Helloooo my sistahs! Well we haven’t had a release in a long while and you can just imagine why.  This pandemic has wreaked havoc in everyone’s life and as frightened as I still am, life must continue with great caution of course.  We are still working on a lighter staff so bear with us for shipping and delivery.  I just needed to have this release now as a cheerup LOL.. SO please remember our shipping may be a bit slower than usual.. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!  You NEED to see this release OMG.

Over the last year or so I decided to learn more about spirituality.. nothing of religious affiliation,  just some positive mantras, a beautiful collection of crystals, creating a place for me to meditate in the house.. just a little “sacred” space for ME.  I love burning sage to clear my space, i love having a diffuser on.. some candles burning.. it grounds me and helps me calm my anxiety that I have suffered with since I was young.  I have a few new “tools” in my toolbox that has taught me to STOP worrying about what’s going to happen and to just enjoy THIS MOMENT because we will never have it again!  So that’s a little bit of what I have been up to and usually my stamps do reflect my mood, my stage of life, me humor.. there is always a bit of me in every stamp.   I also think we all need a little “WOO WOO” and magic in our lives!  So without further ADO.. let’s begin the TORTUREPALOOZA shall we? First we have our GOOD VIBES sentiment set.  Did you know that our Elaineabella creates all of our sentiment sets?  Not only is she a master colorist but she is a woman of many words! LOL..  I LOVE all of our sentiment sets do you?  Just read them.  They are awesome! next we have our CURVY GIRL COLLECTING CRYSTALS.. like really can you even?  You can colour the crystals any colour you want!  Rose quartz? check! Tourmaline? CHECK CHECK!

Curvy Girl Collects Crystals Video

Elaineabella is sharing her Copic marker colouring video for our new Curvy Girl today! If you enjoy watching please do like the video and subscribe over on her YouTube channel.


Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GILR COLLECTS CRYSTALS card by Christine LEvison Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GILR COLLECTS CRYSTALS card by Elaine Hughes Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GILR COLLECTS CRYSTALS card by Michele Boyer Tamibella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GILR COLLECTS CRYSTALS card by Tamara Potocnik Paulabella’s card next we have our CURVY GIRL NAMASTE.  Especially in these times we just “need a moment”.. here’s the perfect moment 🙂 AliceHUANGabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL NAMASTE. CArd by Alice Huang     Jennydixabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL Namasta card by Jenny Dix Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL Namasta card by Michele Boyer Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL Namasta card by Sandie Dunne and Paulabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL Namasta card by Paula Williamson  


Next. I’m sure some of our sistahs I am sure have used some essential oils now and again… check this out!  it can be potions and oils .. can be makeup.. anything you can imagine it to be!  and the aroma?  I can smell it from here! meet CURVY GIRL LOVES ESSENTIAL OILS


Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL loves essential oils. Card by Elaine Hughes Fayeabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL loves essential oils. Card by Faye Wynn Jones Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL loves essential oils. Card by Michele Boyer Tamibella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL loves essential oils. Card by Tamara Potocnik Paulabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL loves essential oils. Card by Paula Williamson and Stephabella’s card rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL loves essential oils. Card by Stephanie Hill   next we have a MOCHI YOGA GIRL– imagine if we could really be this flextible?  sigh….


Christineabella’s card rubber stamp used: MOCHI YOGA GIRL. Card by Christine Levison Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: MOCHI YOGA GIRL. Card by Elaine Hughes Fayeabella’s card rubber stamp used: MOCHI YOGA GIRL. Card by Faye Wynn Jones Michele’s card Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: MOCHI YOGA GIRL. Card by Sandie Dunne Stephabella’s card rubber stamp used: MOCHI YOGA GIRL. Card by Stephanie Hill Tamibella’s card rubber stamp used: MOCHI YOGA GIRL. Card by Tamara Potocnik   next we have our ODDBALL HIPPIE.. I mean.. need I say more?  Any Flower Children out there? The details on the mocassins? CANNOT.


