it’s SCENIC SATURDAY with AMYBELLA! rubber stamp used : BUNDLE GIRL with REINDEER. Card by AMY YOUNG

Hello my fellow Bellas,

Amy here with another Scenic Saturday post. Now that Halloween has come and gone I am all about the Christmas cards and some of my favorite Christmas cuties this year are the very special Bundle Girls. There is just something about these cozy cuties that give me all the feels and they easily lend themselves to some of the most emotive scene cards that I’ve made. Bundle Girl with Reindeer took me back to my childhood as soon as I saw this sweet pair because it totally reminded me of the old movie, Prancer that I remember watching during a grade school Christmas party. The rest of that year I wished I could befriend a magical reindeer too, LOL! Just looking at the love between these two I knew I wanted to create a background that would really shine the light of that love right on them. So I kept my color palette for the background rather drab, using markers with a grey undertone to them for the sky and pine trees. Then I made sure to only add a few dramatic shadows being cast out from each of the characters, leaving the majority of the snow around them stark white. As a result you can see how it almost glows around them, creating a halo effect. The super dark tree in the foreground acts as a sort of frame and the punch of bright red on each of our characters adds the final touch in pulling the focus right to the heart of this card.

I hope this inspires you to pull out a handful of markers and play with the effects of light and shadow on your next Bella creation. Stay crafty my friends!


  1. Kathy Andrews says:

    Super cute card… love the layout and the color. Great for a ‘post card’ tip of mailing, layering for any type of greeting card, or even a place card at a dinner party. Absolutely perfect this Holiday Season. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Carol R says:

    Your card is beautiful. It shows the ‘love’ this little girl is giving the animal. Your coloring is also beautiful.

  3. Denise Byrnes says:

    Very artistic! I LOVE your background! Gorgeous!

  4. Norma Dalessandro says:

    So sweet, love it

  5. MaryN says:

    Very cute!! Great background also!

    I also like the rounded edges…
    Can I ask you what you used for the edge that looks like stitching?

    Thank you!

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