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It’s SNEAK PEEK day 1 and a chance to win!




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Hiya Sistahs!

Welcome to day one!  We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks as much as I do :).  All coloring of our images for the website were done by our amazing Elaine Hughes, AKA Markergeek and you will see who created each and every STUNNING card on this post.  We are still MAJORLY struggling with China stealing from us.  We stand by our product, stamp companies have united together, and I REFUSE to let them bring my morale down.  We are doing whatever we can do to stop them.  So without further ADOOO. let’s begin shall we?



Let’s begin with our Girl scout shall we?  I was never a girl scout. I would have probably failed all of the activities LOL and gotten even FATTER from the cookies HAHAHAHA. but I think the morals they stand by and the message they give to our younger generation is amazing.  I have paired these with sentiments that can go to adults or children. I love that our images are so versatile don’t you?

and there is a CUT IT OUT DIE AVAILABLE as well


Let’s see some samples to make you drool shall we?  I really wish I can make them HUGE and SCREAM THEM OUT to the world because they are SO BEAUTIFUL. but I still have to control some things against the THIEVES. No I’m not bitter LOL

Here’s Christineabella’s card.  Christine also used our SUMMER BACKDROP in the background 🙂

Debrabella’s card

Elaineabella’s card

Fayeabella’s card

Sandiebella’s girl scout cookie box where apparently she had to tear them away from her family to photograph LOL!

Stephabella’s card.. she also included our CAVE KIDS BACKDROP.. I love our backdrops.





Next we have our TINY TOWNIE BOY SCOUT

and the corresponding “CUT IT OUT” DIE



and of course some AMAZING SAMPLES!

Sandiebella put our Girl Scout and Boy Scout Together!  How cute are they???

Christineabella’s card.  She also used our Cave Kids Backdrop

Debrabella’s card

Elaineabella’s card using a Dachsie that is coming up in a few days SHHH and our Cave Kids Backdrop

Stephabella’s card


and Fayeabella’s card

Aren’t these amazing???









and some samples 🙂

Jennybella’s card

Debrabella’s card

and Elaineabella’s card

and Fayeabella’s card

Sandiebella’s card

Christineabella’s card





Next we have Tiny Townie OLIVIA and the OSTRICH





and some gorgeous samples!

Christineabella’s card

Elaineabella’s card

Fayeabella’s card

and Shelabella’s card

Jennybella’s card

and Debrabella’s card


How’s DAT for inspiration and gorgeousness?

Wanna Win a $25 gift certificate to the shop?  Simply leave a comment telling us what you think of the new stamps.  Winners will be announced before release on July 7th.

All items will be available to purchase on July 8th.




  1. Sue D says:

    Wonderful new stamps. I have 4 grown boys and they were all Eagle scouts.

  2. Janet Durbin says:

    Love the Girl Scout stamps. I was a Girl Scout leader and the organization will always be near and dear to me. (Also I remember all
    the cookies we sold)! Lol

  3. Patti says:

    What a great selection of stamps, I cannot pick one that I love better

  4. Jill says:

    OMG you had me at dachshund! And then you showed me an ostrich! Ya’ll never cease to amaze me! And darn those China companies BOO HISS to them ??

  5. Micheline says:

    Amazing! Love ostrich! So adorable!

  6. Denise I says:

    Love wish big! So sweet!

  7. Mel Hampton says:

    Swoon!!! They are all absolutely glorious ???

  8. Jayne Bergeman says:

    Great release with the scouting stamps! Scouting stuff has been challenging to find lately. Good job Bellas!

  9. Nikki Cochran says:

    The boy and Girl Scouts are wonderful!

  10. Wendy Peterson says:

    I absolutely love the new Tiny Townie’s they are too dang cute.

  11. Stephanie Serrano says:

    Swoon! The elephant and Ostrich are must haves!

  12. Donna Heesakkers says:

    I want them all. Greedy, aren’t I.
    Take a cutie patutie and add animals, it’s a win win with me.

  13. Raquel Quinones says:

    Loving the new tiny townies!!! The elephant and ostrich are to die for!!!

  14. Toni says:

    Like all the new releases – but those elephant ears are just toooo cute!

  15. Helen F says:

    Wow! This is an amazing new release! However, my favourites just have to be the Townies with the elephant and ostrich! So super fun and oh so different! All the examples are just wonderful inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing and for the chance to win such a great prize!!!

  16. Vicky says:

    Oh my goodness! LOVE them!

