It’s Saturday with Amybella! Welcome Amybella!

Hiya sistahs!  We have an announcement to make.. HERE YE.. HERE YE… we wanted to welcome the amazing Amy Young to our team of amazingness.  Amy has been a customer for years and years and I have been seeing more and more of her cards and her style just made me gasp every time. so I can’t gasp ALONE can I?  NOPE.. I need to share this GASP with our sistahood!  So PLEASE welcome AMYBELLA!

Amy will be joining us 2 Saturdays a month… maybe if she hears everyone BEGGING (not just me LOL). she will change her mind and spend more time with us :). Can I hear a BEG? LOL

Ok enough blabla.. check out this amazing card and what Amy wrote about it rubber stamp used Daphne and her dogs.  Card by Amy Young

I’m beyond excited to be joining the amazing team here at Stamping Bella, these girls are just crazy talented so it was quite humbling when Emily approached me about joining their ranks and sharing my cards here on the Bella blog.

For my first official card I went to some of my favorite SB stamps, the Tiny Townies, and chose to ink up Daphne and her Dogs.


When I sit down to make a card, a big part of my crafting joy comes from telling stories and creating scenes using my stamps and Copic markers. Daphne’s story lead me to envision her visiting her local animal shelter, ready to add some four legged love to her life. So once I had this wiggling, giggling dog pile of fun stamped onto my card stock I grabbed a very light grey marker and began to sketch in the room around them. When coloring in scenes I always work from very light markers up to my darker colors. This allows me to shift lines or color over mistakes as I’m working. And while you can certainly grab a ruler and make sure all the lines are square and perfectly aligned for correct perspective, I rarely do. For me, as long as the background creates the general impression of the scene that I am going for, straight lines and perfect proportions aren’t necessary because at the end of the day it is the stamped image that is the star of the show.

hope this shares a bit of my thought process!




  1. Cindy Wilson says:

    Welcome Amybella. If this is what you inspire us with then bring it on. Really, really awesome.

  2. Sue says:

    Oh this is just incredible art work- absolutely beautiful to see!

    Thank you Amy, and I’m so thrilled for you!

    Sue…xxx <3

  3. Julie B says:

    That is so adorable!!!!i will need to own this set along with 100s I have ?

  4. Jane Crisci says:

    Amy, this has to be the most adorable card I have seen in a very long time! The amount of work involved and design are unbelievable. Congratulations on being a bella!!

  5. Pauletta Smith says:

    Congrats Amybella!! You rock as ALWAYS!???

  6. Pauletta Smith says:

    Congrats Amybella!! You rock as ALWAYS!

  7. Marn says:

    Amy, absolutely outstanding. Wow! You are an inspiration.

  8. Sheila Fisher says:

    I have been fortunate to receive 2 of Amy’s cards and love her work.


  9. Elizabeth Hulse says:

    Hi, Amy! This is a FABulous card! Love to see your work here — I will go chase you down on the web. But it would make it SOOOOOOOOOOO much easier for me if you could be on Stampabella more often (hint, hint)…. Thanks for this great card and color!

  10. rachel duong says:

    Welcome Amy. I love this card so much!

  11. Cecelia Castro says:

    Welcome Amy! Love your scene. Looking forward to seeing more of your playful creations

  12. Dianne Hart says:

    Awesome artist??????????

  13. Dianne Hart says:

    Comment above was supposed to be exclamation marks!

  14. Wendy Kuchta says:

    Congratulations looking so forward to getting to know more of you too!
    I so relate to anything about animals and rubber stamping XOXO

  15. Lisa Trickett says:

    WOW, so creative. WOW!!!

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