh so cute! And love the tiny townie…??

  40. Joie Botardo says:

    I love them all but absolute fave is the gnome in the hammock. Perfect for my hubby’s card!!!

  41. Roz Smallshaw says:

    Argh these peeks are so adorable! Got to worry about my bank account though!!!!

  42. THEO Smith says:

    Love the Gnomes. Can’t wait to get them.

  43. Lora J says:

    Yeah! More gnomes. Love those little guys.

  44. Laura P says:

    Love the new gnomes. Needs more skin tone variety, though, in the card samples.

  45. Sharon Brand says:

    WOW! These are fantastic!
    Do LOVE the Oddball!

  46. Elchi |Elchi's World of Books and Crafts says:

    Oh, dear, this release is so super cute. I love the Gnomes!
    And I know that I need them all, but my must haves are “In the Tree”, “Flying Gnome”, “The Gnome and the Hammock”.

    Hugs Elchi

  47. Angie Brown says:

    Absolutely love There There Tiny Townie! Such a sweet image!

  48. Vicki K says:

    OMG!! My willpower is weak to resist buying all of these. The gnomes and the sentiments are so cute and smart. I love the bee!! The bird on the gnome and quote unpaid therapist. Who doesn’t have at least one of those? Adorable Oddball Sweet Tooth. The card samples are amazing!

  49. Chelsea Davis says:

    I like the beer gnomes… I wish there was a girl gnome version.

  50. Donna says:

    I love Stamping Bella stamps. The new gnome stamps are priceless!!

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  57. Jane M Crisci says:

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    Oh Lord, the GNOMES!! The beer ones are the best ones as that’s what my husband shares with his friend all the time.

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    The oddball chocolate one is my favorite….maybe because she echos my attitude, totally! LOL!

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    Don’t particularly care for gnomes but I love the Flying Gnome!!! But Oddballs are my jam!!!!!

  65. Chris S. says:

    The gnomes are adorable..but the oddball chocolate is the best!

  66. Judy K says:

    Oh My Goodness!! I am loving all of these awesome fun images.. Especially anything Gnome 🙂 🙂 Love seeing all of the card examples..
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  67. Casey Thrush says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!! Day two is even cuter than day one!!!! How is that possible????? Love it all!!!!!!!

  68. Starqueen says:

    Another day of yummy-ness! That sweet Tiny Townie of comfort just touches my heart. LOVE!

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    I think I may in BIG trouble with all these adorable stamps, LORD help me!!!

  73. Sharon says:

    Having had 6 eye surgeries, your last two days of releases have brightened my days. Thank you for your great talent and sharing us all with the chance to purchase them ALL!!!!

  74. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I love it all, especially the gnomes.

  75. Letitia Brown says:

    I can’t even pick a favorite. I want them all!! Great coloring.. I just wish mine looked that good.

  76. Renee J says:

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    Wow! All of the card samples are FABULOUS!

    I absolutely love, love, love the Oddball Sweet Tooth!!! So many adorable gnomes that it is going to be difficult to choose!! ARgh…

  78. Irene says:

    Your gnomes are the best. Live the squirrel and gnome the best.

  79. Cindy G says:

    Love Oddball with a Sweet Tooth and the saying – sometimes in order to stop eating chocolate, you must eat all the chocolate. That works for me – because I always have chocolate – so no chance of eating it all!

  80. Anny Hale says:

    The gnome riding the bee cracks me up! They’re all so cute!

  81. Gretchen Lee says:

    OMG! I love squirrels and I love gnomes!
    Nothing could be better than those two together??

  82. Faina says:

    An oddball with my life’s mantra?! NEEEEEED!! Love the new release, so excited 😀

  83. Carisa says:

    Omgosh, Yessssss!!! I love all the stamps today. That tiny townie and those gnomes! ???

  84. Joan Day says:

    They all are very cute. I want all the stamps even though I don’t have people to send the cards to. Stamping Bella is stamps are my favorite stamps!

  85. Lisa Herbstreith says:

    Such a cute release. I need to start my wish list.

  86. Bev says:

    Beautiful job ladies! Love tiny townIes and gnomes

  87. Sue says:

    Thank you for continuing to inspire us with great ideas and stamps!

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    The. Gnomes!!!! ?????

  89. Julia says:

    Gnomies rule. So cute.

  90. Barbara Whiting says:

    Love the beer gnomes! The Everything will be ok is adorable. Would be great for a little sister/big sister card.

  91. Kerri Boucher says:

    Ok I will just sign my pay check now!!! FANTASTIC!! DT you knocked it out of the park!!!

  92. Lynne In NI says:

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  93. Irene Mendes says:

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  94. Barb Miller says:

    I love the Tiny Townie! Reminds me of my great granddaughters. Can’t wait to make them a card!

  95. Teresa Sather says:

    AMAZING artists that showcase your adorable stamps! AMY, wowza… but my Fav is Fayeabella’s Ginger bearded gnomes! maybe drinking Ginger beer?? : )
    thanks for all the joy your images and artists bring to our lives, you are special and giving, can tell by your blog.