  17. Jenn Joncas says:

    The new stamps are super cute!! Love the Dream Big!!

  18. Shari DelBuono says:

    I always look forward to the new release and the Tiny Townies are always my favorite ??

  19. Elizabeth Shuck says:

    Gorgeous new stamps love the tiny townie and the elephant.

  20. Antoinette Ramsey says:

    They’re are beautiful. Love them all

  21. Brenda Peterson says:

    Love these! I just have to add to my SB collection. 🙂

  22. Allison Inouye says:

    I love the new stamps. I love the Dream Big…it’s so cute. I love the Happy Bird Day…these stamps put a smile on my face 🙂

  23. Ann says:

    what an amazing selection of new stamps. superb

  24. Donna Noland says:

    Too adorable for words! Can’t wait to see the rest……

  25. Marilena Francesca Muni says:

    Woww I love this collection

  26. Louise says:

    Oooooo, so excited for the new release! I’ve been patiently waiting! ?
    I LOVE Tiny Townies and these are adorable!

  27. Claudia Gassett says:

    Wish big and Happy bird day are awesome!

  28. Debbie S says:

    Oh no this is the start of my bank balance taking a dip again. 🙂 Love the stamps

  29. Joie says:

    Ohhhh….love love it! Simple adorable!

  30. Rachel Duong says:

    I am in love with the elephant image!!! It is so adorable! I love how the girl is slightly tucked behind the elephant’s ear. Also I love the ostrich and ballerina. The scouts are wonderful, such a great organization!

  31. Judy O says:

    All awesome as usual – pick one? Dream big – it would be so fun to colour the elephant!

  32. Denise B says:

    I was a proud girl scout and was a GS Leader/Cookie Manager a couple of years ago. These stamps are adorable! And everytime I think you guys run out of ideas (since there are so many wonderful Stampingbella Stamps) you bring out new ones. BRAVO!!

  33. Cynthia Cole says:

    These new stamps are wonderful and especially love Olivia and the Ostrich! So much fun. The design team really made some cute card samples.

  34. Jill Rice says:

    Oh! That ostrich!!!

  35. Jana Bradshaw says:

    Love the new stamps! I cannot wait to get the ostrich! We are going to be good friends!

  36. Eulanda Silvey says:

    ?. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIK! And the designers did a fabulous job! ?.

  37. Susan G says:

    Loving the fun new stamps. Your stamps always have just the right angle, or posture, so that the sentiment is perfect.

  38. Carole Sheridan says:

    All gorgeous, but especially like the elephant and the ostrich.

  39. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I love the new stamps, especially the boy scout as I had 2 boys that went through scouting.

  40. Heather Clay says:

    Such great new images!!! I love the birthday elephant!!

  41. Dot Freel says:

    Love the scouts – great memories for me as a girl scout. The elephant and girl though – fabulous. Love elephants!

  42. Marilyn S says:

    Brilliant idea having the boy and girl scout images and the ostrich just cracks me up something fierce! That one is on my ‘for sure’ list because I laugh every time I look at it.

  43. Angie Brown says:

    I LOVE the Tiny Townie with an Elephant! And the scouts are super cute too!

  44. Teri McGuire says:

    I love the new birthday stamp images! They are very unique.

  45. Natalie says:

    What a fun new collection. Love the animal themed ones and the scouts.

  46. Cindi Flass says:

    I just love the Olivia and Ostrich stamp! That is too cute and my niece is named Olivia.

  47. Robyn G says:

    Oh I love that elephant! AND the ostrich! The samples are amazing!

  48. Sue says:

    uh oooooh! The fun has started! I am way too excited already and it’s only day 1! I LOVE these new images, every single one of them but oh my – Olivia and her Ostrich have already well and truly stolen my heart!
    Dear Emily – Thank you to you and your bella’s for such gorgeous inspiration…xxx

    love from

  49. Jane Crisci says:

    These new Tiny Townies are adorable!!! Love the animal sidekicks!

  50. Tina says:

    The ostrich is so adorable, and the tiny town with elephant is coming to live with me! ?

  51. Tina says:

    The ostrich is so adorable, and the tiny town with elephant is coming to live with me! ?

  52. Liz says:

    Love them all—- especially happy Bird-day! Genius! ?

  53. Erika Hayes says:

    That elephant is too much. I MUST have it, and the ostrich is my soul mate I am sure. I just wanna color them right now!

  54. Rhonda says:

    Such wonderful new stamps! CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE THEM.