AliceHUANGabella’s card Amybella’s card rubber stamp used: ODDBALL HIPPIE. Card by Amy Young Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used: ODDBALL HIPPIE. Card by Debra James Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: ODDBALL HIPPIE. Card by Elaine Hughes Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: ODDBALL HIPPIE. Card by Michele Boyer Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: ODDBALL HIPPIE. Card by Sandie Dunne Stephabella’s card rubber stamp used: ODDBALL HIPPIE. Card by Stephanie Hill   Next we have a SMUDGE and CRYSTAL ODDBALL she’s a good white witch.. crystals in her hat.. crystals in her potion jar.. a smudge stick in one hand.. she’s ready to BOO-GIE.

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: SMUDGE AND CRYSTAL ODDBALL. Card by Alice Huang rubber stamp used: SMUDGE AND CRYSTAL ODDBALL. Card by Debra James rubber stamp used: SMUDGE AND CRYSTAL ODDBALL. Card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: SMUDGE AND CRYSTAL ODDBALL. Card by Jenny Dix rubber stamp used: SMUDGE AND CRYSTAL ODDBALL. Card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used: SMUDGE AND CRYSTAL ODDBALL. Card by Sandie Dunne And last for today is another sentiment set called ENCOURAGEMENT sentiment set.  Every word is just so perfect!   How’s DAT for inspiration?

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  1. Melody Ogle says:

    “The world needs your kind of weird” Love this sentiment. Also just love the Oddball Hippie but then I love all the oddballs!

  2. Katherine says:

    OMG !!!! More oddballs! I can’t wait… i love them!

    • Karin S says:

      I’m still so in love with your Uptown girls and I’m slowing growing to love the curvy girls. I can not wait to get the curvy girl yoga and boy can I sure those sentiments!! It didn’t take long for me to picture which friend the “weirdo” one will fit!!

  3. Tina says:

    Oooh, yay!! In love with the mochi yoga girl!! Must have!

  4. Marilyn S says:

    Ooooh, I have been waiting for this! Love them all but the Oddball Hippie was made for me and I have to have her!

  5. Jill says:

    Aacccckkkkk ALL the feels! So excited. Running out to secure a small loan!

  6. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    What a fabulous release! What wonderful projects!

  7. Susan cowie says:

    I need everything!

  8. Kathleen Young says:

    Love the curvy girls. Can’t wait to see them all. Making my list.

  9. Charlene says:

    Love the Mochi Yoga Girl and I love, love, love the Oddball Hippie!

  10. Sharon says:

    I have always been called a “weirdo” all my life. I have to say even at 66 years young these weirdo hippie gals li s are just my style.
    P.S. I love all the new stamp gals and superb sentiments!!

  11. Chanda Mullen says:

    What a terrific release! I love Curvy Girl Loves Essential Oils, the Hippie Oddball, sentiments — the “vibe” is perfect!

  12. Marie says:

    Yay, new release!
    Love the mochi yoga girl!

  13. Roz Smallshaw says:

    Yoga!!!! This makes me so happy, Namaste ?

  14. Cathy says:

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  16. Yvonne Boucher says:

    What a great release…and yes, perfect for the times. I especially like Curvy Girl Namaste…and The little Oddballs art too cool!!!

  17. Kim Swenson says:

    New ODDBALLS!!!!! I LOVE them! Beautiful job design team on all of the lovely and fun cards.

  18. Rachel Duong says:

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  19. Melissa says:

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    Oooooo… the hippie is sooooo me! Reminds me of the good ‘ole days! She’s def a must have!

  21. Sue Hastead says:

    Oh.My.Word!!! These are all so utterly gorgeous Em and such wonderful inspiration from the lovely Bella’s … xxx
    Too close to pick a favourite – I love them all!
    Love from Sue…xxx <3

  22. Ashley says:

    Oh, that Hippy Oddball! That one is going on my cart on Monday morning. It’s perfect for summer!

  23. Sharon Brand says:

    Great release today! Love those “Oddballs”.

  24. Pamela says:

    Stunning as always. You have outdone yourself yet again!

  25. Mary G says:

    Really, really love Curvy girl loves essential oils! I can’t wait to get it and make a card for my daughter ?! This stamp was made for her!

  26. Heather Clay says:

    So cute. Love them.