  96. Rosie Johnson says:

    Love those Gnomies! They are sooooo cute!!! Monday can’t come to quickly!!!

  97. Sue D says:

    So many cute samples. I like the There There tiny Townie.

  98. Faith Garnett says:

    I especially love the teeny Tiny and the Gnome therapist. I have sent out over 120 cards and donated some during this pandemic with its various challenges and I feel those images are perfect for sending encouragement and compassion. I love the quality of your stamps too!

  99. Sue Hastead says:

    I love today’s images, there is just so much gorgeousness! The Gnome and The Birdie is just too precious – I could cry – (in a good way)!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration…xxx <3

  100. Daphne Ross says:

    Squeeeeee! I was going to get myself a new pair of Docs with my Birthday money… change in plans obviously!

    Love, love, love almost every single stamp in the months’s release. Can’t wait for the 15th.

  101. Michelle R says:

    Love all the gnomes, it’s going to be so hard to choose.

  102. Cindy Bonnell says:

    You’ve turned me into a gnome lover!

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  109. Bev Gerard says:

    Oh what a fabby & fun release! Perfect touch of sweetness added in, sure to delight!

  110. Sandi Redmann says:

    OMGoodness how adorable i love these and wish they came out a little earlier for fathers day but still cant wait to get them so sweet love love love

  111. Margaret O says:

    Can’t wait for the new release!

  112. Carol Jones says:

    Omgosh they’re all so cute! I especially love the gnomes! My favorites are the gnomes with the keg and the gnome with the squirrel. You’re a Special Kind of Nut!! Too funny. I have quite a few friends I could send that to!

  113. Karen says:

    Love Gnome day! The gnome and keg are my favorite! Another great day!

  114. LINDA Fitch says:

    Oddball trying to stop eating chocolate!!! Sooo cute! Mine,mine mine num num num! Hahahaaa

  115. Robyn says:

    OMG I love them all! You do make it soooo hard to choose!
    Luckily me

  116. Bunny says:

    Maybe we can all get together and quaff a beer and relax. I think we could all use some relaxation right now.

  117. Denise Kinsley says:

    Could the Tiny Towny be any sweeter? Normally I’m not the sentimental type, but that one I may have to have. Love the gnomes! They are always loads of fun.

  118. Holly Mahoney says:

    I love the Sweet Tooth oddball! This will be a great addition to the collection. The There There Tiny Townie is so sweet and needs no other words. It brings a tear to my eyes. The Beer Gnomes and Gnome and the Birdie make me smile!

  119. L Eagles says:

    So many wonderful new stamps with fantastic ideas from the design team!

  120. Meghan Kennihan says:

    The gnomes are darling! And I ADORE the EVERYTHING WILL BE OK! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OMG! So many cuties this time, I just love the nomes!

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  126. Jess says:

    Ah how am I going to afford it ALLLLLLLL

  127. Melody Ogle says:

    The chocolate sentiment rang so true! Then I get to the gnomes drinking beer, lol! Now ROFL at the gnome with his unpaid therapist! OMG sooo cute!

  128. Helen Langlais says:

    The gnomes are adorable. I like the card samples showing the stamps colored in different colors. It gives me choices on how I would like the gnomes to look.

  129. Carol Celeste says:

    I love the gnomes – especially the one with the squirrel (that’s my nickname sometimes)

  130. Mary H Bronk says:

    These are so great, love them all

  131. Nancy J Burdge says:

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    the gnomes are just way too cute!!! Love them all

  138. kathy Tanner says:

    These are all fabulous!
    But I particularly love There There.
    It’s so very beautiful 🙂


    Gnomes are great … but Gnome + Squirrel for the win!

  140. Nancee Purdum says:

    Oh my! I have to have those Gnomes! They are all adorable and perfect sentiments! I have several July birthdays coming up that these would be perfect for! Also love that Oddball…..chocolate is a must! Can’t wait for the 15th!

  141. Katy Glenn says:

    Wonderful cards! They are so colorful. The coloring is fantastic; it just blows my mind!

  142. Georgia B. says:

    Love the Tiny Townie and Everything will be OK sentiment. So sweet . . .

  143. Patty M. says:

    The gnome and the hammock, and the chocolate oddball are so cool! I have been looking for good friend stamps! I am in love with all of your gnome releases!!

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  145. Pat Schwartz says:

    love all the GNOME stamps, so adorable. Must have!

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  147. Micheline says:

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  150. Helen F says:

    Wow! Those new There There Tiny Townie is just the sweetest image! Great for so many occasions! Love the video colouring those fun gnomes! Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration! Take care! 🙂

  151. Christine Jannetto says:

    The 2 girls are soooo sweet. I am however MOST excited about the GNOMES! OMG.. I love them.

  152. Eileen says:

    Omgosh I can’t decide which set I love the most they are all adorable! But if I must I love Tiny Townie the best. But the gnome in the hammock is in second place in my heart it’s so sweet.

  153. theresa roffey says:

    A family member has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and when I saw the There There Tiny Townie stamp it reminded me there is always someone who cares enough about us to give us a hug when we need it.