  55. Siv E Andersen says:

    These are adorable, Boy scout is perfect for my grandson ? And the elephant…..ohhh

  56. Marcia Wyrick says:

    You guys just became the ONLY shopping experience I am going to have to hide from my husband lol. What do you do when they are too cute to choose from…… buy them all of course!

  57. Jodi Resnick says:

    Love the elephant one the most, but the girl and Boy Scouts are adorable! I was a Girl Scout so can appreciate the stamp. But as great as the stamps are, the sentiments are awesome! I love their versatility! Great job, AGAIN!!!!

  58. Marn says:

    Love the scout stamps!! All 5 of my grandchildren are scouts, so the stamps are perfect!!!

  59. Roz says:

    So many lovely images already – excited to see the rest!

  60. Lisa Trickett says:

    Celebrating your new addition to stampingbella. Loving them all. Thank you for your creativity.

  61. Cherie says:

    So cute! My Stamping Bella stamps are my favorite and these new ones are adorable!!

  62. CaroleAnn says:

    Oh my, the first stamp of girl scouts and boy scouts brought back a ton of memories – in calories too – since I ate most of the cookies!!! LOL But then the ostrich and little townie dancing!!!! But best of all is the little girl with the elephant – just something about elephants that gets me each and every time!!! Needless to say, I love them all!!! XXOO

  63. Margo Jacobson says:

    Ooooooh! The scout stamps are so cute! I love all the new stamps. I can’t wait to see them all.

  64. Linda Corbin Corbin Young says:

    These are outstanding! I want the girl scout with a saying: “I’m no Girl Scout but I am prepared!”

  65. Michele Berg says:

    I love them all but especially the scouts!

  66. Theresa Grdina says:

    I LOVE the scouts and the elephant….I’m not sure about the ostrich but I bet by the time I see all the gorgeous samples, I will want that one too!! REALLY great samples!!! Loving everything so far!!!

  67. Chala Frank says:

    So excited for the release!! I am in love with the boy and Girl Scout! I have been waiting for a stamp set like that to come out!!

  68. Nancy Burdge says:

    They are all great, especially the one with the elephant!

  69. Tamara Lewis says:

    Where does your design team come up with these image ideas???? Too cute, thanks for doing a contest….it’s fun to play along…

  70. Kimberly McField says:

    As always, these are all SUPER CUTE images! I especially love Dream Big and the dachshund (can’t wait to see that set).

  71. Andre M. says:

    Love these designs and cards! As a Girl Scout leader, I’m really excited about those. Love the ostrich.

  72. Diana Banash says:

    Elephants and Ostriches? This is the best Monday ever! Well, except for release Monday! Love the DT’s projects, such talent!

  73. Abby says:

    LOVE the ostrich!

  74. Anika Mercier says:

    All these stamps are so darling! I love the elephant and ostrich ones best — so fun and different!

  75. Heather Yergens says:

    I love them all! So cute!

  76. Mar N says:

    I love tiny townies and this one is sooo cute.
    Waiting for more sneak peaks!!!

  77. Becky says:

    Love, Love, Love them! Tiny Townie with the Elephant is my favorite!

  78. Angie Hollins says:

    Love the new stamps, especially the Tiny Towne with the elephant. The possibilities are endless with all of the new stamps!!!

  79. gael grissett says:

    Love, love the Ostrich . Too cute for words.

  80. Denise Bryant says:

    Awesome new stamps and wonderful samples! I really love the adorable Tiny Townie With an Elephant design!
    I was never a Girl Scout either…. I belonged to Camp Fire Girls instead!

  81. Barb says:

    Love the scout stamps. Here’s my situation…my NIECES have joined the Boy Scouts den so they dress more like your Boy Scout. If I get the girl she’ll have the skirt. Any ideas? Look forward to seeing more of the new stamps.

  82. Angela says:

    Cannot wait to get my hands on these and start coloring!

  83. Patricia Ceccacci says:

    Oh how I love the elephant and ostrich they are so darn adorable. I love cute animals.

  84. Bunnie says:

    Oh my gosh, I love the scouts!!! My dad was a scout leader, my brother was a Cub and Webelo Scout and I was a Brownie & Cadet Scout!! Oh and I luv that ostrich!!

  85. Mary Van de Houten says:

    Great new stamps and love the copic coloring and samples. Good to see new stamps and always glad you include the guys because so many companies don’t give us options to make cards for our men. ???

  86. Odette Duchesne says:

    The stamp with the ostrich is stunning. I loved it!!!

