It’s Scenic Saturday with Amybella!

Hello Bellas!

Amy here and it’s time for a new Scenic Saturday card. I’m still playing with mermaids to celebrate MerMay and this time around I chose to ink up the fabulous Edna in a Clam, where she casually lounges against a giant pearl. I wanted to keep her light and bright with these pretty, pastel hues because I had an idea to put her in an under the sea cavern and the contrast between her and the dark walls would be quite striking. To create the cavern background, I actually took the Under the Sea Backdrop and stamped it upside down at the top of the card. Just like on myprevious Scenic Saturday card, I had to do a bit of masking to get both sides of the backdrop to show on this narrow A2 card front. Once both sides were stamped and masked, I went ahead and added a bunch more hanging plants from the ceiling and extra bubbles floating in the water behind Edna, by simply doing a bit of selective inking on those smaller parts of the larger backdrop stamp. I freehand colored in the walls of the cavern and the sandy ocean floor to complete the overall scene. The sentiment was borrowed from the Curvy Girl Mermaid set and I stamped it on the Ribbon Banner die because it looks like it is floating and it kinda reminds me of the old school tattoos that seemed to go hand in hand with the classic mermaid tattoos, LOL! 

Stay crafty my friends!


  1. SusanBlue Greenwood says:

    Just a quick question…if I joined your gang, would I be “Bluebella”? LOL. Just kidding. NOT kidding when I say I’m crazy about your stuff, though.

  2. Elizabeth Hulse says:

    LOVE THIS! Now I have to try the whole technique, AND probably buy another Emma!! Maybe even a sea cave…………… are terrific!!

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