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I love polaroid photos! These stamps are wicked!

Timestamp: 2017-12-03 21:46:00 UTC

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Hiya sistahs, welcome to day 3 of our sneak peeks!  I do hope you’re enjoying our time togethah!  I know I am!

Today we have another unique concept to introduce to you!  I have always been a fan of photobooth pictures.. whether they are vintage ones (which I collect for my mixed media ventures).. or current ones.. we have quite a few our family has done over the years at parties.  Our friends had a whole photobooth set up with props etc and we had SUCH a blast!  I also have VIVID memories of going to the mall with my grandmother and taking photobooth pictures together… this is going back to the 70’s.  I remember sitting there.. anxious for the flash to go off.. not knowing when to pose properly.. always having at least one picture of the strip go badly LOL.

In this release,   I wanted to represent, capture and encapsulate this feeling in our stamps.. cuz you know.. all our stamps are a little piece of me and my life!

First, I HAVE to share a couple of my favorite vintage photobooth photos I have found on my journeys LOL.. Every time I see it, I laugh.. LOL.  Seriously.. her parents couldn’t see she wasn’t in the frame? .. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! LOL.. it probably doesn’t even make sense why but I really do.

I also love this FACE.. full of WONDER and SURPRISE and HAPPINESS… I have put him in my journals before 🙂

Now you see why I love photobooth pictures so much 🙂

So without further ADO.. Please meet our new collection: SNAPSHOTS!


How true is the sentiment?  VERY.

Here’s Shelabella’s GORGEOUS card RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS I HAVE A SECRET, card made by Michele Boyer


and the sentiment?  SO true and SO perfect

Here’s Shelabella’s card using our new Snapshots I HEART YOU.. do you see a new element on this card? You will ‘meet’  it soon enough! RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS I HEART YOU, card made by Michele Boyer

Here’s Christineabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS I HEART YOU, card made by Christine Levison

and Sandiebella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS I HEART YOU, card made by Sandie Dunne



Here’s Ingebella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS LEAN ON ME, card made by Inge Groot

and the inside RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS LEAN ON ME, card made by Inge Groot

and Jennybella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS LEAN ON ME, card made by Jenny Bordeaux

and Sandiebella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: SNAPSHOTS LEAN ON ME, card made by Sandie Dunne


Here’s Paulabella’s card.. this is my FAVORITE SENTIMENT EVER LOL.

Next we have the Snapshots POLAROID!   so you can make your own SNAPSHOTS!  I know I know.. I SO SMART. RUBBER STAMP: POLAROID

and here is the CUT IT OUT die CUT IT OUT DIE: POLAROID

perfect for creating your own “vignettes”!

Next we are introducing our brand new characters… many more of them to come 🙂

Meet our new GNOMES!!  Our family was in Maine last summer and we came across a little shop and in the little shop there were these TEENY TINY gnomes.. and Jayden and I almost FAINTED because of the cuteness.. so we bought one mini tiny one for each of us..

this little gnomy is sitting on Jayden’s miniatures shelf 🙂

Seriously, have you ever?

So of course I sent him to Chrystal to see what would inspire her with him and BOY OH BOY she did NOT disappoint 🙂  I’m seriously IN LOVE.


And the Gnomette?  SIGH..  They were TOO CUTE not to make in 2 sizes.. for your planners, envelope decorating etc..  I LOVE THEM!  and we have a whole collection coming.

They have their own coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die "CUT IT OUT" DIES : LOVEY GNOMES

Copic Colouring Video:

Watch Elaineabella colour this adorable duo in the video below or in HD over on YouTube!

here’s AliceWERTZabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVEY GNOMES, card made by Alice Wertz

and Jennybella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVEY GNOMES, card made by Jenny Bordeaux

and JennyDIXabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVEY GNOMES, card made by Jenny Dix

and the inside 🙂  another place you can put the little version 🙂 RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVEY GNOMES, card made by Jenny Dix

and Paulabella’s card 🙂 RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVEY GNOMES, card made by Paula Williamson

Here’s Sandiebella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVEY GNOMES, card made by Sandie Dunne


Now meed SMOOCHIE gnomes.. perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, valentines day… sigh.

again could not resist the mini version.. look at the lips and the bum bums LOL RUBBER STAMP: SMOOCHIE GNOMES

they also have their own coordinating “CUT IT OUT” dies "CUT IT OUT" DIE: SMOOCHIE GNOMES

here’s Shelabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED:SMOOCHIE GNOMES, card made by Michele Boyer

and Christineabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED:SMOOCHIE GNOMES, card made by Christine Levison

and Paulabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED:SMOOCHIE GNOMES, card made by Paula Williamson

and Sandiebella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED:SMOOCHIE GNOMES, card made by SANDIE DUNNE

Have you ever?  I mean SERIOUSLY.  TO DIE FOR!

That’s it for our sneak peek today!  I hope you fell in love with these new images and you enjoy my little stories.  Stamping Bella is a company that focuses on friendships.. on family.. and on love :)… That’s what we are alllll about.

Love to my sistahs


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all winners will be announced on Sunday December 3rd 2017 at approx 9pm EST.  Release is scheduled for MONDAY December 4th!



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    Those friendship stamps are really great and I wish I had a friend to use them with. My last friend and I aren’t friends anymore. It was her choice. I saw her recently and told her about my dad passing away this past March. She was so sad because she said she didn’t know, she didn’t read it in the paper or anything. I have on-line friends but none I could send a card like the friendship stamps you created and it makes me sad. I might buy one in case I start selling cards again. People like to buy cards like that.
    Your gnomes are so adorable! I love them! Now that I have seen them I have the Gnome Mobile song from the movie in my head! Thanks a lot! LOL I could so use them at some time or another.
    Thanks for showing us all the great new stamps. I love the coloring you did and I love everything! I can’t wait to win something!

    • Gail Plaskiewicz says:

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    Great cards from everyone, love the idea of the photo booth! Great new release!

  163. Tami McDaniel says:

    Oh the snapshots are very beautiful. I love the little knomes. My BFF and I love using them in scenery cards with trees and mushrooms.

  164. F. Andre says:

    These sneak peeks were so much fun to watch. The sentiments are just perfect for friendship and the gnomes are too cute.

  165. tina z. (treebug) says:

    very unique, I love the idea and I love new stamps!

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