RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS!, sneaky peeky

It’s SNEAK PEEK DAY 5 Sistahs! and a chance to WIN!

Hiya sistahs,  and welcome to DAY 5 of our sneak peeks.  I know it’s a long stretch of sneak peeks but I feel like I cheat you if I don’t showcase them properly and explain how they came about.. maybe I’m selfish and love hanging out with you too.. I think that plays a juicy part  🙂

So we introduced a couple of Gnomes in our last release and they were a HUGE hit.. so what did we do?  WE listened and made more!  Are you wondering how I relate to these gnomes and what side they represent?  These gnomes represent my who else dreams up that lawn ornaments arguing with each other.  NO ONE.  Check out our TURF WAR image below LOL as an example LOL.

I also remember spending time at my grandmother’s house when I was little and used to watch the SMURFS every Saturday morning.. Gargamel… Azrael.. Papa Smurf..  Look at this GNOME HOME below.. I mean If you remember the Smurfs, this will bring back a lot of memories… Ok I’m done now.  I probably am sharing too much and you will all think I am COOCOO for Cocoa Puffs (anyone remember THAT commercial? ) Ok. I’m done now. LOL . For REALS.

Without further blabla,  HERE WE GOOO, READY?

First, let’s start with our GNOME BOUQUET.. look at that FACE!  Peekaboo.. I see you gnomie.  That squiggle at the top of his hat?  Sigh.  And the SENTIMENT? Rubber stamp: GNOME BOUQUET

He also has a CUT IT OUT DIE

Next we have GNOME HOME and it’s amazing sentiments  (yup it’s my own SMURF house.. with Lady Smurf waiting for me).. my grandmother used to sit at the window just like that waiting for me when I would come over :(.  I miss her so much. Rubber stamp: GNOME HOME

and it’s matching “CUT IT OUT” die

Next, we have our GNOME PILE.. I mean really.  Everyone needs a gnome pile no? and the sentiment LOL.. ’nuff said Rubber stamp: Gnome PILE

and it’s “CUT IT OUT” die

next on the list we have “GNOMES HAVE FEELINGS TOO”.. because honestly.. they do.  They are all separate stamps and dies.. use them alone.. use them together.. the world is your OYSTAH!  and that sentiment? #cannot.  And the SQUIGGLES at the top of their hats totally denote their emotions… LOOKY! Rubber stamp: Gnomes have FEELINGS TOO

and they have their own “CUT IT OUT” DIES

Next we have OH GNOME you DI’INT.. LOL  LOVE… the snail face? LOL..  This is a great card for AWWW you shouldn’t have..  or if you wanna give someone a piece of your mind 🙂 Rubber stamp: OH GNOME YOU DI'INT

he has his own “CUT IT OUT DIE” too!

next we have TURF WAR.. yes, lawn ornament’s don’t ALWAYS get along LOL Rubber stamp: Turf War

and their “CUT IT OUT” DIE

Next we have the GNOME and the BUTTERFLY.  Again perfect with our new BUTTERFLY sentiment set.  They are 2 separate stamps and the CUH-UTEST sentiment. Rubber stamp: The Gnome and the Butterfly

they also have their own “CUT IT OUT” dies

Next we have GNOME ON A SWING Rubber stamp: Gnome on a SWING

and it’s matching “CUT IT OUT” die

and last but not least we have our GNOME Backdrop.. now I call it a gnome backdrop but really it’s an amazing backdrop for any of our stampies! Rubber stamp: GNOME BACKDROP



Watch Elaineabella colour GNOME BOUQUET in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

And now watch her colour GNOME BACKGROUND in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

now for amazing CARDS 🙂


Here’s Elaineabella’s card using our GNOME BOUQUET Rubber stamp: GNOME BOUQUET, card made by Elaine Hughes

Sandiebella’s card Rubber stamp: GNOME BOUQUET, card made by Sandie Dunne

and Steveafella’s card Rubber stamp: GNOME BOUQUET, card made by Stephen Kropf

Next we have GNOME HOME

This card was made by Elaineabella Rubber stamp: GNOME HOME card by Elaine Hughes

Paulabella’s card Rubber stamp: GNOME HOME card by Paula Williamson

Sandiebella’s card Rubber stamp: GNOME HOME card by Sandie Dunne

Next we have GNOME ON  A SWING

Here’s Christineabella’s card Rubber stamp: Gnome on a SWING card by CHRISTINE Levison

and Elaineabella’s card


Elaineabellla’s card Rubber stamp: Gnome PILE card by Elaine Hughes

and JENNYDIXabella’s card Rubber stamp: Gnome PILE card by Jenny Dix

Shelabella’s card Rubber stamp: Gnome PILE card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella’s card Rubber stamp: Gnome PILE card by Sandie Dunne