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    Great release coming. Really enjoy the oddballs, but yoga is calling my name also. Love all the samples.

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  31. Carole Moisan says:

    I love your stamps, simple but yet so funny!!
    Creativity is good for the soul and anxiety!!
    Keep up your nice creations, I’m just a good fan from

  32. Wendy Peterson says:

    Super Cute as always

  33. Mel H says:

    As a yogi myself, I love the yoga stamps, and the Hippie reminds me of Frankie from the TV Show. Love this release!

  34. Janet Durbin says:

    I love your Oddball sets! The Hippie! Yay!

  35. Judith Arri says:

    “No One is you and that is your Power”! As if that isn’t enough, all the rest too! Love all of this.

  36. Denise Bryant says:

    Wonderful samples with all of these designs! The Oddballs are always a favorite!

  37. Letitia Brown says:

    So excited when I saw on Fb that new releases are coming soon! I Love them all but particularly the yoga and essential oils! Love Stamping Bella.

  38. Janelle T says:

    Love the theme! Love that both oddballs and curvy girls carry out the theme!

  39. Chris S. says:

    Love these..nice to see the Oddballs this release.

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    What could be better? Positive Vibes AND Oddballs!!! Love Love Love!

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    Whoa! Oddballs in a RELEASE — AWESOME!
    Love these gals, can’t wait to check out my available income!!
    Thank you, ladies, for some fabulous ccoloring jobs! I think I need to check out Mochi Girl’s hair, every single time!!

  42. Christine Jannetto says:

    these are all so great! How empowering too.

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    I love all the sentiments! They can be used for so many things. Michu Yoga Girl is a great new add to the mix.

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  51. Judy A says:

    ZENsational!!! Cannot wait to see more?

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    I am loving this collection. Wow the CURVY GIRL LOVES ESSENTIAL OILS. How I like my days to be. Relaxed without stress. Just loving it all.

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  56. Jen H. says:

    Loving these new images!! Looks like it’s going to be a great release!! 🙂

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    Aughhhh!!!! (That’s the sound of my wallet screaming.) I love (and need) them ALL!

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    This is a terrific new release! Love both sentiment sets and the hippie oddball definitely takes me back to my youth!! Love!

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    Oh my, what great images! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  61. Angie Brown says:

    I love the encouragement sentiments! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  62. Laura P says:

    Haven’t all the protests lately clued artists in that you shouldn’t color every single person stamp as a White person? Nor should stamps reflect just White women’s hair. Very few artists color people images as People of Color. I realize these stamps were produced before the protests, but please think about future releases. I got tired long time ago of all the White people stamped images that are commonly seen from stamp companies, which is why I stick to mainly animal images. And, yes, I’ve asked other companies about this long time ago.

    • Elaine Hughes says:

      Hey Laura. Elaine here – please take the following as my personal view, not representative of Stamping Bella as a company. This is simply representative of me, as the person who colours the images.

      I don’t have a lot of time for identity politics, and I don’t carry it into my work. Let’s be clear that I won’t be told what I should colour or how I should colour based on someone else’s politics, any more than I would tell anyone else what they should or should not colour.

      Colour what you want to see. We all have the freedom to create what we want to see in the world, or to create what reflects our reality. There is no reason you can’t take any of the stamps and give them any skin colour you wish. You can easily adapt the hair – I know that Sandy Allnock for one has some wonderful tutorials for and examples of this. The images are really a blank canvas for YOUR imagination. We have some awesome Stamping Bella fans from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, colouring the images however they wish, and creating beautiful projects with them.

      Telling someone else what they ought to be creating is far less productive than creating what you want to see.

      With all that said, there are a couple of very simple and completely non-political answers for you as to why I most often colour Caucasian skin-tones.

      1. Darker skin tones are harder to colour (at least to my satisfaction), by nature of the fact that Copics can have a tendency to get sticky, particularly the darker E markers. It’s also why I have a tendency to colour similar hair colours quite often. When I colour a release, I colour anywhere from 20 to 40 images in a relatively short space of time. This is why you will notice I also tend to use the exact same skin tone combo almost all the time – I know it’s going to work. I would absolutely love to get more creative and play with more options for lots of different things for releases, but time pressures are a reality. This is also why when I colour for the new releases, I don’t tend to colour backgrounds.

