RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS!, sneaky peeky

It’s SNEAK PEEK day 4 and a chance to WIN!

Hiya sistahs,

Well I am already suffering ROSIE and BERNIE withdrawals but I am SO excited to show you MORE images .. I can’t even contain myself!  SERIOUSLY.

Without further ado.. I HAVTA introduce you to our brand new TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRLS!  AHHH you are gonna FUH-REAK when you see them… well you kinda met them above but wait till you see our samples!

Meet Tiny Townie BABETTE the butterfly.. I dunno.. I wanted a butterfly from the back :).. I just love her and her wings.  How much fun are all of these wings to colour?!



Meet TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BABETTE rubber stamp: Tiny Townie butterfly girl BABETTE

and she has her own “CUT IT OUT” die too 🙂


Next we have TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BESS rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Bess

Seriously? that face.  Cannot.

and she has her own die

next we have Tiny Townie Brianna the Butterfly rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Brianna

and she has her own die

last of the Butterfly girls is Blanche! rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Blanche

she also has a corresponding die

You’re probably wondering how these butterflies apply to some part of my life… well.. to be honest.. Winged creatures kind of scare me.  The noise of wings.. and flutter… *SHUDDER*… but having said that, (1) these butterflies are beautiful  and (2)  The part of me that these butterflies represent is CHANGE.. I have started to embrace change, accept change.. it used to be a hard thing for me .. accepting change.. but have recently decided that since I cannot stop change so why not embrace it.  Am I right?

This new butterfly sentiment set also represents who I am.  I love every single sentiment/quote in this set.  They match beautifully with our butterfly girls don’t you think?


Seriously. love.

Next on our Tiny Townie list is an addition to our garden girls!

Here is February’s flower- VIOLET.

Meet Tiny Townie Garden Girl VIOLET.  Isn’t she SO PURTY 🙂 rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie garden girl VIOLET

and she has her own matching “CUT IT OUT” die

Next, we have our TINY TOWNIE COURTNEY loves KITTIES… I have 2 kitties.. But Courtney beats me 🙂 LOL.. it’s those PAWSSSS that get me.  Every Time. and the SENTIMENT?  so true. rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie Courtney loves Kitties

Courtney and her kitties also have their own “CUT IT OUT” die

Here are my kitties, Edward and Jasper 🙂  They are 9 year old brothers and my husband still can’t tell them apart. LOL.  Paulabella saved these brothers from the parking lot of her work and smuggled them over the border to me.. I am not sure if I should thank her or scream at her LOL.

Last but certainly not least for today we introduce a backdrop!

Here’s our new GARDEN backdrop.. this goes with all of our stamps!  It’s so pretty.. Reminds me of a beautiful English garden 🙂


Watch Elaineabella colour our beautiful Butterfly Girl Babette in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Watch Elaineabella colour adorable Tiny Townie Courtney loves Kitties in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.


Here’s Fayeabella’s tiny townie BABETTE the BUTTERFLY card.. those WINGS! rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl BABETTE card by Faye Wynn Jones

and a closeup rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl BABETTE card by Faye Wynn Jones

Next we have Shelabella’s card using Babette and a sentiment from our BUTTERFLY sentiment set rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl BABETTE card by Michele Boyer

Elaineabella’s card using Babette and a sentiment from the Butterfly Sentiment set:

Here’s Fayeabella’s card using TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BESS rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Bess, card by Faye Wynn Jones

Shelabella’s card using Bess rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Bess, card by Michele Boyer

Elaineabella’s card featuring Bess, and our LOVE BACKDROP stamp along with a sentiment from the Butterfly Sentiment set!

Next we have Shelabella’s card using  tiny townie BLANCHE the Butterfly and a sentiment from our Butterfly Sentiment set rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Blanche and Butterfly sentiment set card by Shelabella

and Steveafella’s Blanche card.. just BEEYOOTIFUL and Magical rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Blanche card by Stephen Kropf

Elaineabella’s Blanche card, featuring a sentiment from the Butterfly Sentiment set.

Next we have Shelabella’s Tiny Townie BRIANNA the BUTTERFLY  and our GARDEN BACKDROP.. what a gorgeous pairing!  And the sentiment from our Butterfly Sentiment set?  ICANTEVEN rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Brianna and Garden Backdrop, card by Michele Boyer

and here’s Paulabella’s Brianna card rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie butterfly girl Brianna , card by Paula Williamson

And Elaineabella’s card featuring Brianna and that Garden Backdrop along with the Butterfly Sentiment set.

