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Amy here with a new Scenic Saturday card to share. With October fast approaching it is time to start decorating for the season here at my house. A cornerstone of that seasonal decorating has always been the good ol’ pumpkin. Big ones, small ones, orange ones, white ones, it just isn’t Fall around here until there are some pumpkins on the porch. And I knew I had the perfect Bella stamp to capture this special time of year… Bundle Girl at the Pumpkin Patch has made the trip to her local farm and found the biggest and best pumpkin that she can carry. This little cutie seems bound and determined to get that perfect pumpkin back to her home so she can carve it up into a spooktacular jack o’lantern. 

Whenever I have a stamped image like this that is very obviously in motion, I like to stamp them closely to the edge of the card opposite the direction they are facing. By doing this, it creates plenty of space on the card for them to ‘move into’. That empty space then becomes the perfect place for a bit of scene building to help tell the story and more importantly, the sentiment. If I were to stamp her in the center of the card or even closer to the right edge, the momentum her ‘walking’ eludes to would lead the viewers eye right off the edge of the card. So by placing her on the left, I can take advantage of that momentum and make it work in my favor design wise. Now the viewers eye is lead right to the Fall Sentiment, creating a more cohesive design. It’s a small thing to think about when stamping that can make a big impact on your cards. 🙂

Stay crafty my friends!


  1. Marn says:

    Outstanding scene. Your work is inspiring!!!

  2. DianaD says:

    What a perfect fall card! Your artistic skill is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Caitlin Anthony says:

    I love this so much!!!!

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