      2. Colouring product images to scan for the website/product packaging is different to simply colouring for myself. I have to take into consideration how the image will scan and how well you can see the detail of the stamp. This is also why I don’t create a lot of embellishment for the images, or do creative things like create patterns on clothing that don’t exist in the line art.

      I have coloured images with a variety of darker skin tones. I did two posts and a video on this a couple of years ago to help inspire people. A few of the comments I received across social media reinforced my feelings on this and many other issues. You absolutely cannot please all of the people. Some people feel you don’t colour enough dark skin tones – that’s a problem. Some people feel you coloured a particular skin tone too dark, or too light – that’s a problem. You don’t employ quite the right words to describe those skin tones – that’s a problem. Cultural appropriation, tokenism, etc etc etc Frankly, all of this doesn’t encourage anything, it actively discourages and separates.

      This week I coloured an image from another company with one of the very dark combos from my above-mentioned posts (linked below). I haven’t shared it, purely because I don’t want to get entangled in the current political situation.

      • Marilyn Gray says:

        Elaine Hughes, I Love your unbiased outlook! Politics need to stay out of our creativity. You are fair-minded without prejudice….that is a good thing! Have a wonderful day!

      • Judy Holbrook says:

        Throughout history, artist create what they know and experience. Writers often write from their own life. Be YOU…and continue to create beauty for our world!

      • Amy says:

        Love your work, always.

      • Amy says:

        Appreciate anyone that can stand by a conviction of allowing art to be.

  63. BunnieH says:

    Yay! Release day! I absolutely adore the Oddballs and the sentiments are wonderful. The Essential Oils Curvy Gal is perfect!!

  64. Joie says:

    Lovin these! I think my fave is essential oils ?

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    Definitely need that sentiment group with the encouragement phrases–the world needs my kind of weird..

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    Omgosh! Loving the yoga Mochi girl and sentiments. I can see this release is going to be expensive! Lol! Can’t wait to see what your amazing DT made for tomorrow x

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    Really fun stamps! Curvy Girl Namaste is at the top of my wishlist.

  71. Amy says:

    New, GORGEOUS Mochi and Oddballs! Absolutely LOVE! I can’t wait to get them into my hands!

  72. Elchi |Elchi's World of Books and Crafts says:

    Wohoo, they’re all so lovely! But I need need need “Curvy Girl Loves Essential Oils”, “Curvy Girl Collecting Crystals” and “Oddball Smudge and Crystal” – I’m so in love!

    Hugs Elchi

  73. ann says:

    as always superb samples, great images and words

  74. Jacky Wilson says:

    Love all of these! Fantastic samples and great coloring! Thank you!

  75. Abby says:

    Love the yoga stamps!

  76. Laura P. says:

    Hi Em! Another fabulous release! I had no idea Elaine is the queen behind the sentiments..that’s a fun fact! All of the samples are fabulous. It’s hard to choose a favorite but the Curvy Girl Namaste is my fav this time around. Hope your little crystal corner of the world helps calm you during these crazy times. Have you been watching Housewives?!! You need your sage after an hour with the ladies haha!

  77. Susan G says:

    As usual, the oddballs are absolutely “spot-on”. Love it. Stay well.

  78. Donna Noland says:

    Knocked it out of the park once again!

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  81. Katy Glenn says:

    You ladies are marvelous. Your drawings are like no other and I love them plus you’re from Ohio…me too!!!

  82. kathy Tanner says:

    I love these stamps.
    They would bring a smile to anyone who received them 🙂

  83. Teri says:

    These are awesome but my fave is the last sentiment set.

  84. Susan H says:

    Oh my word! I love your new stamps!!! Perfect. ?

  85. Meghan Kennihan says:

    Darling sentiment stamps and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Curvy Girls! TOO CUTE!

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    I love your sentiment sets so much and the oddball hippie cracks me up! Loving this release so far. Can’t wait for day 2!