  154. Kathi Rerek says:

    OMGosh! I love all the Gnomies and the Oddball! I do believe I need them.

  155. Lucille Kearin says:

    Ohhhh, the Gnomies, love them all. Especially the beer drinking Gnomies, so many friends I can make cards for with these stamps 🙂

  156. Claudine G. says:

    Gnomes are so funny. Keg Gnome is pefect for thoses daddy cards ?

  157. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I’m liking some of these gnomes but not to crazy about the Oddball. It could grow on me though. I’ll have to keep looking at it. I love all the colorful cards & especially the ones with yellow in them.

  158. Susan Vitti says:

    Oh my! I always love gnomes,but the sentiments with all of these Sets are perfect.

  159. Sherry Storjohann says:

    Cards are awesome and love ?? the gnomes! Especially the keg one!

  160. Susie Comi says:

    Clearly, I need so many of these! So cute!

  161. Shelly M says:

    The sweet tooth oddball is fabulous. I am exceptionally inspired by your artists’ coloring samples!

  162. Vivien Lee says:

    The Oddball with a Sweet Tooth made me laugh! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and the Mochi girl yoga stamps too!

  163. Janette says:

    These are just so adorable, I love the Gnomes so much but they are seriously all devine, the samples are so amazing, the colouring is to die for, thankyou for the inspiration ladies.x

  164. Rosalyn Woods says:

    There there tiny townie…so appropriate for these times.

  165. Darcie M McHugh says:

    The Gnomes are so cute and fit all occasions!

  166. Kelly Anderson says:

    Oh my! love the gnomes!

  167. Maxine M. says:

    OMGnome…..these are just too adorable! Love the gnomie with the birdie.

  168. Donna M. says:

    Love Love the Oddball with a Sweet Tooth- I know lots of people who would love these cards!

  169. Danyelle Dillon says:

    I love your new release! I have a thing for gnomes so this is perfect for me! I just bought your oh gnome you didn’t stamp! So very cute. These gnomes are some of the most adorable I have ever seen. Will have to had some of them to my list. The gnome in the tree and the one with the bird sitting on him are my favorite. Thank you for all the wonderful examples too. Each and every example is very precious!

  170. Lou Swit says:

    They are all so cute and the samples are GORGEOUS. So inspirational

  171. Cathy Royal says:

    Wow have never known about you guys before. But sure love these designs especially the “unpaid therapist and the to stop eating chocolate”. Would love to try them out.

  172. Deb Heinritz says:

    OMG!!!! These gnome stamps are the greatest. My bank account is not going to like me!

  173. mary ann says:

    OMG sooo sooo cute. “your a special kind of nut”. LOVE it.

  174. Titus Debbie says:

    Oh my! Loving all of the new stamps

  175. Steph says:

    Adorable, love so the fun gnomes!

  176. Mary G. says:

    Got carried away by the gnomes and Forgot to say I need “Everything will be okay”!

  177. Wendy Peterson says:

    I am in love with the new Gnomes… too cute

  178. Jan J says:

    This new release is adorable! The gnome with his feet in the air and therapist sentiment made me smile. I also like the keg gnomes, and adventure gnomes. But who am I kidding? I like this entire release!

  179. Mary E Froehlich says:

    This release is such a great one and the samples make you want to just start creating

  180. Linda M. says:

    Love this release—especially the gnomes!

  181. Mary T. says:

    There there TIny Townie is such a great stamp! And love all those Gnomes!!

  182. Michele Berg says:

    I love all the Gnomes and the friendship Tiny Townie stamps. Bye bye paycheck…hello goodies.

  183. Tiffany Born says:

    oh boy am I in trouble! Gotta have em all!

  184. Michele S says:

    I LOVE Tiny Townie…so precious!!!
    And I LOVE the sentiments with Gnomes!!!
    Thank you so much for CREATING these for us!!! They are GREAT!!!


  185. Angie says:

    I love all of the gnomes and the oddball. They’re so cute!

  186. Judy Holbrook says:

    I just love those adorable gnomes! Fantastic cards!

  187. Wendy says:

    I love with the oddball farm animals, can’t wait ?

  188. Michelle says:

    oooo these are fabulous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gnomes!!!

  189. Kari DiBiaso says:

    Oh-my-lanta! I am in love with those sweet gnomes and the Oddballs have a special place in my heart!

  190. Amy Pawloski says:

    Drinking gnomes, what could be better, definitely going on my list!

  191. Jennifer says:

    These beer drinking gnomes will make excellent male cards. Love the oddball stamp, so me with candy!

  192. Heather Fontenot says:

    Love the gnomes especially the nut pair!

  193. Dawn Jones says:

    These gnomes are great, but I really love your oddballs. They express my inside voice!

  194. Cindy says:

    They are all so cute, it will be hard to decide which one(s) to buy!

  195. stephanie serrano says:

    so, so stinking cute!

  196. tina z says:

    Cards are awesome and l just love the gnomes!

  197. Julie Booker says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed all those gnomes ?????? and that chocolate sentiment is a must ?????? *LOVE*

  198. Cecilia Lewis says:

    Wow, just wow! So much you can do with the gnomes.

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