  87. Claudine Gendron says:

    Love the 2 birthday sets ?

  88. Amanda Bodine says:

    I love them all, but the ostrich is a hoot! I also LOVE the elephant! Beautiful work by the DT as always!

  89. Christine Alexander says:

    great new release, love your sweet elephant 🙂

  90. KristiS says:

    Love the scouts, and the uplifting sayings that go with them.

  91. judy says:

    love the new images

  92. Ana Deac says:

    Love your stamp sets. So beautiful and so many ways to use them.

  93. Jennifer says:

    Love the elephant and the ostrich stamps, will definitely be adding those to my collection. Hope to see some odd balls in this release.

  94. Jennifer Langton says:

    The Ostrich in a tutu!!!! I think I might die from cuteness!!!

  95. Marta G says:

    These stamps are all adorable! I’m in love with the Girl Scout.

  96. ionabunny says:

    Too cute. Love the elephant and ostrich ones. Fabulous stamps. Hugz

  97. Kathy Andrews says:

    OMGoodness… these are SOOOOO cute… love the elephant and ostrich, and of course, what person wouldn’t love the girl/Boy Scouts?

  98. Karen Senior says:

    So cute, love the elephant!

  99. Cindy Major says:

    Love the happy bird-day sentiment. My cousin from British Columbia (whose mother is from Quebec) says that’s how we sound when we say Happy Birthday with our French accent. haha!

  100. faith robeson says:

    I am in awe with the cuteness of these samples. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  101. Donna McEwen says:

    The ostrich. So much love. Must have. Aside from not buying from China, what can we do to help you? They are a serious threat to our hobbies and the industry.

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Just keep supporting us and all genuine businesses! We truly appreciate you and all of the love and support given.

  102. Avra N Williams says:

    These are AMAZING!

  103. Trinity Knieriem says:

    I absolutely L O V E the tiny townie with elephant!! What an adorable image…(I collect Elephants)…so I will have to get that one. But my FAV is the ballerina ostrich…How stinken CUTE!!! Can’t wait for this release.

  104. Thereasa says:

    Love love love the scout stamps. Ostrich set is my other favorite.

  105. Karen D says:

    Ooh, I love them all! Your Bellas are the best at samples blows me away every time. I think that birthday paid with the ostrich is a hoot!

  106. Meghan Kennihan says:

    OMG! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I love the elephant! I was a Girl Scout back in the day so that holds a special place in my heart!

  107. Sheila Fisher says:

    You’ve got to stop, I’m running out of room. Lol
    (And money)

    Love them…..

  108. Bunny says:

    I think the new stamps are pretty dadgummed cute. Everyone colors so lovely. The ostrich cracks me up.

    I’m shaking my fist at China with you in solidarity and yelling “I’m mad as he_ _, and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

    Maybe you could make a digi, make it a freebie and we’ll all color it up and send it to the consulate. A nice fist shaker with the sentiment with a great angry but kinda cute face. Let them copy that!

  109. Carol says:

    OMG! I L?VE Tinytownie with the Elephant stamp and die! Wow you Bellas are so creative and consistent with your style! Just LOVELY!!!

  110. Tanya Brooks says:

    I love the new stamps!!!! My daughter recently earned her Gold Award in Girl Scouts and I have a TON on scout photos to scrapbook for both her and her brother.

  111. Tami McDaniel says:

    These are adorable stamps. I love the Tiny Townie and ostrich the most.
    As usual you have done a great job giving new stamps to your customers, who will definitely return for more.

  112. Pat Clinker says:

    I absolutely LOVE these new stamps!!! Just seeing what has been created by your talented staff gets my creative juices flowing!!! I’m a beginner in coloring my stamped images, but I feel encouraged by what I am seeing here!!

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Love that you feel encouraged, Pat! We all start somewhere, and the journey is a lot of fun, enjoy!

  113. Steph K says:

    The scout stamps are very cute!

  114. Janice E Bryant says:

    I NEED that Elephant!!!! Omg these are so cute and damn the Chinese for trying to steal everything.

  115. Gail Kedzierski says:

    Always love seeing the stamps you have and how ideas to use them. I love the coordinating does too.?

  116. Nancee Purdum says:

    Oh I LOVE Tiny Towne Olivia and Ostrich! That is a must! They are all so cute!

  117. Georgia says:

    I WAS a GS — for 9 years, and LOVED the Girl Scouts! I also LOVE your GS, and I must have her! I’m looking forward to July 8th! Thanks!