Now we have a gorgeous TINY TOWNIE COURTNEY loves KITTIES card by Shelabella rubber stamp used : Tiny Townie Courtney loves Kitties. Card by Michele Boyer

And Elaineabella’s Courtney loves Kitties card!

FINALLY for today we have Elaineabella’s Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL Violet card, featuring a sentiment from our GARDEN GIRL FLOWER SENTIMENT set. : Rubber stamp used: Tiny Townie Garden Girl VIOLET card by Elaine Hughes

and Shelabella’s card : Rubber stamp used: Tiny Townie Garden Girl VIOLET card by Elaine Hughes


So these are our sneak peeks for today.  LOVE?


  1. Tamara says:

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    These are GORGEOUS!!! There’s kitties!!!
    Hugs, t.

  2. Sara Corbari says:

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  3. Jo says:

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  4. Val Hohenstein says:

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  5. Ayesha Imran says:

    IM IN LOVE !!!

  6. Lori McConlogue-O'Shaughnesyy says:

    At first, I thought “ewww butterflies” even knowing they would be fun to color- i’m Kinda afraid of them- I don’t like things that fly and hover around me (There, I’ve admitted I’m afraid of butterflies) These are too cute, plus Courtney and Violet as a Feb birthday woman with a daughter and granddaughter born in Feb, she is a must have! Oh, and the butterflies sentiment, many of my favorite “quotes” Truly an inspired release!

  7. Lilibet says:

    They are all gorgeous! Loving the butterfly girls…. so pretty xx

  8. Mirella Rogan says:

    THESE are so cute – I love the butterfly girls!

  9. Helen F says:

    WOW!!!! These new images are just gorgeous! Soo many possibilities!Every one of them has found a place on my wish list! Thanks so much for your wonderful inspiration and the chance to win such a great prize!

  10. Pam says:

    I’m new to stamping and I love butterflies ? The videos showing how to color is mesmerizing. I’m wanting all of them?

  11. Debra Kenworthy says:

    Oh my, I’m just in love with these amazing beautiful stamps! My bank balance won’t know what’s hit it when these come to the UK. Now, where can I hide them from the hubby? <3 <3 <3 xx

  12. Tara says:

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  13. Linda M says:

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  14. ann says:

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    dear bank manager …………………
    my collection will be the richer i absolutely adore fairies

  15. Patti G says:

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  19. Debbie Smith says:

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  20. Sophia says:

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    I’ve never been much of a “butterfly person” but I think you may have just converted me!!! I can just imagine coloring them with ALL my copics…none wouldn’t work!!! AND the sentiments are so perfect I can’t imagine not having a set to go with them!!! You have really outdone yourself, Em! I am such a four legged pet lover that of course your kitties speak to me…and I know I could color one to match my calico kitty, Lucy Lou!!!

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    Yeah so this whole release should be called the Take (all) my money now please release. I absolutely adore the Tiny Townie Garden girls they are just gorgeous. And giant props to the design team what talent you have on board.

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    I also love the garden backdrop! I could do so much with that one. Now you did it, Elaniabella, you came up with to many amazing stamps and a background!
    The cards are so beautiful! I love Steveabella and Shelabella’s cards because they used my favorite color in the whole wide world, yellow and they use a lot of colors.
    Why, oh why do you have to temp me? LOL

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    Virginia aka Wirgie,
    from Sydney Australia.

    • Stamping Bella says:

      We don’t really do digital – we’re still a RUBBER stamp company and all of the new releases are rubber only! Happy to hear you love them!

  141. Susan B says:

    These Butterfly Townies are adorable…Love every one of them!!

  142. Nancy Ball says:

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  153. Rosa M. Vasquez says:

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  154. Rocio Medina says:

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  155. Jeanne K says:

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  156. Caris says:

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  157. Anita says:

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  158. shartl says:

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  159. Michelle says:

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  160. karenladd says:

    What could be more perfect for spring cards than the tiny townie butterfly girls?! What great new releases, even though I’m already missing the Bernie and Rosie sneak peeks too!

  161. jodi resnick says:

    the butterfly collection is so pretty! they can be used for so many different occasions! versatility in a stamp is what wins me over every time!

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