RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS!, sneaky peeky

it’s SNEAK PEEK DAY 2 SISTAHS and a chance to WIN!

Hiya sistahs!  So have you recovered from yesterday’s post?

Today we have even more AMAZING images to share 🙂


Let’s begin shall we? First a shout out to my AMAZING BELLARIFIC BABES for ALL of their contributions to this release!  A thank you to Elaineabella aka @markergeek for colouring up all these images.. these women in my life make all of our images come to life and without them… UMMM.. Let’s not discuss shall we?  LOVE YOU MY BABEROONIS!

Ok now let’s proceed LOL..

First on the roster today is our DEER PILE

and her “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and the BUNDLE where you can save 15%!


Watch Elaineabella colour him in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.


Card by PAULABELLA rubber stamp used: DEERPILE.. card by PAULA WILLIAMSON

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: DEERPILE.. card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card using our HAPPY “CUT IT OUT” DIE SENTIMENT set with our DEERPILE stamp rubber stamp used: DEERPILE.. card by ELAINE HUGHES

next we have MICE IN BOOTS… they look like real VELVET!

and the “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and we also offer a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!

and now for some GORGEOUS samples!

here’s Christineabella’s card rubber stamp used: MICE IN BOOTS. Card by Christine LEVISON

and this card was made by our SHELABELLA rubber stamp used: MICE IN BOOTS. Card by Michele Boyer

and our Sandiebella’s card.. BLACK VELVET BOOTSIES!! rubber stamp used: MICE IN BOOTS. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: MICE IN BOOTS. Card by Elaine Hughes


and the “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and the BUNDLE where you can save 15%!

This card was made by our Michele Boyer.  Sentiment from ODDBALL SANTA and the MISSUS which is coming up later 😉 rubber stamp used: PEEKABOO REINDEER. Card by MICHELE BOYER

and Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: PEEKABOO REINDEER. Card by Sandie Dunne


and Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: PEEKABOO REINDEER. Card by Elaine Hughes

Next we have REINDEER with a GIFT.. that FACE though

and the CUT IT OUT DIE

and the BUNDLE where you can save 15%!


Watch Elaineabella colour him in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

and now for some BEEYOOTIFUL creations!

This card was made by JennyDIXabella rubber stamp used: REINDEER WITH A GIFT. Card by JENNY DIX

and a gorgeous shaker card by CHRISTINEABELLA rubber stamp used: REINDEER WITH A GIFT Card by Christine LEVISON

and this card by our Sandiebella.. so simple and beautiful! rubber stamp used: REINDEER WITH A GIFT. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used REINDEER WITH A GIFT. Card by Elaine Hughes

and LAST for today we have our REINDEER FAMILY!  The concept behind it is that you can personalize your card with the stamps symbolizing your family :)… so if you have 2 boys and one girl?  stamp the parents.. and 2 boy reindeer and one girl reindeer.. one child? stamp only one little reindeer!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I am sure you will too 🙂


They also have “CUT IT OUT” dies

and will be offered as a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!

look at this stunning card by our Stephabella!  This image just warms my heart! rubber stamp used: REINDEER FAMILY. Card by Stephanie Hill

and Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: REINDEER FAMILY. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card.  She also used our MWAH “CUT IT OUT” SENTIMENT SET rubber stamp used: REINDEER FAMILY. Card by Elaine Hughes

and another one 🙂 she also used a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET rubber stamp used: REINDEER FAMILY. Card by Elaine Hughes

and a sibling card using our REINDEER FAMILY 🙂 and a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET rubber stamp used: REINDEER FAMILY. Card by Elaine Hughes

That’s it for today!  Hope you love the images as much as I do 🙂



see ya tomorrow!





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  164. Georgia says:

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  222. Kristie says:

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  224. Bunnie H. says:

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  225. Kathy S. says:

    Those baby reindeer are the perfect stamps for my 2 Christmas baby grandchildren…last year AND this year! So so sweet!

  226. tina z. treebug says:

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  227. DUMONTIER Marjorie says:

    Your Reindeer Family is the cutest ever !!

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