  118. Allison Bell says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tiny Townie with the elephant!!! And those scouts are awesome!!

  119. Jes says:

    Adorable new stamps! I think the scouts will be a big hit.

  120. kathy Tanner says:

    These are all gorgeous (as always) but I especially love the elephant stamp 🙂

  121. Stacey Yoder says:

    Absolutely adorable! I love the elephant and the ostrich sets!??

  122. Stacey Yoder says:

    Absolutely adorable! I love the elephant and the ostrich sets!??

  123. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I was a brownie & then a Girl Scout minus all the badges. We had a troop leader who didn’t want to do badges with us so we had to do them ourselves at home. I think I only had 2, maybe 3. My nephew was a Boy Scout but only for a year. My niece is a ballerina with The Orlando Ballet so she would get a kick of that stamp with the Ostrich. I might have to get it & make it for her. Great new releases!
    I don’t understand about China but it figures. They want to take over. How many things are made in our country? Not very many, most is China. I hate it!

  124. Gilda says:

    Fabulous stamps. Love the Bird Day.

  125. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, my daughter is a Girl Scout and I LOVE this stamp! Can’t wait for this one to come out.

  126. Hagar says:

    they are so sweet, can’t wait for them…

  127. Birgit Norton says:

    The scouts are adorable and I am so in love with the party elephant. Super cute!!

  128. Lisascreativeniche says:

    Love these birthday girls!

  129. Fjardil says:

    They are just too adorable! Love the elephant and the ostricj!

  130. Debbie Rumpza says:

    So cute! The ostrich and ballerina are so fun!

  131. Lisa Salas says:

    All are CUTE!! ?? The birthday ostrich and ballerina. Perfect for my niece. The Girl Scout is cute too, reminds me of cookie selling days.

  132. Nancy Leach says:

    ??????the elephant! And the ostrich!! No wait…I??????them all!!!

  133. Francine says:

    Awesome new stamps! Love the ostrich and ballerina!

  134. Denise D says:

    Love the little scouts!

  135. PattiRochin says:

    Genius!!!! Love these boy and Girl Scout stamp!!’ I have grandchildren that this will be great for!!!

  136. Jasmine Turandar says:

    These are so Cute!! ?? Can’t wait to see the rest!

  137. Ann Krucek says:

    OMG!!! The scouts are adorable!!! I was a girl scout and a leader for a several years!!! they are all cute!!!

  138. Roz says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest, so lovely!

  139. Linda W says:

    So adorable! I cannot wait for the release!! The ostrich and the little ballerina- in matching outfits?! SO PRECIOUS!

  140. Tracy says:

    Oh my gosh, Love the ostrich set!!!

  141. Vintage says:

    These are so amazing and cute!

  142. Constance Sheehey says:

    Adorable, as always!

  143. Belinda says:

    Wow! I think the Scouts will be flying off your shelves for sure. They will make such personalized cards for the youngsters as well as for the Scout leaders. Love the ostriches too. Great designs.

  144. karenladd says:

    Oh my goodness, those Girl Scout and Boy Scout stamps and projects are so fun! My daughter was a Girl Scout and I do remember cookie sales, of course. I also LOVE the elephant and Ostrich Tiny Townies. Thank you for this sneak peak at these wonderful new stamps

  145. Mary H says:

    That ostrich, though! Adorable!

  146. Annemarie van Velze de Mooij says:

    Ooo can’t handle the cuteness!!

  147. Michele McBane says:

    LOVE the Boy Scout stamp and die! Perfect for my son-in-law who is proud to have made it through as an Eagle Scout.

  148. Manu says:

    These new stamps are really wonderful !!! Wonderful!!!
    You did a great job !!! Amazing drawings !!! Well done !!!
    For China .. I have no words .. I will continue to support you in my small way !!! Don’t give up !!!

  149. Cindy G says:

    Love love love the ostrich!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on her.

  150. Kat Wubbenhorst says:

    These new releases are so sweet and fun. Hard to choose a favorite. Super fond of the Elephant image and the Flamingo makes me laugh. Thanks so much.

  151. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Very cute stamps. I love the Happy Bird-day! As for China, what else do you expect from Communists? I stand with you and the rest of the honest crafting companies even though it’s a little more. Your art and creativity deserve to be rewarded.

  152. ionabunny says:

    Cute release. Love the ones with the ostrich and elephant. Hugz

  153. Anna Laura Pace says:

    Super cute dtamps! Love TINY TOWNIE WITH AN ELEPHANT?