Here’s Elaineabella’s card Rubber stamp: Gnomes have FEELINGS TOO card by Elaine Hughes

Paulabella’s card Rubber stamp: Gnomes have FEELINGS TOO card by Paula Williamson

Next we have OH GNOME YOU DI’INT and our Gnome Backdrop

Card by Elaineabella Rubber stamp: OH GNOME YOU DI'INT and GNOME BACKDROP.. card by Elaine Hughes

Paulabella’s card using OH GNOME you DI’INT and a sentiment from our BIRTHDAY SENTIMENT SET Rubber stamp: OH GNOME YOU DI'INT card by Paula Williamson

and Sandiebella’s card using OH GNOME you DI’INT and our Gnome BACKDROP Rubber stamp: OH GNOME YOU DI'INT and GNOME BACKDROP card by Sandie Dunne


card by Christineabella Rubber stamp: the GNOME and the BUTTERFLY card by Christine Levison

and Elaineabella’s card Rubber stamp: the GNOME and the BUTTERFLY card by Elaine Hughes

and Fayeabella’s card Rubber stamp: the GNOME and the BUTTERFLY card by Faye Wynn Jones

Last but not least for today, we have TURF WAR!

card by Elaineabella Rubber stamp: Turf War card by Elaine Hughes

and Fayeabella’s card Rubber stamp: Turf War card by Faye Wynn Jones

and Shelabella’s card Rubber stamp: Turf War card by Michele Boyer



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  6. Debra Kenworthy says:

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  7. Terraza Malva says:

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  20. Tracey Magner says:

    I remember Smurfs and yes Co Co Puffs, lol. I also remember my grandparents having gnomes in their yard at their camp when I was a kid, ahhh memories. I usually don’t play favorites with cards because they are ALL so beautiful, but I really loved Steveafella’s and Christineabella’s cards just stunning. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  21. Lorraine Snyder says:

    Funny you should mention the Smurfs…. I watched them religiously when I was young, introduced my children to them, and still watch videos. Any who gettin to the fantastic, wonderful, whimsical Gnomes. I absolutely love, love, love them! They are so stinkin cute! I made a christmas card with one of the Gnomes last year and it was a huge hit. I can’t wait the get these little beauties. Great job.

  22. Dee Ann Matthews says:

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    You know the gnomes remind me of me. I’m not a little person because my arms and legs are the right size but I’m 4’6 tall so I am a little person and so are the gnomes. Relatives of mine maybe? LOL They are all so cute and the puns, well, everyone is doing them so why shouldn’t you? I’m not sure which one I like so we will just say I just like them all! I can’t afford them all but I like them all. My favorite card? The ones with all the yellow in them of course! I also love the shaker card. I have a suggestion for you and all the stamp companies. Queen & Co have shaker cards you can make if you don’t have a die cutter. Everything is in the kit except for the embellishments inside the card. I think you should create some for those of us who can’t. I’m just putting it out there.
    Would I love to win one of these? You bet! Thanks for showing us all the colorful cards and for giving us the chance to win something. I can’t wait to see what’s up next!

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    I love the “Turf War” set. Your gnomes are so cute. I’ve seen other gnome stamp sets, but haven’t had the “I need this” feeling about them. Yours are definitely in the “I need” category.

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  137. Stephanie Jaghab says:

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    The keep off the grass gnome cracks me up. And the swinging one is too cute

  182. Aileen Ryan says:

    Wonderful bunch of gnomies to hang out with. Cant think of a better way to keep those flamingos off the grass. Your design team again shows your release to perfect.

  183. Deb Kaste says:

    Love the gnomes! My hubby would really like a card made with them as he thinks gnomes are adorable. More on my wish list!!!

  184. Lisa Henning says:

    Who doesn’t LOVE the gnomies? Gnome one! Too ADORABLE!

  185. Stacey says:

    These little guys are so cute!

  186. Nancee Purdum says:

    Oh my what cuties! Love them! 🙂

  187. Patty Q says:

    I love the Gnomes. The Gnome and the flamingo reminds me of the movie Gnomeo and Juliet. Also I have a friend who has a running joke with Gnomes so they would perfect for a card for her.

  188. Barbara Bademian says:

    These Gnomes are adorable! I love the little guy on the swing! Can’t wait to buy!

  189. Barbara Bademian says:

    These Gnomes are adorable! Love the little guy on the swing. Can’t wait to buy!

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