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it’s SNEAK PEEK DAY 1 sistahs! and a chance to WIN!

WOOHOO!  and WELCOME to SNEAK PEEK DAY 1!  We have all worked SO hard at getting this collection to you.. months of perfecting.. colouring.. designing.. and FINALLY it’s HERE!  I really hope you enjoy our next week spending quality time together .. I LOVE this time of year.. RELEASE TIME!  So sit back.. relax.. grab a cuppa and here we go!

Our actual release date when all these gorgeous images and “CUT IT OUT” dies will be released on SEPTEMBER 5th!  Mark your planners!

So without further ADOOOO let’s begin!

Today we are introducing our BRAND NEW TEENY TINY TOWNIES.. not to be confused with our TINY TOWNIES.. These adorable little TEENIES are so easy to colour and are deliciously cute!  The teeny size of these townies allow us to focus on the OCCASION or “prop” that we have paired with these teeny tinies.. ARE THESE NOT DA BEST??  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

first on the docket today we have our HAPPY HOLIDAYS TEENY TINY TOWNIE.  She is just perfect for any simple card.. stamp ..  a little colouring and BOOM.. stunning card

and her coordinating “CUT IT OUT” DIE

we will also be offering our BUNDLE, where you can save 15% when you buy both as a set 🙂


Here’s a gorgeous card using our stamp and die bundle by our CHRISTINEABELLA rubber stamp used: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TEENY TINY TOWNIE, card by CHRISTINE LEVISON


here’s a gorgeous SHAKER card using both our rubber stamp AND our “cut it out” die by JennyDIXabella rubber stamp used: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TEENY TINY TOWNIE, card by JENNY DIX

and Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TEENY TINY TOWNIE, card by Sandie Dunne

and Shelabella’s gorgeous card rubber stamp used: HAPPY HOLIDAYS TEENY TINY TOWNIE, card by MICHELE BOYER

and Elaineabella’s card


next we have our TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a PINECONE.. it just gives me such a great warm feeling of Fall.. LOVE! and the sentiment?  I just wanna crawl in front of a fire 🙂

and the “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and they will be available as a bundle too!  (save 15%)


Elaineabella is once again putting together colouring videos for all of the images in the release! Today she is sharing her video for our gorgeous Teeny Tiny Townie with a Pine Cone. Watch it below or in HD over on YouTube.


This gorgeous card was made by our CHRISTINEABELLA using our TEENY TINY TOWNIE WITH A PINECONE AND our WINTER BACKDROP.. see how versatile the backdrops are?  Just brings everything together and allows for creative play!  I’m ALLL about creative play 🙂 rubber stamp used TEENY TINY TOWNIE WITH A PINECONE, and WINTER BACKDROP, card by CHRISTINE LEVISON

this beautiful card was made by our Shelabella rubber stamp used TEENY TINY TOWNIE WITH A PINECONE, card by Michele Boyer

and Elaineabella’s card with a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET. rubber stamp used TEENY TINY TOWNIE WITH A PINECONE, card by Elaine Hughes


Next we have Teeny Tiny Townie CHANUKAH (or HANUKKAH).. I have included both 🙂 but I personally use the CH version 🙂

ummm the foot and the hand sticking up trying to hold her balance?  I CANT EVEN.

and the “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and it will be available as a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!

and now for some GORGEOUS SAMPLES!

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used TEENY TINY TOWNIE CHANUKAH card by MICHELE BOYER

and Paulabella’s card.. the flames! rubber stamp used TEENY TINY TOWNIE CHANUKAH card by PAULA WILLIAMSON


and her CUT IT OUT DIE

and the BUNDLE where you can save 15%!



stunning card by our SHELABELLA .. I want to stick my finger in the topping and lick it off.. is that wrong? LOL rubber stamp used: TEENY TINY TOWNIE GINGERBREAD HOUSE, card by MICHELE BOYER

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: TEENY TINY TOWNIE GINGERBREAD HOUSE, card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: TEENY TINY TOWNIE GINGERBREAD HOUSE, card by ELAINE HUGHES


and her “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and the BUNDLE where you can save 15%!


Here’s Shelabella’s  gorgeous card rubber stamp used: TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a HOT CHOCOLATE, Card by MICHELE BOYER

and STEPHABELLA’s card using our brand new TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a hot chocolate AND a sentiment from our TINY TOWNIE SKYLAR loves to SKATE stamp set RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE WITH A HOT CHOCOLATE, CARD BY STEPHANIE HILL



next we have TEENY TINY TOWNIE on a YULE LOG

and her “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and their BUNDLE when you buy them together!  Save 15% !


Here’s Christineabella’s gorgeous card using our brand new TEENY TINY on a YULE LOG and the sentiment from our THE PENGUIN and the MARSHMALLOW rubber stamp set RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE ON A YULE LOGE, CARD BY CHRISTINE LEVISON

and Stephabella’s card using our TEENY TINY TOWNIE on a YULE LOG AND the sentiment from our PENGUIN and A MARSHMALLOW rubber stamp set. RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE on a YULE LOG, CARD BY Stephanie Hill

and Elaineabella’s card with a sentiment from our fab HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET. RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE on a YULE LOG, CARD BY Elaine Hughes

Last for today we have our TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a PUMPKIN PIE

and the “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and the BUNDLE where you can save 15%!



and Stephabella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a PUMPKIN PIE, CARD BY Stephanie Hill


and Sandiebella’s card RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a PUMPKIN PIE, CARD BY Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card with a sentiment from our FALL SENTIMENT SET. RUBBER STAMP USED: TEENY TINY TOWNIE with a PUMPKIN PIE, CARD BY Elaine Hughes

How’s DAT for day 1!  We have LOTS more coming!

And if you would like a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to our shop, just simply place a comment (top of post) and you are automatically entered!

All rubber stamps will be available on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5th






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