  87. Shelly M says:

    I really enjoy the oddballs and loved all the samples – color selections you’re showing are simply fabulous!

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    These are adorable and yes, Mochi Yoga Girl makes it look so easy! Continued blessings with the collections!

  89. Tricia Bargman says:

    The crystal magic witch, I need. Smudge & Crystal.

  90. Ang L says:

    I LOVE the new sets – can’t wait to get the good vibes sentiment set . The new hippie cracks me up. Great samples of fantastic cards that lifted my mood!

  91. delphine says:

    I need some crystal energy right now.
    Curvy girl chakra ?

  92. Barbara Whiting says:

    Love this release! Like the weirdo oddball, will make a darling Halloween card. Love the sentiments and the curvy girl with crystals!

  93. Carmen says:

    I love the new stamps. However, I do have two favorites, the good witch and the hippie girl, but they are all awesome. Thank you for the video, it is very calming soothing watching it.

  94. Ashley C says:

    With all that is going on in the country right now, these stamps are a breath of fresh air! My favorite is the aroma therapy stamp!! Love love love!!!???

  95. Allison Bell says:

    Oh, I love the Namaste and the Hippie Oddball!! Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve this month!

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    Unique and interesting stamps for this time. I like the Encouragement set.

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    Those oddballs are really growing on me. Any child of the 70s needs this in their stash

  99. Margaret H says:

    This is the BEST idea you’ve ever had! I teach on herbs and essential oils so you know what my office will now be decorated with!

  100. Vicki K says:

    Oh yeah! Love the new release. The Oddballs are my favorite and the new ones are awesome. The cards are all so creative and love seeing how they are presented.

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    So excited for that one!

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    I think that this line is very creative and has so many different ways to b produce incredible cards . I love this series???

  109. Sandra Aguilar says:

    I think that this line is very creative and has so many different ways to b produce incredible cards . I love this series???

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    I am in LOVE with the new Hippie Oddball and the White Witch! I have so many things in mind already!

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    Oh Em!
    I LOVE these Curvy Girls and their spirit…literally! The Good Vibes sentiment set is a must get for me!

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    Oh my word! Fab release! U nailed with the hippie!! That’s my daughter! Lol I just love her but all of what I see is on my …I want I want list!! Whooo whooo! Great showing! Thanks can’t wait to get my hands on those! Cheers!

  118. Bonnie Thrasher says:

    I really love the yoga girl, but I really like them all. Also love the weird sentiment. When are they going ti be released? ?

  119. Alison A says:

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    Wow, loving the new stamps, looks like there will be another shipment coming over to Scotland soon.

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    I’m in Oddball Heaven! They are my absolute favorites, and I love the new Oddball Hippie. She’s just my kinda girl–“groovy” and “too cool for school.” And the sentiments!? Can you tell how much I love these new releases? 🙂

  123. Laura Gauthier says:

    OMG!!!???I’m in love!! I want these all!! I too have started a journey very similar to yours, meditating and crystals. My son, who is I to cleansing with sage gave me a Palo Santo (sp??) stick. It’s nice. These stamps are amazing!!!

  124. Kimberly Shaffer says:

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    The”how’s dat” sentiment set is perfect! It has such a positive vibe for right now!

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    My favorites tend to be curvy girls, but these are all wonderful. Each one struck a chord and I could think of someone in my life for whom it would be perfect. And I’m pretty sure I was *never* that flexible! LOL

  137. Nancy Pyter says:

    I want every one of your Halloween themed stamps! I can imagine sitting and coloring them all day long!

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    I am loving all the curvy girl yoga stamps!!

  148. Kris Johnson says:

    Love love love… the good vibes sentiments and all the girls!

  149. Marilyn Gray says:

    I love these new ‘life’ girl stamps! How appropriate on some good ole every day, ‘just because’ cards….refreshing, to say the least! I have not chosen a favorite yet but I am leaning toward Mochi Yoga girl! Thanks for the ideas!

  150. Karen Senior says:

    Love the Oddball images!

  151. Judy Holbrook says:

    A beautiful addition to our trying world! Yay! STAMPING BELLA!

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