  154. Darcie says:

    How cute are these stamps!

  155. Kim Karriker says:

    These are the CUTEST! I especially love the ostrich!!

  156. Steph says:

    Amazing new stamps, the scouts are perfect for cards and scrapbooks!

  157. Starqueen says:

    Oooh…It’s beginning!?? I can’t wait to see everything new…it’s torturous now!?

  158. Denimo says:

    Oh dear… can these BE any cuter??? LOVE

  159. Nan Mack says:

    Love them all. I was a scout and find these stamps just adorable. I think my favorite is the elephant but the bird is wonderful too. Guess I’ll be working an extra day this week to feed my Stampingbella habit.

  160. helen markee says:

    OMG!! just discovered your stamps! How cute!! Love them all!

  161. Virginia says:

    I was never much for Girl Scouting, since I was raised on the Boy Scouts, but I love that both are being recognized so sweetly. And I really like the Tiny Townie with an Elephant – too cute!

  162. frances casados says:

    This release is adorable. LUV!!!!

  163. Chris says:

    Love the elephant!

  164. LAURA LOVE says:

    OMGosh! The new Tiny Townies are so cute with the animals! LOVE them!

  165. shartl says:

    Eeek!! The Girl Scout stamps are the cutest! I was a Girl Scout, so this brings back memories. I love the little scenes that your DT put together.

  166. Michele S says:

    I LOVE lil miss Townie in the tutu and the giant ostrich in the tutu… PERFECT!!!!
    Thank you for for your hard work and dedication!!!!
    A happy customer/FAN!!! ????

  167. Rose says:

    Oh my ? these are absolutely the cutest I’ve seen. I’m so thrilled every time something new comes out. I just put it on my “wish list” which is conveniently placed on the fridge door ?? “just incase” any family members want to know what they can get me.

  168. Frederica S Bond says:

    That ostrich! Oh my goodness! Just made me smile all over! As a former girl scout and scout leader I must say I love this collection!!!

  169. Andrea H says:

    Oh my goodness, I cant believe how incredible this release is!!
    The projects ALL your DT have made are absolutely amazing. I love them all. The difference in them all is so clever the imagination of them is superb too. I just wish I had the talent like allbtge DT ?, lol.
    I’ve saved this page so I can go tovtgecpages of all the DT so I can get a little inspiration. (Someone in the comments said they put their wish list on their fridge door, I’m 100% going to pinch this idea lol) I’m looking forward to tomorrow xx

  170. Casey Thrush says:

    These are fabulous!!!!!

  171. Keely Jones says:

    Love these! Memories of my Girl Scout days!

  172. Laura Gauthier says:

    wow—loving, LOVING the elephant and ostrich stamps!!

  173. Kristine Shaw says:

    Amazing! Where did the dog with the Boy Scout come from? Way cute!

  174. Kristine Shaw says:

    Amazing! Way cute!

  175. Carisa says:

    That elephant is definitely going to be in my cart! LOVE the sentiments on the scout stamps. <3

  176. Susan B says:

    That ostrich cracks me up!!

  177. Pamela Munafo says:

    Love the elephant. You have outdone yourself again.

  178. Tammie White says:

    Loving some of the new stamps!! Love the Elephant
    Need a hip hop dancer!
    Can’t wait to see day 2

  179. Shirley Qu says:

    The cards are fabulous and all are colored perfectly. I like the new stamps especially the ostrich.

  180. Leanne C says:

    These are so cute! I especially love the elephant!

  181. Amanda says:

    Love the boy scout! The girl scout is cute too, but my girl went the other route, so she won’t work with her beret.

  182. Ginette Walton says:

    The “Happy Bird Day” just puts a smile on my face. All these stamps has the creative juices bubbling! Awesome work.

  183. Barbara Chmura says:

    The Girl Scout Stamp is a perfect gift for a friend of mine who his a leader. Love the little girl with the ostrich, too. What great additions to the collection!

  184. Cathy norton says:

    The elephant stamp is so cute.

  185. Keersten Jensen says:

    How cute is that Elephant!!!! Love this!

  186. Maxine M. says:

    How can you not love an ostrich in a tutu?

  187. Lindsay B says:

    Super cute! Excited for release day.

  188. Shannon F says:

    OMGoodness what adorable scouts. Plus I adore that little Ostrich, now for a Flamingo???

  189. Jennifer Becker says:

    I love them all!

  190. Jennifer Becker says:

    I love them all !!!

  191. Kathi Rerek says:

    I totally love that Ostrich!

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